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Titles for Healthy Learning

"Creative Marketing": Top Ways to Increase Your Business DVD $49.95
"Eat Your Vegetables!" and Other Mistakes Parents Make DVD $49.95
"Games-as-Aerobics" Approach to Physical Activity, The DVD $49.95
"Reform Your Pilates"andmdash;Pilates Reformers for Profit DVD $49.95
"The Bannister Method"andmdash;Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Core DVD $49.95
"They Say..." Nutrition Questions Answered DVD $49.95
"Where is the Beef?" andndash; What "Evidence-Based Sports Medicine" Is, And Is Not DVD $99.95
"WOW" Factor, The DVD $49.95
"You Must Be KIDDING"andmdash;How to Implement a Kids' Fitness Program in Your Adult Setting DVD $49.95
10 Great Programs That Increase Profit and Retention DVD $49.95
10 Nutrition Tactics of Top Athletes DVD $49.95
1001 Motivational Messages and Quotes for Athletes and Coaches Book $19.95
101 Agility Drills Book $19.95
101 Conditioning Games and Drills for Athletes Book $19.95
101 Creative Programs for Children Book $22.95
101 Creative Programs for Children: Part #1 DVD $49.95
101 Creative Programs for Children: Part #2 DVD $49.95
101 Creative Programs for Children: Part #3 DVD $49.95
101 Creative Programs for Children: Part #4 DVD $49.95
101 FAQs About Families: A Camp Professional's Guide to Happy Campers and Satisfied Families Book $19.95
101 Fitness Tips for Golf DVD $40.00
101 Fun, Creative, and Interactive Games for Kids Book $19.95
101 Games and Activities for Canoes and Kayaks Book $19.95
101 Games and Activities That Teach Leadership and Teamwork Book $22.95
101 Games and Activities that Teach Leadership and Teamwork: Vol. #1—Trust and Innovation Games DVD $49.95
101 Games and Activities that Teach Leadership and Teamwork: Vol. #2—Cooperation and Communication Games DVD $49.95
101 Games and Activities That Teach Leadership and Teamwork: Vol. #3—Initiative, Tenacity, and Goal-Setting Games DVD $49.95
101 Games and Activities that Teach Leadership and Teamwork: Vol. #4—Adaptability, Affinity, and Reflection Games DVD $49.95
101 Games and Activities to Promote WellAdjusted Youth Book $19.95
101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families Book $19.95
101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families: Vol. #1andmdash;Family Reunions and Retreats DVD $49.95
101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families: Vol. #2andmdash;Family Night, Backyard Razzle-Dazzle Fun DVD $49.95
101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families: Vol. #3andmdash;Activities With Mom and Dad, and Holiday Traditions DVD $49.95
101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families: Vol. #4andmdash;Road Trips, Teaching Leadership, and Mealtime DVD $49.95
101 Games and Gimmicks for Kid People Book $19.95
101 Games That Teach Storytelling Skills Book $19.95
101 Hoops Games for Kids Book $19.95
101 Icebreakers Book $19.95
101 Insights and Strategies for Parenting Teenagers Book $19.95
101 Marketing Essentials Every Camp Needs to Know Book $24.95
101 Nature Activities for Kids Book $19.95
101 Positive Athletic Traditions: Building Positive Team Legacies Book $19.95
101 Sports Medicine Tips/Facts: Vol. 1andmdash;Understanding the Basics Book $19.95
101 Swimming Pool Games and Activities Book $19.95
101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #1andmdash;Competitive Games DVD $49.95
101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #2andmdash;Waterworks and Water-Carnival Games DVD $49.95
101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #3andmdash;Sports and Teambuilding Games DVD $49.95
101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #4andmdash;All-Time Favorite Games DVD $49.95
101 Teambuilding Games Book $19.95
101 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in Health/Fitness Clubs Book $19.95
101 Tips for Supporting Campers With Autism Book $19.95
101 Tips to Motivate Your Clients and Increase Retention Book $19.95
101 Ways to Improve Your Personal Training Business Book $19.95
101 Ways to Motivate Athletes Book $19.95
1302 Winning Quotes for Coaches Book $19.95
20 Fun Name Games and Icebreakers for Kids DVD $49.95
2004 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures DVD $99.95
2004 ACSM Health and Fitness Summit Pre-Conandmdash;From Inactive to Active: Practical Tools to Attract, Motivate, and Retain DVD $99.95
2005 ACSM Annual Meeting Featured Science Sessionandmdash;Pacing Strategy: The Unexplored Territory in Sports Performance DVD $99.95
2005 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures DVD $99.95
2005 ACSM Health and Fitness Summitandmdash;Keynote Presentations DVD $99.95
2005 NSCA National Conferenceandmdash;Day #1 Sessions DVD $99.95
2005 NSCA National Conferenceandmdash;Day #2 Sessions DVD $99.95
2005 NSCA National Conferenceandmdash;Day #3 Sessions DVD $99.95
2005 NSCA Pre-Con: Role of Nutritional Supplementation on Energy Expenditure, Athletic Performance, and Body Composition DVD $99.95
2005 NSCA Pre-Con: Sport-Specific Speed Development DVD $99.95
2006 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures DVD $99.95
2006 ACSM Health and Fitness Summit Pre-Conandmdash;Advances in Targeting Inactive Youth: Implications and Opportunities for Health/Fitness Professionals DVD $99.95
2006 ACSM Health and Fitness Summitandmdash;Keynote Presentations DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA National Conference Day 1 Sessions DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA National Conference Day 2 Sessions DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA National Conference Day 3 Sessions DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA Pre-Con: Personal Training A-Z DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA Pre-Con: Strength and Conditioning for Soccer DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA Pre-Conandmdash;Plyometrics: Fun, Facts, Fallacies, and Program Design DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA Pre-Conandmdash;Program Development: The One-Hour Perfect Program DVD $99.95
2006 NSCA Pre-Conandmdash;Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation in Athletes: The Effects of Strength, Body Composition, and Injury Rehabilitation DVD $99.95
2007 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures DVD $99.95
2007 ACSM Health and Fitness Summitandmdash;Keynote Presentations DVD $99.95
2007 NSCA Sport-Specific Training Conference / All Sport DVD $99.95
2007 NSCA Sport-Specific Training Conference / Baseball DVD $149.95
2007 NSCA Sport-Specific Training Conference / Football DVD $149.95
2007 NSCA Sport-Specific Training Conference / Soccer DVD $99.95
2008 ACSM Annual Meeting - Select Symposium - Structural Versus Functional Vascular Adaptation to Exercise in Humans DVD $99.95
2008 ACSM Health/Fitness Summit Keynote Presentations DVD $99.95
2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans - Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science DVD $49.95
2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans: Understanding the Basics DVD $49.95
2009 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures DVD $99.95
2010 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures DVD $99.95
2010 ACSM Health and Fitness Summit - Keynote Presentations DVD $99.95
21.5 Marketing Strategies That Produce Profit DVD $49.95
25 Things Your Client Must Know About Lower-Back Pain DVD $49.95
30-60-90: How Much Exercise Is Enough? DVD $49.95
4-Day Rotation: Limitless Options for Group Strength DVD $49.95
50 Nifty Theatre Activities for Kids Book $22.95
50 Secrets to Being a Top Trainer DVD $49.95
50 Surefire Tips to Grow Your Business DVD $49.95
50 Ways to Increase Your Older-Adult Market DVD $49.95
9 Secrets to Grow Your Business DVD $49.95
ABCDE'SS of Cardiac Rehabilitation, The DVD $49.95
Abdominal and Core for the Aging Spine DVD $49.95
Above and Beyond the Set and Rep DVD $49.95
Abs Revealed DVD $49.95
Absolute Truths of Nutrition: What You Need To Know DVD $99.95
ACE Fitness and Business Forms Handbook, The Book $29.95
ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual: A Guide for Fitness Professionals (Third Edition) Book $49.95
ACE Integrated Fitness Training andtrade; (ACE IFT andtrade;) Model, The DVD $99.95
ACE's Guide to Exercise and Weight Control DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Group Strength Training DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Kickboxing Fitness DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Pilates Mat Training DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Pre-Natal Fitness DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Resistance Training for Older Adults (Revised Edition) DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Stability Ball Training DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Traditional Aerobics and Step Instruction DVD $79.95
ACE's Guide to Youth Fitness DVD $49.95
ACE's Guide to Youth Strength Training DVD $49.95
ACE's Practical Guide to Functional Anatomy DVD $89.95
ACE's Practical Guide to Functional Lower-Body and Trunk Anatomy DVD $49.95
ACE's Practical Guide to Functional Upper-Body Anatomy DVD $49.95
Achieving Core Strength Throughout the Pilates Repertoire DVD $49.95
ACSM Featured Science Session - Age and Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise DVD $99.95
ACSM Featured Science Session: Prolonged Motor Deficits Following Peripheral Nerve Injury and Repair DVD $99.95
ACSM Featured Science Session: The Art and Science of Walking for Health DVD $99.95
ACSM Highlighted Symposium: Science of Cycling DVD $99.95
ACSM Highlighted Symposiumandmdash;Exercise in Cancer Survivors: From Research to Practice DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposium: Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating Culturally Tailored Interventions to Promote Physical Activity in Diverse Communities DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposium: Exercise-Induced Cardioprotection: Why Exercise May Be the Most Pragmatic Counter Therapy Against Heart Attack Damage DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposium: How Much Is Enough? Elucidating the Minimum Effective Dose of Exercise for Bone Health DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposium: Physical Activity and Prostate Cancer DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposium: The Efficacy of Exercise as an Aid for Smoking Cessation DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposiumandmdash;Childhood Obesity: Effective Approaches to Address This Public Health Concern DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposiumandmdash;Exercise and Obesity: Pathways to Breast Cancer DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposiumandmdash;Exercise Training and Insulin Action: At the Crossroads of Science and Practice DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposiumandmdash;Long-Term Side Effects of Cancer Treatment: Can Exercise Make a Difference? DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposiumandmdash;Skeletal Muscle Fatigue in Old Age: Consensus and Controversy DVD $99.95
ACSM Select Symposiumandmdash;The Legacy of Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger: Past, Present, and Future Contributions to Physical Activity DVD $99.95
ACSM Tutorial Lectureandmdash;Exercise and Diet-Induced Fat Loss: Current Issues DVD $49.95
ACSM Tutorial Lectureandmdash;Sex Differences in Metabolism: Potential Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms DVD $49.95
ACSM Tutorial Lectureandmdash;Strength Training for the Endurance Athlete DVD $49.95
ACSM's Certification Study Kitandmdash;For both HFS and CES Exam Preparation Book $131.95
ACSM's Complete Guide to Fitness and Health Book $21.95
ACSM's Distinguished Leaders in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science DVD Series Volume 4 (2009) DVD $99.95
ACSM's Distinguished Leaders in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science DVD Series Volume I (2006) DVD $99.95
ACSM's Distinguished Leaders in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science DVD Series Volume II (2007) DVD $99.95
ACSM's Distinguished Leaders in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science DVD Series Volume III (2008) DVD $99.95
ACSM's Distinguished Leaders Series Volume 1S (2010) DVD $99.95
ACSM's Distinguished Leaders Series Volume V (2010) DVD $99.95
ACSM's Exercise is Medicineandtrade;: A Clinician's Guide to Exercise Prescription Book $58.95
ACSM's Health-Related Physical Fitness Assessment Manual (Third Edition) Book $43.95
ACSM's Introduction to Exercise Science Book $78.95
ACSM's Personal Trainer Study Kit Book $130.95
ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer, Third Edition Book $68.95
ACSM: 50 Years of Excellence DVD $49.95
Active Doctors Equals Active Patients: An Interactive Workshop DVD $49.95
Active Doctors, Active Patients DVD $99.95
Addicted to Step! DVD $49.95
Addiction Recovery and Physical Activity DVD $49.95
Addressing the Role of Regional Interdependence in the Assessment and Treatment of Cervico-Thoracic Disorders DVD $49.95
ADHD Issues in College Athletics: NATA 60th Annual Meeting DVD $49.95
Administrator'sPower Hour, The: Taking Your Administrative Team to the "Next Level" DVD $49.95
Adult and Senior Fitness Forum DVD $49.95
Advanced Concepts in Body-Weight Training DVD $49.95
Advanced Cuing for Maximal Training Results DVD $49.95
Advanced Education Seminar: Food for Thought and Workshop on Therapeutic Modalities DVD $99.95
