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Titles for Educational Video Network

'60s Music Video Album DVD $19.95
'70s Music Video Album DVD $19.95
200 Years of Mozart DVD $19.95
50 States, 50 Capitals DVD $99.95
A la Campagne DVD $19.95
A la Plage DVD $19.95
Abejas en la Casa DVD $19.95
Acid Rain DVD $29.95
Acids, Bases, and Salts DVD $49.95
Addictive Behavior: Drugs, Food, and Relationships DVD $89.95
Adventures of Ulysses DVD $39.95
Aeneid DVD $89.95
Africa DVD $99.95
Africa: Continent of Contrasts DVD $69.95
African Drumming and Dance DVD $79.95
African-American Leaders of the 20th Century DVD $89.95
Aggression, Intimidation, and Bullying DVD $79.95
Agriculture: America's Most Crucial Industry DVD $39.95
Air Pollution, Smog, and Acid Rain DVD $29.95
Alcohol Abuse: Dying for a Drink DVD $59.95
Alcohol and the Brain DVD $59.95
Alcohol and You DVD $59.95
Alhambra: Legacy of Moorish Spain DVD $39.95
All about the Solar System DVD $59.95
All about the Weather DVD $49.95
All Stressed Out! DVD $89.95
All's "Faire" DVD $59.95
America's Multicultural Heritage DVD $59.95
America's Wetlands DVD $19.95
Ancient Greek Art and Architecture DVD $19.95
Anger Management DVD $89.95
Anger Management-Enhanced Edition DVD $89.95
Angiosperms DVD $19.95
Anne Frank and the Holocaust DVD $39.95
Anorexia and Bulimia: The Truth about Eating Disorders DVD $89.95
Anuncios Comerciales DVD $19.95
Anuncios, Senales, y Carteles DVD $19.95
Apprenons L'Alphabet Francais DVD $39.95
Argentina DVD $29.95
Art of Marbling DVD $19.95
Art of Paris DVD $39.95
Arts and Crafts of Mexico DVD $29.95
Atom: Building Block of the Universe DVD $59.95
Australia / New Zealand DVD $29.95
Auto Shop Safety DVD $39.95
Avoiding Burnout: Stress Control DVD $79.95
Avoiding Dangerous Relationships DVD $129.95
Background to Beowulf DVD $49.95
Basic 35mm Photography DVD $99.95
Basic Art Appreciation DVD $59.95
Basic Darkroom Techniques DVD $99.95
Basic Dental Health DVD $39.95
Basic Digital Photojournalism DVD $89.95
Basic Facts about Insects DVD $29.95
Basic First Aid DVD $39.95
Basic Food Safety DVD $39.95
Basic Kitchen Safety DVD $59.95
Basic Music Vocabulary DVD $39.95
Basic Parliamentary Procedure DVD $79.95
Basic Photojournalism DVD $59.95
Basic Stage Combat DVD $59.95
Basic Stage Makeup DVD $159.95
Basic Vocabulary for the Theatre DVD $59.95
Basic Watercolor Techniques DVD $19.95
Basic Woodshop Safety DVD $59.95
Basque Country DVD $59.95
Bastille Day in Paris DVD $19.95
Battle of New Orleans DVD $19.95
Beginning Pottery DVD $79.95
Berlin: Capital of a United Germany DVD $49.95
Bilder und Schilder DVD $19.95
Binge Drinking DVD $59.95
Booze and Pills: Deadly Combination DVD $129.95
Brazil: Heart of South America DVD $19.95
Bullfight: La Fiesta Brava DVD $89.95
Bullying, Fear, and Depression DVD $99.95
Canada DVD $19.95
Cantemos en Espanol DVD $59.95
Career as a Chef DVD $29.95
Career as a Respiratory Therapist DVD $19.95
Career as an Automotive Technician DVD $39.95
Career as an Entrepreneur DVD $19.95
Careers in Nursing DVD $19.95
Caribbean Carnival DVD $39.95
Celebrating African Life DVD $19.95
