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Titles for Insight Media

"Takes" on Theater Dance for Dancers of All Levels DVD $119.00
"The Bet": Anton Chekhov DVD $179.00
200 Years of Mozart DVD $99.00
20th-Century Artistic Revolutions DVD $139.00
30 Greatest Orchestral Works, The DVD $519.00
38 Works by Eiko and Koma DVD $199.00
Accounting: Financial Budgets    -   Discontinued DVD
Accounting: Financial Stability    -   Discontinued DVD
ACE's Guide to Pilates Mat Training DVD $119.00
Achieving Choral Blend Through Standing Position DVD $109.00
Acid and Bases in the Home    -   Discontinued DVD
Acting for the Screen DVD $179.00
Acting Techniques of the Noh Theater of Japan DVD $189.00
Acting Techniques of Topeng: Masked Theater of Bali DVD $189.00
Actor's Journey, The: Larry Silverberg Teaches the Meisner Approach    -   Discontinued DVD
Actor's Technique, The DVD $179.00
Actor's Training Guide: For Actors and Directors DVD $149.00
Adler vs. Strasberg: The Great Controversy in American Acting DVD $199.00
Adolescence    -   Discontinued DVD
Adolescence, Food And Health    -   Discontinued DVD
Adult Learning: Inclusive Practices    -   Discontinued DVD
Adult Learning: Principles    -   Discontinued DVD
Adult Learning: Styles    -   Discontinued DVD
Adulthood    -   Discontinued DVD
Advanced Lifts for Partner Work DVD $119.00
Advanced Lighting Techniques DVD $159.00
African Culture: Drumming and Dance DVD $139.00
African-Haitian Dance Class: Dunham Technique    -   Discontinued DVD
Afro-Brazilian Theater of Olodum, The DVD $179.00
Against Bullying: Better Ways to Communicate    -   Discontinued DVD
Against Bullying: The Bystander    -   Discontinued DVD
Against Bullying: Understanding Bullying    -   Discontinued DVD
Aged Care and Cultural Diversity    -   Discontinued DVD
Aged Care: Communicating With Family and Carers    -   Discontinued DVD
Aged Care: Effective Wound Management    -   Discontinued DVD
Aimandeacute; Candeacute;saire: Poet and Statesman DVD $149.00
Ajuba Dance and Drama Company DVD $199.00
Alexander Technique DVD $99.00
Algebra: The Basics    -   Discontinued DVD
Algebraic Notation    -   Discontinued DVD
Alive and Kicking: Dance and Social Change andmdash; Victoria Marks's Not About Iraq DVD $349.00
Alive and Kicking: Eiko and Koma andmdash; Archaic Landscapes and the Power of Stillness DVD $499.00
Alive and Kicking: John Jasperse Company DVD $399.00
Alive and Kicking: Physical Theater andmdash; The Joe Goode Performance Group DVD $499.00
Alive and Kicking: Ron Brown DVD $269.00
All Systems Go Again!    -   Discontinued DVD
All Systems Go: Energy Systems of the Body    -   Discontinued DVD
Allergens And Food Safety    -   Discontinued DVD
America Dances! 1897-1948: A Collector's Edition of Social Dance in Film DVD $109.00
American Composers and Writers DVD $119.00
American Film Theater Collection 1, The DVD $149.00
American Film Theater Collection 2, The DVD $149.00
American Musical Theater Part 1: 1800's to 1960's, The DVD $139.00
American Musical Theater Part 2: 1970's, The DVD $139.00
American Roots Music DVD $89.00
American Theater Conversations: The Actors' Studio DVD $149.00
An Evening With Katherine Dunham DVD $189.00
An Introduction to the Skeleton    -   Discontinued DVD
Analyzing Physical Activity: The Learning of Skills    -   Discontinued DVD
Anatomy and Physiology: The Skeletal System DVD $319.00
Anatomy of the Foot DVD $179.00
Ancient Theaters of Greece and Rome DVD $159.00
Andrei Serban: Experimental Theater DVD $149.00
Anna Sokolow: Dreams DVD $159.00
Anne Troake DVD $179.00
Another Telepathic Thing    -   Discontinued DVD
Antigone DVD $179.00
Antigone: Analysis    -   Discontinued DVD
Apsaras: Cambodian Dance DVD $179.00
ARC: A Dance Trilogy DVD $139.00
Architecture And Design - Graphics Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Argentine Tango DVD $179.00
Art of Mixing, The DVD $109.00
Art of Persuasive Writing, The: Exploring Text Types    -   Discontinued DVD
Arthur Miller DVD $199.00
Artists in Exile DVD $159.00
Asian and Asian-American Perspectives on Modern Dance DVD $159.00
Aspects of 18th-Century Comedy DVD $189.00
Aspects of George Bernard Shaw DVD $149.00
Aspects of Peking Opera DVD $189.00
Aspects of the Classic Greek Theater DVD $189.00
Aspects of the Commedia dell'Arte DVD $189.00
At the Heart of Chamber Music DVD $99.00
Athletic Body in Balance DVD $109.00
Auditioning for Camera DVD $149.00
Auditioning for the Actor DVD $139.00
Auditioning: An Introduction DVD $179.00
Auditions and Insights With Terrence Mann DVD $109.00
