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Titles for Film Ideas, Inc.

"Sweet & Sour" And The Chinese Laundry DVD $59.95
1842 Inn, The DVD $39.95
1900's DVD $49.95
1910's DVD $49.95
1920's DVD $49.95
1930's DVD $49.95
1940's DVD $49.95
1950's DVD $49.95
1960's DVD $49.95
1970's DVD $49.95
1980's DVD $49.95
1990's DVD $49.95
21st Century Networking DVD $39.95
Acid Caves - A Living Laboratory DVD $79.95
Acropolis and Great Wall DVD $39.95
Africa DVD $59.95
Agriculture - Farming Today and Tomorrow DVD $79.95
Ajanta and Borobudur DVD $39.95
Albert Einstein, Everything Is Relative DVD $24.95
Alessandro Volta, Batteries Not Included DVD $24.95
Alexander the Great DVD $39.95
All About Directions Series DVD $145.00
Alternative Energy DVD $59.95
Amanda O DVD $269.00
Amelia Earhart DVD $39.95
Amira in Algeria DVD $39.95
An Entreprenuer's Guide On Launching and Growing A Business Series DVD $209.85
Ancient Cities Bordering On Latium DVD $39.95
Ancient Itinerary In Ionia DVD $39.95
Andreas in Austria DVD $39.95
Angel Island: Where Angels Feared To Tread DVD $59.95
Angkor and Mogao DVD $39.95
Animal Nonfiction with Photojournalist Evelyn Gallardo DVD $39.95
Antarctica DVD $59.95
Anthems DVD $39.95
Appalachian Mountains DVD $49.95
Arachnids - The Tarantula Story DVD $79.95
Archaeology - Technological Advances DVD $79.95
Are the Chinese People 'Real' Citizens? DVD $59.95
Are the Chinese People Happy? DVD $59.95
Argyle, The DVD $39.95
Arkansas DVD $39.95
Arlington (Virginia) (Part 1) DVD $39.95
Arlington (Virginia) (Part 2) DVD $39.95
Art Zoccole (HIV/AIDS) DVD $49.95
Asia DVD $59.95
Assimilation and Inclusion DVD $59.95
At The Court Of The King Of Kings DVD $39.95
Athens: Western Splendour DVD $39.95
Australia DVD $39.95
Australia DVD $59.95
Australia/New Zealand DVD $59.95
Austria and Hungary (Land of the Danube) DVD $39.95
Baked Swordfish and Risotto With Saffron DVD $39.95
Ballet Dancer/Hockey Player DVD $49.95
Barbara Jordan DVD $39.95
Basics of Multimedia, The DVD $39.95
Basilicata DVD $39.95
Basin and Range DVD $49.95
Basketball - Advanced DVD $39.95
Basketball - Beginning DVD $39.95
Bavaria DVD $39.95
Bean Soup and Omelet DVD $39.95
Beat Generation, The DVD $59.95
Beauty and The Breast DVD $59.95
Bedroom Addition DVD $39.95
Beethoven, Ludwig van DVD $39.95
Behaving DVD $39.95
Bellevue Hotel, The DVD $39.95
Benjamin Franklin, Science And Politics DVD $24.95
Best Canadian Treks - Volume 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Best Canadian Treks - Volume 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Biking The Kokopelli Trail / Canoeing The Rio Grande    -   Discontinued DVD
Bio Fuels DVD $59.95
Biodiesel DVD $59.95
Bioenegineering - Science By Design DVD $79.95
Biographies of Famous People Series DVD $180.00
Biz Kid$ Series DVD $1,200.00
Biz Kids Challenge, The DVD $49.95
Biz, A: What Is It? DVD $49.95
Bizarre Creatures In The Ocean DVD $79.95
Blanket Of Protection - Earth's Atmosphere DVD $79.95
Bonaparte, Napoleon DVD $39.95
Border Story, A: Canada/U.S.A. DVD $49.95
Boston and New England DVD $24.95
Brave Little Tailor, The DVD $39.95
Brown Cow, The DVD $39.95
Bruschetta and Pasta With Clams DVD $39.95
Budgeting Basics DVD $49.95
Building and Growing a Business DVD $49.95
Bukhara and Palmyra DVD $39.95
Bulls, Bears, and Financial Markets DVD $49.95
Bunhill Fields (London) DVD $39.95
Business Case Studies DVD $69.95
Cacti DVD $39.95
Cairo and Damascus DVD $39.95
Calgary and Canadian Rockies DVD $24.95
California    -   Discontinued DVD
Campania DVD $39.95
Canadian Shield DVD $49.95
Caponata and Grandmas Veal Stew DVD $39.95
Carbonless Footprint DVD $59.95
Caribbean DVD $39.95
Carl Panzram: The Spirit Of Hatred And Vengeance DVD $59.95
Caroline And The Yule Log DVD $39.95
Cash and Credit DVD $49.95
Celebrity Grave Sites DVD $39.95
Cemetery Secrets DVD $39.95
Central Cemetery (Vienna) DVD $39.95
Cezar Chavez DVD $39.95
Charles Darwin, The Ape Man DVD $24.95
