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Titles for Destination Education, Inc.

"Kids Choice": A Piano Competition DVD $23.95
"Oh No, Not The Shot!"    -   Discontinued DVD
(Un)Happy Complete Denture Patient, The (CDS) DVD $45.00
African Plant Explorer DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
African Plant Explorer Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
African-American Talent Show, The DVD $23.95
Alan Toussaint: Melody DVD $39.95
Alumni Piano Special, The DVD $23.95
Alumni Violin Special, The DVD $23.95
Alumni Voice Special, The DVD $23.95
Am I Blue? (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
An Encyclopedia of Oral Mucosal Lesions CD-ROM $75.00
An Introduction to Human Communication DVD $59.95
Anxiety DVD $59.95
Audience, The DVD $59.95
Audience, The DVD $59.95
Back to the Basics (CDS) DVD $60.00
Ballet Show, The DVD $23.95
Bassoon-Piano Show, The DVD $23.95
Behind the Scenes Book $9.95
Behind the Scenes DVD $399.50
Behind the Scenes: The Thinking Teacher's Guide to the Visual Arts Book $15.95
Brass/Woodwind Show, The DVD $23.95
Bridge to Reading: What Families Need to Know    -   Discontinued DVD
Building Bridges (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Bully Magic: How to Make Bullies Disappear DVD $39.95
Calypso and Spanish Rhythms DVD $23.95
Carrie Mae Weems: Framing DVD $39.95
Case of the Dirty Money, The DVD $29.95
Case of the Missing Air, The DVD $29.95
Case of the Missing Baseball, The DVD $29.95
Cello Show, The DVD $23.95
Chamber Music: Its Sounds and Style DVD $23.95
Chinese Study Guide and Text, The Book $39.95
Chorus Show, The DVD $23.95
Cinderella and Me DVD $29.95
Clarinet-Flute Show, The DVD $23.95
Club, The DVD $29.95
Collect the Data-How Do You Know-3-2-1 Contact DVD $24.95
Competition Show, The DVD $23.95
Complete Guide to Stainless Steel Crown Techniques for Children Easy as 1-2-3, The (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Conductor Show, The DVD $23.95
Conflict Management DVD $59.95
Country Music Show, The DVD $23.95
Creating Endodontic Excellence (CDS)    -   Discontinued DVD
Crime of Two Cities, A (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Critical Thinking DVD $59.95
Critical Thinking DVD $59.95
Critiquing Public Speaking DVD $59.95
Dance Program, The DVD $23.95
David Hockney: The Illusion of Depth DVD $39.95
David Parsons: Pattern DVD $39.95
Decade of 1900-1910, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1910-1919, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1920-1929, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1930-1939, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1940-1949, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1950-1959, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1960-1969, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1970-1979, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1980-1989, The DVD $49.95
Decade of 1990-1999, The DVD $49.95
Delivery DVD $59.95
Delivery DVD $59.95
Dental Implant and Alternative Options Featuring Informed Consent for Your Patients (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Diagnosis Selection Criteria and Surgical Placement of the Osseointegrated Dental Implant (CDS) DVD $75.00
Different and the Same DVD $299.50
Different and the Same Teacher's Guide Book $10.00
Differential Diagnosis of Oral Lesions DVD $60.00
Difficult Dentures Made Easier: An Alternative to Dental Implants    -   Discontinued DVD
Dig it Up-How Do You Know-3-2-1 Contact DVD $24.95
Dignity of Man and Origins of African American Theatre, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Don't Stop the Music (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Drum Show, The DVD $23.95
East African Instruments, Part I    -   Discontinued DVD
East African Instruments, Part II    -   Discontinued DVD
Emergence of the African-American Performing Arts, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Emergency Medicine in Dentistry    -   Discontinued DVD