August Wilson: The American Dream in Black and White DVD $169.00
August Wilson: Writing and the Blues DVD $139.00
Awakened Eye, The: A Video Introduction to the Principles of Modern Design DVD $109.00
Bacchae, The DVD $149.00
Backstage DVD $169.00
Baroque Dance Unmasked: Workshop to Performance DVD $119.00
Basic and Advanced Acting Techniques DVD $159.00
Basic Concepts Of Economics, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Basic Stage Makeup DVD $179.00
Basic Vocabulary for the Theater DVD $119.00
Basics of Directing for the Stage DVD $179.00
Beckett on Film DVD $179.00
Beginning Folk Dances With Phyllis Weikart DVD $179.00
Beginning Sewing Techniques DVD $109.00
Behavioral Interviewing    -   Discontinued DVD
Behind the Mask DVD $179.00
Bejart + Boulez = Ballet DVD $179.00
Bertolt Brecht DVD $139.00
Bessie: A Portrait of Bessie Schandouml;nberg DVD $149.00
Bigger Picture: Distributions, Variation, and Experiments    -   Discontinued DVD
Bill Moyers Journal: Choreographer Bill T. Jones and the Reimagining of Abraham Lincoln DVD $129.00
Bill T. Jones: Still/Here DVD $129.00
Bioethics    -   Discontinued DVD
Biofuels - Alternative Energy Supply    -   Discontinued DVD
Biomechanics    -   Discontinued DVD
Biomechanics of Muscle Contraction, The DVD $119.00
Biomechanics Of The Body    -   Discontinued DVD
Birth and Life of Opera, The DVD $169.00
Black Canvas: Sydney Dance Company and the Making of We Unfold DVD $169.00
Black Theater: Interviews DVD $199.00
Black Theater: The Making of a Movement DVD $199.00
Blacking Up: Hip-Hop's Remix of Race and Identity DVD $209.00
Blah, Blah, Blah: The Art of Public Speaking    -   Discontinued DVD
Blah, Blah, Blah: The Art of Public Speaking    -   Discontinued DVD
Blocking a Scene: Basic Staging With Actors DVD $179.00
Body Dance DVD $179.00
Body in Motion, The: An Introduction DVD $149.00
Body in Motion, The: Influences on Movement DVD $149.00
Body Language for Actors: Portraying Different Cultures DVD $199.00
Body Language: An International View DVD $149.00
Body Language: Beyond Words DVD $149.00
Bones of It, The: An Introduction to the Skeleton    -   Discontinued DVD
Book of Days DVD $139.00
Break a Leg! An Introductory Guide to Stage Directing DVD $109.00
Brecht Practice Pieces DVD $159.00
Brecht: A Man's a Man DVD $159.00
Bringing Music to Life DVD $99.00
Broadway Goes Hollywood: Musical Comedy in American Cinema DVD $169.00
Broadway! History of the Musical DVD $279.00
Buenos Aires: The Tango andmdash; One Hundred Years DVD $119.00
Building Bridges: The Physics of Construction    -   Discontinued DVD
Bunraku: Classical Japanese Puppet Art DVD $149.00
Bunraku: Masters of Japanese Puppet Theater DVD $169.00
Cambodian Royal Ballet DVD $159.00
Careers in the Music Industry DVD $129.00
Caring for the Frail and Immobile    -   Discontinued DVD
Carmen DVD $179.00
Casebook on Sanskrit Theater, A DVD $159.00
Celia Franca: Tour de Force DVD $358.00
Cellular Signalling    -   Discontinued DVD
Ceramics And Glasses    -   Discontinued DVD
Changing World of Food Packaging, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Chants Encounter DVD $169.00
Character Dance DVD $249.00
Characteristics and Properties of Food    -   Discontinued DVD
Characterization    -   Discontinued DVD
Characterization DVD $189.00
Chemistry Concepts: Atomic Structure, the Periodic Table, Limitations of Bonding Models    -   Discontinued DVD
Cherry Orchard, The DVD $99.00
Chicken: From Eggs to Takeaway!    -   Discontinued DVD
Child Drama and Dance Therapy DVD $119.00
Children and Dance DVD $189.00
Chinese Dances DVD $129.00
Chinese Dress and Adornments Through the Dynasties DVD $139.00
Chinese Instruments and Music DVD $109.00
Chinese Musical Instruments DVD $199.00
Chinese Opera DVD $109.00
Chinua Achebe: African Literature as Celebration DVD $169.00
Choral Rehearsal, The DVD $99.00
Chorus, The: A Union of Voices DVD $139.00
Christopher Marlowe Parables of Power: Tamburlaine and Dr. Faustus DVD $179.00
Circle in the Square: 25 Years DVD $149.00
Circles and Cycles: Kathak Dance DVD $179.00
Classical and Contemporary Persian Dances DVD $99.00
Classical Indian Dance: Two Bharatanatyam Dances DVD $159.00
Classical Training Applied to the Pop Voice DVD $99.00
Classics of Russian Literature DVD $379.00
Coach With the Six Insides, The DVD $159.00
Collaborative Choral Rehearsal, The: Inspiring Creative Musicianship DVD $109.00
Combat for the Stage and Screen DVD $509.00
Comedy DVD $189.00
Comme Toujours Here I Stand DVD $189.00