Celebrating Cajun Culture DVD $39.95
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo DVD $49.95
Cell: Basic Unit of Life    -   Discontinued CD-ROM
Cell: Basic Unit of Life DVD $59.95
Ceramic Animal Sculpting DVD $39.95
Character and Values: Making the Right Choices DVD $69.95
Checkbook Video DVD $29.95
Chip that Changed the World DVD $59.95
Christmas Customs in Latin America DVD $29.95
Christmas in France DVD $29.95
Christmas in Italy DVD $19.95
Christmas in Mexico DVD $49.95
Christmas in Quebec DVD $19.95
Christmas in Spain: Feliz Navidad DVD $39.95
Circulatory System DVD $59.95
Cities of the Ancient Mayas DVD $19.95
Civil War: Why, Who, What, When, and Where? DVD $59.95
Classifying World Climates DVD $19.95
Clay Molding: Sculpting the Human Head DVD $39.95
Clouds: Messengers of the Weather DVD $39.95
Club Officers in Action DVD $79.95
Clutch Replacement DVD $39.95
Codependency, Emotional Violence, and Domestic Abuse DVD $89.95
Colin Powell DVD $19.95
Cologne: Portrait of a Cathedral DVD $19.95
Colombia de Hoy DVD $19.95
Colombia Today DVD $19.95
Colors for the Artist DVD $49.95
Comerciales de Espana DVD $29.95
Comerciales Mexicanos DVD $19.95
Communication DVD $59.95
Computer Security and Viruses DVD $19.95
Computer Vocabulary for the Classroom DVD $59.95
Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation DVD $99.95
Conocer Espana DVD $69.95
Conocer Mexico DVD $29.95
Conociendo America Central DVD $29.95
Conquering Test Anxiety DVD $59.95
Cooling System DVD $39.95
Coping with Anger DVD $49.95
Coping with Divorce DVD $89.95
Coping with Emotions DVD $79.95
Coping with Fear DVD $49.95
Coping with Stress DVD $79.95
Create Your Own Ceramic Pottery DVD $39.95
Creating Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence DVD $59.95
Creative Process, The DVD $29.95
Creative Writing Made Easy DVD $39.95
Cuentos de Fantasmas DVD $69.95
Cuentos Populares Latinoamericanos DVD $79.95
Cut the Fat from Your Diet DVD $19.95
CV Joint Replacement DVD $39.95
Dangerous Party Drugs DVD $79.95
Dante: Divine Poet and Wandering Exile DVD $99.95
Das Alphabet auf Deutsch (German) DVD $19.95
Date Rape DVD $89.95
Dating, Relationships, and Marriage DVD $69.95
Dealing with ADHD: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder DVD $89.95
Dealing with Anger DVD $39.95
Dealing with Depression DVD $79.95
Dealing with Grief DVD $59.95
Dealing with Peer Pressure DVD $59.95
Dealing with Racism and Hate DVD $59.95
Dealing with Rejection and Disappointment DVD $69.95
Dealing with Social Anxiety DVD $89.95
Debate Made Easy DVD $59.95
Debt Stress: Teen Budgeting DVD $69.95
Decision-Making Made Easy DVD $69.95
Depression in School DVD $29.95
Deserts of the American West DVD $19.95
Designer Drugs: From the Rave to the Grave DVD $89.95
Detailing an Automobile DVD $19.95
Developing Positive Listening Skills DVD $79.95
Developing Refusal Skills DVD $99.95
Developing Teenage Parenting Skills DVD $79.95
Developing Your Self-Esteem DVD $49.95
Digital Photography DVD $59.95
Dilemma: He's Different (Racial Differences) DVD $19.95
Discovering Art and Culture: The New Zealand Maori DVD $49.95