Advanced Educational Seminar on Concussions DVD $99.95
Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Manual: The Ultimate Resource for Advanced fitness Professionals Book $69.95
Advanced Kettlebell Drills DVD $49.95
Advanced Pilates Challenge DVD $49.95
Advanced Programmingandmdash;Successfully Sustaining Creative Programs Without Burning Out DVD $49.95
Adventure Ministry Leadership Book $19.95
AEDs: Understanding the Basics DVD $49.95
Aerobic Dance Exercise Movement Progressions: Smooth Transitions and Seamless Combinations DVD $49.95
Aerobic Phobic No More DVD $49.95
Aging Club Member Crisis, The DVD $49.95
Aging Fitfully: Preserving Functional Fitness Regardless of Age or Limitation Book $19.95
Aging Muscle and Bone Biology: Effect of Strategic Nutrition and Exercise Interventions DVD $99.95
Aging of America, The: Implications for Exercise Programming DVD $49.95
Aging With Attitude: The Impact of Exercise on Quality of Life DVD $49.95
Air Up There, The: Fun With Balloons DVD $49.95
Alignment, Adjustments, and Anatomy DVD $49.95
All Work and No Play? The Power of Play! DVD $49.95
Alternative Activities to Promote Activity and Improve Fitness in Children and Youth DVD $99.95
American Fitness Indexandtrade;: Translating Data Into Actionandmdash;"My AFI" DVD $49.95
Anabolic Steroid Use DVD $69.95
Anatomy of Clinical Integration, The DVD $49.95
Ancillary Answer to Profit Potential, The DVD $49.95
Another 1001 Motivational Messages and Quotes Book $19.95
Another 101 Games and Gimmicks for Kid People Book $29.95
Another 50 Nifty Theatre Activities for Kids Book $22.95
Anti-Aging Supplements and Products DVD $49.95
Antiquity of Exercise and the Exercise Prescription for Health, The DVD $49.95
Anyone Can Sell: Creating Revenue Through Sales in the Fitness Business Book $49.95
Applying Movement Assessments Effectively DVD $49.95
Approach to Skin Infections in Athletes DVD $49.95
Aqua Anthology DVD $49.95
Aquatic Hard-Core Training DVD $49.95
Aquatic Peace-Core Training DVD $49.95
Aquatic Shakti: The Experience DVD $49.95
Aquatic Training for Track and Field and Cross Country DVD $40.00
Are You Hungry or Stressed? DVD $49.95
Are Your Warm-Ups Hitting the Mark? DVD $49.95
Art of Asymmetrical Exercise, The DVD $49.95
Ashtanga Yoga Tradition and Etiquette DVD $49.95
Asperger's and Autism at Camp: Supporting Campers With Social Challenges DVD $49.95
Assessing Alignment Utilizing Pilates DVD $49.95
Assessing and Correcting Deviations of the Feet DVD $49.95
Assessing Movement: What Do You See? What Do You Do About It? DVD $49.95
Assistive Exercises for Explosive Lifts DVD $49.95
At the Crossroads of Science and Practice: Named Lectures From ACSM's 55th Annual Meeting DVD $99.95
Athletic Training Education Opportunity Seminar DVD $99.95
Attract New Clients With Program Design DVD $49.95
Attracting and Keeping Campers From the Global Youth Culture DVD $49.95
Attracting and Motivating the Sedentary Market DVD $49.95
Authentic Cardio Boxing DVD $49.95
Avoiding Legal Pitfalls: Growing Your Business and Reducing Liability Exposure DVD $49.95
Awaken Your Body With the ChiBolsterandreg; DVD $49.95
Award-Winning Techniques for Arts and Crafts DVD $49.95
B.I.T.S. and Pieces (Step Ball Interval Training) DVD $49.95
Back in Action: Contributing Factors and Corrective Exercises for Low-Back Pain DVD $49.95
Back to Basicsandmdash;Pilates DVD $49.95
Bacterial Infections and Their Implications for Athletic Facilities DVD $49.95
Balance and Fall Reduction Programming DVD $49.95
Balanced Boxing DVD $49.95
Balancing Breath DVD $49.95
Balancing Work, Family, and Self DVD $49.95
Banishing Fat Talk DVD $49.95
Barefoot Core Workout DVD $49.95
Basic Strength Training for Wheelchair Users DVD $49.95
Be a Successful In-Home/Mobile Trainer DVD $49.95
Be Prepared! A Strategic Master Plan Allows for Quick Response DVD $49.95
Beads and Nachos: Inspiring Great Staffers and Great Campers DVD $49.95
Become a Presenter! DVD $49.95
Becoming a Camp Leader: Making the Transition from Counselor to Camp Leader Book $19.95
Becoming an Environmental Leader for Your Campers DVD $49.95
Behavior Change Toolkit: Essential Resources for Helping Clients Succeed DVD $49.95
Being the Best You Can Be and Staying Motivated DVD $49.95
Belly Dancing for Baby Boomers DVD $49.95
Bench Step Choreography: The Progression Method DVD $49.95
Benefits of Exercise for All Ages Against Osteoporosis, The DVD $49.95
Best Practices: From Dull to Dynamicandmdash;Re-Energize Your Training Sessions DVD $49.95
Best Strategies for Enrolling Day Campers DVD $49.95
Better Balance in Baby Boomers DVD $49.95
Beyond a Website: Virtual Tools for Attracting Real-World Clients DVD $49.95
Beyond Disease Management to Health Improvement DVD $49.95
Beyond Runner's Trots: Gastrointestinal Disorders Among Athletes DVD $49.95
Beyond Stretching: ROM Training DVD $49.95
Beyond the Headlines: Delving Deeper Into Hot Nutrition Topics DVD $49.95
BFF! (Except When We're Not) andmdash; Developing Healthy Friendships for Girls DVD $49.95
Big Bang Exercises DVD $49.95
Big Deal or No Big Deal: A Framework for Co-Counselors DVD $49.95
Big Deal or No Big Deal: A Framework for Co-Counselors DVD $49.95
Bigger Muscles in a Can? Evaluating Muscle-Building Supplements DVD $49.95
Billing and Coding for Physical Activity Counseling DVD $49.95
Biomechanics of Muscle Contraction, The DVD $49.95
Biophilic Design and Why It Matters to Camp DVD $49.95
Blah Blah Blah: Make Your Marketing Stand Out DVD $49.95
Bleeding, Breathing, and Barf: Health Opportunities and Resources for Today's Camp DVD $49.95
Bob Ditter's Pocket Guide For Boys' Resident Camp Counselors (Second Edition) Book $9.95
Bob Ditter's Pocket Guide For Coed Resident Camp Counselors (Second Edition) Book $9.95
Bob Ditter's Pocket Guide For Day Camp Counselors (Second Edition) Book $9.95
Bob Ditter's Pocket Guide For Girls' Resident Camp Counselors (Second Edition) Book $9.95
Body Composition: Health is More Than Skin Deep DVD $49.95
Body Image and Fitness Training DVD $49.95
Body-Swing Connection, The: A Simplified Four-Step Approach to Golf Performance DVD $49.95
Body-Weight Training: Perception Meets Reality DVD $49.95
BodyBar Blitz DVD $49.95
Bone Fitness Workout for Seniors DVD $49.95
Bone Health and Exercise Throughout the Lifespan DVD $49.95
Boot Camp DVD $49.95
Boot Camp 2009 DVD $49.95
Boot Camp Complete: From Start to Finish DVD $49.95
Born to Step DVD $49.95
Boxing for a Better Core DVD $49.95
Brain Research Supports Physical Activity: Children Move to Improve DVD $49.95
Brain-Based Personal Training DVD $49.95
Branding Forum: Key Strategies for Branding and Positioning Your Club DVD $49.95
Breaking Away...From Club Trainer to Entrepreneur! DVD $49.95
Bridging the Gap Between Rehabilitation and Performance: Linear Movement DVD $49.95
Bridging the Gap Between Rehabilitation and Performance: Multidirectional Movement DVD $49.95
Buddy Up! Partner Training for Results DVD $49.95
Buddy Up: Partner Training for Results DVD $49.95
Budget Planning Using the Paradigm Shift in Camp Purchasing DVD $49.95
Buff Bodz 'N Little Bodz DVD $49.95
Building a Successful Personal Training Program from the Ground Up: Professional to the Core DVD $49.95
Building an Attitude of Excellence DVD $49.95
Building Blocks of Student Success, The: How Students Can Develop Essential Life Skills DVD $49.95
Building Bridges, Mending Fences: Strategies for Restoring Damaged Relationships With Faculty, Staff, or ACIs DVD $49.95
Building Courage and Strength in Youthandmdash;Part #1: A Circle of Courage DVD $49.95
Building Courage and Strength in Youthandmdash;Part #2: A Primer on the Human Being DVD $49.95
Building Courage and Strength in Youthandmdash;Part #3: Respectful Discipline DVD $49.95
Building the Foundation for a Resilient Staff DVD $49.95
Building Your Brand in the Community DVD $49.95
Bullying Behavior in Boys and What to do About It DVD $49.95
Bullyproofing Your Resident Camp DVD $49.95
Business Networking and Referrals DVD $49.95
Business of Personal Training, The: Building a Team That Generates More Than a Million Dollars a Year! DVD $49.95
Business of Personal Trainingandmdash;Tools for Success, The DVD $49.95
But I Want It! Budget Management for Program Directors DVD $49.95
Caffeinated Pilates DVD $49.95
California Beach Ride DVD $49.95
California Yoga Groove DVD $49.95
Camp 2 Grow: Where Every Child Leads and Shines DVD $49.95
Camp Counseling Magicandmdash;Heightened Awareness Training for Camp Counselors DVD $49.95
Camp Counselor's Guide to Working With Boys, The DVD $49.95
Camp Counselor's Guide to Working With Girls, The DVD $49.95
Camp Health Record Log Book $10.95
Camp Mandatory Reporting and Related Issues DVD $49.95
Camp Waterfront Management Book $24.95
Camper Outcomes and Assessment: The Keys to Quality Camp Programming DVD $49.95
Camping Out on the Worldwide Web: Using Google AdWords in Search Engine Marketing Efforts for Camps DVD $49.95
Can Kettlebells Make You Smarter? DVD $49.95
Can You Hear Me Now? Working Effectively With Camp Parents: Vol. #1andmdash;Skills DVD $49.95
Can You Hear Me Now? Working Effectively With Camp Parents: Vol. #2andmdash;Strategies DVD $49.95
Cancellations, Excuses, and Unrealistic Expectations DVD $49.95
Cancer: What Next? Book $19.95
Capturing What Motivates Your Clients DVD $49.95
Cardio Dance DVD $49.95
Cardio for Clients With Multiple Chronic Conditions DVD $49.95
Cardio-Strength Intervals: Intensified DVD $49.95
Cardioprotective Benefits of Vigorous Physical Activity: The Risk Benefit Issue DVD $99.95
Cardiovascular Disease and Women DVD $49.95
Career Enhancement: Practical Skills For Students and Aspiring Health and Fitness Professionals DVD $99.95
Catch and NO Release: How to Retain Your Fitness Members DVD $49.95
Center Stage: Arthritis and Aging DVD $49.95
Chakra-lates: Empower Your Energy Centers DVD $49.95
Change of Life...Change of Body! Beat the Mid-Life Fat Trap DVD $49.95
Changing the American Plate to Lower Cancer Risk: What Do We Say? DVD $49.95
Chasing Mercury, Battling Hercules: Getting Fitter and Stronger With Periodization Training DVD $49.95
Chasing Mercury: Training to Combat Fatigue in Distance Runners DVD $49.95
Chasing Pheidippides: Marathon Training 101 DVD $49.95
Chasing Pheidippides: Marathon Training 101 DVD $49.95
Chasing Pheidippides: The Science and Coaching of Distance Runners DVD $99.95
CHD, Inflammation, and Exercise DVD $49.95
Checking in with Campersandmdash;A Great Method for Learning What's Up at Camp DVD $49.95
Chi Gung for Ener-Chi DVD $49.95
Childhood Obesityandmdash;Treatment and Outreach DVD $49.95
Circuit Resistance Training for Persons With Spinal Cord Injury DVD $49.95
Cirque du Balle DVD $49.95
CIT Program From A to Z DVD $49.95
Clients and Trainers Who Play Together, Stay Together! DVD $49.95
Clinical and Biomechanical Assessment of Walking Gait DVD $49.95
Clinical Epidemiology In Athletic Training Education and Clinical Practice: A Critical Missing Element for Advancement of the Profession DVD $49.95
Clinical Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Malalignments: Techniques for Assessment Interventions DVD $49.95
Clinical Exercise Physiology: A Pharmacological Update DVD $99.95
Clinical Exercise Physiologyandmdash;Understanding the Basics DVD $49.95
Clinical Exercise Specialist Manual Book $59.95
Clinical Integration: What, Why, and How DVD $49.95
Clinical Research: Usefulness of Diagnostic Testsandmdash;Methods, Statistics, Results and Interpretation DVD $49.95
Close Look at ACSM Strength Training Guidelines, A DVD $49.95
Closing Circle: An Activity for Sharing and Debriefing DVD $49.95
Club Design Forum: The Benefits of "Going Green" DVD $49.95
Club Programming for Fun, Retention, and Profit DVD $49.95
Coach Quotes for Basketball Book $9.95
Coach Quotes for Football Book $9.95
Coach Sense: Coaching to Make a Difference Book $24.95
Coach's Strength Training Playbook, The Book $19.95
Coaches' Guide to Performance-Enhancing Supplements Book $21.95
Coaches' Motivational Playbook, The Book $19.95
Coaching for Special Populations: Motivational Interviewing and Adherence DVD $49.95
Coaching Psychology for Health, Fitness, and Mental Health Professionals DVD $199.95
Coaching Students to Flow DVD $49.95
Coaching the Mindset of the Post-Rehabilitation Client DVD $49.95
Coaching to Change Lives (2nd Edition) Book $39.95
Code for the Road, A: Ethical Business in the Health Club Industry DVD $49.95
Combating the Obesity Epidemic: Treatment Options DVD $49.95
Comfort Zone, Feeling Younger Workout: Improving Posture and Relaxing the Shoulders DVD $49.95
Comfort Zone, Feeling Younger Workout: Relaxing the Lower Back DVD $49.95
Comfort Zone, Feeling Younger Workout: Relieving Tension in the Neck and Spine DVD $49.95
Common Sense Guide to Mechanical Health DVD $49.95
Communicating with Camper Parents: An Essential Skill DVD $49.95
Communication Strategies to Enhance Professionalism DVD $49.95
Complementary Alternative Medicine in Practice: Using Evidence-Based Yoga to Evaluate the Athlete DVD $49.95
Complete Book of Handouts for Health and Fitness Professionals, The Book $24.95
Comprehensive Approach to Student-Athlete Training and Development, A DVD $49.95
Concepts of Leadership DVD $49.95
Conceptual Model for Dieting and Exercising the "Right Weigh", A DVD $49.95
Concussion Dilemma, The: Are We Headed in the Right Direction? DVD $49.95
Conditioning for Sprinters DVD $40.00
Conducting the YMCA Fitness Testing and Assessment Protocol DVD $49.95
Confidence Makes Things Happen DVD $49.95
Conflict Resolution Skills DVD $49.95
Conflicts, Relationships, and Stress DVD $49.95