Commedia dell'Arte Hamlet, A DVD $139.00
Commedia dell'Arte: The Story, the Style DVD $169.00
Commodities: Milk    -   Discontinued DVD
Communicating in the Office    -   Discontinued DVD
Communication Skills for Nurses    -   Discontinued DVD
Competitive Edge, The DVD $99.00
Competitive Marketing in Tourism    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete Assaf Warm Up, The DVD $119.00
Complete Guide to Torso Training, A DVD $109.00
Composing DVD $129.00
Composition DVD $179.00
Conducting From the Inside Out DVD $109.00
Connect: Warm Up for Physical Activity DVD $249.00
Constriction and Release: The Techniques DVD $139.00
Contemporary Dance Class DVD $119.00
Contemporary Jazz DVD $109.00
Contemporary Persian Ballet 1 DVD $99.00
Contemporary Persian Ballet 2 DVD $99.00
Contemporary Turns and Jumps DVD $129.00
Conversation With Igor Stravinsky, A DVD $149.00
Conversation With Somerset Maugham, A DVD $149.00
Conversations With Playwrights: Arthur Miller and Israel Horovitz DVD $149.00
Coordination And Control Two: Plants    -   Discontinued DVD
Copyright 101: An Introduction to Copyright DVD $219.00
Copyrights DVD $109.00
Core-Ography DVD $119.00
Così Fan Tutte DVD $179.00
Costume Design DVD $179.00
Craft of Acting, The: Auditioning DVD $139.00
Creating Physical Theater: The Body in Performance    -   Discontinued DVD
Creative Rehearsal Techniques for Today's Choral Classroom DVD $109.00
Creative Team, The DVD $189.00
Creative Thinking Skills    -   Discontinued DVD
Critic's Corner, The: Why Should They Listen? DVD $119.00
Critic, The DVD $189.00
Cuban Dance Examples DVD $189.00
Cuban Rumba DVD $189.00
Cunningham Dance Technique: Elementary Level DVD $99.00
Cunningham Dance Technique: Intermediate Level DVD $99.00
Curriculum Connections: Using Music to Help Children Learn DVD $149.00
Customer Service    -   Discontinued DVD
Cut to the Core: Strengthening the Core DVD $109.00
Cutting It in Costume: Design and Wardrobe Management DVD $149.00
Cyber Safe - Identifying And Combating Cyber Bullies    -   Discontinued DVD
Cyberbullying: Identify, Understand, Prevent    -   Discontinued DVD
Cyclops, The DVD $149.00
Dalcroze Eurhythmics DVD $99.00
Dance and Trance of Balinese Children DVD $199.00
Dance as Art, Dance as Entertainment DVD $179.00
Dance Black America DVD $119.00
Dance Composition Basics: Capturing the Choreographer's Craft    -   Discontinued DVD
Dance Criticism DVD $189.00
Dance for Camera DVD $159.00
Dance for Camera: Anthology 1 DVD $149.00
Dance in Bali DVD $169.00
Dance Masterclass DVD $249.00
Dance Medicine DVD $109.00
Dance of the Spirits: Mask Styles and Performance    -   Discontinued DVD
Dance on Camera DVD $189.00
Dance On: Alvin Ailey DVD $189.00
Dance On: Alwin Nikolais DVD $189.00
Dance On: Ann Hutchinson Guest Part 1 DVD $189.00
Dance On: Ann Hutchinson Guest Part 2 DVD $189.00
Dance On: Anna Halprin DVD $189.00
Dance On: Anna Sokolow DVD $189.00
Dance On: Baird Hastings DVD $189.00
Dance On: Bill Evans DVD $189.00
Dance On: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen DVD $189.00
Dance On: David Parsons DVD $189.00
Dance On: Erick Hawkins DVD $189.00
Dance On: Eugene "Luigi" Louis DVD $189.00
Dance On: Gwendolyn Watson DVD $189.00
Dance On: Lois Silk DVD $189.00
Dance On: Reed Hansen DVD $189.00
Dance On: Sally Fitt DVD $189.00
Dance On: Vera Maletic DVD $189.00
Dance Rhythms of Africa DVD $169.00
Dance Technique of Lester Horton, The: An Advanced Beginners Class DVD $99.00
Dance the Gods Yearn to Witness, A: Bharatanatyam DVD $189.00
Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement DVD $119.00
Dance to Live: A Few Sketches DVD $249.00
Dance Umbrella DVD $189.00
Dance Units for Middle School DVD $119.00
Dance Works of Doris Humphrey, The: Ritmo Jondo/Day on Earth DVD $99.00
Dancer, The DVD $159.00
Dancers' Story, The: The National Ballet of Canada DVD $189.00
Dances of Southern India DVD $189.00
Dancetime! 500 Years of Social Dance DVD $109.00
Dancing Bodies DVD $109.00
Dancing in Water: The Making of River DVD $169.00
Dancing on the Edge DVD $269.00
Dancing the Big Apple, 1937: African Americans Inspire a National Craze DVD $89.00
Dancing With the Camera DVD $159.00
Daniel Nagrin, Dance Soloist: Spring '65 DVD $179.00
Darker Side of Black, The DVD $209.00
Date No Juyaku: Ten Roles of the Date Clan DVD $179.00
David Henry Hwang DVD $129.00
David Mamet DVD $159.00
David Mamet: The Playwright as Director DVD $149.00
Day at the Globe, A DVD $139.00
Death of a Salesman: Arthur Miller    -   Discontinued DVD
Death of a Salesman: Arthur Miller DVD $179.00