Chartres and Thessalonika DVD $39.95
Chavin and Cuzco DVD $39.95
Cheating, Lying and Stealing DVD $39.95
Chicken Fricassee and Peas and Carrots DVD $39.95
Children Of The World Series DVD $275.00
China Can Produce. Can China Create? DVD $59.95
China's Challenges Series DVD $299.75
China: Children Of Chagan Lake DVD $29.95
Chinese I and II DVD $59.95
Cinderella DVD $39.95
Circus School...Military School DVD $49.95
Cities Of Pharaohs, The DVD $39.95
Cities Of The Sea And Wind DVD $39.95
City, The - Nature DVD $39.95
City, The - People DVD $39.95
Civilizations of Heroes, The (The Mycenaeans) DVD $39.95
Cleopatra DVD $39.95
Cleve Girl, The DVD $39.95
Climate Change DVD $59.95
Climbing Mount Tikora / Diving In The Turks and Caicos Islands    -   Discontinued DVD
Climbing The Grand Tetons / Biking The Continental Divide    -   Discontinued DVD
Clockwise - Counterclockwise DVD $39.95
Clone Dog: Labrador Retriever- Cloning animals with exceptional capabilities DVD $89.95
Closer Look at Careers, A DVD $49.95
Clouds: Nature's Sprinklers DVD $39.95
Coastal Plains DVD $49.95
Coastal Range DVD $49.95
Colorado DVD $39.95
Colorful Creatures Of The Sea DVD $79.95
Columbia/Snake DVD $39.95
Comet - Visitors From Outer Space DVD $79.95
Connecticut DVD $39.95
Conservation DVD $59.95
Continents of the World Series DVD $399.00
Country Style Roasted Potatoes and Chicken DVD $39.95
Country, The - Nature DVD $39.95
Country, The - People DVD $39.95
Courtyard Makeover DVD $39.95
Creative Writing With Author/Illustrator Robin Rector Krupp DVD $39.95
Creatures DVD $39.95
Crown Hill (Indianapolis) DVD $39.95
Curb Appeal DVD $39.95
Curie, Madam Marie DVD $39.95
Customer Service: An Attitude Not An Occupation DVD $79.95
Cycling The Golden Circle / Hiking In Copper Canyon / Veracruz Rafting    -   Discontinued DVD
Cycling The Karakoram Highway    -   Discontinued DVD
Cypress Lawn (San Fransisco-Colma) DVD $39.95
Czech Republic DVD $39.95
Dallas DVD $24.95
Danube and Great Barrier Reef DVD $39.95
Darwin, Charles DVD $39.95
Davey Crockett DVD $39.95
Dealing with Anger/Dealing with Friendship DVD $39.95
Dealing with Hurtful Words/Dealing with Manners DVD $39.95
Dealing with Problems/Dealing with Disappointment DVD $39.95
Dealing with Telling/Dealing with Expectations DVD $39.95
Death For A Godfather DVD $39.95
Delta Queen, The DVD $39.95
Dermot in Australia DVD $39.95
Destinations: The Americas Series DVD $225.00
Diana in Romania DVD $39.95
Diginary DVD $49.95
Digital Disc Production Process, The DVD $39.95
Digital Imaging and Acquisitions DVD $39.95
Diogo in Portugal DVD $39.95
Directions: Take Some, Give Some DVD $39.95
Dirt: Nature's Sandbox DVD $39.95
Diving With Manatees / Hiking In King's Canyon    -   Discontinued DVD
Don't Blow Your Dough DVD $49.95
Dream Stealers - A True Story About Cigarettes DVD $59.95
Ear and Now: Exploring the LEARNING from Hearing DVD $39.95
Ear Responsible: Exploring the SKILLS for Hearing DVD $39.95
Ear Ye, Hear Ye: Exploring the SCIENCE of Hearing DVD $39.95
Eardrum-Hum: Exploring the HEALTH of Hearing DVD $39.95
Earth DVD $39.95
Earthquakes DVD $59.95
East and West Part I: Westerners See Nouns, Easterners See Verbs DVD $89.95
East and West Part II: Westerners Want To See, Easterners Want To Be DVD $89.95
East and West: Culture Affects Thought Processes Series DVD $149.95
East Timor: Children Of Ermera DVD $29.95
Eastern Canadian Provinces    -   Discontinued DVD
Eat Healthy, Be Healthy Series DVD $375.00
Eco Friendly DVD $59.95
Eco-Tourism DVD $59.95
Ecology - Bats: Creatures Of The Night DVD $79.95
Ecology - The Science Of Recycling DVD $79.95
Educating With Multimedia DVD $39.95
Efficient Home, The DVD $24.95
Eggdrop Soup and Spreads DVD $39.95
Egypt According To Cleopatra DVD $39.95
Egyptian I and II DVD $59.95
El Encanto Hotel DVD $39.95
Electronics - The Science Of Circuit Borads DVD $79.95
Emperor's New Clothes, The DVD $39.95
Endangered Species DVD $59.95
