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Titles for Bennett-Watt Entertainment, Inc.

African Sailfish and NY Striped Bass VHS $19.95
Alaskan Sockeye VHS $19.95
Alganak Acrobats VHS $19.95
Argentina Trout VHS $19.95
Argentina's Patagonia #1 VHS $19.95
Argentina's Rio Pico Trout VHS $19.95
Argentina's Rio Riva Davia VHS $19.95
Argentina's Tecka Estancia VHS $19.95
Art, The - James Bowen VHS $19.95
Atlantic Salmon in Russia VHS $19.95
Awesome Lake Flies - Bob Newman VHS $19.95
Back Country and Wrack Patterns - Lenny Moffo VHS $19.95
Bahamas Bonefish VHS $19.95
Basic Saltwater Fly Tying - Jamie Dickinson VHS $19.95
Basic Techniques with Steve Probasco VHS $19.95
Bass on the Amazon and Maine, US VHS $19.95
Bass, Dorado and Redfish, South Florida VHS $19.95
Bead Body Fly Patterns - Bob Newman VHS $19.95
Belize...Fly Fishing Fantasy VHS $19.95
Best of New Zealand's North Island VHS $19.95
Beyond The Basics and Reading Water DVD $29.95
Beyond the Basics with Bill Marts VHS $19.95
Bhutan, Land Of The Thunder Dragon DVD $24.95
Bhutan, Land Of The Thunder Dragon VHS $19.95
Big Alaska Rainbow Flies - Tony Sarp VHS $19.95
Big Flies, Big Fish - Jim Watt VHS $19.95
Big Horn River Trout VHS $19.95
Billy Pate's Fly Fishing for Billfish VHS $79.95
Black Hills, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Bonefish Flats Patterns - Lenny Moffo VHS $19.95
Bonefish School and Billy Pate's Saltwater Fly Casting Secrets DVD $29.95
Bonefish School, The - Bahamas VHS $19.95
Breakfast Pastries with Pastry Chef Dannielle Myxter DVD $19.95
Bristol Bay Rainbows VHS $19.95
British Columbia Steelhead/Trout VHS $19.95
Caddis and Lake Patterns - James Bowen VHS $19.95
Caddis Life Cycle with Rene Harrop VHS $19.95
Cakes VHS $19.95
Carp on the Flats of Eastern Washington VHS $19.95
Chile's Back Country Browns VHS $19.95
Chile's Isla Monita Lodge VHS $19.95
Chilean Patagonia Part #1 VHS $19.95
Chilean Sea Trout VHS $19.95
Classic Desserts with Pastry Chef Dannielle Myxter DVD $19.95
Classic Dry Flies 1 - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Classic Dry Flies 2 - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Classic Smelt Patterns - Mike Martinek VHS $19.95
Classic Streamers - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Classic Wet Flies and Nymphs - Dick Talleur * VHS $19.95
Colorado's Gunnison River VHS $19.95
Cookies and Bars with Pastry Chef Dannielle Myxter DVD $19.95
Costa Rica-Fly Fishing Paradise VHS $19.95
Crooked Island Bonefish - Bahamas VHS $19.95
Deer Hair Bass Bugs - Chris Helm DVD $24.95
Deer Hair Bass Bugs with Chris Helm VHS $19.95
Delaware River Trout VHS $19.95
Dick's Potpourri of Favorite Flies VHS $19.95
Discoveries...America, Alabama DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Arizona DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Colorado DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Delaware DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Illinois DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Iowa DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Kentucky DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Louisiana DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Michigan DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Missouri DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Nebraska DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Nevada DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, New Hampshire DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Ohio DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Pennsylvania DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, South Carolina DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, South Dakota DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Texas DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Utah DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Virginia DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Washington DVD $24.95
Discoveries...America, Wyoming DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Complete SET DVD $94.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Dinosaurs DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Dinosaurs VHS $19.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Golden Dorado and Life in the North DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Golden Dorado and Life in the North VHS $19.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Nature's Spectacle DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Nature's Spectacle VHS $19.95