Confront Obstacles in Life with Courage DVD $49.95
Connecting the Dots: From Concept to Application DVD $49.95
Connecting the World of Medicine and the World of Fitness DVD $49.95
Connecting With Clientsandmdash;A Trainer's First Priority DVD $49.95
Consider Renovation: Discover Your Facility's Fountain of Youth DVD $49.95
Coordinated Movements for Aging Adults DVD $49.95
Core Adrenaline DVD $49.95
Core Ball Challenge Workout DVD $49.95
Core Concepts in Negligence and Legal Liability DVD $49.95
Core Concepts in Risk Management DVD $49.95
Core Control: One Side at a Time DVD $49.95
Core Controlandmdash;One Side at a Time DVD $49.95
Core Gymnastics DVD $49.95
Core Integrity: Relative to What DVD $49.95
Core Off the Floor! DVD $49.95
Core on the Floor (Abdominal Training) DVD $49.95
Core Strength and Stabilization for Athletes DVD $49.95
Core Strength Assessment in Runners DVD $49.95
Core Training for Football DVD $40.00
Core Training: From Science to Movement DVD $49.95
Core Training: Going Global DVD $49.95
Core Up DVD $49.95
CORE-ography DVD $49.95
Core-Stability Training: Practical Applications for Healthy Athletes DVD $49.95
Core/Spinal Stabilization Training DVD $49.95
Cornered! DVD $49.95
Coronary Heart Disease and the Millennial Woman: Facts and Myths DVD $49.95
Corporate Sales Strategiesandmdash;The Total Solution DVD $49.95
Corporate Sponsorship and Naming Rights as a Funding Solution for Capital Projects DVD $49.95
Corrective Exercise Design: Eliminating the Guesswork DVD $99.95
Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments DVD $49.95
Corrective Exerciseandmdash;An Integrated Approach Using Suspension Training DVD $49.95
Cost-Effective Marketing for Your Business DVD $49.95
Counselor-in-Training: Encouraging Youth Development Outcomes at Camp Book $24.95
Courting Corporate Fitness DVD $49.95
CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap! Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD Book $14.95
Create a Win-Win Camp Climate and Stop Manipulation, Using Fun, Interactive Tools and Strategies DVD $49.95
Create the Business You Desire! DVD $49.95
Creating a Camp Culture Where the Truth Can Always Be Heard DVD $49.95
Creating a Culture of Health: Policy to Practice Solutions for the Worksite DVD $99.95
Creating a Service Culture in Your Club DVD $49.95
Creating a Warm and Welcoming Club Environment DVD $69.95
Creating Additional Income Streams DVD $49.95
Creating and Marketing Sports Medicine Programs DVD $49.95
Creating and Sustaining a Member-Service Culture DVD $69.95
Creating Boot Camps for Zoomers DVD $49.95
Creating Champions: Training New Hires for Success DVD $49.95
Creating Demand for Your Personal Trainer Services DVD $49.95
Creating Healthy Love Relationships DVD $49.95
Creating Longevity in Fitness DVD $49.95
Creating Successful Boot Camps DVD $49.95
Creating Truly Inclusive Aquatic Facilities DVD $49.95
Creating Your Best Life Now DVD $49.95
Creative Exercise Designandmdash;Perfect Pairs and Terrific Tri-Sets DVD $49.95
Creative Total-Body Exercises Your Client Will Love DVD $49.95
Crisis Communications Weathering the Storm: A Handbook for Camps and Other Youth Programs Book $39.95
Critical Points for Improving Camp Safety: Lessons Learned From ACA's Healthy Camp Study DVD $49.95
Critical Power Concept, The: Implications for the Determination of V02 Max and Exercise Tolerance DVD $99.95
Cultural Competency: The Key to Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Staff DVD $49.95
Cultural Competency: Understanding Total Diversity DVD $49.95
Current Concepts in Post-Op Care: Lumbar Spine DVD $49.95
Customer Service Skills DVD $49.95
Cut to the Core DVD $49.95
Cutting-Edge Seasonal Staffing DVD $49.95
Cutting-Edge Training and Testing Techniques for Occupations With Unique Physical Demands DVD $99.95
Cycle Reebok: Foundation Training DVD $69.95
Cycle Reebok: Foundation training (Part 1) DVD $49.95
Cycle Reebok: Foundation Training (Part 2) DVD $49.95
Cycle Reebok: Interval Training DVD $49.95
Cycle Reebok: Performance Plus DVD $49.95
Dance Duo! DVD $49.95
Dance Workout DVD $49.95
Dealing With Difficult People DVD $49.95
Deeper Issues in Camp: Place (Africa), Health (HIV/AIDS), and Culture (No Camps) DVD $49.95
Defy Gravity Dim Sum DVD $49.95
Dehydration, Heat Injuries, and Sports Drinks DVD $49.95
Delivering Super-Heroic Customer Service DVD $49.95
Designing and Operating a More Profitable Concession DVD $49.95
Designing Flow in a Mat Class DVD $49.95
Determining Body Composition DVD $49.95
Developing a 12-Month Marketing Plan for Fitness Directors DVD $49.95
Developing a Dynamic Warm-Up Program for Speed-Power Athletes DVD $40.00
Developing a Great Staff DVD $49.95
Developing a Home-Based Flexibility Program for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Developing a Home-Based Muscular Fitness Program for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Developing a Personal-Training Businessandmdash;From A to Z DVD $99.95
Developing a Running Conditioning Program for Football DVD $40.00
Developing a Safe Pre-/Post-Natal Exercise Program DVD $49.95
Developing a Stretching Program for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Developing Advanced Choreography for Specialty Classes DVD $49.95
Developing an Effective Barefoot Core Workout DVD $49.95
Developing an Equipment Replacement Fund DVD $49.95
Developing Distance- and Interval-Training Programs for Fitness Walking DVD $49.95
Developing Effective and Profitable Non-Dues Revenue DVD $49.95
Developing Exercise Programs for the Sedentary Market DVD $49.95
Developing Hospital Collaborations DVD $49.95
Developing Lateral Speed and Agility DVD $49.95
Developing Linear Speed and Acceleration DVD $49.95
Developing Power for Basketball DVD $49.95
Developing Speed and Agility for Basketball DVD $49.95
Developing Speed and Agility in Young Athletes DVD $49.95
Developing Sport-Specific Strength DVD $49.95
Developing the Weakest Link With Core Training DVD $49.95
Developing the Young Athlete DVD $49.95
Developing Year-round Employees DVD $49.95
Developmental Conditioning Drills for Basketball DVD $49.95
Diabetes and Exercise DVD $49.95
Diabetes Disease Management in the Workplace: The East Alabama Medical Center Experience DVD $49.95
Dieting Gone Awry: How to Help Clients With Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating DVD $49.95
Differential Diagnoses of the Wrist and Hand DVD $49.95
Differentiate or Die! Three Steps to Uncovering Your Uniqueness DVD $49.95
Difficult Phone Conversations with Day-Camp Parents DVD $49.95
Dilemmas for the Team Physician: "What Would You Do...?" DVD $49.95
DinoMight Book $19.95
Do It Right: Exercise Evaluation DVD $49.95
Documentation: It's Good Risk Management DVD $49.95
Doing More With Less: Making Your Organization More Business-Like DVD $49.95
Dollars and Sense of Selling Campus Recreation Programs, The DVD $49.95
Dollars and Sense of Selling Exercise, The: Promoting Personal Training With Integrity Book $19.95
Dollars and Sense of Selling Fitness and Exercise, The DVD $49.95
Don't Get Caught With Your Preparedness Pants Down! DVD $49.95
Done in 30 Minutes! DVD $49.95
Dos and Don'ts for Fitness Center Operations, The Book $49.95
Dose-Response Issue in Exercise Prescription, The DVD $49.95
Drills and Exercises to Improve Agility DVD $49.95
Drills and Exercises to Improve Coordination DVD $49.95
Drills and Exercises to Improve Static and Dynamic Balance DVD $49.95
Drive Growth and Retention With Group Fitness DVD $49.95
Driving the Bottom Line DVD $49.95
Drumming and Wellness for Adults DVD $49.95
Drumming and Wellness for Children DVD $49.95
Dumbbell Exercise Techniques DVD $49.95
Dumbbell Exercise Training DVD $69.95
Dumbbell Training for Improved Athletic Performance DVD $49.95
Dunn Deal, The: Personal Training Revolution for Personal Trainers and Club Owners Book $19.95
Dynamic Flexibility Training for Athletes DVD $49.95
Dynamic Warm-Up and Post-Workout Recovery Methods DVD $49.95
Dynamic Warm-Up Progressions DVD $49.95
Dynamic Warm-Up Routines for Tennis DVD $40.00
East-West Breathing: Back Breathing and the Deep Stabilizing System DVD $49.95
Eat for Success: A Recipe for Healthy Weight LossLoss Book $19.95
Eating for Energy DVD $49.95
Eating Green DVD $49.95
Eating Out! The Right Way DVD $49.95
Eating to Improve Body Composition: The Science and the Art DVD $49.95
Eating Your Way to Health and Weight Loss: Losing Weight the "Right Way" DVD $49.95
Eccentric Solution, The: An Orthopaedic Prescription for Muscular Health Book $59.95
Effective Documentation for Reimbursement DVD $49.95
Effective Employee Evaluations DVD $49.95
Effective Fall Risk-Reduction Programs DVD $49.95
Effective Fitness Programs for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Effective Soccer Goalkeeping for Women: Vol. #1andmdash;Basic Skills and Drills DVD $40.00
Effective Soccer Goalkeeping for Women: Vol. #2andmdash;Advanced Skills and Drills DVD $40.00
Effectively Managing and Overseeing Volunteer Coaches DVD $49.95
Effectiveness of Humor in Leadership Roles, The DVD $49.95
Efficacy of Exercise As An Aid For Smoking Cessation, The DVD $99.95
Efficacy, Safety, And Mechanisms Of Blood Flow-Restricted Exercise DVD $99.95
Efficiency: The Next Secret in Sports Training DVD $49.95
Eight Essentials of Program Design, The DVD $49.95
Eight Mindful Movements of Qigong DVD $49.95
Eight Numbers That Drive Success DVD $49.95
Eight Steps to Create a Successful Personal Training Business Book $19.95
Emergency Management Techniques for the Spine-Injured Athlete DVD $49.95
Emergency Readiness for Health/Fitness Facilities DVD $49.95
Emergency Response Planning Workshop DVD $49.95
Emerging Issues With Outcomes: A Research Forum DVD $49.95
Employee Engagement: The Lasting Effect of a Positive Onboarding Process DVD $49.95
Employee Wellness Programs That Achieve Results DVD $49.95
Energy Cost of Exercise, The: The Contribution of the E.P.O.C. DVD $49.95
Energy Estimation Wheel, Chart and Energy Balance Wheel (2 Wheels + Chart) Book $15.00
Engaging New Members in the Club DVD $69.95
Environmental Influences on Physical Activity DVD $49.95
Ergogenic Aids: The Top 15 Ergogenic Aids DVD $49.95
Essential Quarterback Conditioning DVD $40.00
Essentials of Meta-Analysis, The: A Perspective for the Educator and Clinician DVD $49.95
Estimating VO2max: Issues and Errors DVD $49.95
Evaluators, The DVD $49.95
Everyday Yogaandmdash;Hips and Knees DVD $49.95
Evidence-Based Updated ACSM Position Stand on Appropriate Physical Activity Intervention Strategies For Weight Loss and Prevention of Weight Regain for Adults DVD $49.95
Evidence: It Can Be For Us or Up Against Us DVD $49.95
Evolved Evaluations DVD $49.95
Examination and Injection of the Knee DVD $49.95
Examination of the Foot and Ankle DVD $49.95
Examination of the Hand and Wrist DVD $49.95
Examination of the Knee DVD $49.95
Examining and Predicting Lower-Extremity Overuse Injuries With Computerized, Video Gait Analysis DVD $49.95
Exceeding Member Expectations Through Staff Training and Retention DVD $49.95
Executing a Collaborative Prospective Risk-Factor Study of ACL Injuries: Findings, Successes, and Challenges DVD $49.95
Exercise Adherence DVD $49.95
Exercise and Aging DVD $49.95
Exercise and Brain Function DVD $99.95
Exercise and Cancer: Inspirations, Indications, and Precautions DVD $49.95
Exercise and Diabetes DVD $49.95
Exercise and Inflammation: A Pediatric Perspective DVD $99.95
Exercise and Low Back Pain DVD $49.95
Exercise and the Menstrual Cycle DVD $49.95
Exercise and Weight Control: Myths and Misconceptions DVD $49.95
Exercise and Weight Loss: A Look at the Scientific Research DVD $49.95
Exercise as an Antidote for Obesity: Considerations Regarding Fitness and Mortality DVD $49.95
Exercise Behavior Change Programs for the Physically Inactive: As Easy as One-to-One, Two, Three DVD $49.95
Exercise Behavior Change: From the Inside Out DVD $49.95
Exercise Effects on Brain and Cognition: A Life-Span Perspective DVD $99.95
Exercise Equipment: Making an Informed Decision DVD $49.95
Exercise for Individuals With Chronic Diseases and Disabilities DVD $49.95
Exercise for Older Adults (Second Edition) Book $34.95
Exercise from the Standpoint of Evolutionary Medicine DVD $49.95
Exercise Heart Rate Response and Recovery andndash; Simple But Important Clinical Measures DVD $99.95
Exercise is Medicine DVD $79.95
Exercise is Medicine in the Workplace: The Preventative Power of Exercise DVD $49.95
Exercise Is Medicine, Exercise Is Wellness: Great, Now How Do I Make a Profit? DVD $49.95
Exercise Is Medicine: An ACSM Initiative DVD $49.95
Exercise is Medicine: From Systems Change to Globalization DVD $99.95
Exercise Is Medicine: Great, Now How Do I Make a Profit? DVD $49.95
Exercise is Medicine: Is There a Toxic Dose? DVD $49.95
Exercise is Medicineandmdash;An International View DVD $99.95
Exercise is Medicineandtrade;: Bridging the Gap from Physicians to Medical Fitness Centers DVD $49.95
Exercise Is Medicineandtrade;: Bridging the Gap From Physicians to Medical Fitness Centers DVD $49.95
Exercise Is Medicineandtrade;: From Principles to Practice DVD $49.95
Exercise Modifications for Clients with DDI (Difficulty Doing It) DVD $49.95
Exercise or Rest? Intensity vs. Recovery DVD $49.95
Exercise Prescription for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia DVD $49.95
Exercise Prescription for Hypertension DVD $49.95
Exercise Prescription for Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease DVD $49.95
Exercise Prescription When There's No Exercise Test: The Talk Test DVD $49.95