Energy - Transferring Renewable Resources - Part 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy - Transferring Renewable Resources - Part 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy - Understanding Hydroelectric Power DVD $79.95
Energy Efficiency DVD $39.95
Engineering - Bridges By Design DVD $79.95
Engineering - Fueling A Greener Planet DVD $79.95
Environment - Science For A Healthy Planet DVD $79.95
Environmental Heroes DVD $59.95
Euclid, The Elements DVD $24.95
Europe DVD $59.95
Everglades and Yakushima DVD $39.95
Exploring Desert Biomes DVD $79.95
Exploring Shoreline Habitats DVD $79.95
Exploring Space DVD $39.95
Fabulous Centers Of Hellenism, The DVD $39.95
Faces of AIDS DVD $150.00
Fairview Lawn (Halifax) DVD $39.95
Famous Explorers Series DVD $180.00
Far Out - Measuring The Universe And Yonder To Infinity, End Of The Universe DVD $79.95
Fearless Peter DVD $39.95
Feast For One's Eyes, A: Muslim Culture/Native Culture DVD $49.95
Feelings Of Homeland DVD $59.95
Femme: Women Healing The World DVD $59.95
Fernando in Venezuela DVD $39.95
Fillet of Tomato Pasta and Eggplant DVD $39.95
Financial Fitness Series DVD $319.80
Financial Fitness: Valuing Your Money DVD $79.95
Finding That Dream Job DVD $79.95
Flooring DVD $39.95
Florence and Vatican DVD $39.95
Florida    -   Discontinued DVD
Florida: Key West and The Everglades DVD $24.95
Florida: The South and West Coasts DVD $24.95
Flowers DVD $39.95
Fontainebleau and Tikal DVD $39.95
Forest Farming DVD $79.95
Forest Management - Conserving Our Resources DVD $79.95
Forgotten Civilizations Of Anatolia, The DVD $39.95
Four More Days DVD $59.95
France DVD $39.95
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado DVD $39.95
Franco in Argentina DVD $39.95
Freedom and Democracy DVD $39.95
Friuli Venezia Giulia DVD $39.95
Fruit DVD $39.95
Fruit DVD $39.95
Fuel Technology - Transportation Innovations DVD $79.95
Fungi DVD $39.95
Gail Burgess (ALS) DVD $49.95
Galilei, Galileo DVD $39.95
Galileo Galilei, And Yet It Moves! DVD $24.95
Gandouml;reme and Kiev DVD $39.95
Garden Room With A View DVD $39.95
Gas Turbines - Energy Powerhouses DVD $79.95
Gay / Straight Couple DVD $69.95
GeoThermal Energy DVD $59.95
Germany DVD $59.95
Germany DVD $39.95
Gilber in Peru DVD $39.95
Glasnevin (Dublin) DVD $39.95
Glass - A Window On The Future DVD $79.95
Global Economy, The DVD $49.95
Global Marketplace, The: How Will You Compete? DVD $79.95
Global Warming DVD $59.95
Glorious Rome: Capital of An Empire DVD $39.95
Go Left Right Here! DVD $39.95
Goldilocks DVD $39.95
Graceland (Chicago) DVD $39.95
Grand Canyon and Mt. Huangshan DVD $39.95
Great Britain DVD $39.95
Great Britain (England and Wales) DVD $59.95
Great Cemeteries of the World Series DVD $1,118.60
Great Lakes Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Lakes Series, The DVD $215.00
Great Lakes, The - An Overview DVD $39.95
Great Plains DVD $49.95
Great Race, The DVD $39.95
Great, Great Room DVD $39.95
Greece DVD $59.95
Greece (Athens, Meteor, Peloponnesus) DVD $39.95
Greece (Crete and the Aegean Islands) DVD $39.95
Greedy Calculator, The DVD $39.95
Greek Cities In Italy DVD $39.95
Greek I and II DVD $59.95
Greek Legacy In The West (Sicily) DVD $39.95
Green Beer DVD $59.95
Green Building DVD $59.95
Green Economy Series, The DVD $1,500.00
Green Education DVD $59.95
Green Golf Course Management DVD $59.95
Green Good News DVD $59.95
Green Insulation DVD $59.95
Green Matters Series DVD $875.00
Green Medicine DVD $59.95
Green Mountain Inn DVD $39.95
Green Remodeling DVD $59.95
Green Vehicles DVD $59.95
Green Wine DVD $59.95
Green-Wood (Brooklyn) DVD $39.95
Greenbrier, The DVD $39.95
Greening Of Freight Rail, The - Part #1 DVD $59.95
Greening Of Freight Rail, The - Part #2 DVD $59.95
Greyfriars and Abbies (Scotland) DVD $39.95
Grilled Pork Tenderloin DVD $39.95
Growing A Business DVD $69.95
Guerrilla Guide To Politics, The DVD $59.95
Habitat Loss DVD $59.95
Hansel And Gretel DVD $39.95
Hattusha and Persepolis DVD $39.95
