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Titles for Dr. Elliot Engel's Author's Ink

Ageless George Bernard Shaw, The CD $25.00
All Things Italian Set CD $68.00
Ancient Egypt's Poetry and the Song of Solomon CD $25.00
Ancient Greece, Homer, and The Odyssey CD $25.00
Bible as Literature, The CD $25.00
Blackbeard: Pirate Enemy Number One CD $25.00
Brilliance of Jane Austen, The CD $25.00
Brilliant and Bizarre Brontes, The CD $25.00
Brilliant and Bizarre Brontes, The DVD $27.00
Cecil Rhodes: Master and Monster of South Africa CD $25.00
Charles Dickens, Tonight! DVD $27.00
Charles Dickens: A Light and Enlightening Look DVD $27.00
Children's Literature and Lewis Carroll CD $25.00
Classic American Novelists Set CD $68.00
Classic Comedies Set CD $68.00
Cold Genius of Robert Frost, The CD $25.00
Comic Spirit in Southern Literature, The CD $25.00
Courtly Love and the Sonnet CD $25.00
Curious Case of James Michener, The CD $25.00
Czech Republic's Franz Kafka, The CD $25.00
Dante and The Inferno CD $25.00
Defining Dr. Samuel Johnson CD $25.00
Detecting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle CD $25.00
Dickens as Tourist CD $25.00
Dickens for Kids CD $25.00
Dickens Nobody Knows, The CD $25.00
Dickens of a Christmas, A CD $25.00
Dickens of a Christmas, A DVD $27.00
Dickens: The Second Edition CD $25.00
Dickens: The Third Edition CD $25.00
Discovering Columbus CD $25.00
Dramatic Life of Anton Chekhov, The CD $25.00
Edgar Allan Poe: A Light and Enlightening Look DVD $27.00
Eleanor of Aquitaine CD $25.00
Elliot Engel and Quinn Hawkesworth Set CD $68.00
Emily Dickinson CD $25.00
Far East, The: A Forgotten World Literature CD $25.00
Fine Arts Set CD $68.00
Foreign Literatures Set CD $68.00
France's Voltaire: World Genius CD $25.00
Frank Lloyd Wright CD $25.00
Franz Liszt: The First Virtuoso CD $25.00
Genius of Mark Twain, The CD $25.00
Geoffrey Chaucer CD $25.00
Glories of Short Stories 2: Updike and Shaw CD $25.00
Glories of Short Stories: Welty and Faulkner CD $25.00
Greatness of Gone With The Wind, The DVD $27.00
Historical Heroes Set CD $68.00
History and Mystery of Wine, The CD $25.00
History and Mystery of Wine, The DVD $27.00
Holland's Extraordinary Erasmus CD $25.00
How William Became Shakespeare CD $25.00
Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway, The CD $25.00
Incredible Influence of the Hapsburg Empire CD $25.00
Inimitable Winston Churchill, The CD $25.00
Italy: Past, Present, and Food CD $25.00
Joan of Arc CD $25.00
Journey of Money, The CD $25.00
King Arthur CD $25.00
Kings and Queens Set CD $68.00
Leonardo DaVinci - Before the Code CD $25.00
Light History of the English Language, A CD $25.00
Light History of the English Language, A DVD $27.00
Literary Ladies Set CD $68.00
Lives and Wives of Henry VIII, The CD $25.00
Mark Twain for Students! CD $25.00
Mark Twain for Students! DVD $27.00
Mark Twain: A Light and Enlightening Look DVD $27.00
Marvels of the Middle Ages, The CD $25.00
Masters of Mirth CD $25.00
Mystery of Humor, The CD $25.00
Mystery of Robert E. Lee, The CD $25.00
Mystery of Robert E. Lee, The DVD $27.00
Nathanial Hawthorne CD $25.00
New Tune for an Old Carol, A: Dickens and Christmas CD $25.00
Night Before Christmas Carol, The DVD $27.00
O.Henry: His Surprise Ending and Beginnings CD $25.00
O.Henry: His Surprise Endings and Beginnings DVD $27.00
Olden Times Set CD $68.00
Perfect Poetry Set CD $68.00
Pickwick Papers, The CD $25.00
Pilgrims in Geoffrey Chaucer and John Bunyan CD $25.00
Playwrights Extraordinaire Set CD $68.00
Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth CD $25.00
Potpourri of Popery, A CD $25.00
Queen Victoria and the Victorian Novel CD $25.00
Queen Victoria and The Victorian Novel DVD $27.00
Rise and Fall of F. Scott Fitzgerald, The CD $25.00
Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning CD $25.00
Robert Louis Stevenson CD $25.00
Rudyard Kipling CD $25.00
Russia's Dostoevsky CD $25.00
Scarlett Fever: The Greatness of Gone With The Wind CD $25.00
Season's Greetings: Christmas Literature CD $25.00
Shakespeare 3 Ways Set CD $68.00
Shakespeare: Act II CD $25.00
Shakespearean Comedy CD $25.00
Sir Walter Raleigh: Renaissance Man CD $25.00
Southern Cause Set, The CD $68.00
Spain's Cervantes and Don Quixote CD $25.00
Splendor of Irish Literature, The CD $25.00
St. Francis of Assisi CD $25.00
Strauss Father and Son: The Waltz Kings CD $25.00
Tale of Beatrix Potter, The CD $25.00
Three Faces of Charles Dickens Set CD $68.00
Tortured Genius of Edgar Allan Poe, The CD $25.00
Unexplored Dickens, The CD $25.00
Vanderbilts, The: All of Them CD $25.00
William Makepeace Thackeray CD $25.00
William Shakespeare: A Light and Enlightening Look DVD $27.00
Winston Churchill DVD $27.00
Wit of Oscar Wilde, The CD $25.00
Wizardry of Oz, The: L. Frank Baum CD $25.00
Woeful Wondrous World of Van Gogh, The CD $25.00
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