Exercise Professional's Guide to Optimizing Health, The: Strategies for Preventing and Reducing Chronic Disease Book $42.95
Exercise Program Design for Falls Prevention DVD $49.95
Exercise Program Design for the "New" Fitness Participant DVD $49.95
Exercise Programming for Obese and Weight-Loss Clients DVD $49.95
Exercise Programming for Special Populations: Recent Advances DVD $49.95
Exercise Testing and Exercise Prescription for the Elderly DVD $49.95
Exercise Testing and Program Design: A Fitness Professional's Guide DVD $49.95
Exercise Through Menopause DVD $49.95
Exercise Training Effects On Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow DVD $99.95
Exercise, Why Does It Work? DVD $49.95
Experiential Learning With Puppets DVD $49.95 E-Learning for Day-and Resident Camp Staff DVD $49.95
Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of Camp DVD $49.95
Explosion, Reaction, and Leverage Drills for Defensive Linemen DVD $40.00
Explosive Lifts, The DVD $49.95
Explosive Strength Training for Basketball DVD $40.00
Extreme Interval Training DVD $49.95
F.I.B.R.O.: Fighting Illness Brings Restored Optimism DVD $49.95
F.I.R.S.T. Progressions (Functional Integrated Rubberized Strength Training) DVD $49.95
Fad Diets DVD $49.95
Fall Prevention Training: Improving Balance, Posture, and Gait With Kettlebells DVD $49.95
Family Fit (2nd ed) Book $19.95
Fantastic Functional Mat DVD $49.95
Fascia: The Rising Star in Human Movement DVD $49.95
Fat-Burning Exercise: Strategies to Burn Fat DVD $49.95
Fat-Free Step DVD $49.95
Fatigue Mechanisms Determining Exercise Performance DVD $99.95
Feedback is a Gift: Evaluations That Mean Something DVD $49.95
Female Athlete Triad, The DVD $49.95
Female Chain Reactionandmdash;Core Conversion Integration DVD $49.95
Fibro-Size Your Way to Better Health DVD $74.95
Field Guide to Christian Environmental Education: A Complete Guide to Creation Care Book $19.95
Field User Feesandmdash;Finding New Funding to Keep Things Green DVD $49.95
Fifty Nifty Nature Games and Activities DVD $49.95
Final Chapter of Follow the Evidence, Not the Gurus, The DVD $99.95
Financing Your New Club or Expansion: How to Properly Capitalize Your Business DVD $49.95
Fine Line, The: Counseling Clients in Nutrition DVD $49.95
Fine Tune Your Communications to Increase Sales DVD $49.95
Fit and Stressed: A Survival Guide DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty DVD $99.95
Fit Over Fifty: 30-Minute Assisted Stretch DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty: Balance Workout DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty: Lite and Easy Aerobic Workout DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty: Muscle-Conditioning Workout DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty: Stability-Ball Workout DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty: Step Workout DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty: The Bottom-Line Workout DVD $49.95
Fit Over Fifty: Total-Body Stretch DVD $49.95
Fitness and Healthcare in America DVD $74.95
Fitness and Recreational Activities for Youth with Autistic Spectrum Disorders DVD $49.95
Fitness Business Basics DVD $49.95
Fitness Business Websites 101 DVD $49.95
Fitness Forum: Going for Greatness in the Fitness Field DVD $49.95
Fitness Management DVD $399.95
Fitness or Fatness: Which Is More Important For Health? DVD $49.95
Fitness Programming for Clinical Referrals DVD $49.95
Fitness Swimming: Understanding the Basics DVD $49.95
Fitness Testing for Fire Fighters DVD $49.95
Fitness Walking DVD $69.95
Fitness Yoga: A Guide for Fitness Professionals from the American Council on Exercise Book $14.95
Fitnessandmdash;Just for the Health of It DVD $49.95
Fitter, Strongerandmdash;Faster: Use Your Heart DVD $49.95
Five Most Dangerous Trends When Building a Swimming Pool DVD $49.95
Five Vital Elements of Function, The DVD $49.95
Fix the Partandmdash;Mend the Whole DVD $49.95
Flex, Don't Stretch DVD $49.95
Flexibility and the Science of Stretching DVD $49.95
Flow Yoga: Building Strength (Cinyassa Urjas) DVD $49.95
Flow Yoga: Introduction to Fluid Movement DVD $49.95
Flow Yoga: Smart Sequencing DVD $49.95
Focus on Camper Retention to Increase Enrollment DVD $49.95
Focus On Focus: Nutritional Factors Affecting Cognition During Physical Stress DVD $49.95
For All: Special Needs for Every Camper (Training Staff for Inclusive Programs) DVD $49.95
Force and the Nervous System: You Have a Lot of Nerve DVD $49.95
Form Running, Agility, and Movement Drills for Youth Football DVD $40.00
Forming a Medical Advisory Committee DVD $49.95
Foundations of Core Stability and Balance Training DVD $49.95
Franchising 101andmdash;The Basics for Prospective Franchisors and Franchisees DVD $49.95
Franchising and Fitness DVD $49.95
Franklin Methodandreg;, The: Pelvic Power for Core Integration DVD $49.95
From Baby Steps to Starting Blocks DVD $49.95
From Canvass to Closing DVD $49.95
From Input to Incarnation DVD $49.95
From Perception to Reality: An Integrated Approach to Bodyweight Training DVD $49.95
From the Classroom to Clinical Education: A Clinician's Approach to Teaching Evidence- Based Practice DVD $49.95
From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary DVD $49.95
Fuego! DVD $49.95
Fueling Endurance Athletes DVD $49.95
Fun Games and Drills for Small-Group Training DVD $49.95
Functional Abdominal and Lower-Back Training DVD $49.95
Functional Anatomyandmdash;Myofascial Slings DVD $49.95
Functional Conditioning for Group DVD $49.95
Functional Core Training for Baseball: Developing Rotational Power and Balance DVD $49.95
Functional Core Training for Life DVD $49.95
Functional Evaluation of the Hip and Pelvis DVD $49.95
Functional Exercise Training DVD $74.95
Functional Exerciseandmdash;From Bias to Continuum DVD $49.95
Functional Exerciseandmdash;From Bias to Continuum DVD $49.95
Functional Flexibility Book $19.95
Functional Flexibility DVD $69.95
Functional Food: Dietary Management of Cholesterol DVD $49.95
Functional Movement Screens and Integrated KB Training Activities DVD $49.95
Functional Performance Testing: A Patient-Oriented Approach DVD $49.95
Functional Performance Testing: A Patient-Oriented Approach DVD $49.95
Functional Proprioceptive Training DVD $49.95
Functional Pushing and Pressing Exercises DVD $49.95
Functional Shoulder Training for Athletes DVD $49.95
Functional Strength Training for Injury Prevention DVD $49.95
Functional Training in 3-D DVD $49.95
Functional Training: Muscles and Movement in 3D DVD $49.95
Functional-Strength and Flexibility Training for Golf DVD $49.95
Fundamental Counseling Skills: Getting Kids to Act! DVD $49.95
Fundamental Counseling Skills: Getting Kids to Listen DVD $49.95
Fundamentals of Core Training DVD $49.95
Future of Pilates, The: Panel Discussion DVD $49.95
Future of Women's Health Programming, The: Pelvic Health and Wellness DVD $49.95
Gait and Postural Stability: Theory and Clinical Application DVD $99.95
Gamechangers DVD $49.95
Gender and Competition: How Men and Women Approach Work and Play Differently Book $19.95
General Principles of Exercise Prescription DVD $49.95
Genetics of Physical Activity and Health-Related Fitness During Childhood and Adolescence DVD $99.95
Get a Leg Up on Balance Training DVD $49.95
Get on the Small Ball DVD $49.95
Get Results: Managing by the Numbers DVD $49.95
Get to the Core With Circuit Training DVD $49.95
Getting Serious About Functional Training DVD $49.95
Glass is Half-Full, but You Don't Have to Drink It, The DVD $49.95
Global Grooves DVD $49.95
Global Opportunity: The Health Club as a Primary Healthcare Provider DVD $49.95
Global Opportunity: The Health Club Becomes a Primary Healthcare Provider DVD $49.95
Going Digital: Paperwork Reduction for Day and Resident Camps DVD $49.95
Going for Greatness! Business Solutions for Entrepreneurs DVD $49.95
Going Global: An Expert's Guide to Working Abroad in the International Fitness Industry Book $19.95
Going Veg! DVD $49.95
Good Discipline: Understanding Difficult Behaviors and Turning Them Around DVD $49.95
Gossip, Backbiting, and Drama: Preventing Relational Aggression at Camp DVD $49.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: Games to Play with Kids in God's World Book $9.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: More Games to Play with Kids in God's World Book $9.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: Teaching Children (Ages 7-11) About God Through Creative Art Book $9.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: Teaching Children (Ages 7-11) About God Through Creative Art on Nature Hikes Book $9.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: Teaching Older Children (Ages 9 to 11) About God's Creation Book $9.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: Teaching Older Youth (Ages 15 to 17) About God's Creation Book $9.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: Teaching Younger Children (Ages 6 to 8) About God's Creation Book $9.95
Grab-and-Go Activities: Teaching Younger Youth (Ages 12 to 14) About God's Creation Book $9.95
Great Trainerandmdash;Great Business?? DVD $49.95
Groove Your Body ALIVE DVD $49.95
Groove Your Body CALM DVD $49.95
Groove Your Body STRONG DVD $49.95
Group Gets Functional! DVD $49.95
Group Reformer Harmony DVD $49.95
Group Strength Training: A Guide for Fitness Professionals from the American Council on Exercise (2nd Edition) Book $14.95
Group Training: How to Do It Right the First Time! DVD $49.95
Group Xcellenceandmdash;Evaluating Your Staff DVD $49.95
Grow Your Retail Sales and Ancillary Revenues DVD $49.95
Growing Your Business in Spite of a Challenging Economy DVD $49.95
Growth Plates: What's For Dinner? A Case-Based Approach to Pediatric Fractures DVD $49.95
Handling Difficult Clients: They Can't All Be Model Prisoners DVD $49.95
Hard Core Training DVD $49.95
Healing Hunger DVD $49.95
Healing Moves: How to Cure, Relieve, and Prevent Common Ailments With Exercise Book $24.95
Health and Safety For Young Athletes: A Game Plan DVD $49.95
Health and Wellness Inventory Aiming for S.A.N.I.T.Y., A DVD $49.95
Health Care Provider's Guide to the Effective Integration of Physical, The DVD $99.95
Health Fitness Litigation: Avoidance and Defense DVD $49.95
Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Injury Prevention in the Female Runner DVD $49.95
Health Wealth: Spending Health Dollars Wisely DVD $49.95
Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, and Life! DVD $49.95
Health-Food Store Shopper's Guide, The DVD $49.95
Health/Fitness Club Operator's Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Great Employees, The Book $69.95
Health/Fitness Professional's Guide to the Law, Legal Liability, and Risk Management, The DVD $79.95
Healthcare Management Track Iandmdash;Exploring Clinical Settings DVD $49.95
Healthcare Management Track IIandmdash;Exploring Emerging Settings DVD $49.95
Healthcare Management Track IIIandmdash;Salary Negotiation and Interview Strategies DVD $49.95
Healthcare Paradigm Shift: The Role of Fitness in Healthcare DVD $49.95
Healthy Hearts and the Universal Benefits of Being Physically Active: A Tribute To Professor Jerry Morris DVD $49.95
Healthy Hearts, Healthy Women Book $21.95
Healthy House, The: A Novel Program for Pediatric Obesity DVD $49.95
Healthy Living Approach in the Battle Against Diabetes, The DVD $49.95
Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Profits DVD $49.95
Healthy Ways to Deal With Stress DVD $49.95
Healthy Worker, Healthy Company: ACSM's Worksite Health Handbook DVD $49.95
Heart Attack Schmartattack: Exercise for Heart Invincibility DVD $49.95
Heart-Core Circuit Training DVD $49.95
Heartfelt Eating: Intuitive Wisdom DVD $49.95
Heavy Breathingandmdash;The Science and Practice of Respiration During Resistance Training DVD $49.95
Helping A Breast Cancer Survivor To Be A Thriver: Interventions Immediately After Primary Cancer Treatment DVD $99.95
Helping Clients Move Beyond Diets and Into Health DVD $49.95
Helping Clients With Shoulder Pain DVD $49.95
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Conundrum of Sudden Cardiac Death DVD $49.95
Heritage Family Study, The: An Overview and Selected Results DVD $49.95
Hi-Lo to Go DVD $49.95
High Returns in a Low Economy: Marketing Strategies That Work! DVD $49.95
High-Intensity Strength Training Book $19.95
Hill Repeat Workout DVD $49.95
Hip and Pelvis Examination DVD $49.95
Hip Injuries: Evaluation and Treatment DVD $49.95
Hiring and Training for Customer Service DVD $49.95
Home Fitness: Designing Your Own Home Gym and Workout Plan Book $19.95
Hot Topics in the Tech Sector DVD $49.95
How Coaching Works DVD $49.95
How Much Do I Need? Creating a Capital Project Budget DVD $49.95
How to Avoid a Lawsuitandmdash;2010 Liability Waiver Update DVD $49.95
How to Be Your Own Hero DVD $49.95
How to Create Happy Campers and Successful Families DVD $49.95
How to Develop a Hospital-Based Fitness Center DVD $49.95
How to Develop a Successful and Extremely Profitable Small-Group Personal-Training Program DVD $49.95
How to Get Quality Results With Submaximal Cycle Ergometer Fitness Tests DVD $49.95
How to Increase Physical Activity and Have Fun Doing It DVD $49.95
How to Increase Revenue With Weight-Loss Programs DVD $49.95
How to Make a Good Professional Presentation DVD $49.95
How to Offer "5-Star" Customer Service in Your Club DVD $49.95
How to Prepare for a New Competitor DVD $49.95
How to Protect Your Club From Member Lawsuits DVD $49.95
How to Recruit, Train, and Motivate Staff DVD $49.95
How to Relax in 60 Seconds or Less Book $19.95
