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Titles for Human Relations Media

Abstinence First: A-Teen Birth Control Decisions (Marriage) DVD $99.95
Abstinence First: B-Teen Birth Control Decisions (Premarital) DVD $99.95
Abusing Over-the-Counter Drugs DVD $139.95
Addiction and the Human Brain DVD $139.95
Adoption Option DVD $99.95
Advertising, The Media and Your Health DVD $139.95
AIDS Update: The Latest Facts about HIV and AIDS DVD $139.95
AIDS Update: The Latest Facts about HIV and AIDS (Spanish Version) DVD $139.95
Alcohol and Sex: Prescription for Poor Decision-Making DVD $99.95
Alcohol and the Teenage Brain: Video for Parents and Professionals DVD $19.95
Alcohol and Your Body: Assessing the Damage DVD $99.95
Alcohol Exposed DVD $99.95
Am I Normal? Teens and Emotional Health DVD $139.95
Anatomy Of A Puff DVD $139.95
Applications of Conic Sections DVD $99.95
Applications of Logarithms DVD $99.95
Applications of Trigonometry DVD $99.95
Are You Addicted? DVD $99.95
Artificial Athletes: The Dangers of Steroids DVD $99.95
Asleep at the Wheel: The Dangers of Drowsy Driving DVD $139.95
Athletes, Alcohol and Steroids: What's Wrong With This Picture DVD $99.95
Avoiding the Teen Pregnancy Trap DVD $139.95
B Careful When U Txt: The Dangers of Texting and Sexting DVD $129.95
Bad Friendships: Doing More Harm than Good DVD $129.95
Basic Chemistry for Biology Students DVD $99.95
Becoming an Organized Student DVD $129.95
Before You Hook Up: Dating Rights and Responsiblities DVD $149.95
Benefits of Exercise, The DVD $149.95
Beyond Cold Turkey: Tobacco Quitting Methods DVD $139.95
Beyond High School: Strategies for Nontraditional Students DVD $139.95
Beyond the Looking Glass DVD $99.95
Binge Drinking: The Facts DVD $99.95
Bombed DVD $99.95
Brain Scans: Alcohol and the Teenage Brain DVD $139.95
Brain Scans: Alcohol and the Teenage Brain (Spanish) DVD $139.95
Brush Up on Hygiene DVD $99.95
Bully Proof Kit, The DVD $399.95
Bullying: You Don't Have to Take it Anymore DVD $139.95
Business Ethics on the Job DVD $139.95
Busted: What You Need to Know about Drugs and the Law DVD $99.95
Buzz in a Bottle: The Dangers of Caffeine-Spiked Energy Drinks DVD $139.95
Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much? DVD $149.95
Cancer Update: Causes, Treatment and Prev DVD $139.95
Carving Your Own Path: Youth in the New Economy DVD $99.95
Case of Cool Al: A Johnny Clue Mystery DVD $99.95
Caution: Teenager Under Construction DVD $129.95
Cellular Respiration: Energy for Life DVD $99.95
Choking Game, The DVD $99.95
Choose to Refuse: Saying No DVD $99.95
Classification of Living Things, The DVD $99.95
Cliques: Where Do You Fit In? DVD $129.95
Club Drugs: A Video for Parents and Professionals DVD $19.95
Club Drugs: Nothing to Rave About DVD $129.95
Club Drugs: The Real Deal DVD $99.95
Cocaine and Heroin: Still Here, Still Deadly DVD $139.95
Communication Skills for the Workplace DVD $99.95
Conflicts, Communication, and Relationships DVD $139.95
Confronting Drunk Driving DVD $139.95
Connect the Dots: How School Skills Become Work Skills DVD $129.95
Coping with an Emotional Crisis DVD $129.95
Dangerous Decisions: Learning to Think Before You Act DVD $139.95
Dangerous Relationships DVD $99.95
Dating for Real: Building Safe and Healthy Reltnshps DVD $199.95
Dead End Diets: Why Fad Diets Don't Work DVD $149.95
Dealing with Anger DVD $99.95
Dealing with Anger (Spanish) DVD $99.95
Dealing with Difference: Lesbian, Gay and Straight Issues DVD $139.95
Dealing With Teen Dating Abuse: Crossing The Line DVD $149.95
Defining Sexual Assault DVD $179.95
Developing Good Study Skills DVD $149.95
Developing Self-Confidence DVD $129.95
Do You Have an Eating Disorder? DVD $139.95
Don't Drain Your Brain: How Alcohol Damages the Brain DVD $99.95
Don't Drain Your Brain: How Alcohol Damages the Brain (Spanish) DVD $99.95
Drama Queens and Tough Guys DVD $129.95