Discovering Canada DVD $29.95
Discovering China DVD $29.95
Discovering France DVD $29.95
Discovering Germany DVD $39.95
Discovering How Computers Work DVD $59.95
Discovering Italy DVD $29.95
Discovering Sculpture: The Lost Wax Technique DVD $49.95
DNA: The Amazing Double Helix DVD $59.95
Doing Homework with the Internet DVD $49.95
Doing Research On The Internet    -   Discontinued CD-ROM
Doing Research on the Internet DVD $49.95
Don't Choke: The Heimlich Maneuver DVD $79.95
Drama: Creating a Character DVD $59.95
Drama: Producing a Play DVD $59.95
Drawing Techniques DVD $69.95
Drinking and Driving: The End of the Road DVD $89.95
Driver Education: The Rules of the Road DVD $79.95
Drug Abuse: End of the Road DVD $39.95
Drum Brakes DVD $49.95
DUI: The Road to Ruin DVD $99.95
Easter in Guatemala DVD $19.95
Easter in Spain DVD $39.95
Eating Disorders: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment DVD $99.95
Ecology of the Galapagos DVD $19.95
Ecstasy: When the Party's Over DVD $79.95
Effective Newswriting DVD $89.95
Effective Student Government DVD $59.95
Effective Writing Skills DVD $79.95
Efficient Time Management DVD $49.95
Egypt DVD $29.95
Egypt: Gift of the Nile DVD $19.95
Eight Parts of Speech DVD $59.95
Ein Besuch in Bayern DVD $29.95
Einkauf in Deutschland DVD $49.95
El Alfabeto Espanol DVD $39.95
El Mercado DVD $19.95
El Mundo Hispanohablante DVD $29.95
Electrical Safety: Basic Facts DVD $49.95
Elements and Principles of Art DVD $59.95
Elements of Style DVD $99.95
Elements of Theatre DVD $59.95
Eleven Centuries of French Literature DVD $79.95
Essential Literary Terms DVD $39.95
Etruscans DVD $79.95
Extinction: End of the Line DVD $19.95
Facing Terrorism: We Shall Overcome DVD $19.95
Fair Grading Made Easy: Assessing Student Achievement DVD $19.95
Faire des Achats DVD $29.95
Famous Cities of the Far East DVD $19.95
Fashion for the Theatre DVD $69.95
Fashion Through the Ages DVD $159.95
First Aid Video Quiz DVD $59.95
Five Kingdoms of Life DVD $59.95
Florence: Birthplace of the Renaissance DVD $39.95
Food Safety DVD $59.95
Foods of Italy: La Cucina Italiana DVD $59.95
Foods of Latin America DVD $39.95
Foods that Heal DVD $19.95
Freizeit DVD $29.95
French Adjectives DVD $59.95
French Cuisine DVD $39.95
French Markets DVD $19.95
French Regular ER Verbs DVD $29.95
French Regular IR Verbs DVD $29.95
French Regular RE Verbs DVD $29.95
French Revolution DVD $89.95
Gaudi's La Familia Sagrada (English) DVD $19.95
Geothermal Processes: Geysers and Hot Springs DVD $19.95
Glaciers and Glacial Landforms DVD $39.95
Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect DVD $59.95
Gods and Heroes of Greece and Rome DVD $89.95
Good Food, Bad Food: You Must Choose DVD $89.95
Good Nutrition for Growing Bodies DVD $79.95
Good Nutrition Made Easy DVD $39.95
Great Religions of the World DVD $59.95
Great Zimbabwe: Mystery City of Black Africa DVD $19.95
Greek Theatre DVD $79.95
Guns and Violence in Schools DVD $39.95
Gymnosperms DVD $19.95
Hate DVD $89.95
Hazing and Peer Intimidation DVD $89.95
History of English Literature DVD $179.95