How to Run a Successful Meeting DVD $49.95
How Valuable Is Your Group Exercise Program? DVD $49.95
Hows and Whys of Obesity, The DVD $49.95
Humor as a Tool for Good Health DVD $49.95
I Can't Believe I Said That! Overcoming Negative Impressions DVD $49.95
I Didn't Want to Eat, But My Hormones Made Me DVD $99.95
I Never Learned Anything by Talking: Effective Listening Skills DVD $49.95
IDEA's Business Boot Camp DVD $99.95
If Exercise Has Medicinal Properties, Is Overdosing Possible? DVD $49.95
Impact of Stress, Exercise, and Lifestyle on the Immune System, The DVD $49.95
Implementing a Comprehensive Medical and Wellness Community-Outreach Program DVD $49.95
Implementing an Effective Pre-Participation Exam DVD $49.95
Implementing Spa Secrets Into Your Traditional Fitness Approach DVD $49.95
Importance of Exercise Intensity for Health and for Prescribing Exercise, The DVD $49.95
Importance of Weightlifting Movements in Sport, The DVD $49.95
Improve Your Performance: Operational and Financial Improvement Strategies DVD $49.95
Improving Balance in the Baby Boomer DVD $49.95
Improving Flexibility and Strength With Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation DVD $49.95
Improving Flexibility With Self-Guided Stretching DVD $49.95
Improving Football Performance by Training the Trunk DVD $49.95
Improving Hip and Trunk Rotation DVD $49.95
Improving Reading Comprehension Ability of the Millennial Athletic Training Student DVD $49.95
Improving the Effectiveness of Your Resistance Training Program DVD $49.95
In Search of the Magic Diet DVD $49.95
In the House DVD $49.95
In-Home Training: Up Your Value! DVD $49.95
Increasing Membership Retention in the Health and Fitness Industry DVD $69.95
Increasing Profits and Retention With Your New Member Orientation DVD $49.95
Indo Boarding: Surfing-Inspired Group Fitness DVD $49.95
Indoor Cycling Endurance Training DVD $49.95
Indoor Cycling Interval Training DVD $49.95
Indoor Cycling Start-Up Program DVD $49.95
Indoor Cycling Training DVD $74.95
Industry Spotlight Panelandmdash;How to Maximize Your Business in a Tough Economy DVD $49.95
Influence of Genetic Factors on Health, Physical Activity, and Fitness, The DVD $49.95
Influence of Genetics on Exercise and Training, The DVD $49.95
Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement: The Science of Warm-up DVD $99.95
Injury Prevention in the Workplace DVD $49.95
Injury Prevention in Youth Sports: Sound Science Vs. Sound Judgment DVD $49.95
Injury Prevention Strategies for the Neck, Back, and Shoulders DVD $49.95
Inner Unit, The DVD $49.95
Innovation and Evolution: The Future of Community Recreation Center Design DVD $49.95
Innovations and Choreography in Pilates DVD $49.95
Innovative Drills for Small-Group Training DVD $49.95
Ins and Outs of New Club Development, The DVD $49.95
INSIGHTs on Exercise: A Guide to Improving Your Health Through Fitness Book $21.95
Inspirational Leadership to Create Retention-Based Cultures DVD $49.95
Inspirational Welcome With Chalene Johnson DVD $49.95
Instilling Evidence-Based Practice in Our Students: Bridging the Clinical-To-Educational Gap DVD $49.95
Instructing Muscular-Conditioning Classes: The Progression Method DVD $49.95
Integrated Back Rehabilitationandmdash;Regression to Progression DVD $49.95
Integrated Reformer, The DVD $49.95
Integrated Systems Determinants of Exercise Intolerance DVD $99.95
Integrated Training Progressions DVD $49.95
Integrating a Comprehensive Delivery System for Consistent Customer Service DVD $49.95
Integrating Clinical Reasoning and EBP: A Pedagogical Strategy for Enhancing Clinical Decision Making DVD $49.95
Integrating Corrective Exercise and Personal Training DVD $49.95
Integrating Evidence-Based Practice Into Your Setting DVD $49.95
Integrating Fitness Components into a High School Physical Education Curriculum DVD $49.95
Integrating Physiological Principles Into a Comprehensive Pilates Program DVD $49.95
Interactions of the Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine DVD $49.95
Internalizing Healthy Motivation Better Than a Client Cam DVD $49.95
International "Exercise is Medicine" Experiences: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives DVD $99.95
Interval Training DVD $49.95
Interval Training Manual, The: 520+ Interval Running Workouts for All Sports and Abilities Book $39.95
Into Thin Air: Optimizing Exercise Performance At High Altitude DVD $99.95
Introduction to Coaching for Fitness Professionals DVD $99.95
Introduction to Function First Corrective Exercise and Program Design DVD $49.95
Introduction to Hi-Lo Movement DVD $49.95
Introduction to Kettlebell Training for Fitness Professionals DVD $49.95
Introduction to Spinal Stabilization Training DVD $49.95
Introduction to Step Instruction DVD $49.95
Introduction to Yoga Sutras DVD $49.95
Intuitive Eating: Empowering Clients to Trust Themselves DVD $49.95
Involving Ethics Education Throughout the Curriculum: The Key to Professional Evolution of the Millennial Student DVD $49.95
Is It Time For "Energy Balance" Guidelines: What is the Evidence? DVD $99.95
Is Your Personal Training Program Hurting Your Retention and Driving Your Members Away? DVD $49.95
Isolation to Integrationandmdash;Corrective Exercise From a Functional Perspective DVD $49.95
It's All Related: Core Training DVD $49.95
It's Not a Simple Ankle Injury: The Long-Term Consequences of a Lateral Ankle-Sprain DVD $49.95
It's What You Don't Say That Counts DVD $49.95
JAMS: Joint Alignment and Muscle Sequencing DVD $49.95
John McCarthy: Insights and Perspectives on the Health/Fitness Club Industry DVD $49.95
Journey to Success: How to Sell Without Selling! DVD $49.95
Juggling It All: Navigating Through Information Overload DVD $49.95
KBell Kombo DVD $49.95
Keeping Your Athletes Healthy: Identifying and Screening Lower-Quadrant Muscle Imbalances DVD $49.95
Keeping Your Athletes Healthy: Identifying and Screening Muscle Imbalances DVD $69.95
Keeping Your Athletes Healthy: Identifying and Screening Upper-Quadrant Muscle Imbalances DVD $49.95
Kettle Core DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Complex Training DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Conceptsandtrade;: Total-Body KB Blastandtrade; DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Fundamentals: Laying the Foundation for Success DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Group X Training DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Special Ops DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Strength and Sexy Body Length DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Total Body Blast DVD $49.95
Kettlebell Ultimate Body Detonation DVD $49.95
Kettlebells for Pre-/Post-Natal Clientele DVD $49.95
Key Characteristics of Great Clubs, The DVD $49.95
Key Metrics, Measures, and Rules of Thumb in Facility Design DVD $49.95
Key to Reimbursementandmdash;Correct Coding and Documentation DVD $49.95
Keynote Presentationandmdash;Minding the Molecules of Mental Motion: The New Science of Mind-Body-Spirit Healing DVD $49.95
Keys to an Achievable Outcome DVD $49.95
Keys to Soft Selling in a Hard World DVD $49.95
KICKbox Fitness DVD $99.95
KICKbox Fitness: Vol. #1andmdash;Program Principles and Guidelines DVD $49.95
KICKbox Fitness: Vol. #2andmdash;Basic Rhythmic Combat Techniques DVD $49.95
KICKbox Fitness: Vol. #4andmdash;Home Workout DVD $49.95
Kickboxing Fitness: A Guide for Fitness Professionals from the American Council on Exercise Book $14.95
Kids Fitness: Games, Games and More Games! DVD $49.95
Kids' Fitness Workout DVD $49.95
Knot So Stressed DVD $49.95
Know Your Scopes DVD $49.95
Lactate Threshold: Best O2 Bang for Your Buck DVD $49.95
Latest Scoopandmdash;Sports Supplements, The DVD $49.95
Launch! Your Guide to Starting a Mind-Body Business DVD $49.95
Laws of Attracting the Inactive Population DVD $49.95
Laws of Member Connectionandmdash;Enrollment Through Lifetime Loyalty, The DVD $49.95
Leader of the Packandmdash;Steps to Building High-Performance Teams DVD $49.95
Leadership Isn't Rocket Science: 6 Ways to Boost Your Leadership IQ Book $14.95
Leadership Strategies for the 21st Century DVD $49.95
Leadership: Roles and Responsibilities DVD $49.95
Leading Change DVD $49.95
Lean Legs, Great Glutes DVD $49.95
Lean on Me Partner Workout DVD $49.95
Learn How to Get Free Press for Your Camp DVD $49.95
Learning from the Best: A Roundtable Discussion with the 2010 NAYS Award Winners DVD $49.95
Legal Standards and Guidelines for Fitness Professionals DVD $49.95
Legends of Fitness: The Forces, Influencers, and Innovations That Helped Shape the Fitness Industry Book $34.95
Let's Roll DVD $49.95
Life Happensandmdash;With or Without You! DVD $49.95
Life Success for Kids! Strategies for Conquering the Childhood Obesity Epidemic DVD $49.95
Lifestyle Medicine: Tools for Promoting Healthy Change, A Focus on Coaching DVD $99.95
Lighting the Fire Within: Motivational Strategies for Building a Strong Team DVD $49.95
Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Exercise DVD $49.95
Living Your Dream: Opening a Financially Successful Fitness Business Book $39.95
Lost and Found in the Grocery Store DVD $49.95
Low-Back Pain: Prevention and Intervention DVD $49.95
Lower-Body Functional Training DVD $49.95
Lower-Body Power for Hockey Performance: Legs and Core DVD $49.95
Lower-Body Stretches DVD $49.95
Lower-Body Water Exercise Progressions DVD $49.95
Lower-Extremity Rehabilitation: Training Around the Injury DVD $49.95
Lymphatic Facilitation for Upper-Extremity Injuries DVD $49.95
Magic of Teamwork, The DVD $49.95
Maintenance: Take Your Facility Team to the Next Level DVD $49.95
Major Cardiac Risk Factor Screening and the Role of Exercise in Preventing CHD DVD $49.95
Major League Yoga DVD $49.95
Make Me an Offer I Can't Refuseandmdash;60 Strategies to Motivate Registration, Participation, and Action DVD $49.95
Make Your Pool the Center of Community Life DVD $49.95
Making Fun Out of Nothing at All: 101 Great Games That Need No Props (Second Edition) Book $19.95
Making Money at Small-Group and Partner Training DVD $49.95
Making Money in the Fitness Business Book $39.95
Making of OUR Warrior, The Book $24.95
Making Sense of the Sports-Food Scene DVD $49.95
Making the Science and Evidence Argument for Exercise is Medicine DVD $49.95
Making Your Front Desk Work for You and Your Customers DVD $49.95
Making Your Pilates Program Profitable DVD $49.95
Mambo Maniaandreg; DVD $49.95
Management Roles and Organizational Cultures DVD $49.95
Managing a Quality-Driven Business or Program DVD $49.95
Managing Heart Disease in a New Era DVD $49.95
Managing Musculoskeletal Inflammation: Current Understanding and Evidence-Based Practice DVD $49.95
Managing Risk in Tough Times (Corners You Must Not Cut) DVD $49.95
Managing Risk on the Water With Generation Me DVD $49.95
Managing Sports-Related Concussion in Youth and Adolescent Athletes DVD $49.95
Managing Stress DVD $49.95
Managing the Critically Injured Spine Athlete DVD $49.95
Managing the Sales Team and Process DVD $69.95
Managing With Intention DVD $49.95
Managing Your Camp in Today's Economic Times DVD $49.95
Managing Your Time Well DVD $49.95
Managing Youth Sports Concussions: Education Versus Legislationandmdash;Washington State Passes a New Law DVD $49.95
Manual Therapy Techniques: Theories Underlying the Techniques and the Evidence to Support DVD $49.95
Marathon Medicine: Reducing Adverse Outcomes DVD $49.95
Marketing for Success DVD $49.95
Marketing FUNdamentals: 101 No-Cost* Ways to Promote Recreation, Parks, and Play (*or practically free) Book $24.95
Marketing, Promotions, and Packages for Personal Trainers DVD $49.95
Mastering the Phone Interview DVD $49.95
Matters of the Heart: Adventures in Sports Medicine Book $19.95
Maximizing Member and Staff Retention DVD $49.95
Maximizing Revenue Per Member Through Strategy, Sales, and Service DVD $49.95
Maximizing Your Information Technology Efforts DVD $49.95
Measuring and Managing Profitable Group Fitness: The Key to Membership Retention DVD $49.95
Measuring Physical Activity in Youth DVD $49.95
Medical Fitness Association's Standards and Guidelines for Medical Fitness Center Facilities (Second Edition) Book $39.95
Medical Fitness: Past, Present, and Future DVD $49.95
Medical Preparedness and Emergency Planning in Action Sports - Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science DVD $49.95
Medical Wellness Forum DVD $99.95
Medicine Ball Rx: Plyometric Progressions DVD $49.95
Medicine Ball Training DVD $49.95
Medicine-Ball Conditioning for Kids of All Ages and Fitness Levels DVD $49.95
Medicine-Ball Madness DVD $49.95
Medicine-Ball Training DVD $49.95
Member Management Life Cycleandmdash;From Prospect to Member to Former Member, The DVD $49.95
Membership Sales: Maximum Performance Actualization DVD $49.95
Mental Toughness Training for Football: Maximizing Technical and Mental Mechanics Book $19.95
Mental Toughness Training for Volleyball: Maximizing Technical and Mental Mechanics Book $19.95
MET, The: Brief History, Current Uses and Concerns DVD $49.95
Metabolic Fat-Torching Protocols DVD $49.95
Metabolic Playground, The DVD $49.95
Metabolic Syndrome: What You Need to Know! DVD $49.95
Metabolic Training DVD $49.95
Metabolic Training for Results DVD $49.95
Metabolic Training: Sequencing Strategies DVD $49.95
Metabolic Training: The New Cardio Program DVD $49.95
Millennial Students: Using Technology to Teach and Assess Athletic Training Knowledge DVD $49.95
Mind-Body Exercise Research Review: Circa 2009 DVD $49.95
Miracle of Being a Woman, The: Fat Cells, Food Cravings, and the Five Stages of Female Passage DVD $49.95