Drinking, Driving and Dying DVD $99.95
Drowning in D's: You Can Turn Your Grades Around DVD $139.95
Drugged Driving: The Road to Disaster DVD $139.95
Drugs, Alcohol and Pregnancy DVD $99.95
Drugs: Crime and Punishment DVD $139.95
DUI: The Hard Truth DVD $139.95
Dying High: Teens in the ER DVD $139.95
Dying High: Teens in the ER (Spanish) DVD $139.95
Dying Is Not an Option: Speaking of Suicide DVD $99.95
Ecstasy: Just How Dangerous is It? DVD $129.95
Ecstasy: The Facts DVD $99.95
Edible Marijuana: Is It Safe? DVD $149.95
Emotional Self Control: Do You Have it? DVD $99.95
Everything You Need to Know about Substance Abuse in 22 Minutes DVD $139.95
Everything You Need to Know about Substance Abuse in 22 Minutes (Spanish) DVD $139.95
Everything You Need to Know about Tobacco in 22 Minutes DVD $139.95
Exploring Bacteria DVD $99.95
Exploring Healthy Relationships DVD $99.95
Exploring Inheritance and Genetics DVD $99.95
Exploring Photosynthesis DVD $99.95
Exploring the Animal Kingdom DVD $99.95
Exploring Viruses DVD $99.95
Expressing Anger: Healthy vs. Unhealthy DVD $99.95
Fears and Phobias: Understanding Them, Defeating Them DVD $139.95
Feeling Good about Growing Up DVD $99.95
Feeling Good about Growing Up (Spanish) DVD $129.95
Feeling Good about Me: Building Self-Esteem Through Responsibility DVD $79.95
Finding the Perfect Job: How to Succeed in the Job Hunt DVD $99.95
Five Essential Habits of Healthy Teens DVD $139.95
Five Life Strategies for Successful Teens, The DVD $139.95
From A to ZZZZ's: What Teens Need to Know About Sleep DVD $99.95
Getting Along on the Job DVD $99.95
Getting Along with the Boss DVD $99.95
Getting Stupid: How Drugs Damage Your Brain DVD $129.95
Getting To School Safely DVD $99.95
GHB: The Facts DVD $139.95
Glitter: Sex, Drugs and the Media DVD $99.95
Hallmarks of Good Mental Health DVD $139.95
Harassment Workshop, The DVD $139.95
Hidden Scars, Silent Wounds DVD $139.95
Highs, Lows, and In-Betweens of Puberty, The DVD $139.95
Homeostasis: The Body in Balance DVD $99.95
Hookah Hoax, The DVD $149.95
How I Quit Smoking and Saved My Life DVD $99.95
How They Did It: Pathways to Amazing Jobs DVD $149.95
How to End Unhealthy Relationships DVD $149.95
How to Get Into the College of Your Choice DVD $99.95
How to Land Your First Job DVD $99.95
How To Say No and Really Mean It DVD $149.95
Human Reproduction and Childbirth DVD $139.95
Hurting with Words DVD $99.95
I Can't Do My Homework, Why? DVD $79.95
I Didn't Think It Would Happen to Me: Heroin DVD $99.95
I Should Have Waited DVD $99.95
Inhalants Exposed DVD $99.95
Introduction to Cells DVD $99.95
It's Never Too Late: Stopping Teen Suicide DVD $139.95
It's So Uncool: Why Taking Drugs Doesn't Work DVD $99.95
It's Your Choice: Avoiding Pregnancy and STDs DVD $99.95
Keep Off the Grass: Hidden Dangers of Marijuana Use DVD $99.95
Keg Party DVD $99.95
Kicking Nicotine: A How-to for Students DVD $99.95
Know the Score: Dangers of Performance Enhancing Drugs DVD $99.95
Leader of the Pack DVD $99.95
Leader of the Pack (Spanish) DVD $99.95
Learning Good Words for a Bad Mood DVD $99.95
Legal But Deadly: Abusing Prescription Drugs DVD $139.95
Listen Smart: Safely Handling the Power of Sound DVD $139.95
Living a Lie: The Alcoholic Family DVD $99.95
Maintaining a Healthy Weight DVD $99.95
Making a Good Impression: Resumes, Interviews and Appearance DVD $139.95
Making Good Choices: Keys to Good Decisions DVD $129.95
Making the Most of Middle School DVD $129.95
Marijuana Exposed DVD $99.95
Marijuana Papers, The: Research Update DVD $99.95
Marijuana: A Video for Parents and Professionals DVD $29.95
Marijuana: Paying the Price DVD $99.95
Marijuana: The Gateway Drug DVD $99.95
Matching Your Skills, Talents and Ambitions to a Dream Career DVD $139.95
Methamphetamines: The Hard Facts DVD $139.95
Mind/Body Connection, The: How Your Emotions Affect Your Health DVD $149.95