He Said/She Said DVD $49.95
Healthy Home DVD $39.95
Henry Hudson DVD $39.95
Herbs DVD $39.95
Hernando de Soto DVD $39.95
Hey! That's Not Fair DVD $39.95
Hiking Across Molokai / Sea Kayaking The Na Pali Coast    -   Discontinued DVD
Hiking The Appalachian Trail / Canoeing The Okefenokee Swamp    -   Discontinued DVD
Hiking The Oklahoma Plains / Exploring Canyonlands    -   Discontinued DVD
Hollywood Forever (Los Angeles) DVD $39.95
Home Recycling DVD $59.95
Home Update DVD $39.95
Homestead, The DVD $39.95
Hotel del Coronado DVD $39.95
Hotel du Pont DVD $39.95
Hotel Hershey, The DVD $39.95
How Do You Get Money? DVD $49.95
How Plants Work DVD $39.95
How to Achieve Your Financial Goals DVD $49.95
How to Be a Smart Consumer DVD $49.95
How to Succeed in Biz-Ness by Really Trying!   DVD $49.95
Hudson DVD $39.95
Hurricanes DVD $59.95
Hurtful Words DVD $39.95
Hyatt Union Station DVD $39.95
Hydroelectric Power DVD $59.95
Hydrogen Fuel DVD $59.95
I Do: Do-It-Yourself Wedding Planning DVD $39.95
Ice Climbing Mount Rainier / Canyoneering In Apacheland    -   Discontinued DVD
Identity Theft: Protecting Your Identity DVD $79.95
Iguazu and Fraser Island DVD $39.95
Images of Liberty (Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell) DVD $39.95
Immune System, The - Barrier To Infection DVD $79.95
Independent Living for Young Adults Series DVD $319.80
India I and II DVD $59.95
Indian River and Intracoastal Waterway DVD $39.95
Indoor Gardens DVD $39.95
Ingeliv in Norway DVD $39.95
Inside Track: Mercury And Venus - Hostile Planet DVD $79.95
Interior Lowlands DVD $49.95
Introducing Entrepreneurs DVD $49.95
Inuit Games...Sports Jock DVD $49.95
Ireland DVD $39.95
Isaac Newton, The Smartest Kid In Town DVD $24.95
Istanbul and Cordoba DVD $39.95
Italy DVD $59.95
Italy (Florence and Tuscany) DVD $39.95
Italy (Naples) DVD $39.95
Italy (Rome) DVD $39.95
Italy (Venice) DVD $39.95
Ixelles (Brussels) DVD $39.95
Jake in Texas DVD $39.95
Japan I and II DVD $59.95
Jefferson, The DVD $39.95
Jekyll Island Club DVD $39.95
Jews and Muslims: Intimate Strangers Series DVD $279.80
Jheny in Bolivia DVD $39.95
Johannes Kepler, Musica Universalis DVD $24.95
John Henry DVD $39.95
John Rutledge House Inn DVD $39.95
Johnny Appleseed DVD $39.95
Kayaking Prince William Sound / Arctic Hiking In Alaska    -   Discontinued DVD
Kensal Green (London DVD $39.95
Khan in Vietnam DVD $39.95
King and Prince, The DVD $39.95
Kitchen Expansion DVD $39.95
Kitchen Renovation DVD $39.95
Kitchen/Laundry Remodel DVD $39.95
Kyoto and Isfahan DVD $39.95
La Fonda DVD $39.95
La Maga: Spanish Laguage Immersion DVD $79.95
La Valencia DVD $39.95
Lake Erie DVD $39.95
Lake Huron DVD $39.95
Lake Michigan DVD $39.95
Lake Ontario DVD $39.95
Lake Placid Lodge DVD $39.95
Lake Superior DVD $39.95
Lamb Chops with Enzino's Pesto and Mushroom Salad DVD $39.95
Lars in Sweden DVD $39.95
Launching A Business DVD $69.95
Lazio DVD $39.95
Le Pavillon DVD $39.95
Learn From Nature Series DVD $115.00
Learn West and You'll Know The Rest DVD $39.95
Leaves DVD $39.95
Lee, Robert E DVD $39.95
Leslie in Canada DVD $39.95
Lewis and Clark Expedition, The: A Uniquely American Story DVD $39.95
Life Lessons Series DVD $215.00
Light Wave Technology - New Advances DVD $79.95
Light, The DVD $39.95
Liguria DVD $39.95
Lincoln, Abraham DVD $39.95
Listening to Learn Series DVD $145.00
Little Fir Tree , The DVD $39.95
Little Red Riding Hood DVD $39.95
Living In Space DVD $79.95
Living Through Dying Series DVD $149.85
Lost and Found: Young People Talk about Depression DVD $150.00
Lost Cities Of The Maya, The DVD $39.95
Louis Pasteur, Get Vaccinated DVD $24.95
Low Maintenance Exterior DVD $39.95
Luther, Martin DVD $39.95
M'Parany in Madagascar DVD $39.95
Madagascar DVD $39.95
Magic Of Light and Electricity, The DVD $79.95
Magic Tree, The DVD $39.95
Magnificent Italia Series DVD $39.95
Make The Choice: Stay In School DVD $59.95
Manasota (Bradenton) DVD $39.95
Maple Syrup: Smoke and Kettles DVD $39.95