History of Greek Civilization DVD $59.95
History of Human Population DVD $59.95
History of Roman Civilization DVD $129.95
History of Spanish Literature DVD $49.95
History of Wind Instruments DVD $19.95
Holocaust: A History DVD $59.95
Honesty, Responsibility, and Integrity: Building Character DVD $79.95
Hottest Careers for Your Future DVD $69.95
How a Bill Becomes a Law DVD $39.95
How about Atoms and Molecules? DVD $59.95
How about Matter? The Nature of Matter DVD $29.95
How an Estuary Works DVD $19.95
How Cars and Trucks Are Built DVD $79.95
How to Achieve Your Goals DVD $59.95
How to Be a Perfect Waiter or Waitress DVD $39.95
How to Build Self-Esteem DVD $89.95
How to Conduct a Meeting DVD $119.95
How to Conduct an Experiment DVD $59.95
How to Design Your Own Web Site DVD $89.95
How to Get the Job You Want DVD $59.95
How to Improve Your Grade Point Average DVD $19.95
How to Make Good Grades DVD $29.95
How to Paint a Portrait in Oil DVD $29.95
How to Prepare a Job-Winning Resume DVD $29.95
How to Use a Microscope DVD $49.95
How to Write an Expository Theme DVD $49.95
Human Immune System DVD $89.95
Human Reproductive System DVD $89.95
Human Skeletal System DVD $79.95
I Love Paris! DVD $19.95
Iliad and the Trojan War DVD $129.95
Impaired Driving: DWI Can Equal DOA DVD $99.95
Imperfect Indicative: L'Imparfait DVD $49.95
Importance of Goals DVD $89.95
Improve Your Memory; Improve Your Grades DVD $59.95
Improving School Newswriting DVD $59.95
Improving Your Reading Skills DVD $79.95
Improvisation for the Theatre DVD $69.95
India: Land of the Monsoon DVD $19.95
Indochina: The Heart of Southeast Asia DVD $19.95
Industrial Revolution DVD $79.95
Information Age DVD $59.95
Inhalant Abuse DVD $69.95
Instruments of the Orchestra DVD $49.95
Internationally Speaking DVD $22.00
Internet for Language Arts DVD $29.95
Internet for Students DVD $19.95
Internet for Teachers DVD $39.95
Internet Vocabulary for the Classroom DVD $29.95
Internet: Cruising the Information Highway DVD $19.95
Internet: Doing Business on the Net DVD $19.95
Internet: Getting On-Line DVD $19.95
Interview Success: Landing the Job DVD $59.95
Intro to the Internet and E-Mail Basics DVD $29.95
Introducing Bavaria DVD $19.95
Introducing Central America DVD $29.95
Introducing Chile DVD $19.95
Introducing China DVD $59.95
Introducing East Asia DVD $49.95
Introducing Greece DVD $19.95
Introducing Japan DVD $29.95
Introducing Latin America DVD $79.95
Introducing Mexico DVD $39.95
Introducing South America DVD $39.95
Introducing Spain DVD $59.95
Introducing Switzerland DVD $29.95
Introducing the Amazon DVD $19.95
Introducing the Noun DVD $29.95
Introducing Verbs DVD $39.95
Introduction to Welding DVD $79.95
Introduction to Woodworking DVD $99.95
Islands of the Caribbean DVD $29.95
Jackie Robinson DVD $19.95
Jerusalem DVD $19.95
Jesse Jackson DVD $19.95
Joan of Arc DVD $19.95
Job Hunter's Resource Guide DVD $59.95
Journalism and Newspaper Editing DVD $29.95
Journey Across Russia DVD $19.95
Journey Through Jazz DVD $49.95
King Arthur: The Legend and the Land DVD $29.95
Kingdom Protista DVD $49.95
La Alhambra DVD $19.95