Mobility and Stability Dim Sum DVD $49.95
Modernize Your Recreation Center for Today's Needs DVD $49.95
Moms in Motion Strength DVD $49.95
Monitoring Exercise Training DVD $49.95
Motivating Kids and Young Adults to Exercise DVD $49.95
Motivation and Adherence: Coaching the Whole Client DVD $49.95
Movement Triad, The DVD $49.95
Movements, Not Muscles: A Multi-Planar Approach to Training DVD $49.95
Moving Medical Fitness Beyond the Center Walls DVD $49.95
Multiple Generations of Athletic Trainers: Implications for Clinical Education DVD $49.95
Multiple Intelligences DVD $49.95
Muscle-TECH: Elastic Resistance DVD $49.95
Muscles and Movement in 3-D DVD $49.95
Musculoskeletal Evaluation of the Athlete: Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, and Shoulder DVD $49.95
Musculoskeletal Evaluation of the Athlete: Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, and Hand DVD $49.95
Musculoskeletal Evaluation of the Athlete: Knee, Leg, Ankle, and Foot DVD $49.95
Musculoskeletal Evaluation of the Athlete: Lumbar Spine, Hip, and Pelvis DVD $49.95
Must-Have Marketing Toolbox, The: Tips, Tricks and Tangible Tools Anyone Can Use to Get Better Results DVD $49.95
Myofascial Matrix DVD $49.95
Myofascial Release: The Key to Eliminating Pain and Dysfunction DVD $49.95
MySpace is Now Our Space: How Camps Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage DVD $49.95
Myths and Realities of Stretching, The DVD $49.95
N.E.A.T. Freak's Guide to Burning Calories, The DVD $49.95
Naked Athleteandmdash; Body-Weight Training, The DVD $49.95
Naked Woman at My Door...and Why That's a Bad Thing: Lessons Learned in the Fitness Business From a Life on the Road Book $24.95
Namastandeacute; Yoga Flow DVD $49.95
Name That Energy System DVD $49.95
National Physical Activity Plan DVD $99.95
Negligence Lawsuits in the Health/Fitness Industry: Lessons from Litigation in How to Protect Yourself and Improve Client Safety and Satisfaction DVD $49.95
Neural Complexityandmdash;The New Overload Variable DVD $49.95
Neuroscience of Change, The: Getting the Best Results Ever! DVD $49.95
Never-Ending Looking Glass of Movement, The DVD $49.95
New Approach to Strength Training for Triathletes and Runners, A DVD $49.95
New Dietary Approaches for Enhanced Vascular Performance DVD $99.95
New Models to Study Gene Plasticity in Skeletal Muscle DVD $49.95
New Wellness Revolution, The DVD $49.95
New World of Digital Relationshipsandmdash;How It's Changing Your Campers and What To Do About It DVD $49.95
New Yoga, The: Movement Science + Spirituality DVD $49.95
New Yogaandndash;Pilates Blend, The DVD $49.95
Niaandreg; Techniqueandmdash;The Five Sensations of Feeling Fitness, The DVD $49.95
Nicki Anderson's Single-Step Weight Loss Solution: 101 No-Nonsense Tips for Healthy Living, Weight Loss, and a Diet-Free Life Book $19.95
No Bones About It! Osteoporosis Update DVD $49.95
No Member Left Behind: How to Sell Your Members What They Want, Packaged in What They Need, and Keep Them for Life DVD $49.95
No More Back Pain! Getting a Grip on the Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Girdle DVD $49.95
No Pains, Big Gains! DVD $49.95
Non-Sales Professional's Guide to Selling Club Services and Products DVD $69.95
NSCA Advanced Periodization Symposium DVD $149.95
NSCA Endurance Training Symposium DVD $149.95
NSCA Lifting for Power Symposium DVD $149.95
NSCA Plyometrics, Speed, and Agility Symposium DVD $149.95
NSCA Strength and Conditioning Methods Symposium DVD $149.95
NSCA Training for Hockey Symposium DVD $149.95
NSCA Weight Training Essentials Symposium DVD $149.95
NSCA Youth Fitness Symposium DVD $149.95
Nutrition and Metabolism in Individuals With Special Needs DVD $99.95
Nutrition and Obesity Trends DVD $49.95
Nutrition for Optimal Performance DVD $49.95
Nutrition for the Female Athlete DVD $49.95
Nutrition for the Long Run DVD $49.95
Nutrition for the Mature Adult DVD $49.95
Nutrition for the Track and Field and Cross Country Athlete DVD $40.00
Nutritional Immunity for the 21st Century DVD $49.95
Nutritional Supplements DVD $49.95
Nuts and Bolts of Business Ownership, The DVD $49.95
Obesity and the Metabolic Syndromeandmdash;Approaches for Prevention DVD $49.95
Obesity and the Relative Role of Exercise and Genetics DVD $49.95
Obesity Epidemic, The: Fact or Fiction? DVD $49.95
Obesity in Children: Tackling a Growing Problem DVD $49.95
Obesity Paradox, The: Is It Time For A Paradigm Shift In Obesity Treatment DVD $99.95
Occupational Stress: Understanding the Basics DVD $49.95
Off-Center Ball Training DVD $49.95
Off-Season Resistance Training for Football DVD $40.00
Office-Based Physical Activity Promotion: Current Evidence, Future Directions DVD $99.95
Older Adults: A Multitude of Modifications DVD $49.95
Olympic Lifting for the Female Athlete DVD $40.00
Olympic Weightlifting Movements for Youth DVD $49.95
On Target Staff Evaluations DVD $49.95
One-on-One Partner Training DVD $49.95
Online Evaluation Schemas for Athletic Training Clinical Education DVD $49.95
Operational Self-Sufficiency: Is This a Realistic Goal for Your Center? DVD $49.95
Optimal Performance Bodywork and Flexibility: Secrets to Improved Performance DVD $49.95
Optimal Workouts Need Optimal Recovery DVD $49.95
Optimizing Strength Training to Maximize Volleyball Performance DVD $49.95
Out to Lunchandmdash;Eating in Restaurants DVD $49.95
Out-of-the "Box" DVD $49.95
Outcomes from the 2010 Team Physician Consensus Conferenceandmdash;Selected Issues for Nutrition and the Athlete: A Team Physician Consensus Statement DVD $49.95
Outcomes in Faith-Based Camping DVD $49.95
Outdoor Recreation: Creating Quality Programs DVD $49.95
Outdoor Recreation: Understanding Quality Programming DVD $49.95
Outrageous Customer Service DVD $49.95
Pacing Strategy: The Unexplored Territory in Sport Science DVD $49.95
Pain in the Butt, A: Evidence-Based Approach to the Evaluation and Management of Gluteal Region Pain DVD $99.95
Parkinson's Disease: Exercise to Enhance Quality of Life DVD $49.95
Partner and Small-Group Training DVD $49.95
Partner Medicine-Ball Training DVD $49.95
Partner Play: Assist and Resist DVD $49.95
Partner Play: Game On! DVD $49.95
Partner Training With Tubes and Balls DVD $49.95
Partner Tubing DVD $49.95
Partner Yoga DVD $49.95
Partners in Health: Compelling Strategies for Corporate Wellness DVD $49.95
Partnerships Are Good for Business DVD $49.95
Passive Stretching Techniques DVD $49.95
Peak Conditioning Training for Softball Book $19.95
Peak Conditioning Training for Volleyball Book $19.95
Peak Conditioning Training for Young Athletes Book $19.95
Peak Performance and Well-Being: Positive Psychology in Action DVD $99.95
Performance Nutrition for Teen Athletes DVD $49.95
Performing Olympic-Style Lifts DVD $49.95
Periodization for Everyone DVD $49.95
Periodization Training for Distance Runners DVD $49.95
Permission to Eat for Energy DVD $49.95
Personal Trainer v2.0andmdash;Changing Your Business Model DVD $49.95
Personal Trainer's Business Survival Guide, The Book $19.95
Personal Trainer's Guide to Developing Unsurpassed Customer Service, A DVD $49.95
Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Maximizing Your Income as a Personal Trainer Book $19.95
Personal Trainers: The Next Step in Disease Management DVD $49.95
Personalized Pool Training DVD $49.95
Personalizing Small-Group Training DVD $49.95
Perspectives on Correct Approaches to Conditioning Athletes DVD $49.95
Physical Activity and Lifestyle Intervention for the Severly Obese DVD $99.95
Physical Activity and Mental Health DVD $99.95
Physical Activity Promotion in Business and Industry: Evidence, Context, and Recommendations for a National Plan DVD $49.95
Physical Activity Recommendations for Youth: What Fitness Professionals Should Know DVD $49.95
Physical Activity Research on a Budget: Free Data Sources for Epidemiologic Studies DVD $49.95
Physical Activity, Health, Health Care Reform, and Lifestyle Reform Revisited DVD $49.95
Physical Activityandmdash;Why It's So Difficult to Shift the Population Needle DVD $49.95
Physical Conditioning for Cheerleaders DVD $40.00
Physioball DVD $49.95
Physioball Core, Flexibility, and Functional-Strength Exercises for Seniors DVD $49.95
Physiological Screening Test (PST) Manual for Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating Among Female Collegiate Athletes Book $39.95
Physiological Secrets of Distance Running DVD $49.95
Physiological Testing of the Athlete: Applications and Limitations DVD $49.95
Physiology Storybook, The: An Owner's Manual for the Human Body Book $39.95
Pilates 50/50 DVD $49.95
Pilates Alphabet DVD $49.95
Pilates Chair: Challenging the Core Book $19.95
Pilates Mat Training: A Guide for Fitness Professionals from the American Council on Exercise Book $14.95
Pilates Mat With Props DVD $49.95
Pilates, Biomechanics, and Reality DVD $49.95
Pilates-Based Sculpting Techniques DVD $49.95
Pilates: Using Small Props for Big Results Book $19.95
Pitching Athlete, The: Assessment of Mechanics, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation DVD $49.95
Play It, Measure It: Experiences Designed to Elicit Specific Youth Outcomes Book $24.95
Play, Passion, and Profit: The Winning Formula for Designing Youth Athletic Programs DVD $49.95
Playing Well with Othersandmdash;The Challenge of Combination Recreation/Athletic Facilities on Smaller College Campuses DVD $49.95
Plyometrics and Agility Circuits for Football DVD $40.00
Plyometrics for the Strength-Power Athlete DVD $49.95
Pool Circuits for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Pools: A Gift for the Ages DVD $49.95
Popular Diets: Promises and Pitfalls DVD $49.95
Positive Steps to Improved Teamwork DVD $49.95
Positive Words Produce Powerful Results DVD $49.95
Postpartum Recovery Techniques and Exercises DVD $49.95
Postural Integrity: Training the Athlete's Core DVD $40.00
Postural Programming for the New Millennium DVD $49.95
Postural Re-Education for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Postural Relationships to Athletic Injuries: Pilates as Prevention DVD $49.95
Posture Analysisandmdash;From Head to Toe DVD $49.95
Potentially Dangerous Exercises: Injury Prevention DVD $49.95
Power Developmentandmdash;Not Just for Athletes Anymore! DVD $49.95
Power Eating DVD $49.95
Power of Body Awareness to Diminish Chronic Pain DVD $49.95
Power of Integrity in the Maturing Personal Training Profession, The DVD $49.95
Power of One! Performance That Will Make the World of Difference to Your Personal Training Business, The DVD $49.95
Power of Partnershipandmdash;Successfully Integrating Special Needs Campers, The DVD $49.95
Power of Positive Training DVD $49.95
Power of Their Camp Experience: Designing Staff Training to Meet The Developmental Needs of Your Staff DVD $49.95
Power of You!, The DVD $49.95
Power Revolution, The: A Sports Performance Guide to Achieving Maximum Power Book $21.95
Power Training for Older Adult Function DVD $49.95
Power Vinyasa for Functional Fitness Yoga DVD $49.95
Power Yoga for Fitness Professionals DVD $49.95
Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Field Hockey DVD $40.00
Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Soccer DVD $40.00
Powerful Teaching: Dance-Inspired High-Low DVD $49.95
Powerful Teaching: Group Strength Foundations DVD $49.95
Powerful Teaching: Group-Ex Essentials DVD $49.95
Powerful Teaching: Step Choreography DVD $49.95
Practical Applications of the ACSM Metabolic Calculations DVD $49.95
Practical Approach to Posture Re-Education DVD $49.95
Practical Approach to the Throwing Athlete "Beyond the Shoulder", A DVD $49.95
Practical Exercises for Sedentary Seniors DVD $49.95
Practical Rx Options for Difficult Muscular and Tendon Injuries: Stretching to Surgery DVD $99.95
Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness: A Guide for Fitness Professionals from the American Council on Exercise Book $14.95
Pre- and Post-Natal Mat Workshop DVD $49.95
Pre-Exercise Screening for Health/Fitness Facilities DVD $49.95
Pre-participation Screening for Injury Prevention DVD $49.95
Predictors of Exercise Compliance: Strategies to Improve Adherence to Exercise Programs DVD $49.95
Prenatal Fitness: Trimester Training Strategies DVD $49.95
Prepare for Tripping DVD $49.95
Preparing an On-the-Field Emergency Plan DVD $49.95
Preventing Anabolic Steroid Use DVD $49.95
Preventing and Managing Common Running Injuries DVD $49.95
Preventing Eating Disorders in Teen Athletes DVD $49.95
Preventing Environmental Heat Illnesses DVD $49.95
Prevention of Running Injuries: An Evidence- Based Review DVD $49.95
Pricing Your Services DVD $49.95
Principles for Personal Trainers: 88 Essential Rules for Excellence Book $19.95
Productive Performance Appraisals DVD $49.95
Programming Excellence DVD $49.95
Programming for All DVD $49.95
Programming Recovery Intervals During Resistance-Exercise Workouts DVD $49.95
Programming Success for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Progression Pyramid, The DVD $49.95
Progressive Pilates DVD $49.95
Progressive Reformer Flow With Props DVD $49.95
Project Butterfly (3rd ed) Book $20.95
Project Butterfly Workbook (3rd ed) Book $19.95
Proper Technique in Administering a Stress Test DVD $49.95
Proven Programs That Profit Your Club DVD $49.95
Psychological Strategies for Effective Weight Management DVD $49.95
Psychology of Exercise Adherence DVD $49.95
Psychology of Membership and Personal-Training Sales, The: Breaking Down the Barriers! DVD $49.95
Psychology of Weight Loss, The DVD $49.95
Pumping Nothing DVD $49.95
Pure Dance Aerobics DVD $49.95