Discoveries...Argentina, Patagonia DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Ireland Set DVD $70.95
Discoveries...Ireland Set VHS $56.95
Discoveries...Ireland, A Celtic Treasure DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Ireland, A Celtic Treasure VHS $19.95
Discoveries...Ireland, A Mystical Journey DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Ireland, A Mystical Journey VHS $19.95
Discoveries...Ireland, The Emerald Isle DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Ireland, The Emerald Isle VHS $19.95
Discoveries...Spain - Complete Set DVD $165.95
Discoveries...Spain, El Corazon DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Spain, Mediterranean DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Spain, Pilgrim Route DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Spain, Southwest DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Spain, Barcelona DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Spain, Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins DVD $24.95
Discoveries...Spain, Coastal North DVD $24.95
Dolores and San Juan Rivers in Co, NM VHS $19.95
Dorado, El Tigre Del Rio, Argentina VHS $19.95
Drake Series Mayflies - James Bowen VHS $19.95
Drift Boat Fishing 101 with Dennis Breer VHS $19.95
Effective Chromonid Patterns - Bob Newman VHS $19.95
El Palenque Trout, Argentina VHS $19.95
Elegant Pastries VHS $19.95
Elk Trout Lodge, Colorado VHS $19.95
Elk Trout Waters-Colorado VHS $19.95
Epoxy Permit Patterns- LennyMoffo VHS $19.95
Exploring Central Colorado VHS $19.95
Favorite Flies - Rene Harrop VHS $19.95
Favorite Steelhead Flies - Mike Kinney VHS $19.95
Few Of Our Favorite Things with Chef Jan Marie Johnson, A DVD $19.95
Few of Our Favorite Things, A Book $27.95
Few of Our Favorite Things, A (Book) and A Few Of Our Favorite Things with Chef Jan Marie Johnson (SA5) - Duo (Book and single) DVD $45.95
Few of Our Favorite Things, A (Book) and Complete Sweet Addition Set DVD $139.95
Fishing Knots for Fresh and Saltwater VHS $19.95
Floating Argentina's Corcovado VHS $19.95
Florida Keys Sharks, Bonefish and Junior Tarpon VHS $19.95
Florida's Bonefish and Tarpon VHS $19.95
Florida's Redfish and Snook VHS $19.95
Fly Fishing Basics - Beginners Guide VHS $19.95
Fly Tying Basics with Dick Talleur DVD $29.95
Fodder Fish - Bill Catherwood VHS $19.95
Fresh Water Synthetics - Phil Camera VHS $19.95
Getting Started With Epoxy - Page Rogers VHS $19.95
Glue Gun Basics - Doug Brewer VHS $19.95
Glue Gun Freshwater Patterns - Doug Brewer VHS $19.95
Glue Gun Saltwater Patterns - Doug Brewer VHS $19.95
Grand River-Ontario, Canada VHS $19.95
Great New Innovations - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Green River Cicadas, Utah VHS $19.95
Green River Guides Choice - Dennis Breer DVD $24.95
Green River Guides Choice - Dennis Breer VHS $19.95
Green River Terrestrials - Dennis Breer DVD $24.95
Green River Terrestrials - Dennis Breer VHS $19.95
Hair Trout Flies - Chris Helm DVD $24.95
Hair Trout Flies with Chris Helm VHS $19.95
Henry's Fork Adventure - Idaho VHS $19.95
High Tech and Effective Fly Design - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Hoppers, Ants and Beetles - James Bowen DVD $24.95
Hoppers, Ants, and Beetles - James Bowen VHS $19.95
How To Fly Fish SET DVD $142.95
Idaho's Henry's Fork Trout VHS $19.95
Idaho's South Fork VHS $19.95
Idaho's Teton River VHS $19.95
Iliaska Rainbows and Grayling VHS $19.95
Innovations in Modern Fly Tying - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Introduction to Tube Flies VHS $19.95
Ireland's Wild Brown Trout DVD $24.95
Ireland's Wild Brown Trout VHS $19.95
Isla Mujeres, Sailfish and White Marlin VHS $19.95
Joe Butorac...Steelhead Guide VHS $19.95
John Day River Small Mouth Bass VHS $19.95
Katmai Alaska Rainbows VHS $19.95
Katmai Alaska Silvers VHS $19.95
Kings of Ayakulik VHS $19.95
Knots For Fresh and Saltwater DVD $29.95
Kola Penn Atlantic Salmon in Russia VHS $19.95
Lake Fishing Techniques - Bill Marts VHS $19.95