La Fiesta Quinceanera (English) DVD $69.95
La Navidad en Mexico DVD $19.95
La Semana Santa en Espana DVD $39.95
La Vie d'un Chien Francais DVD $39.95
Lab Safety for Junior and Senior High School DVD $19.95
Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler! DVD $19.95
Lands of the Incas DVD $29.95
Landscape Painting Made Easy DVD $79.95
Las Comidas Latinoamericanas DVD $39.95
Latin Legends: Rhythm and Sound DVD $59.95
Le Marche DVD $19.95
Le Pays Basque DVD $29.95
Leadership for Success DVD $19.95
Leadership, Team Building, and Decision Making DVD $99.95
Leadership: Improving Your High School DVD $39.95
Leadership: Vision 2000 DVD $19.95
Learning the Spanish Alphabet DVD $39.95
Learning to Read Music DVD $39.95
Learning to Read Music for Keyboard DVD $19.95
Les Animaux du Monde DVD $29.95
Les Fables de La Fontaine DVD $29.95
Les Monuments de Paris DVD $29.95
Les Panneaux et les Affiches DVD $19.95
Les Parisiens (French) DVD $19.95
Les Vacances DVD $29.95
Let's Visit Paris! DVD $29.95
Lewis and Clark Expedition DVD $19.95
Liberty Bound DVD $17.76
Life After High School: Explore Your Options DVD $99.95
Life in an Italian Hill Town DVD $19.95
Life in the Greenhouse DVD $19.95
Los Animales del Mundo DVD $29.95
Los Aztecas DVD $19.95
Los Puertorriquenos DVD $19.95
Low-Fat Cooking DVD $29.95
Machu Picchu Revealed DVD $19.95
Maintaining Your PC DVD $19.95
Major World Ecosystems DVD $129.95
Making Good Grades DVD $19.95
Making of Modern Europe DVD $29.95
Malcolm X DVD $29.95
Manipulation and Control DVD $89.95
Manners for Young Moderns DVD $29.95
Marijuana Abuse: Blunt Facts DVD $89.95
Marijuana and You DVD $29.95
Marijuana: Gateway Drug DVD $59.95
Martin Luther King, Jr. DVD $39.95
Mask-Making for Fun and Profit DVD $19.95
Master Cylinder DVD $19.95
Materials of the Artist DVD $29.95
Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas DVD $49.95
Meth Madness: Teenage Methamphetamine Abuse DVD $89.95
Mexican Students DVD $19.95
Mexico DVD $29.95
Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology DVD $19.95
Mitosis / Meiosis DVD $89.95
Money: What It Is; How It Works DVD $59.95
Monocots and Dicots DVD $29.95
Mont St. Michel DVD $29.95
Monuments of Ancient Egypt DVD $39.95
Monuments of Ancient Greece DVD $29.95
Monuments of Ancient Rome DVD $59.95
Monuments of Paris DVD $29.95
Monuments of Spain DVD $39.95
Motivation: Key to Classroom Success DVD $29.95
Mound Builders DVD $19.95
Mountain-Building Processes DVD $29.95
Mountains and the Forces that Build Them DVD $29.95
Multicultural Understanding DVD $59.95
Munich's Oktoberfest (English) DVD $29.95
Music Is Composed DVD $19.95
Music Is Form DVD $19.95
Music Is Harmony DVD $19.95
Music Is Melody DVD $19.95
Music Is Style DVD $19.95
Music Is Tone Color DVD $19.95
Music of the Renaissance: Ars Antiqua DVD $59.95
Mythology of Ancient Mexico DVD $19.95
Myths and Legends of Ancient Civilizations DVD $59.95
Napoleon DVD $29.95
Natural Landscapes of North America DVD $29.95
New Engineers DVD $19.95
New Germany: A History DVD $79.95
New Nutrition Facts Label DVD $49.95
New Techniques in Watercolor DVD $19.95