Endodontic Nonsurgical Retreatment (CDS)    -   Discontinued DVD
Endodontics    -   Discontinued DVD
Esthetic Periodontal Surgery (CDS) DVD $60.00
Ethical Issues in Professional Life DVD $839.30
Ethics DVD $59.95
Ethics and Accounting Professionals DVD $59.95
Ethics and Business Professionals DVD $59.95
Ethics and Engineering: The Challenger Case DVD $59.95
Ethics and Financial Professionals DVD $59.95
Ethics and Media Professionals DVD $59.95
Ethics and Scientific Research DVD $59.95
Ethics and Social Science Professionals DVD $59.95
Ethics and the Legal Profession DVD $59.95
Ethics, the Environment, and Professionals DVD $59.95
Excellent Adventures with Children (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Experiment-How Do You Know-3-2-1 Contact DVD $24.95
Facilitation of Implant Placement in the Posterior Maxilla Through Subantral Augmentation, The (CDS) DVD $75.00
Famous Composers DVD $23.95
Fiddle Show, The DVD $23.95
Finding Information DVD $59.95
Finger Pickin' Strings DVD $23.95
First Speech, The DVD $59.95
Flirting or Hurting: A Teacher's Guide on Student-To-Student Sexual Harassment In Schools Book $30.00
Flirting or Hurting? DVD $79.95
Folk Music and Dance DVD $23.95
Gender Equity in the Classroom DVD $39.95
Genetic Couselor DVD/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Genetic Couselor Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Gerald Schwarz and Brass Players    -   Discontinued DVD
Get the Message (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Ghost Story (5 episodes) DVD $19.95
Good Morning Children! Are We Having Fun Yet? (CDS)    -   Discontinued DVD
Gospel Music Show, The DVD $23.95
Government Ethics DVD $59.95
Guitar in Concert, The DVD $23.95
Guitar Show, The: From Country to Classics DVD $23.95
Harp Show, The DVD $23.95
Hawaii: The Old and the New DVD $23.95
Hawaiian Show, The DVD $23.95
Human Communications Sampler DVD $59.95
Human Instrument, The    -   Discontinued DVD
I'm American, Too DVD $29.95
Identification and Interpretation of Anatomical Landmarks in Dental Radiography (CDS-Other) CD-ROM $108.00
Identification and Interpretation of Errors in Dental Radiography CD-ROM $108.00
If It Ain't Broke, Why Fix It: Rationale and Methodology for Diagnosing and Treating Cusp Fractures DVD $60.00
Informative Speaking: Organization DVD $59.95
Informative Speaking: Strategies DVD $59.95
Informative Speech, The DVD $59.95
Intercultural Communication DVD $59.95
Interpersonal Relationships DVD $59.95
Interviewing DVD $59.95
Into the Comics (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Intro to Human Communications Summary DVD $59.95
Introduction to Professional Ethics DVD $59.95
Introduction to Public Speaking DVD $59.95
Introductions and Conclusions DVD $59.95
Introductions and Conclusions DVD $59.95
Japan: The Changing Tradition Student Kit Book $39.95
Japan: The Changing Tradition Teacher's Guide Book $9.95
Japan: The Living Tradition Student Kit Book $28.00
Japan: The Living Tradition Teacher's Guide Book $9.95
Jazz Band Show, The DVD $23.95
Jazz Vs. Classics DVD $23.95
JoAnn Falletta: Texture DVD $39.95
Julie Taymor: Setting a Scene DVD $39.95
Just in Time (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Language DVD $59.95
Language DVD $59.95
Legal Considerations for Today's Practitioner (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Listening DVD $59.95
Listening DVD $59.95
Long Distance DVD $29.95
Lost in Brooklyn (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Magic Flute, The DVD $23.95
Make a Model-How Do you Know-3-2-1 Contact DVD $24.95
Mass Communication DVD $59.95
Mastering Adhesive and Aesthetic Dentistry DVD $60.00
Mathnet DVD $149.75
Max Roach: Rhythm DVD $39.95
Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office    -   Discontinued DVD
Medical Ethics: The Neonatal Unit DVD $59.95
Miami Rhythms DVD $23.95
Module 10: Concepts, Memories, and Reasons DVD $59.95
Module 11: Responsive Caregiving DVD $59.95
Module 12: Interactional Styles and Attachment DVD $59.95