Marche DVD $39.95
Mare Curie, The Radium Woman DVD $24.95
Marquette and Joliet DVD $39.95
Mars DVD $39.95
Master Suite Addition DVD $39.95
Master Suite Retreat DVD $24.95
Matchmaker DVD $69.95
Maximizing Storage DVD $24.95
Mayflower, The DVD $39.95
Meat and Beans DVD $39.95
Meets The Horsey Set DVD $49.95
Memorials DVD $39.95
Mesopotamian I and II DVD $59.95
Metairie and St. Louis (New Orleans) DVD $39.95
Meteorology - Predicting Dangerous Weather DVD $79.95
Mexico    -   Discontinued DVD
Mexico DVD $39.95
Michelangelo DVD $39.95
Mid-Atlantic Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Midwest Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Milk, Grains, Oils DVD $39.95
Minerals: 1 DVD $39.95
Minerals: 2 DVD $39.95
Minerals: 3 DVD $39.95
Ming's First Day of School: Home School/Public School DVD $49.95
Miniature Horse: A Dark Little Secret- Genetic testing to eliminate dwarfism DVD $89.95
Mission Inn, The DVD $39.95
Mississippi River - Lower DVD $39.95
Mississippi River - Upper DVD $39.95
Mississippi River Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Missouri DVD $39.95
Modern Love: Love Stories For A New Millennium Series DVD $400.00
Mohonk Mountain House DVD $39.95
Money Moves DVD $49.95
Mongolia: Children Of The Darkhad DVD $29.95
Monmouth Plantation DVD $39.95
Mont-Saint-Michel and Hawaii DVD $39.95
Montreal and Quebec DVD $24.95
Monuments DVD $39.95
Moon DVD $39.95
More Life Lessons Series DVD $215.00
More Than Manners DVD $39.95
Morrison-Clark, The DVD $39.95
Morse, Samuel DVD $39.95
Mount Pleasant (Toronto) DVD $39.95
Mountain West Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Moving On With Your Life DVD $79.95
Mr. Nothing DVD $39.95
Mudroom/Carport DVD $24.95
Music For Whose Ears: Acadian Culture/Indian Culture DVD $49.95
My Brand New Life Series DVD $640.00
My Changing Life: Boys DVD $49.95
My Changing Life: Girls DVD $49.95
My Life On the Farm Series DVD $950.00
My Neighborhood, My Community Series DVD $39.95
My School Building DVD $39.95
My School Bus DVD $39.95
My School Classroom DVD $39.95
My School Playground DVD $39.95
My School, My Responsibility Series DVD $150.00
Myanmar: Children Of The Lake DVD $29.95
Nanci's Pasta and Roasted Peppers DVD $39.95
Narratives at War (1945 to Present Day) DVD $69.95
Nasreddin's Path DVD $39.95
Natural Disaster or Natural Phenomena? Series DVD $275.00
Naturally Nature Series DVD $150.00
Nature's Chemical Wonder - Acid Caves Explored DVD $79.95
Nay Aung in Myanmar DVD $39.95
Nelson, Admiral Horatio DVD $39.95
Nepal: Children Of The Himalayan Sherpa DVD $29.95
Nevsky (St. Petersburg) DVD $39.95
New England Region    -   Discontinued DVD
New Urbanism DVD $59.95
New York    -   Discontinued DVD
New York City DVD $24.95
New Zealand DVD $39.95
Nightengale, The DVD $39.95
Nikola Tesla, The Forgotten Genius DVD $24.95
Noggy in Mongolia DVD $39.95
Nomads of Niger, The    -   Discontinued DVD
North America DVD $59.95
North America Geographic Regions and Landforms Series DVD $440.00
North American Chinese Through The Images Of The Media DVD $59.95
Northern Cemetery (Stockholm) DVD $39.95
Office Addition DVD $24.95
Ohio DVD $39.95
Old Dry Frye DVD $39.95
Old Tavern at Grafton DVD $39.95
Onion Glazed Pot Roast and Baked Pasta DVD $39.95
Online Predators and Internet Safety Series DVD $150.00
Online Predators: Invading My Space DVD $79.00
Only Child/Big Family DVD $49.95
Open House DVD $24.95
Open Up That House DVD $24.95
Open Up That Kitchen DVD $39.95
Opera Easy: The Magic Flute DVD $150.00
Opera Easy: Tosca DVD $150.00
Organic Cooking DVD $59.95
Organic Living DVD $59.95
Origins (610 - 721) DVD $69.95
Origins Of The Universe Explored DVD $79.95
Osama bin Laden: A Decade To Justice DVD $29.95
Osama Bin Laden: A Non-Threatening Profile DVD $39.95
Ossobuco and Peas and Bacon DVD $39.95
Outdoor Living DVD $39.95
Outdoor Living 2 DVD $24.95
Outdoor Living Spaces DVD $24.95
Outi In Finland DVD $39.95