Mommy, Daddy, Wait for Me: The Struggles of Teen Parents DVD $139.95
My Best Me: All About Self-Esteem DVD $79.95
Myths of Marijuana Debunked, The DVD $139.95
Natural Highs and the Truth about So-Called Natural Drugs DVD $99.95
New Club Drugs: Designed for Death DVD $99.95
New Marijuana, The: Higher Potency, Greater Dangers DVD $139.95
Nightmare On Drug Street DVD $139.95
No Excuses: Sexual Harassment DVD $139.95
No Ifs, Ands or Butts: Smoking Kills DVD $99.95
No Name Calling: Creating Safe Environments DVD $119.95
No Name Calling: Creating Safe Environments (Spanish) DVD $119.95
No Safe Amount: Women, Alcohol and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome DVD $139.95
Nobody's Perfect: Learning Self-Acceptance DVD $129.95
Not Enough Time: Managing Friends Schoolwork and Activities DVD $99.95
Not One More Person: Avoiding HIV DVD $99.95
Now What? Non-College Opportunities for High School Grads DVD $139.95
Nutrition Myths and Facts DVD $139.95
Open Arms? Open Eyes! Power, Control and Abuse in Teen Relationships DVD $139.95
Organic Compounds in Action DVD $99.95
Overweight in America: Why Are We Getting So Fat? DVD $139.95
Parenthood: Are You Prepared? DVD $139.95
Party Smart: Avoiding Party Meltdowns DVD $99.95
Patterns of Inheritance: Understanding Genetics DVD $99.95
Photosynthesis: Light into Life DVD $99.95
Planting the Seeds of Peace: Exploring and Celebrating Our Differences DVD $99.95
Play It Safe: Strategies for a Safe School Environment DVD $99.95
Portion Control: Seeing the Healthy Way to Eat DVD $99.95
Portion Distortion: Seeing the Healthy Way to Eat DVD $79.95
Power Trip, The: Bullying in School DVD $129.95
Power Trip, The: Bullying in School (Spanish) DVD $129.95
Preventing Athletic Injuries DVD $99.95
Profiles in Achievement: Amazing People with Learning Differences DVD $139.95
ProMath: Crime Stoppers DVD $99.95
Promised Land, The: Exploring US Immigration Policy DVD $139.95
Rape: Get the Facts DVD $139.95
Ready for Work: Qualities that Count with Employers DVD $99.95
Relationships: Knowing the Good from the Bad DVD $99.95
Resistance: Preventing Teen Fatherhood DVD $99.95
Rising Threat of Infectious Diseases, The DVD $99.95
Risky Behavior: Dark Side of Bad Choices DVD $139.95
Road to Riches: Basic Money Management DVD $99.95
Road to Riches: Pros and Cons of Credit DVD $99.95
Rushing, Crashing, Dying: The Meth Epidemic DVD $139.95
Sad, Angry, Lonely and Scared: Masks of Depression DVD $99.95
Say Know To Diets DVD $99.95
Scientific Inquiry: Steps, Skills and Action DVD $139.95
Secondhand Smoke: A Matter of Life and Breath DVD $139.95
Service Learning: You Can Make a Difference DVD $99.95
Smoking Exposed DVD $99.95
Smoking Exposed (Spanish) DVD $129.95
Social Skills for Life: Managing Strong Emotions DVD $139.95
Solving Conflicts with Parent Teachers and Peers DVD $99.95
Speed Kills: Preventing Teen Driving Fatalities DVD $99.95
Spit This! Hazards Of Smokeless Tobacco DVD $99.95
Spit Tobacco Exposed DVD $99.95
Spit Tobacco Kills: The Extreme Danger of Chewing and Dipping Tobacco DVD $99.95
Standing Tall: Learning Assertiveness Skills DVD $129.95
Stash That Cash: Budgeting, Saving and Investing for Teens DVD $139.95
Stopping the Pain: Teenage Self-Injury DVD $139.95
Straight Talk: The Truth about Alcohol and Sex DVD $139.95
Straight Talk: The Truth about STDs DVD $139.95
Straight Talk: The Truth about Teen Pregnancy DVD $139.95
Stressed Out: Stress Management 101 DVD $139.95
Stressed Out: Stress Management 101 (Spanish) DVD $139.95
Struggling with Stress DVD $99.95
Suicide Prevention for Parents and Teachers DVD $49.95
Surviving Peer Pressure: You Can Do It! DVD $129.95
Systems of the Body: Bones and Muscles DVD $99.95
Systems of the Body: Digestion DVD $99.95
Systems of the Body: The Nervous System DVD $99.95
Take Charge: Resisting Sexual Pressure DVD $99.95