Raising Fit Kids DVD $49.95
Raising Recession Proof Kids DVD $49.95
Raising the Bar in Activity Instruction DVD $49.95
Raja Yoga: The Authentic Yoga Practice DVD $49.95
Rapid Growth of Medical Spas and the Impact on the Fitness Industry, The DVD $49.95
Reaching a Higher Level: "Level 5" Lifeguard In-Service Training DVD $49.95
Reaching Higher Ground: The Advanced Pilates Repertoire DVD $49.95
Reaching Out to the Inactive: Talking Them Off the Couch DVD $49.95
Reaching Today's Athletic Training Students Through an Effective Academic Advising Program DVD $49.95
Readiness Screening for Physical Activity DVD $49.95
Real Dealandmdash;Functional Anatomy, The DVD $49.95
Real Obesity Treatment: How a Medical Setting Defies Convention DVD $49.95
Realignment of the Chakras Through Movement DVD $49.95
Reality of the Calorie, The DVD $49.95
Reality TV to Real Life: Nutrition and Exercise Strategies for Kids DVD $49.95
RealRyder Indoor Cycling Certified Instructor Training Manual Book $49.95
Recent Advances in the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease DVD $49.95
Recognizing Disordered Eating and Harmful Weight Control Practices Among Military Personnel DVD $49.95
Reconnecting Children and Nature: New Tools and Strategies for the Camp Community DVD $49.95
Recreation Center Success Through Smart Partnerships DVD $49.95
Recruiting, Preparing, and Retaining Quality Athletic Trainers: A Guide to Understanding Professional Socialization DVD $49.95
Red Earth Wisdom Book $19.95
Reenergize Employees by Redefining Organizational Values DVD $49.95
Reformer as Functional Training DVD $49.95
Reformer Reformation DVD $49.95
Relational Aggression in Girlsandmdash;Bullying Behavior and What to Do About It DVD $49.95
Relational Aggression: Not Just a Girls Thing Any More DVD $49.95
Relaxation Techniquesandmdash;Relax Now DVD $49.95
Release, Align, Renew DVD $49.95
Research on the Core: Understanding the Basics DVD $49.95
Resident Outdoor Educationandmdash;The Next Generation: Re-Envisioning the Future of School Camping DVD $49.95
Resident Outdoor Environmental Education Book $24.95
Resist-A-Ballandreg; Boot Camp DVD $49.95
Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training DVD $49.95
Resistance Training for Health and Rehabilitation: A Physiological Perspective DVD $49.95
Resistance Training for the Management and/or Treatment of Chronic Diseases/Disorders DVD $49.95
Resistance Training in Cancer Survivors DVD $49.95
Resistance Training: Benefits, Rationale, Safety, and Prescription DVD $49.95
Resistance Training: Taking It to the Next Level DVD $49.95
Resource Optimization Through Contracting Services DVD $49.95
Restful and Restorative Poses DVD $49.95
Resting Metabolic Rate Debate, The DVD $49.95
Results-Driven Organizations Through Operational Planning DVD $49.95
Retail Medical Fitness: Delivering New Revenue, Members, and Outcomes DVD $49.95
Rethinking Healthcare in America: How the Health Club Can Expand the Healthcare Continuum DVD $49.95
Rethinking the Interview and Hiring Process DVD $49.95
Return to Play Dilemmas in Sports Medicine DVD $49.95
Review of Popular Weight-Loss Supplements, A DVD $49.95
Review of Protein Intake for Clients and Athletes DVD $49.95
Reward Your Staff and Everybody Wins DVD $49.95
REX Roundtables for Executives: Don't Compete, Change the Game DVD $59.95
Rhythms of the Drum DVD $49.95
Right Stuff, The: Finding, Interviewing, and Hiring Your Club's Most Valuable Resource DVD $49.95
Right-Brain Connection to Whole-Brain Management, The DVD $49.95
Risks of Exercise Training, The DVD $49.95
Risky Business: Risk Management Planning in Recreation and Sport DVD $49.95
Road to World-Class Success!, The DVD $49.95
Rockin' Senior's Circuit (Aqua) DVD $49.95
Role of Dietary Protein in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, The DVD $49.95
Role of Landscape Design in Promoting Environmental Stewardship at Camp, The DVD $49.95
Role of Metabolic Exercise Testing in Evaluating Exertional Dyspnea, The DVD $49.95
Role of the Exercise Professional With Post-Bariatric Surgery Patients, The DVD $49.95
Running a Personal-Training Business for Fun and Profit (and Incidentally Without Getting Sued) DVD $49.95
S.A.Q.andmdash;Speed, Agility, and Quickness for All Clients DVD $49.95
S.O.S. (Seniors on Strength) DVD $49.95
S.O.S. (Seniors On Strength)...The Sequel DVD $49.95
S.T.E.P. (Smooth Transitions With Extensive Progressions) DVD $49.95
Safe and Effective Resistance Training DVD $49.95
Safety Zone, The: Guidelines for Maintaining a Safe Environment When Working With Children DVD $49.95
Sales Training Details for Success DVD $49.95
Science and Practice of Body-Composition Assessment, The DVD $49.95
Science and Practice of Designing Exercise Programs for the Overweight and Obese Client, The DVD $49.95
Science and Practice of Exercise Prescription, The DVD $49.95
Science and Practice of Sound Ergonomics, The DVD $49.95
Scientific and Practical Aspects of Exercise Metabolism, The DVD $49.95
Scientific Basis of Core-Stability Training: Separating Fact From Fiction DVD $49.95
Scope of Practice...Where Fitness Ends and Nutrition Begins DVD $49.95
Screening for Sudden Death in Young Athletes: Performing the Preparticipation Cardiovascular Examination DVD $49.95
Second-Impact Syndrome: Myth or Reality? DVD $49.95
Secondary School Athletic Training: Building on Success DVD $49.95
Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success, The DVD $9.95
Secrets of Glute Training DVD $49.95
Secrets of Joint Mobility DVD $49.95
Selecting Outcome Measures for Patients Enrolled in Work Conditioning/Hardening Programs DVD $49.95
Self-Correcting Nature of Science, The DVD $49.95
Self-Esteem Through the Camp Experience: A Research Forum DVD $49.95
Self-Myofascial Releaseandmdash;Just What You Knead DVD $49.95
Selling Club Memberships DVD $69.95
Selling Club Services to Corporations DVD $69.95
Selling Physical Activity to a Sedentary World DVD $49.95
Sensational Stretching and Flawless Flexibility DVD $49.95
Seven Steps to Better Business Health for Your Club DVD $49.95
Seven Steps to WillPower, The DVD $49.95
Sex Differences in Human Thermoregulation: Implications for Athletes, Researchers, and Clinicians DVD $49.95
SharQuiandtrade;andmdash;A Belly Dance Boot Camp DVD $49.95
Shifting Perceptions of Personal Training DVD $49.95
Shifting the Focus from Sickness to Health DVD $49.95
Short Circuits DVD $49.95
Should Fitness Be Part of the Healthcare Continuum? DVD $49.95
Shoulder Solutions: Pre- to Post-Rehabilitation DVD $49.95
Sidestepping the Mistakes Most Fitness Managers Make DVD $49.95
Simple Solutions to Food Allergies and Special Diets DVD $49.95
Simplicity Behind Improving Patient Care, The DVD $49.95
Singing Together Book $29.95
Six Components to Highly Effective Health Clubs DVD $49.95
Skill of the Day: What Great Leaders of Young People Do and Say Book $54.95
Slow Component of VO2 Kinetics, The: Mechanistic Bases and Practical Applications DVD $99.95
Slow FIT: The New Medical and Posture Personalized Group Classes DVD $49.95
Small Ball Group Exercise Workout DVD $49.95
Small Group Trainingandmdash;Something for Everyone! DVD $49.95
Small Groupandmdash;Big Results DVD $49.95
Small-Group Training Makes Worksite Wellness Sense DVD $49.95
Small-Group Training: A Win-Win! DVD $49.95
Smart Money Management in Tough Times DVD $49.95
Smart Shopping and Food Preparation DVD $49.95
SMART Training: Vol. #1andmdash;The Business of Small-Group Training DVD $49.95
SMART Training: Vol. #2andmdash;Designs in Small-Group Training DVD $49.95
Smart Weight Loss Book $12.95
SMART Workout, The DVD $49.95
Sneaker Camp DVD $49.95
So You Want to Buy a Camp? DVD $49.95
Social Laddering and Social Cruelty Amongst Campers and Staff DVD $49.95
Socialization of Athletic Training Clinical Instructors DVD $49.95
Solutions for Improved Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Function DVD $49.95
Speak Success: The Art and Skill of Reaching an Audience DVD $49.95
Special Populations Programming: Reaching Out to Your Community DVD $49.95
Special Programs for Special Women: A Case Study Approach DVD $49.95
Specialized Strength Training: Winning Workouts for Specific Populations Book $19.95
Specificity of Training in the Water DVD $49.95
Speed and Explosive Training for Volleyball DVD $49.95
Speed and Power Drills for the Hurdles DVD $40.00
Speed and Power Drills for the Sprints DVD $40.00
Speed Training for Youth Football DVD $40.00
Speed, Agility, and Quickness for Hockey Performance DVD $49.95
Spirit and Success in Motion: A Celebration of Sports and Life Achievement of People with Disabilities DVD $99.95
Spirit of Camp, The: A Comprehensive Collection of Writings, Poems, Skits, Lyrics and Activities to Enhance Spiritual Programs for Resident Camping Book $25.99
Spirit of Leadership, The DVD $49.95
Sponsors: How to Get Your Foot in the Door DVD $49.95
Sport Ball Exercise Handbook, The Book $17.95
Sport Psychologist's Role at the Olympic Games, The: Mental Challenges for the Olympian DVD $49.95
Sport Psychology and Return to Play: Does the Head Lag Behind the Knee? (Or Vice Versa?) DVD $49.95
Sport Speed and Agility Training (Second Edition) Book $21.95
Sports Cardiology: Beyond Cardiovascular Screening and Resuscitation DVD $99.95
Sports Conditioning Trifectaandmdash;The Recipe for Winning!, The DVD $49.95
Sports Core: The Power Water Workout DVD $49.95
Sports Injury: Prevalence, Prevention, and Practice DVD $49.95
Sports Nutrition Essentials DVD $49.95
Sports Nutrition: Lessons from the Beijing Olympic Games DVD $99.95
Sports Star in 60 Minutes DVD $49.95
Sports Stretch With Resist-A-Ballandreg; DVD $49.95
Sports-Training Revolution, The DVD $49.95
Squat Progressions and Overhead Lift DVD $49.95
Squatology DVD $49.95
Squats and Lunges: Dispelling Myths Through Mechanics DVD $49.95
Stability Ball Training: A Guide for Fitness Professionals from the American Council on Exercise Book $14.95
Stabilityandndash;Mobility Relationship, The DVD $49.95
Staff Evaluations: College Entrance Exams or Antiques Road Show Appraisal DVD $49.95
Staff Retention: How to Satisfy Your Staff While Paying Attention to the Bottom Line DVD $49.95
Stairway to Functionality: Biomechanical and Kinesiological Assessment of the Spine and Extremities DVD $49.95
Start at the Top! Engaging Executives in Personal Wellness to Drive the Success of Worksite Health Promotion DVD $49.95
Starting Strong: Meeting With Campers DVD $49.95
Step Thrills and Body Barandreg; Drills DVD $49.95
Step! Crackle! Pop! DVD $49.95
Stepandmdash;From Mystery to Mastery DVD $49.95
Stop Assuming: Assess Your Wheelchair Athletes to Maximize Training DVD $49.95
Stop Costly Leads from Falling Through the Cracks: Let 21st Century Technology Increase Your Win Rate DVD $49.95
Straddling Disciplines: A Collaborative Model to Expand and Improve Collegiate Healthcare DVD $49.95
Strategic Philanthropy: The Business of Making a Difference DVD $49.95
Strategic Planning DVD $49.95
Strategic Planning for Club Owners and Managers DVD $49.95
Strategic Planning for Personal Training Managers DVD $49.95
Strategic Program Planning DVD $49.95
Strategic Resistance: Key to Mastering the Exercise Experience DVD $49.95
Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss DVD $49.95
Strategies for Socializing the Approved Clinical Instructor DVD $49.95
Strategies to Support Personalized Interventions in Women at Risk for Heart Disease DVD $49.95
Strength and Conditioning Games for Improved Fitness and Performance DVD $49.95
Strength and Conditioning Program Concepts for High School Student-Athletes DVD $49.95
Strength and Power: Weight Training for the Dynamic Athlete DVD $40.00
Strength in the Balance (A Stability Ball and Chi Ball Workout) DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Basketball DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Children DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Sedentary Adults DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Seniors DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Triathletes and Runners DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Women DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Your Yoga Practice DVD $49.95
Strength Training for Youth DVD $49.95
Strength Training Without Weights DVD $69.95
Strength Training Without Weights: Vol. #1andmdash;Upper-Body Exercises DVD $49.95
Strength Training Without Weights: Vol. #2andmdash;Lower-Body Exercises DVD $49.95
Strength Without Boundaries DVD $49.95
Strength-Ball Training DVD $49.95
Strength-Training Program Design (for Group Exercise) DVD $49.95
Stress Management for Body, Mind, and Spirit DVD $49.95
Stress Prevention and Management: A Guide to Easy Living DVD $49.95
Stretch Fusion: Core Work for Function (Water Fitness) DVD $49.95
Stretch Fusion: ROM and Core Training (Water Fitness) DVD $49.95
Stretching "Sole-utions" for the Upper and Lower Body DVD $49.95
Stretching and Exerciseandmdash;The Truth! DVD $49.95
Stretchingandmdash;Understanding the Basics DVD $59.95
Strike! Interval Kickboxing Workout DVD $49.95
Styrofoam-Roller Training Progressions DVD $49.95
Success Perfect Book $24.95
Success Rules for Womenandmdash;10 Strategies to Reach Your Business Goals DVD $49.95
Success Through Participation DVD $49.95
Successful Interventions to Prepare for Promotion and Tenure That Are Not Taught in Graduate School DVD $49.95
Sugar Sabotage! DVD $49.95
Summer Camp Rules! Thirty Years of Practical Wisdom from Bob Ditter Book $19.95
Sun Salutations: Blending Yoga Forms DVD $49.95
Support and Strengthen Your Immune System DVD $49.95