Overseas Chinese: North America Series DVD $275.00
Overseas Chinese: Southeast Asia Series DVD $275.00
Pacific Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Paint Like the Pros DVD $24.95
Painting Tips DVD $39.95
Painting Tips 2 DVD $24.95
Pakistan: Children Of The Desert DVD $29.95
Palenque and Copan DVD $39.95
Parent's Guide to Online Predators, A DVD $79.00
Passing The Bug DVD $79.95
Pasta "Sidewalk Cinderella" and Broccoli DVD $39.95
Pasta Frittata and Mushrooms DVD $39.95
Pasta with Sausage Sauce and Sweet Pepper Salad DVD $39.95
Patio Paradise DVD $24.95
Patriotism DVD $59.95
Paul Bunyan DVD $39.95
Paul Revere DVD $39.95
Pauli in South Africa DVD $39.95
Paver Patio DVD $24.95
Pepito in Guatemala DVD $39.95
Pere-Lachaise (Paris) (Part 1) DVD $39.95
Pere-Lachaise (Paris) (Part 2) DVD $39.95
Peru: Children Of The Andes DVD $29.95
Petra and Venice DVD $39.95
Philadelphia and Washington DC DVD $24.95
Philippines: Children Of The Mangyan DVD $29.95
Pied Piper Of Hamelin, The DVD $39.95
Pink Bath Rehab DVD $24.95
Pirin and Canadian Rockies DVD $39.95
Place Called Etruria, A DVD $39.95
Place of the Other, The (721 - 1789) DVD $69.95
Planets DVD $39.95
Plant Survivors DVD $39.95
Plato DVD $39.95
Pluto - Farthest Planet And Comet- Visitors From Space DVD $79.95
Pocahontas DVD $39.95
Point, The DVD $39.95
Poling The Bonaventure River / Cycling The Viking Trail    -   Discontinued DVD
Political Assassination: Death In Memphis, Martin Luther King DVD $175.00
Political Assassination: Mahatma Gandhi DVD $175.00
Pollution DVD $59.95
Polo, Marco DVD $39.95
Polyamorous Family DVD $69.95
Pompeii: A City Rediscovered DVD $39.95
Ponds: Nature's Aquarium DVD $39.95
Pontchartrain, The DVD $39.95
Porches DVD $24.95
Ports Of The Desert, The DVD $39.95
Potato and Onion Soup and Focaccia DVD $39.95
Potomac DVD $39.95
Power Of Electricty, The DVD $79.95
Power of Music, The - Part 1 DVD $39.95
Power of Music, The - Part 2 DVD $39.95
Predicting Volcanoes DVD $79.95
Problem With Problems, The DVD $39.95
Puglia DVD $39.95
Pursuing Energy Alternatives DVD $79.95
Pushing The Limits Of The Human Body DVD $79.95
Pyramid and Moenjodaro DVD $39.95
Pyramids Designed For Eternity DVD $39.95
Pyramids Of The Sun, The DVD $39.95
Pythagoras, Numbers, Numbers! DVD $24.95
Quick Kitchen Update DVD $24.95
Raise The Roof DVD $24.95
Ranch Kitchen DVD $24.95
Rebeka in Estonia DVD $39.95
Recycling DVD $59.95
Recycling Technology - Waste Not, Want Not DVD $79.95
Red Lion Inn, The DVD $39.95
Remodel 101 DVD $24.95
Respecting DVD $39.95
Retracing The Tacks Of Hannibal DVD $39.95
Rev. Paul Fairley (Cancer) DVD $49.95
Rio Grande DVD $39.95
Rivers of North America Series DVD $470.00
Roads To El Dorado, The DVD $39.95
Robotics - Advances In Engineering DVD $79.95
Rockefeller, John D DVD $39.95
Rocky Mountains DVD $49.95
Roman Empire In Africa, The DVD $39.95
Roman I and II DVD $59.95
Roman Imprint On The West DVD $39.95
Roofing DVD $39.95
Rosehill (Chicago) DVD $39.95
Sacramento and American DVD $39.95
Safe and Sound DVD $24.95
Sagamore, The DVD $39.95
Sailing The Croatian Coast    -   Discontinued DVD
Sailing With The Phoenicians DVD $39.95
Salamanca and Evora DVD $39.95
Salvador And The Christmas Goose DVD $39.95
Same Sex Marriage DVD $69.95
San Francisco and Northern California DVD $24.95
San Michele (Venice) DVD $39.95
Santa Croce (Florence) DVD $39.95
Sausage Stuffing and Sausage DVD $39.95
Saving and Investing for Your Future DVD $49.95
Saving Here...Saving Now DVD $79.95
Scary Tales: Halloween/Day of the Dead DVD $49.95
School's Cool DVD $49.95
School's Out: Janitor/Teacher/Principal DVD $49.95
Science Gossip Series DVD $300.00
Science Of Touch, The DVD $79.95
Scotland DVD $39.95
Scotland/Ireland DVD $59.95
Screened Porch Addition DVD $39.95
Seafood Pasta and Baked Ice Cream Cake DVD $39.95
Secrets Of The Island Of Minos DVD $39.95
Seeds DVD $39.95
Selfish Giant, The DVD $39.95
Sell, Sell, Sell (The Science of Sales) DVD $49.95