NEW: Club Officers in Action DVD $59.95
NEW: First Aid and CPR DVD $129.95
NEW: How to Study DVD $129.95
NEW: Test-Taking Without Fear DVD $89.95
Nicotine Addiction: Tobacco Tantrums DVD $89.95
Noel a Paris DVD $39.95
Noel au Quebec DVD $19.95
Noel en France DVD $19.95
Nombres et Couleurs en Franandccedil;ais DVD $39.95
Numeros y Colores en Espanol DVD $49.95
Nutrition Choices for Young Adults DVD $89.95
Obesity: An American Epidemic DVD $89.95
Oceans, Coasts, and Tides DVD $29.95
Odyssey DVD $39.95
Oh No, It's Due Tomorrow! DVD $29.95
Oktoberfest in Munchen (German) DVD $19.95
Onze Siecles de Litterature Franandccedil;aise DVD $99.95
Oral Interpretation Made Easy DVD $59.95
Oregon Trail DVD $29.95
Origin of the Drama and the Theater DVD $79.95
Origin of Writing and the Alphabet DVD $19.95
Origins of India's Hindu Civilization DVD $19.95
Origins of Mexican Civilization DVD $19.95
Our Disappearing Forests DVD $19.95
Our Solar System DVD $59.95
Out of the Medicine Cabinet: Rx for Abuse? DVD $79.95
Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse DVD $89.95
Overcoming Jealousy: Rivalry, Anger, and Resentment DVD $59.95
Overcoming Obstacles and Self-Doubt: Attitudes for Winners DVD $99.95
Overcoming Prejudice DVD $39.95
Overcoming Procrastination DVD $39.95
Painkiller Abuse: Out of Control DVD $89.95
Painting on Location Made Easy: Understanding Color DVD $49.95
Painting with Pastels DVD $39.95
Palette Knife Painting DVD $19.95
Paris: Je t'aime DVD $39.95
Parliamentary Procedure in Action DVD $99.95
Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy DVD $59.95
Parthenon and the Acropolis of Athens DVD $29.95
Passe Compose of Regular Verbs DVD $49.95
Passe Compose: Etre DVD $39.95
Pastel Portrait -- Anita Wolff DVD $19.95
Pathological Behaviors: Lying, Stealing, and Sex DVD $79.95
Patriotism and Citizenship DVD $69.95
Performing an Exciting Play DVD $59.95
Periodic Table DVD $49.95
Perspective Made Easy DVD $79.95
Persuasive Speaking Made Easy DVD $59.95
Photography Hints and Tips DVD $19.95
Pinata DVD $19.95
Plagiarism: It's a Crime DVD $69.95
Plant Kingdom DVD $49.95
Pompeii DVD $59.95
Positive Critical Thinking DVD $19.95
Post-Soviet Siberia DVD $19.95
Power Interviewing DVD $39.95
Preparing a Science Fair Project DVD $59.95
Prescription Drug Abuse DVD $89.95
Preventative Maintenance DVD $59.95
Preventing Skin Cancer DVD $79.95
Preventing Teen Violence DVD $79.95
Producing an Exciting Play DVD $49.95
Prologue to The Canterbury Tales DVD $49.95
Protecting Your Senses DVD $59.95
Public Speaking Made Easy DVD $59.95
Puerto Rico Today DVD $19.95
Rage: Out of Control DVD $99.95
Rain Forest: Treasure House of Biodiversity DVD $29.95
Rape Prevention DVD $89.95
Reading the Clouds DVD $19.95
Reduce Fat for Better Health DVD $89.95
Religious Diversity in America DVD $39.95
Replacing Disc Brake Pads DVD $149.95
Replacing Rear Brake Shoes DVD $59.95
Replacing Shock Absorbers DVD $19.95
Research Skills: How to Find Information DVD $69.95
Resumes for the Internet DVD $19.95
Rise and Fall of the Aztec Empire DVD $19.95
Rivers and the Power of Running Water DVD $19.95