Decimals - The Accuracy Of Numbers    -   Discontinued DVD
Delirium, Dementia, and Depression    -   Discontinued DVD
Delivering Killer Monologues DVD $109.00
Depression: Understanding the Disease    -   Discontinued DVD
Deputy by Rolf Hochhuth, The DVD $149.00
Design of the Modern Theater, The: Adolphe Appia's Innovations DVD $169.00
Design Process, The - From Concept To Customer    -   Discontinued DVD
Design: All About Color DVD $129.00
Design: Understanding the Elements DVD $199.00
Design: Understanding the Principles DVD $199.00
Designing a Magazine    -   Discontinued DVD
Designing And Constructing A Kitchen    -   Discontinued DVD
Designing Rome and Egypt: Sets and Costumes in Antony and Cleopatra DVD $159.00
Determinants of Health    -   Discontinued DVD
Developing Functional Flexibility and Warm-Ups for All Athletes DVD $109.00
Developing Personal Values    -   Discontinued DVD
Developing Your Voice: Skills in Vocal Improvement DVD $159.00
Devising Work: The Great Deviser DVD $189.00
Diary of a Dancer DVD $189.00
Diet and Disease in Modern Society    -   Discontinued DVD
Directing Process, The DVD $149.00
Discovering American Indian Music DVD $109.00
Discovering Jazz    -   Discontinued DVD
Discovering the Music of India    -   Discontinued DVD
Discovering the Music of Japan    -   Discontinued DVD
Discovering the Music of the Middle East    -   Discontinued DVD
Distant Voices, Thunder Words    -   Discontinued DVD
Diversity Rules OK! - The Changing Nature Of Families    -   Discontinued DVD
Doctor Faustus DVD $159.00
Doing Great Research    -   Discontinued DVD
Doll's House, A DVD $139.00
Don Giovanni DVD $179.00
Donna Cerio's Ballet Technique With a Broadway Flare DVD $109.00
Doug Varone DVD $269.00
Douglas Rosenberg Video and Dance DVD $149.00
Douglas Rosenberg: Collected Video 1984-1988 DVD $149.00
Downtown Dance andmdash; New York Part 1 DVD $189.00
Downtown Dance andmdash; New York Part 2 DVD $189.00
Drama of Creation, The: Writers on Writing DVD $169.00
Drama/Comedy DVD $139.00
Drama: Warm Up and Improvisation DVD $179.00
Dramatic Actions: Caribbean Theater DVD $169.00
Dream Girls DVD $189.00
Drugs: Facts and Fiction    -   Discontinued DVD
Duchess of Malfi, The DVD $189.00
Duncan Dances DVD $189.00
E Business - Case Study    -   Discontinued DVD
Early Instruments DVD $119.00
Early Instruments DVD $119.00
East African Instruments DVD $159.00
Eating Disorders    -   Discontinued DVD
Edwardians and After (1901-1939), The DVD $129.00
Effective Wound Management    -   Discontinued DVD
Elements of Design and Principles of Design DVD $119.00
Elements of Music, The DVD $199.00
Elements of Theater DVD $119.00
Elizabeth Loftus: Eyewitness Testimony    -   Discontinued DVD
Elizabethans (1558-1603), The DVD $129.00
Emerging Tourism Markets in Australia    -   Discontinued DVD
Encountering Grief and Loss    -   Discontinued DVD
End-of-Life Care    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy Rules! - The Conservation Of Energy And Momentum    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy, Beauty, and Placement:The Qualities of Fine Singing DVD $99.00
Ensemble Building DVD $189.00
Environmental Issues in Food Production    -   Discontinued DVD
Environmental Trilogy DVD $179.00
Equal Temperament DVD $169.00
Essential Anatomy: A Multimedia Course CD-ROM $179.00
Ethics and Legal Concepts in Nursing: Consent    -   Discontinued DVD
Ethics and Legal Concepts in Nursing: Introduction    -   Discontinued DVD
Ethnic Dance Around the World DVD $119.00
Eugene O'Neill DVD $229.00
Euripides: Medea DVD $139.00
European Court Dancing: 12th-18th Century DVD $169.00
European Dance Theater DVD $109.00
Exercise Training Effects on Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow DVD $149.00
Exert Yourself: Careers in Sport and Recreation    -   Discontinued DVD
Experiential Anatomy in Dance Technique: Eight Skeletal Explorations DVD $119.00
Exploring Pathways in Hospitality and Tourism    -   Discontinued DVD
Exponents: We Are the Power    -   Discontinued DVD
Expressive Worship DVD $139.00
Face to Face: Guide to Performance Makeup DVD $149.00
Fairy Tale Text and Motif DVD $159.00
Fascia: The Rising Star in Human Movement DVD $119.00
Fashion Show Through History DVD $139.00
Fashion Through the Ages DVD $179.00
Fashionably F.I.T. DVD $189.00
Feldenkrais Method With Children Who Have Learning Disabilities, The DVD $119.00
Feldenkrais Method, The: Basic Lessons in Awareness Through Movement DVD $219.00
Film Acting DVD $179.00