Taking Initiative on the Job DVD $99.95
Tales From the Prom: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly DVD $99.95
Targeted! How Tobacco and Alchl Comps Try to Get You Hooked DVD $139.95
Teamwork and Team Play: How to Be a Good Sport DVD $79.95
Teen Depression: Signs, Symptoms and Getting Help DVD $139.95
Teens, Gangs and Violence DVD $99.95
Ten Easy Ways to KEEP Your Job! DVD $99.95
Ten Easy Ways to Lose Your Job! DVD $99.95
Ten Reasons to Get and Stay in Shape DVD $99.95
Ten Reasons to Get in Shape DVD $99.95
Ten Signs of Relationship Abuse and What To Do about Them, The DVD $139.95
Ten Ways to Stay Safe on the Internet DVD $149.95
That's So Rude: 10 Rules of Common Courtesy DVD $129.95
Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online DVD $129.95
Think Twice: Marijuana and Cancer DVD $139.95
Thinking about Abstinence DVD $139.95
This is Your Brain on Alcohol DVD $99.95
This is Your Brain on Tobacco: A Research Update DVD $99.95
Tobacco and Death: Perfect Together DVD $139.95
Tobacco Horror Picture Show, The DVD $99.95
Tobacco X-Files Revisited, The DVD $99.95
Tolerance: Responding to Differences DVD $99.95
Too Much: The Extreme Dangers of Binge Drinking DVD $139.95
Top Ten Myths about Alcohol and Drugs DVD $139.95
Top Ten Myths about Alcohol and Drugs (Spanish) DVD $139.95
Top Ten Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol, The DVD $149.95
Total Health: Becoming Physically Fit Series DVD $289.95
Totally Disgusting Tobacco Gross Out Video, The DVD $129.95
Tough Roads: Teen Parents Tell Real Stories DVD $99.95
Toxic Relationships DVD $99.95
Toxic Vapors: Teen Inhalant Abuse Prevention DVD $149.95
Translating the Code: Protein Synthesis DVD $99.95
Truth About Hallucinogens, The DVD $139.95
Under the Influence DVD $99.95
Underage Drinking: Know the Facts, Know the Risks DVD $139.95
Understanding and Treating Binge Eating DVD $129.95
Understanding Anorexia and Bulimia DVD $99.95
Understanding Eating Disorders DVD $139.95
Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome DVD $139.95
Understanding HIV and AIDS DVD $129.95
Up in Smoke: Extreme Danger of Smoking Tobacco DVD $99.95
Uppers and Downers: The Facts About Stimulants and Depressants DVD $139.95
Using Your Wits: Strategies To Stop Bullying DVD $69.95
Vaping: More Dangerous Than You Think DVD $149.95
Violence Against Women: Beyond the Statistics DVD $99.95
Violence in Our Schools: Over the Edge DVD $99.95
Viruses: The Deadly Enemy DVD $99.95
What is Alcoholism? DVD $139.95
What is Love? What is Sex? DVD $99.95
What Type of Person Am I? Personality and Careers DVD $129.95
What's Cool?: The Popularity Game DVD $99.95
What's School Got to Do with It? DVD $99.95
What's Wrong with Beer? DVD $99.95
What's Wrong with Inhalants? DVD $99.95
What's Wrong with Marijuana? DVD $99.95
What's Wrong with Tobacco DVD $99.95
What's Your Attitude? Getting in the Mood to Work DVD $99.95
When Food is an Obsession DVD $99.95
When Relationships Break DVD $99.95
When Someone Dies: Bereavement and Loss DVD $99.95
When Worry and Fear Appear DVD $99.95
Where on the Planet are We? DVD $79.95
White Hot Jobs: The Fastest Growing Jobs Today DVD $139.95
Who Needs Therapy? Treating Psychological Disorders DVD $129.95
Why Abstinence? The Price Tag of Casual Sex DVD $99.95
Why? Psychological Triggers of Tobacco DVD $99.95
Wise Owl Says: When Telling Isn't Tattling DVD $99.95
Without Warning: Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning DVD $99.95
Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts on the Job DVD $139.95
Workplace Ready: Part 1: Up and Running DVD $89.95
Workplace Ready: Part 2: Foundation Skills DVD $89.95
World of Bacteria, The DVD $99.95
You're Fired! DVD $99.95
You're Mean! When Words Hurt Us DVD $99.95
You're Rude, Dude! DVD $99.95
You, Your Body and Puberty DVD $129.95
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