Road to College DVD $39.95
Roads to Canterbury DVD $19.95
Rock Roots: History of American Pop Music DVD $59.95
Rome: The Eternal City DVD $29.95
Russia DVD $39.95
Saber y Conocer DVD $39.95
Saving Forest Ecosystems DVD $19.95
Savoir et Connaitre DVD $39.95
Scientific Method DVD $39.95
Sculpting a Bas-Relief DVD $39.95
Sculpting a Figure in Clay DVD $39.95
Sculpting in Wax DVD $19.95
Sculpting the Figure in Plaster DVD $19.95
Seeds, Stems, and Roots DVD $99.95
Ser y Estar DVD $49.95
Servicing a Cooling System DVD $49.95
Seven Seas DVD $19.95
Sexual Harassment: Identification, Intervention, Treatment DVD $19.95
Shakespeare's Stratford DVD $19.95
Sleep Deprivation: Get the Sleep You Need DVD $99.95
Smart Dietary Choices DVD $19.95
Smart Shopping for Good Nutrition DVD $29.95
Smokeless Tobacco: Basic Facts DVD $59.95
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz DVD $19.95
South America: Continent of Diversity DVD $49.95
Spanish Adjectives and Adverbs DVD $59.95
Spanish Empire in the New World DVD $19.95
Spanish Regular AR Verbs DVD $39.95
Spanish Regular ER Verbs DVD $39.95
Spanish Regular IR Verbs DVD $39.95
Spanish Vocabulary Builder: En la Ciudad DVD $29.95
Spanish-Speaking World DVD $39.95
Speech Basics DVD $79.95
Sports and Drugs: Downfall DVD $29.95
Sports Nutrition DVD $39.95
Sports, Drugs, and You DVD $39.95
Standardized Test Success DVD $69.95
Stay in School: Top 10 Reasons Not to Be a Dropout DVD $59.95
Steroid Abuse: Win Now, Lose Later DVD $89.95
Story of the Pilgrims DVD $69.95
Stream Systems and the Fluvial Process DVD $19.95
Strength and Fitness Training Quiz DVD $39.95
Strut Replacement DVD $19.95
Study Secrets of Successful Students DVD $59.95
Suicide among Teens DVD $59.95
Suicide: No Turning Back DVD $79.95
Suntan Now, Skin Cancer Later DVD $29.95
Survival Study Skills DVD $59.95
Taj Mahal: The Story of Muslim India DVD $19.95
Teen Drug Abuse DVD $69.95
Teen Leadership DVD $29.95
Teen Pregnancy DVD $79.95
Teen Smoking: Smoke Now, Lung Cancer Later DVD $79.95
Teen Suicide DVD $39.95
Teenage Alcohol Abuse DVD $39.95
Teenage Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide DVD $129.95
Teenage Cocaine Abuse DVD $59.95
Teenage Conflict Resolution DVD $69.95
Teenage Emotional Harassment DVD $99.95
Teenage Heroin Abuse DVD $39.95
Teenage Marijuana Abuse DVD $39.95
Teenage Rebellion: Drugs, Sex, and Crime DVD $79.95
Teenage Sexual Harassment DVD $69.95
Teenage Tobacco Abuse DVD $49.95
Teenage Violence, Vandalism, and Alienation DVD $49.95
Teens and Credit Cards: Use or Abuse? DVD $69.95
Teens and Hormones: Understanding the Endocrine System DVD $59.95
Teens and Party Drugs: Dying for a Good Time DVD $129.95
Teens, Alcohol, and Club Drugs DVD $89.95
Teens, Body Image, and Self-Esteem DVD $69.95
Teens, Dating, and Abstinence DVD $59.95
Teens, Marijuana, and Alcohol DVD $59.95
Teens, Sex, and STIs DVD $89.95
Ten Steps to Personal Success DVD $39.95
Ten Steps to Resume Success DVD $49.95
Teotihuacan: City of the Gods DVD $19.95
Terrorism and Fear: Helping Students Understand DVD $39.95
Test-Taking Tactics DVD $69.95