Finishing and Painting Latex Masks DVD $149.00
First Aid One - Basic Life Support    -   Discontinued DVD
First Aid Two - Outdoor Injuries    -   Discontinued DVD
First Lesson: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique DVD $89.00
First Steps in Music DVD $119.00
Fitness and Vitality DVD $109.00
Fitness Professional's Guide to Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Human Movement DVD $119.00
Five Dance Films About Place DVD $159.00
Flags and Dance 2000 DVD $209.00
Flexibility/Mobility DVD $109.00
Floor-Barreandreg; Body Refinement DVD $99.00
Floor-Barreandreg; for Active Elders DVD $99.00
Floor-Barreandreg; for Everyone: For Body Alignment and Core Strength DVD $99.00
Floor-Barreandreg; for Professional Dancers and Other Athletes DVD $99.00
Floor-Barreandreg; Sculpting the Body DVD $99.00
Flow: Achieving Excellence Through Challenge DVD $119.00
Food for Special Occasions    -   Discontinued DVD
Food for Sports Performance    -   Discontinued DVD
For Dancers: The Alexander Technique DVD $129.00
Four Plays by Arthur Miller DVD $139.00
Fries With That? - The Overweight Epidemic    -   Discontinued DVD
From Africa to India: Sidi Music in the Indian Ocean Diaspora DVD $129.00
From Page to Stage: A Guide to Student Productions DVD $149.00
From the Studio to Your Stereo DVD $119.00
Fuji Musume: Kabuki Dance DVD $169.00
Functional Anatomy of the Core DVD $109.00
Functional Properties Of Food    -   Discontinued DVD
Fundamentals of Scenic Painting DVD $179.00
Gagaku: Music for Eternity DVD $169.00
Gene Technology    -   Discontinued DVD
General Office Skills    -   Discontinued DVD
Genes And Cloning    -   Discontinued DVD
Genres in Music: From Handel to Hip-Hop DVD $149.00
Geography Resources: Introducing Mapping Concepts    -   Discontinued DVD
Georges Bizet's Carmen: From the Royal Opera House DVD $199.00
German Lineage in Modern Dance: Wigman Through Nikolais DVD $109.00
German Theater of Protest: 1918-1938 DVD $149.00
German Theater: Brecht and Schiller DVD $159.00
Getting Along: Positive Communication    -   Discontinued DVD
Getting Your Kicks DVD $109.00
Gift of the Wali: The Gamelan Sekaten in Central Java DVD $139.00
Gil Roman and the Bejart Ballet Lausanne: Of Heart and Courage DVD $299.00
Gilbert and Sullivan: Instant Merriment DVD $199.00
Girls' Business - Friendship And Bullying In Schools    -   Discontinued DVD
Given to Dance: India's Odissi Tradition DVD $199.00
Global Tectonics: Competing Theories    -   Discontinued DVD
Global Warming - You Can Make A Difference    -   Discontinued DVD
Gods Are Laughing, The: Aristophanes, His Life and Theatre DVD $169.00
Gogol: "Diary of a Madman" DVD $149.00
Great American Music: Broadway Musicals DVD $259.00
Great Composers DVD $179.00
Greek Drama: From Ritual to Theater DVD $169.00
Greek Theater DVD $129.00
Groundwerx Dance Theatre DVD $189.00
Group Theatre, The DVD $149.00
Hamlet DVD $89.00
Hamlet: A Stagecraft Workshop DVD $159.00
Hamlet: The Royal Shakespeare Company Production Starring David Tennant DVD $169.00
Handling Food Safely    -   Discontinued DVD
Hanya Holm: A Retrospective DVD $199.00
Harold Pinter DVD $199.00
Head Lice Control    -   Discontinued DVD
Health Assessment in Nursing: Collecting Subjective Data    -   Discontinued DVD
Health Assessment in Nursing: Introduction    -   Discontinued DVD
Health In The Developing World: - The Impact Of Landmines, Water And Microfinance On Health    -   Discontinued DVD
Hedda Gabler DVD $169.00
Henrik Ibsen: The Master Playwright DVD $129.00
Henry IV, Part 1: Live From Shakespeare's Globe DVD $169.00
Henry IV, Part 2: Live From Shakespeare's Globe DVD $169.00
Henry VIII: Live From Shakespeare's Globe DVD $169.00
Heritage of Chinese Opera DVD $179.00
Heritage of Flamenco, The DVD $169.00
Hip Hop    -   Discontinued DVD
Hip-Hop    -   Discontinued DVD
Hip-Hop Beginner DVD $109.00
His and Hers: Gender and Sexuality    -   Discontinued DVD
Historical Dance: Baroque Era DVD $179.00
Historical Dance: Medieval Era DVD $179.00
Historical Dance: Renaissance Era DVD $179.00
History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance: From Street Culture to a Global Expression DVD $109.00
History of Bands in America, The DVD $149.00
History of Costume DVD $550.00
History Of Evolutionary Theory    -   Discontinued DVD
History of Folk Music DVD $169.00
History of Modern Dance DVD $229.00
History of Theater, The DVD $149.00
History of Vocal Teaching DVD $129.00
History of Vocal Teaching 2: Singing in English DVD $139.00
Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins: Tap Dance DVD $159.00