Separation, The (1789 - 1945) DVD $69.95
Shall We Trade Legs DVD $39.95
Sharing DVD $39.95
Sheds DVD $24.95
Shrimp in the Pot and Baked Tomatoes DVD $39.95
Shrimp Pasta and Cookies and Cream DVD $39.95
Shrimp with Prosciutto DVD $39.95
Sicilian Tomato Sauce and Tuna Steaks DVD $39.95
Sicillia DVD $39.95
Siding Replacement DVD $39.95
Simio in Greece DVD $39.95
Simple Home Repairs DVD $24.95
Sir Francis Drake DVD $39.95
Sitting Bull DVD $39.95
Skills and Drills Series DVD $215.00
Skyscraper - Reaching New Heights DVD $79.95
Smoked Salmon Pasta and Custard DVD $39.95
Smokey Joey DVD $39.95
Snake And The Maiden, The DVD $39.95
Snowman, The DVD $39.95
Soccer - Advanced DVD $39.95
Soccer - Beginning DVD $39.95
Social Entrepreneurs DVD $49.95
Socrates DVD $39.95
Soil DVD $39.95
Solar Energy DVD $59.95
Solar Power - An Alternative Energy Sources DVD $79.95
Solar Power - Clean Energy From The Sun DVD $79.95
Solar Revisited DVD $59.95
Sorcha and Cormac in Ireland DVD $39.95
South Africa DVD $39.95
South Africa DVD $59.95
South America DVD $59.95
Southeast Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Southwest Region    -   Discontinued DVD
Space Science - Studying Distant Pluto DVD $79.95
Space Science -Everyday Astronaut DVD $79.95
Spacious Kitchen DVD $24.95
Spain DVD $59.95
Spain (The Basque Country) DVD $39.95
Spain (Andalusia) DVD $39.95
Spring Water From The Sea DVD $79.95
St. Peter and St. Paul (St. Petersburg) DVD $39.95
Stars DVD $39.95
Storytelling with Master Storyteller Jeff Gere DVD $39.95
Strauss, Levi DVD $39.95
Suburbs, The - Nature DVD $39.95
Suburbs, The - People DVD $39.95
Succeeding On Your Own DVD $79.95
Success Of The Chinese Businessman DVD $59.95
Sun DVD $39.95
Sun And The Moon, The DVD $39.95
Sun, Powerhouse Of The Solar System And Galaxy, Our Milky Way DVD $79.95
Sun, The - Center Of Our Solar System DVD $79.95
Sunroom DVD $24.95
Sunroom and Screen Room DVD $24.95
Sunroom on the Waterfront DVD $39.95
Super Bulldog: From Fearsome To Lovable- The evolution of eight centuries of breeding special traits DVD $89.95
Super Corn: The King of Grains- Genetic engineering to reduce chemical use and increase yield DVD $89.95
Super Cow: The Belgian Blue- A testament to the potency of selective breeding DVD $89.95
Super Egg Layer: White Leghorn- Molecular genetics team uses DNA tech to achieve uniform quality DVD $89.95
Super Silkworm: Insect Biotechnology- GMO produces human protein DVD $89.95
Super Tulip: Bewitching Enchantress- Cross pollination for shape and color DVD $89.95
Super Tuna: Cross-species Surrogacy- Interspecies cell implantation DVD $89.95
Superlife Through Genetic Manipulation: Supercharmers DVD $59.95
Superlife Through Genetic Manipulation: Superfoods DVD $59.95
Superlife: Genetic Manipulation Series DVD $850.00
Superlife: Genetic Manipulation Series DVD $119.90
Sustainable Fisheries DVD $59.95
Sustainable Forestry DVD $59.95
Sustainable Mining DVD $59.95
Svanborg in Iceland DVD $39.95
Swingers DVD $69.95
Taking Charge of Your Financial Future DVD $49.95
Taking Credit For Your Credit DVD $79.95
Talamanca and Serengeti DVD $39.95
Tarantula - Up Close and Personal DVD $79.95
Telescope - New Eyes On The Cosmos and X-Ray- Invisible Astronomy DVD $79.95
Telling Bad News DVD $59.95
Terrible Secret, A DVD $99.00
Terrine of Roasted Eggplant and Eggplant Sauce DVD $39.95
Test-tube Burger: Cell Culture- Artificial culturing of stem cells into muscle cells DVD $89.95
Texas    -   Discontinued DVD
Thailand DVD $59.95
Thailand DVD $39.95
That's What Friends Are For DVD $39.95
Theories Of Dinosaur Extinction DVD $79.95
Thirsty Frog, The DVD $39.95
Thomas Robert Malthus, Numbers And People DVD $24.95
Three Little Pigs, The DVD $39.95
Thungyai and Galapagos DVD $39.95
Timelines of Ancient Civilizations Series DVD $399.00
Tin Soldier, The DVD $39.95
Tiny Tom DVD $39.95
Tolstoy, Lev Writer DVD $39.95
Tools 101 DVD $24.95
Tor in Denmark DVD $39.95
Tornadoes DVD $59.95
Tragic History Of Chinese Laborers DVD $59.95