Testing and Servicing a Battery DVD $29.95
Thoreau at Walden Pond DVD $19.95
Thurgood Marshall DVD $19.95
Tiere in der Welt DVD $29.95
Top Careers for the 21st Century DVD $59.95
Total Teen Fitness DVD $19.95
Traditional Art of Japanese Pottery DVD $19.95
Training for Strength and Fitness DVD $49.95
U-Joint Replacement DVD $19.95
Una Visita a Buenos Aires DVD $19.95
Understanding African Art DVD $49.95
Understanding Anorexia and Bulimia DVD $29.95
Understanding Atoms and Molecules DVD $49.95
Understanding Basic Genetics    -   Discontinued CD-ROM
Understanding Basic Genetics DVD $59.95
Understanding Biodiversity DVD $59.95
Understanding Cell Membranes DVD $59.95
Understanding Codependency DVD $59.95
Understanding Color and Light DVD $79.95
Understanding Commas DVD $49.95
Understanding Desert Landforms DVD $19.95
Understanding DNA    -   Discontinued CD-ROM
Understanding DNA DVD $59.95
Understanding Don Quixote DVD $49.95
Understanding Drought and Desertification DVD $19.95
Understanding Ecosystems DVD $59.95
Understanding Emotional Violence DVD $59.95
Understanding Hindu Traditions DVD $29.95
Understanding Impressionism DVD $49.95
Understanding Japan DVD $49.95
Understanding Macbeth DVD $49.95
Understanding Mental Illness DVD $79.95
Understanding Money and Inflation DVD $59.95
Understanding Newton's Laws DVD $69.95
Understanding Painting: Tonal Values DVD $49.95
Understanding Personality Disorders DVD $89.95
Understanding Self-Destructive Behavior DVD $129.95
Understanding Sentence Structure DVD $39.95
Understanding Teenage Violence DVD $59.95
Understanding the Cell DVD $59.95
Understanding the Civil Rights Movement DVD $79.95
Understanding the Metric System DVD $59.95
Understanding the Weather DVD $59.95
Understanding Volcanoes DVD $19.95
Understanding World War I DVD $59.95
Une Visite a Paris DVD $19.95
Using Maps and Globes DVD $29.95
Vamos a la Playa DVD $19.95
Vehicle Safety Inspection DVD $39.95
Versailles DVD $39.95
Vienna Boys' Choir DVD $19.95
Visitez Paris (French) DVD $19.95
Visual Language of Design DVD $89.95
Vitamins and Your Health DVD $19.95
Washington, D. C. DVD $29.95
Wasted! Guns and Teens, Lives and Dreams DVD $39.95
Watercolor Made Easy DVD $59.95
Watercolor Workshop DVD $19.95
Waves, Shores, and Beaches DVD $19.95
Waves, Tides, and Currents: Shaping the Coastal Environment DVD $19.95
Weathering, Mass Wasting, and Erosion DVD $29.95
Weightlifting 101 DVD $19.95
Wetlands, Marshes, and Swamps DVD $19.95
What Are Bacteria? DVD $39.95
What Are Nutrients? DVD $49.95
What Is Energy? DVD $39.95
What Is Photosynthesis? DVD $59.95
Who's Who in Greek and Roman Mythology DVD $79.95
Whose Woods Are These? DVD $19.95
Why Abstinence? DVD $89.95
Wired: Caffeine Dependency DVD $39.95
Witchcraft in America: Behind The Crucible DVD $49.95
Work Opportunities for Teens DVD $59.95
World Climate and Landscapes DVD $79.95
World Famous Volcanoes DVD $189.95
World Population Problems DVD $19.95
Xochimilco: Floating Gardens DVD $19.95
Your Computer and Your Health DVD $29.95
Zahlen und Farben auf Deutsch DVD $19.95
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