HOPSDance With Tyce Diorio and Krista Saab DVD $109.00
Housekeeping    -   Discontinued DVD
How Firm a Foundation: Stepping Stones to a Solid Philosophy of Music Education DVD $159.00
How Theater Began DVD $109.00
How to Attend a Concert DVD $109.00
How to Dance Through Time: The Majesty of Renaissance Dance DVD $109.00
How to Produce a Play DVD $179.00
Human Body: The Skeletal System DVD $119.00
Human Muscles DVD $119.00
Husk, Lament, and Undertow DVD $259.00
Ibsen: Ghosts DVD $179.00
Ibsen: Hedda Gabler DVD $159.00
Implementing A Food Safety Program - HACCP In The Workplace    -   Discontinued DVD
Impressionism in Art and Music DVD $139.00
Improving Your Speaking Skills DVD $139.00
Improvisation for the Theater DVD $129.00
In Search of Mozart DVD $249.00
In the Footsteps of the Famous Composers DVD $249.00
In the Steps of Shakespeare: London and Stratford 1564-1613 DVD $109.00
In-Tone Action: Improve Your Band's Tuning and Sound DVD $179.00
Individual Section Characteristics DVD $89.00
Infancy    -   Discontinued DVD
Infection Control in Healthcare    -   Discontinued DVD
Influences on Design    -   Discontinued DVD
Info Seeker: Methods For Successful Research - Research Skills Series One    -   Discontinued DVD
Information Report Writing Skills: Exploring Text Types    -   Discontinued DVD
Injury Prevention for Dancers DVD $189.00
Inner Game of Music, The DVD $139.00
Inside A Large Resort    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside a Recording Studio DVD $149.00
Instruments in the Classroom DVD $149.00
Instruments of the Orchestra DVD $109.00
Integers - The Whole Thing    -   Discontinued DVD
Integrating Music and Movement With Literacy DVD $139.00
Intellectual Property: Copyright and All That Jazz DVD $159.00
Intervals DVD $129.00
Interview Performance    -   Discontinued DVD
Interview Scenarios and Questions to Expect    -   Discontinued DVD
Introducing Financial Markets    -   Discontinued DVD
Introducing Textiles    -   Discontinued DVD
Introducing The Basics - At Your Service Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction to Design: Elements DVD $99.00
Introduction to Design: Principles DVD $99.00
Introduction to Electricity    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction to Perspective DVD $169.00
Introduction to Shakespeare DVD $179.00
Introduction to Stage Lighting: Concept, Planning, and Equipment DVD $189.00
Introduction to Stage Lighting: Rigging, Focusing, and Plotting DVD $189.00
Introduction to the Front Office and Reception    -   Discontinued DVD
Inversion of Intervals DVD $229.00
Investigating Food Preservation    -   Discontinued DVD
Investigating Our Health Status - Facts, Causes And Solutions    -   Discontinued DVD
Irish and Scottish Dance DVD $189.00
Is It a Mutation? No, It's an Interval Drill! DVD $159.00
Isadora Duncan Dance DVD $99.00
Isle of Temples: Bali DVD $109.00
It's A Blast! - Chilling And Freezing In Food Production    -   Discontinued DVD
Jathilan: Trance and Possession in Java DVD $199.00
Jay O'Callahan: A Master Class in Storytelling DVD $119.00
Jazz Changes DVD $179.00
Jazz Dance of Matt Mattox, The DVD $159.00
Jazz Dance, Impulse Jazz Company DVD $189.00
Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs DVD $109.00
Jazz x 3 DVD $109.00
Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski DVD $129.00
Jean Sabatine's Theater Jazz Dance Techniques DVD $189.00
Jerzy Grotowski DVD $159.00
Jerzy Grotowski: 1973 Interview DVD $149.00
Jo Kanamori Dance 1 DVD $169.00
Job Interview Secrets    -   Discontinued DVD
Johann Sebastian Bach DVD $129.00
Johannes Brahms DVD $149.00
Jonathan Miller's Opera Works DVD $249.00
Josandeacute; Limandoacute;n Technique DVD $99.00
Joseph Chaikin and the Open Theater DVD $149.00
Julie Taymor: Setting a Scene DVD $119.00
Kabuki Acting Techniques DVD $189.00
Kabuki Acting Techniques DVD $189.00
Kabuki Classics: Onoe Baiko VII in The Salt Gatherer DVD $149.00
Kabuki Dance: Musume Dojoji With Tamasaburo Bando DVD $169.00
Kabuki for the West DVD $199.00
Kabuki Techniques DVD $149.00
Kaeja d'Dance DVD $179.00
Kafka's The Metamorphosis: An Analysis DVD $169.00
Kagamijishi: Kabuki Dance DVD $169.00
Kalinka: A Character Dance Performance DVD $179.00
Kanjincho: The Subscription List DVD $179.00
Karya: Video Portraits of Four Indonesian Composers    -   Discontinued DVD
Keeping Safe Online    -   Discontinued DVD
Key Changes: History of Pop Music DVD $129.00
Key Changes: The Child's Singing Voice DVD $129.00
Key Signatures DVD $159.00