Lake Flies that Work - Bob Newman VHS $19.95
Lakes DVD $29.95
Learning to Tie Flies Step 1 - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Learning to Tie Flies Step 2 - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Lee's Ferry Trout VHS $19.95
Lee's Ferry Unbelievable Day, A VHS $19.95
Lee's Ferry, A: Glen Canyon Tailwaters VHS $19.95
Life's Uncertain, Eat Dessert First with Pastry Chef Dannielle Myxter DVD $19.95
Long Island Bonefish - Bahamas VHS $19.95
Mackerels and Mullets - Bill Catherwood VHS $19.95
Magnificent Colorado River Canyons DVD $24.95
Malalco Spring Creek, Argentina VHS $19.95
Marabou Steelhead Patterns - Mike Kinney VHS $19.95
Mark Twain Himself DVD $19.95
Matchstick Marvels DVD $14.95
Mayflies - Emergers, Duns, Spinner - James Bowen VHS $19.95
Mayflies: Drake Series - James Bowen DVD $24.95
Mayfly Life Cycle with Rene Harrop VHS $19.95
Mexico's Bonefish and Dorado VHS $19.95
Michigan Pere Marquette Salmon VHS $19.95
Miramichi Atlantic Salmon VHS $19.95
Montana Trout and the Nature Conservancy VHS $19.95
Montana's Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers VHS $19.95
Montana's Clark Fork River VHS $19.95
Montana's Missouri River VHS $19.95
Murdo Pioneer Auto Show DVD $14.95
New Age Saltwater Baitfish - Mike Martinek VHS $19.95
New Brunswick Trout and Smallmouth VHS $19.95
New Fly Fishing Basics, The DVD $29.95
Northern Pike-Saskatchewan, Canada VHS $19.95
O'Farrell's Travelin' Lodge VHS $19.95
Olympic Trout VHS $19.95
Oregon's Wood and Williamson Trout VHS $19.95
Panfish Flies That Work - Chris Helm DVD $24.95
Panfish Flies That Work with Chris Helm VHS $19.95
Pay To Play-Stillwater Lakes VHS $19.95
Perfect Pike Patterns - Chris Helm DVD $24.95
Perfect Pike Patterns with Chris Helm VHS $19.95
Permit and Bonefish Flies - Lenny Moffo VHS $19.95
Pies VHS $19.95
Pike, Grayling and Lake Trout in Canada's NW Territories VHS $19.95
Popular NW Steelhead Flies - Alec Jackson VHS $19.95
Popular Saltwater Flats Patterns - Jamie Dickinson VHS $19.95
Practical Atlantic Salmon Flies - Dick Talleur * VHS $19.95
Predators, Singers and Tandems - Lenny Moffo VHS $19.95
Reading Moving Water VHS $19.95
Realistic Saltwater Synthetics - Phil Camera VHS $19.95
Rod Building with Bill Marts VHS $19.95
Rogue River Steelhead VHS $19.95
Sailfish-Costa Rica VHS $19.95
Salmon Flies for Alaska - Frans Jansen VHS $19.95
Saltwater Baitfish - Page Rogers VHS $19.95
Saltwater Big Game Flies - Joe Butorac VHS $19.95
Saltwater Fly Casting with Billy Pate VHS $19.95
Saltwater Fly Tying Secrets - Joe Butorac VHS $19.95
San Juan and Delores Trout VHS $19.95
Sand Eels and Silversides - Page Rogers VHS $19.95
Sea Run Brown Trout of Argentina VHS $19.95
Seeker Styles - Bill Catherwood VHS $19.95
Silver Creek and Cousin Downunder VHS $19.95
Simply Salmon with Chef Jan Marie Johnson DVD $19.95
Smelt and Streamer Patterns - Mike Martinek VHS $19.95
South Fork- Snake River Idaho VHS $19.95
South Island Browns VHS $19.95
Spade Steelhead Flies - Alec Jackson VHS $19.95
Spinning Deer Hair - Chris Helm DVD $24.95
Spinning Deer Hair with Chris Helm VHS $19.95
Stone Fly Patterns - James Bowen DVD $24.95
Stone Fly Patterns - James Bowen VHS $19.95
Striped Bass in Cape Cod, MA VHS $19.95
Striper School for New Saltwater Anglers VHS $19.95
Stripers on the Flats of Cape Cod VHS $19.95
Stripers On The Flats Of Cape Cod, MA DVD $24.95
SuperMuseum DVD $14.95
Sweet Addition Cooking Series - Complete Set (6 programs) DVD $112.95
Tarpon of Isla Holbox VHS $19.95
Tarpon Patterns - Lenny Moffo VHS $19.95
Tarpon, Snook, and Rainbow Bass VHS $19.95
Tarpon... Silver King VHS $19.95
Tennessee Tailwaters VHS $19.95
Trevelin Lodge, Argentina VHS $19.95
Trout Flies For Alaska - Frans Jansen VHS $19.95
Trout Flies for Chilean Patagonia - Frans Jansen VHS $19.95
Trout in Patagonia VHS $19.95
Tube Fly Patterns and Techniques VHS $19.95
Tulips Of Skagit Valley Washington DVD $24.95
Tulips Of Skagit Valley Washington VHS $19.95
Tying with Bugskin - Dick Talleur VHS $19.95
Tying with Turkey - Rene Harrop VHS $19.95
Utah's Green River Trout VHS $19.95
Venezuela Tarpon and Bonefish VHS $19.95
WA Oltmpic Pen Steelhead VHS $19.95
Wall Drug DVD $14.95
Washington Secret Monster Trout VHS $19.95
Washington's Yakima River Trout VHS $19.95
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