Surgery and Diabesity: Square Peg, Round Hole DVD $49.95
Surviving Russia Book $19.95
Survivor-Athletic Training Educator: Keys to Success in the World of College/University Faculty DVD $49.95
Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) DVD $49.95
Sustainability and Trajectories of Physical Function in Older Cancer Survivors DVD $99.95
Swedish Massage Technique: Therapeutic Applications DVD $49.95
Synergy Circuit DVD $49.95
Systematic Approach to Hiring Employees, A DVD $49.95
Systematic Approach to Retaining Employees, A DVD $49.95
T'ai Chi for Health and Fitness DVD $74.95
T'ai Chi for Health and Fitness: Vol. #1andmdash;Introduction to T'ai Chi DVD $49.95
T'ai Chi for Health and Fitness: Vol. #2andmdash;Basic Exercises DVD $49.95
T'ai Chi for Health and Fitness: Vol. #3andmdash;Simplified Short Form DVD $49.95
Tai Chi Fitness DVD $49.95
Tai-Chi-C! DVD $49.95
Take the Curl Out! DVD $49.95
Take Your Camp's Health Preparedness Pulse DVD $49.95
Take Your Offline Presence Online! DVD $49.95
Taking Back Control of Your Athletic Training Practice DVD $49.95
Taking the Lead in the Media: How Camps and Camping Can Shape Their Public Image DVD $49.95
Taming Workplace Bullies DVD $49.95
Tap Into Your "Fat Burn" DVD $49.95
Targeting the Hip: Strengthening the Hip for Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome DVD $49.95
Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine DVD $49.95
Teaching Evidence-Based Practice Strategies to Undergraduate Athletic Training Studentsandmdash;Where Do We Start? DVD $49.95
Teaching Exerciseandmdash;Critical Skills for Personal Trainers DVD $49.95
Teaching Injury Prevention Concepts in an EBP Framework DVD $49.95
Teaching Multi-Joint Strength Exercises: Squats, Pulls, and Presses DVD $49.95
Teaching Olympic-Style Exercises DVD $49.95
Teaching Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Techniques DVD $49.95
Teaching Rejuvenating Yoga DVD $49.95
Teaching Restorative Yoga DVD $49.95
Teaching the Explosive Lifts DVD $69.95
Teaching the Olympic Lifts DVD $49.95
Teaching Thinking and Thinking Teaching: Clinical Reasoning in Athletic Training Education DVD $49.95
Teaching Weightlifting Movements DVD $49.95
Technological Innovation and the Fitness and Wellness Industry: Predicting the Impact DVD $49.95
Teenage Brain, The: A Work in Progress DVD $49.95
Ten Games That Every Camp Counselor Should Know! DVD $49.95
Testing and Evaluating Strength DVD $69.95
Testing and Evaluating Strength in Non-Athletes DVD $49.95
That's Not Cardio...Is It? DVD $49.95
Therapists and Trainers: Bridging the Gap DVD $49.95
Thoracic Spine Asymmetries: Assessment, Intervention, and Why It Is Important DVD $49.95
Threshold Metabolic Training (for Cycling) DVD $49.95
Tier Strength Training System, The DVD $49.95
TLC: Tendon, Ligament, and Cartilage Movement for Older Adults DVD $49.95
To Stretch or Not to Stretch: The Role of Stretching in Injury Prevention and Performance DVD $49.95
To Tell the Truth Book $19.95
TOMAandmdash;Marketing Magic for Your Small Business DVD $49.95
Tools for Training the Torso DVD $49.95
Tools to Improve ANY Youth Sports Programandmdash;Thanks to the U.S. Military DVD $49.95
Top 10 Corrective Exercises, The DVD $49.95
Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Diet DVD $49.95
Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2010! DVD $49.95
Top 40 Exercises for Training the Four Pillars DVD $49.95
Top Ten Staff Energizers DVD $49.95
Top Toning With Tubing DVD $49.95
Topless Step DVD $49.95
Total Basketball Fitness Book $21.95
Total Body Exercises with Dumbbells DVD $49.95
Total Body Fitandmdash;Tubing Challenge! DVD $49.95
Total Soccer Fitness Book $19.95
Total-Body Conditioning DVD $49.95
Total-Body Conditioning with Implements DVD $49.95
Total-Body Workout for Football DVD $59.95
Tough Competition: Smart Money in Challenging Times DVD $49.95
Traditional Aerobics and Step Training Book $19.95
Train the Joes Like the Pros DVD $49.95
Train the Joes Like the Pros 2010 DVD $49.95
Train Your Trainers DVD $49.95
Trainer's Toolbox: Exercise Complexity DVD $49.95
Training (and Retaining) Beginners DVD $49.95
Training 24-7? How to Increase Your Profit Potential! DVD $49.95
Training and Coaching Partnership, The DVD $49.95
Training for the Sport of Motherhood DVD $49.95
Training Issues and Solutions for Older Adults DVD $49.95
Training Pregnant Clients DVD $49.95
Training Smandouml;rgÄsbord: Staff Orientation Ideas Fresh From the Oven DVD $49.95
Training the Impingement Client DVD $49.95
Training the Lower Body for Football DVD $49.95
Training the Pregnant and Postpartum Client DVD $49.95
Training the Trainers: What Do Your Personal Trainers Need to Learn? DVD $49.95
Training Times Twoandmdash;Partner Training DVD $49.95
Transformational Postural Conditioning DVD $49.95
Transitioning from Trainer to Manager DVD $49.95
Treating and Preventing Back Pain DVD $49.95
Treatment and Rehabilitation of the High Ankle Sprain DVD $49.95
Treatment of Acute Spondylolysis: Current Trends and Controversies DVD $99.95
Trends in Medical Nutrition DVD $49.95
TRIADBALLandtrade; and the Meridian Workout, The DVD $49.95
Triangle of Successandmdash;Sales, Marketing, Retentionandmdash;for the Independent Operator, The DVD $49.95
Triathlon Trainingandmdash;Conquering the Triple Challenge DVD $49.95
Tricks, Toys, and Advanced Variables in Strength Training DVD $49.95
Triple Play: Aquatic Total-Body Conditioning DVD $49.95
Triple Threat DVD $49.95
Triple Training DVD $49.95
TRUTH About Core Training, The DVD $49.95
TRXandreg; Suspension Training Techniques for Functional Strength, Core Conditioning, and Flexibility DVD $49.95
Try Fitness First Book $19.95
Tubing U: Partner Training With Tubing DVD $49.95
Turning Negative Stress Into Positive Habits DVD $49.95
Twenty Fun Energizer Games for Kids DVD $49.95
Two-Way Street, A: Reciprocity for a Successful MES Program DVD $49.95
U.S. Initiatives for Physical Activity: How Do We Put Them All Together? DVD $49.95
Ultimate Career Skills for Fitness Professionals DVD $49.95
Ultimate Program Designandmdash;Upper Body and Core DVD $49.95
Ultimate Roadmap to Achieving Your Dreams, The: A Handbook for Coaches and Leaders Book $19.95
Ultimate Six DVD $49.95
Uncovering and Utilizing Organizational Culture to Change Your Clinical Practice DVD $49.95
Understanding Aerobic Programming Basics DVD $49.95
Understanding Anabolic Steroid Use DVD $49.95
Understanding and Being Prepared for a Decade of Change DVD $99.95
Understanding and Promoting Youth Physical Activity DVD $49.95
Understanding and Utilizing Best Practice Strategies for Facilitating Online Learning DVD $49.95
Understanding Exercise Purpose and Progressions DVD $49.95
Understanding Leadership Styles DVD $49.95
Understanding Nutritional Basics: Ideas, Insights, and Information DVD $49.95
Understanding the Bottom Line: Creating Financial Awareness DVD $49.95
Understanding the Millennial Generation: Current Perspectives and Learning Strategies DVD $49.95
Understanding the Role of Exercise and Back Pain DVD $99.95
Understanding Waivers DVD $49.95
Unique and Powerful Coach/Client Relationship, The DVD $49.95
Unique Challenges for Increasing Physical Activity Among Minority Children DVD $99.95
Universal Keys to an Extraordinary Businessandmdash;The Importance of Great Customer Service! DVD $49.95
Universal Keys to Business Success DVD $49.95
Universal Secrets to Client Retention DVD $49.95
Unlocked and Unloadedandmdash;Multiplanar Movement DVD $49.95
Up, Down and All Around (Step) DVD $49.95
Upper-Body Exercise Techniques DVD $49.95
Upper-Body Functional Training DVD $49.95
Upper-Body Power for Hockey Performance DVD $49.95
Upper-Body Stretches DVD $49.95
Upper-Body Water Exercise Progressions DVD $49.95
Use It or Lose It: How We Get to Be Who We Are DVD $49.95
Use of a Web-Based Computer Examination in Athletic Training Courses, The DVD $49.95
Using ACSM's Metabolic Equations DVD $49.95
Using Brain Research to Create Worktopiaandtrade; DVD $49.95
Using Games and Puzzles as Teaching Tools to Enhance Athletic Training Student Learning and Retention DVD $49.95
Using Progressive Disclosure Problem-Based Learning in Athletic Training Education DVD $49.95
Using Sports Science as a Coaching Tool DVD $49.95
Using Structural Assessment and Movement Analysis to Design Better Exercises DVD $49.95
Using Technology to Promote and Perform Exercise DVD $49.95
Using the Web to Interact with Parents, Campers, and Marketing DVD $49.95
Utilization of Transformational Leadership and Conflict Resolution to Foster Positive Working Relationships DVD $49.95
Utilizing Combination Lifts DVD $49.95
Utilizing Mobile Technology and New Media to Encourage Mobile Lifestyles DVD $49.95
Utilizing the Program Assessment Process DVD $49.95
Variable Resistance DVD $49.95
VBRandreg; (Values, Benefits, and Results)andmdash;Creating Demand for Your Personal-Training Business DVD $49.95
Vegecipes DVD $49.95
Vertical Core Training DVD $49.95
Vision Basics: Seeing Your Way to a Better Game DVD $49.95
Vital Anatomyandmdash;Functional Applications DVD $49.95
Vitamin D's Effects on Health and Physical Performance DVD $49.95
Vitamins: Understanding the Basics DVD $49.95
Viva Step Diva! DVD $49.95
VO2 Max and Exercise Tolerance DVD $49.95
VO2 max Distance Running Clinic DVD $99.95
Volunteer Development 101: Empowering Organizations to Work With Volunteers Book $19.95
Walking for Health and Fitness DVD $49.95
Water 4-1-1 DVD $49.95
Water Class Design DVD $49.95
Water Exercise Progressions DVD $69.95
Way of the Sherpa, The: Facilitating Subjective Wellbeing DVD $49.95
Ways to Finance Your Start-Up Health Club or Company's Expansion DVD $49.95
We Can't Afford to Be Color Blind: Challenges for Professionals of Color and Allies DVD $49.95
Weapons of Influence: Programming Your Members for Success DVD $49.95
Web Savvy, Online Marketing for Summer Camps DVD $49.95
Weighing the Truth About Exercise and Weight Control DVD $49.95
Weight Loss for Women DVD $49.95
Weight Loss: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why Diets Don't Work DVD $49.95
Weight Training With Non-Traditional Implements to Improve Athletic Performance DVD $49.95
Weight-Loss Wizardry: Can You Believe the Magic? DVD $49.95
What Is the Role of the Exercise Professional for Bariatric Surgery Patients? DVD $49.95
What Keeps You Awake At Night? Managing Legal Liabilities Facing Camps DVD $49.95
What the Hips Lack...Hurts the Back DVD $49.95
What Would You Do With $5,000? Promoting Real Change On a Real Budget DVD $49.95
What's New in the Food Industry DVD $49.95
When a Regression Is Really a Progression DVD $49.95
When School Makes You Worse: Academic Considerations in Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome Recovery DVD $49.95
Where Common Sense Meets Creativity DVD $49.95
Where Did That Member Go? Rediscovering the Lost Art of Member Service Book $39.95
Where Do I Start? The Trainer's Guide to Exercise Prescription DVD $49.95
Whole Body Vibration: Shaking out the Evidence DVD $99.95
Why Camp Staff Can't Help Gossiping and What We Can Do About It DVD $49.95
Why Reinvent the Wheel? Leave No Trace Success Stories From ACA Camps DVD $49.95
Why Stress Tests Fail DVD $49.95
Widening the Circle: Attracting Campers of Color to an Overnight Summer Camp DVD $49.95
Winning Words from Football Greats Book $19.95
Winning Words of Champions (2nd Edition) Book $19.95
Woman's Well-Being in Her "Prime Time", A DVD $49.95
Women and Physical Activity DVD $49.95
Women and the Lumbo-Pelvic Puzzle DVD $49.95
Women and Weight Loss DVD $49.95
Women and Weight Management: Long-Term Success DVD $49.95
Women and Weights: An Illustrated History DVD $49.95
Women Participating in Physical Activity: Injury Surveillance and Analysis DVD $99.95
Women's Health Across the Lifespan DVD $40.00
Women's Weight Lossandmdash;A Practical Approach DVD $49.95
Women, Metabolism and the Hormone Highway! DVD $49.95
Working Between the Lines DVD $49.95
Worksite Wellness 101: Fiscal Fitness DVD $49.95
Yo-Yo Dieting and Disease Risk DVD $49.95
Yoga and Meditation for Stress Relief DVD $49.95
Yoga and Yoga Stretches for Tennis DVD $40.00
Yoga for Cardiac Rehab DVD $49.95
Yoga for Cardiac Rehab (Modified Postures) DVD $49.95
Yoga for Football: Core Training DVD $40.00
Yoga for Football: Understanding the Basics DVD $40.00
Yoga for Injury Prevention DVD $49.95
Yoga for Runners DVD $49.95
Yoga for the Core DVD $49.95
Yoga for the Hips and Back DVD $49.95
Yoga I.S. andreg;: Teaching to Multiple Levels DVD $49.95
Yoga Therapy: The Shoulder Girdle DVD $49.95
Yoga-Core-Fusionandtrade; DVD $49.95
Yogaandmdash;A Powerful Tool for Metabolic Enhancement, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging DVD $49.95
YogaWorksandreg;: Hip Opening Flow DVD $49.95
You Turn to Fitness Book $19.95
You'll Poke Your Eye Outandmdash;Common Eye Injuries on the Field DVD $49.95
Young Athlete, The: Challenges of Growth, Development, and Society DVD $99.95
Young Supervisor's Guide to Communicating Effectively, The DVD $49.95
Young Supervisor's Guide to Understanding the Basics of Effective Supervision, The DVD $49.95
Your Camp's Bottom Line: Enrollment and Profitability DVD $49.95
Your CENTER MOVES You DVD $49.95
Your Club: The Place to Be on a Friday Night! DVD $49.95
Your Image, Your Success! DVD $49.95
Your Knees CAN Go Past Your Toes! DVD $49.95
Your Role as a Spiritual Leader for Your Campers DVD $49.95
Youth Strength Training: A Need, Not an Option DVD $49.95
Zero Carbon Footprint Recreation Center, The DVD $49.95
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