Knives Are Out, The - Using Kitchen Knives Correctly    -   Discontinued DVD
Kyogen Classic: Poison Sugar (Busu) DVD $179.00
La Bohandegrave;me DVD $179.00
La Manduacute;sica DVD $159.00
La Traviata DVD $179.00
Laban for Actors: The Eight Effort Actions DVD $199.00
Laban's Legacy DVD $159.00
Lady Windermere's Fan DVD $199.00
Lanford Wilson and Robert Patrick DVD $159.00
Last Dance DVD $159.00
Leading The Pack - Innovations In Food Packaging    -   Discontinued DVD
Legacy Project, The: Dramatists Talk About Their Work DVD $899.00
Legends of Tap DVD $119.00
Legends of the Indians DVD $639.00
Leningrad Legend, The DVD $189.00
Lester Horton Technique DVD $89.00
Lester Horton Technique: The Warm Up DVD $89.00
Let's Put on a Show! A Beginner's DVD Theater Workshop for Young Actors DVD $129.00
Lifts for Your Choreography DVD $99.00
Light 'Em Up DVD $119.00
Lights! Camera! Fashion! DVD $189.00
Limandoacute;n: A Life Beyond Words DVD $119.00
Lisa Popeil's "The Total Singer" DVD $109.00
Listen to the Silence: Rhythm in African Music DVD $299.00
Liturgical Dance DVD $189.00
Live Music Method and Seven Deadly Sins DVD $169.00
Living American Theater Dance DVD $119.00
Living Theatre, The DVD $149.00
Liz Lerman: The Shipyard Dance DVD $199.00
Looks Good Enough To Eat - Food Presentation    -   Discontinued DVD
Lysistrata: Female Power and Democracy DVD $149.00
Lysistrata: No Sex Without Peace DVD $149.00
Mabou Mines' Dollhouse DVD $169.00
Macbeth DVD $169.00
Macbeth: The Tragic Pair DVD $119.00
Macromolecules One - Carbohydrates, Lipids And Nucleic Acids    -   Discontinued DVD
Macromolecules Two - Proteins And Proteomics    -   Discontinued DVD
Madama Butterfly DVD $179.00
Major Scales DVD $159.00
Makers of Modern Dance in Germany, The DVD $109.00
Makeup Workshop, The DVD $149.00
Making Dances: Seven Postmodern Choreographers DVD $349.00
Making Music in the Classroom DVD $209.00
Making of a Monologue, The: Robert Wilson's Hamlet DVD $209.00
Making Your Presentation    -   Discontinued DVD
Man and Mask: Oskar Schlemmer and the Bauhaus Stage DVD $199.00
Managing Behaviors of Concern in the Elderly    -   Discontinued DVD
Marching Band, The DVD $139.00
Marching Excellence DVD $209.00
Maryse Condandeacute; Speaks From the Heart DVD $149.00
Massaging the Message: Truth, the Media, and You    -   Discontinued DVD
Master Class in Directing With Joanne Akalaitis DVD $179.00
Master Conductors: H. Robert Reynolds andmdash; "Some Things I Believe" DVD $99.00
Master Storytellers: Screenwriters on Screenwriting DVD $239.00
Masters of the French Stage: Jean-Louis Barrault and Madeleine Renaud DVD $149.00
Maximum Return, Minimum Footprint    -   Discontinued DVD
Measure for Measure DVD $169.00
Measurements Of Physical Activity    -   Discontinued DVD
Measuring Up: An Introduction to Research Methods    -   Discontinued DVD
Medea    -   Discontinued DVD
Medieval Art and Music DVD $139.00
Medieval Drama: From Sanctuary to Stage DVD $169.00
Merchant of Venice, The: A New Perspective DVD $169.00
Meredith Monk DVD $159.00
Meredith Monk: A Documentary DVD $139.00
Method 2, The DVD $119.00
Method, The DVD $119.00
Meyerhold, Theater, and the Russian Avant-Garde DVD $169.00
Michael Chekhov: The Dartington Years DVD $159.00
Michael Trent DVD $179.00
Middle Eastern Dance DVD $189.00
Middle Eastern Music DVD $189.00
Midsummer Night's Dream, A: What to Make of Magic DVD $169.00
Minimum Impact - Take Only Photos, Leave Only Footprints    -   Discontinued DVD
Minor Scales DVD $159.00
Modern Moliandegrave;re: Tartuffe DVD $119.00
Modern Moliandegrave;re: The Misanthrope DVD $119.00
Modern Recording and Mixing DVD $109.00
Molding and Casting Latex Masks DVD $149.00
Moliandegrave;re and the Comandeacute;die Franandccedil;aise DVD $189.00
Moliandegrave;re's Tartuffe: An Analysis DVD $169.00
Money for Nothing: Behind the Business of Pop Music DVD $179.00
Monkey King at Spider Cave DVD $159.00
More Than Just a Job    -   Discontinued DVD
Morphing Physiology DVD $179.00
Motif Description: Introducing the Elements of Dance DVD $99.00
Motivations For An Active Lifestyle    -   Discontinued DVD
Move It! 2 DVD $119.00
Move Well, Avoid Injury: What Everyone Needs to Know About the Body DVD $119.00
Movement DVD $189.00
Movement    -   Discontinued DVD
Movement (R)evolution in Africa DVD $249.00
Moving Presence, A: Ruth Zaporah and Action Theater DVD $129.00
Multicultural Folk Dance DVD $149.00
Muscles    -   Discontinued DVD
Muscularity of Language: Motion and Rhythm DVD $179.00
Music and Early Learning DVD $149.00