Module 13: Gender, Early Morality, and the Self DVD $59.95
Module 14: Rivalry and Interdependence in Sibling Relationships DVD $59.95
Module 15: Day Care and the Preschool Experience DVD $59.95
Module 16: Learning and Achievement DVD $59.95
Module 17: Friendship, Gender, and Morality DVD $59.95
Module 18: Peer Culture DVD $59.95
Module 19: Adolescence, the Prolonged Transition DVD $59.95
Module 1: Development and Diversity DVD $59.95
Module 20: Risk and Resilience DVD $59.95
Module 21: Poverty, Child Health, and Child Labor DVD $59.95
Module 22: Family Stress: the Child's Perspective DVD $59.95
Module 23: The Nature and Nurture of Development - Summary and Review DVD $59.95
Module 24: The Nature and Nurture of Development - Summary and Review DVD $59.95
Module 2: The Ecology of Development DVD $59.95
Module 3: Prenatal Development and the Birth Process DVD $59.95
Module 4: Evolution, Environment, and Growth DVD $59.95
Module 5: Nature and Nurture Interwoven DVD $59.95
Module 6: Culture, Time, and Place DVD $59.95
Module 7: Family Life and the Active Child DVD $59.95
Module 8: Individual Differences and Developmental Milestones DVD $59.95
Module 9: Symbol Formation and Acquisition of Language DVD $59.95
Music and Kids Talk DVD $23.95
Music by Accordion DVD $23.95
Music by Computer DVD $23.95
Music For Fun DVD $23.95
Music Talks DVD $23.95
Musical Encounter DVD $1,149.60
Musical Encounter Teacher's Guide Book $9.95
Musical Families    -   Discontinued DVD
Nancy Graves: Balance DVD $39.95
Nashville Country Music DVD $23.95
Native American Music and Dance DVD $23.95
Natural Shaded Composites (CDS) DVD $60.00
New Techniques and Materials in Adhesive Dentistry DVD $60.00
Nonverbal Codes DVD $59.95
Oboe and Viola DVD $23.95
Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner Made Simple (CDS) DVD $60.00
Oral Surgery Procedures for the Restorative Dentist (CDS) DVD $60.00
Orchestra and Its Parts, The DVD $23.95
Orchestra Perscussion Section, The DVD $23.95
Orchestra, The DVD $23.95
Orchestra: The String Section DVD $23.95
Organization and Outlining DVD $59.95
Organizing and Outlining DVD $59.95
Over a Barrel (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Panorama of African-American Theatre    -   Discontinued DVD
Panorama of African-American Theatre- Teacher's Guide    -   Discontinued Book
Parasite Sleuth DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
Parasite Sleuth Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Office Procedures (CDS) DVD $60.00
Perception DVD $59.95
Percussion Show, The DVD $23.95
Periodontal Procedures Made Easy (CDS) DVD $60.00
Periodontal Restorative Relationship: The Ultimate in Performing Perio-Restorative-Aesthetics for the G.P., The DVD $60.00
Periodontal Surgery for Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry (MDS) DVD $60.00
Persuasive Speaking: Organization DVD $59.95
Persuasive Speaking: Strategies DVD $59.95
Persuasive Speech, The DVD $59.95
Piano Lesson, The DVD $23.95
Piano Show, The DVD $23.95
Piano, The - Its Sounds and Moods DVD $23.95
Play Ball DVD $29.95
Pollen Detective DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
Pollen Detective Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Pop Show, The DVD $23.95
Posterior Direct and Indirect Tooth Colored Restorations DVD $60.00
Power of the African-American Playwright, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Practical Accelerated Restorative Techniques DVD $60.00
Practical, Predictable Restorative Excellence with Esthetic Inlays and Onlays (CDS) DVD $60.00
Predictable Complete Dentures - Series II Helpful Hints (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Predictable Complete Dentures Series I (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Predictable Restorative and Esthetic Excellence Using Porcelain Laminate Veneers (CDS) DVD $75.00
Present and Future Direction of African-American Theatre, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Presentational Aids DVD $59.95