Transcontinental Railroad & Head Tax DVD $59.95
Transgender DVD $69.95
Travels Through Greece DVD $39.95
Trees DVD $39.95
Trees: Nature's Coolers DVD $39.95
Trekking In Austria    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In Borneo    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In Darjeeling, India    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In Kenya    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In Laos    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In Papua    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In Peru    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In Switzerland    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In The Andaman Islands, India    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In The Dominican Republic    -   Discontinued DVD
Trekking In The Mighty Amazon    -   Discontinued DVD
Treks in a Wild World Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Trentino DVD $39.95
Tsar Saltan DVD $39.95
Tsunamis DVD $59.95
Tuscano DVD $39.95
Tuvalu: Children Of The Islands DVD $29.95
Twain, Mark DVD $39.95
Two Bath Makeover DVD $24.95
Ugly Martian, The DVD $39.95
Unbria DVD $39.95
Under Roof DVD $39.95
Understanding Business Ethics DVD $49.95
Understanding Income and Expenses DVD $49.95
Understanding The Fire Triangle DVD $79.95
Understanding Your Paycheck DVD $49.95
Ungrateful Jaguar, The DVD $39.95
Union Station/Hermitage DVD $39.95
United Playground, We All Belong: Ability DVD $39.95
Upstairs Bathroom Addition DVD $39.95
Useful Plants DVD $39.95
Using Your Credit-Crazy or Compelling? DVD $49.95
Valle D'Aosta DVD $39.95
Vancouver BC DVD $24.95
Veal Cutlets Pizza Style and Onions DVD $39.95
Vegetables 1 DVD $39.95
Vegetables 2 DVD $39.95
Veggies DVD $39.95
Vietnam DVD $59.95
Vietnam DVD $39.95
Vietnam: Children Of The Floating Village DVD $29.95
Violin Story, The DVD $39.95
Violin's Ghost, The DVD $39.95
Virginia    -   Discontinued DVD
Visit The Sanctuaries of Apollo DVD $39.95
Vitamins 1 DVD $39.95
Vitamins 2 DVD $39.95
Volcanoes DVD $59.95
Volleyball - Advanced DVD $39.95
Volleyball - Beginning DVD $39.95
Walls and Ceilings DVD $24.95
Walls and Floors DVD $24.95
Washington D.C.    -   Discontinued DVD
Washington, George DVD $39.95
Waste To Energy DVD $59.95
Water Systems DVD $59.95
Waterway Superfunds, Part #1 DVD $59.95
Waterway Superfunds, Part #2 DVD $59.95
Wave Energy DVD $59.95
Wayside Inn, The DVD $39.95
Western Canadian Provinces    -   Discontinued DVD
Wetland Animals - Banded Stilts DVD $79.95
What About Me?: Kids and Grief DVD $150.00
What Can You Do with Money? DVD $49.95
What do the Chinese People Believe? DVD $59.95
What Is a Biz Kid? DVD $49.95
What Is Money? DVD $49.95
What's Up In Space: The Solar System For Kids Series DVD $255.00
Wheelchair Challenge DVD $49.95
When I Feel Afraid DVD $39.95
When I Feel Alone DVD $39.95
When I Feel Different DVD $39.95
When I Feel Jealous DVD $39.95
When I Get Mad DVD $39.95
When It's Important To Tell DVD $39.95
When Things Don't Go My Way DVD $39.95
Where is China's Economy Going? DVD $59.95
Where Were You?: 9/11 DVD $39.95
Whitewater Rafting The Gauley River / Bushwhacking In The Sangre de Cristos    -   Discontinued DVD
Why Work? DVD $79.95
Wildlife Management DVD $59.95
Williamsburg Inn DVD $39.95
Wind Power DVD $59.95
Windsor Hotel, The DVD $39.95
Woodlawn (Bronx) DVD $39.95
Work Ethic: A Commitment to Work DVD $79.95
Working World for Young Adults Series DVD $319.80
World Odysseys Series DVD $790.00
World War II And The Korean War DVD $59.95
WorldQuest Series DVD $550.00
Wreck Diving and Sailing The Outer Banks / Horse Packing In Yellowstone / Cattle Driving In Wyoming    -   Discontinued DVD
You're Graduating: Now What? DVD $79.95
Zero To Zillions - Theory Of The Big Bang And Black Holes- Cosmic Vanishing Acts DVD $79.95
Zoology - Red Crab Migration DVD $79.95
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