Presentational Aids DVD $59.95
Protaper Rotary Shaping and Cleaning Live Demonstration DVD $60.00
Proud To Be Me DVD $29.95
Rainforest Ecologist DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
Rainforest Ecologist Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Reasoning in Medical Ethics DVD $59.95
Record Show, A DVD $23.95
Relaxed Team Approach to Oral Surgery, A (CDS)    -   Discontinued DVD
Remarkable 20th Century, The DVD $499.50
Robert Gil de Montes: Color DVD $39.95
Root Coverage: A Comparison of Techniques - The Free Gingival Graft Vs. the Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft (CDS) DVD $60.00
Screening for TM Disorders and the Fabrication of a Chair-side Occlusal Appliance (HDS) DVD $50.00
Sea Otter Biologist DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
Sea Otter Biologist Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Selecting A Topic DVD $59.95
Selecting and Researching a Topic DVD $59.95
Self-Awareness DVD $59.95
Simplifying Difficult Extractions (CDS) DVD $60.00
Site Specific, Predictable Periodontal Surgeries for the G.P. (CDS) DVD $60.00
Small Group Communication DVD $59.95
Small Group Communication DVD $59.95
Social Responsibilities of Professionals DVD $59.95
Sounds of Strings DVD $23.95
Space Geologist DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
Space Geologist Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Speaker, The DVD $59.95
Speaker, The DVD $59.95
Speaking With Confidence DVD $1,438.80
Special Occasion Speeches DVD $59.95
Sticks and Stones DVD $29.95
String Show, The DVD $23.95
Student Speeches DVD $59.95
Summary DVD $59.95
Surgical Management of Ectopically Positioned or Unerupted Teeth (CDS)    -   Discontinued DVD
Team Show, A DVD $23.95
Teeth in 5 Days: Implant Placement and Insertion of a Fixed Denture 5 Days After Surgery DVD $60.00
Three Times the Fun With Kids    -   Discontinued DVD
To Catch a Creep (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
To the Light (5 episodes) DVD $19.95
Tooth Preparation: The First Step Towards Esthetic Neogenesis (CDS) DVD $60.00
Training Workshop    -   Discontinued DVD
Trial of George Frankly, The DVD $29.95
Tuba Show, The DVD $23.95
Tug of War DVD $29.95
Tutor's Workshop: Students with Learning Disabilities DVD $300.00
Urban Ecologist DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
Urban Ecologist Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
Use of Composites to Restore Anterior Teeth to Both Esthetics and Funcion, The (CDS) DVD $60.00
Veneers - A Demonstration in Preparation, Design and Cementation (CDS) DVD $60.00
Vet Detective DVD/CD-ROM Set Kit $29.95
Vet Detective Video/CD-ROM Set    -   Discontinued Kit
View from the Rear Terrace, The DVD $29.95
Violin, The: From Rote to Note DVD $23.95
Wayne Thiebaud: Line DVD $39.95
What They Didn't Teach You in Dental School About Oral Surgery (CDS) DVD $60.00
What's Up In Factories? DVD $29.95
What's Up In Technology? DVD $29.95
What's Up in the Environment? DVD $29.95
What's Up With Alex? (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
What, When, and How - Practical Solutions to Everyday Periodontal Problems (CDS) DVD $60.00
Who Burned Brinker's Store (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Who is Max Mouse? (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Who's Who (4 episodes) DVD $19.95
Winning Friends and Influencing Patients, Case Presentation.... Telling the Convincing Story (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Winning Friends and Influencing Patients: Chairside Charm and Bedside Manners. It's What You Say and How You Say It - What You Do, and How You Do It (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Winning Friends and Influencing Patients: The Front Desk. It's What's Up Front that Counts (CDS-Other)    -   Discontinued DVD
Words on the Wall DVD $29.95
World of Opera, The DVD $23.95
Worlds of Childhood, The DVD $1,438.80
Young Composer, A DVD $23.95
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