Music and Movement in Early Learning DVD $149.00
Music Industry, The DVD $179.00
Music Is Style DVD $89.00
Music Lesson, The DVD $139.00
Music Moves the World DVD $259.00
Music Moves the World: The Power and Passion of Rhythm, Melody, and Dance DVD $179.00
Music of Latin America    -   Discontinued DVD
Music of the Brain DVD $169.00
Music of the Caribbean DVD $109.00
Music of the Noh Theatre, The DVD $169.00
Music Teacher Self-Assessment DVD $109.00
Musical Theater Dance DVD $109.00
Musical Tradition in Banaras, A DVD $199.00
Musically Acting DVD $189.00
Mythology in Literary Culture DVD $119.00
Myths and Realities of Stretching, The DVD $119.00
N-Town Passion Play (Ludus Coventriae), The DVD $199.00
Nasality and the Soft Palate DVD $139.00
New Dance for America, A DVD $299.00
New Food Trends - A Case Study In Product Development    -   Discontinued DVD
Newton's Laws Of Motion    -   Discontinued DVD
Night in the Theater, A DVD $189.00
Night Sky, The: From The Ground Up    -   Discontinued DVD
Nina Foch Course for Filmmakers and Actors, The DVD $119.00
Noh Theater: Dojoji DVD $169.00
Noh: Classical Theater of Japan DVD $189.00
Nonverbal Communication: Body Language, Gesture, and Proxemics DVD $245.00
Notation of Pitch DVD $159.00
Nureyev DVD $179.00
Nurse Unit Manager    -   Discontinued DVD
Nutrition and Hydration in Sports    -   Discontinued DVD
Nutrition For Life One - Pregnancy, Infancy And Childhood    -   Discontinued DVD
Nutrition For Life Two - Youth, Adulthood And Late Adulthood    -   Discontinued DVD
Nutrition For Physical Activity    -   Discontinued DVD
Oba Koso: Nigerian Drama DVD $149.00
Ode to a Requiem DVD $249.00
Oedipus Rex    -   Discontinued DVD
Oedipus Rex    -   Discontinued DVD
Oedipus the King DVD $179.00
Of Beauty and Deities: Music and Dance of India DVD $159.00
Offender Profiling    -   Discontinued DVD
Office Technologies    -   Discontinued DVD
OHS In Office    -   Discontinued DVD
On the Move: the Central Ballet of China DVD $139.00
On the Stage! A Choral Movement DVD $109.00
On Wayang: My Life With Shadows DVD $159.00
Oneiro: In the Shadow of Isadora DVD $119.00
Open Theatre, The: Fable DVD $149.00
Oral Interpretation Made Easy DVD $119.00
Oral Presentation    -   Discontinued DVD
Origin of the Drama and the Theater, The DVD $159.00
Origins of Liturgical Drama DVD $209.00
Oscar Wilde: Spendthrift of Genius DVD $169.00
Othello DVD $99.00
Otrabanda Company, The DVD $149.00
Our Earth In Motion    -   Discontinued DVD
Our Place in Space: Astronomy    -   Discontinued DVD
Page to Stage: Putting It All Together DVD $169.00
Pain Management in the Elderly    -   Discontinued DVD
Palliative Care Nursing: Caring for Yourself    -   Discontinued DVD
Panorama of African-American Theater DVD $219.00
Paris DVD $139.00
Parts of the Suite, The: Baroque Music and Dance DVD $129.00
Patient Care: Plans and Pathways    -   Discontinued DVD
Paul Robeson: 20th-Century Renaissance Man, Entertainer, and Activist DVD $109.00
Peking Opera DVD $129.00
Percussion Instruments DVD $129.00
Performance Enhancing Substances in Sport    -   Discontinued DVD
Performance Practices in Classical Piano Music DVD $89.00
Performance Practices in Romantic Piano Music DVD $89.00
Period Movement, Early and Late Renaissance DVD $199.00
Period Movement, Restoration DVD $199.00
Periodic Table, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter Brook DVD $149.00
Peter Chin DVD $179.00
Petroleum And Oil Refining    -   Discontinued DVD
Physical TV Company, The DVD $159.00
Physics of Music, The DVD $129.00
Piano, The DVD $189.00
Pierre Paul Savoie DVD $179.00
Pilates Alphabet DVD $119.00
Pilobolus DVD $159.00
Plagiarism - What Do You Value?    -   Discontinued DVD
Play's the Thing, The: Theater Management DVD $109.00
Playboy of the Western World, The DVD $139.00
Playing Period DVD $169.00
Poetry Alive DVD $169.00
Potentially Dangerous Exercises: Injury Prevention DVD $119.00
Power Development: Not Just for Athletes Anymore! DVD $119.00
Power of Words, The: Making an Impact With Language DVD $99.00
Powerful Resumes    -   Discontinued DVD
Practical Approach to Posture Re-Education DVD $119.00
Practical Approaches to Artaud and the Theater of Cruelty DVD $199.00
Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict: Conflict Management in Healthcare    -   Discontinued DVD
Pregnancy and Childbirth: The Real Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Pregnancy And Prenatal Development    -   Discontinued DVD
Preparing and Conducting an Interview    -   Discontinued DVD
Preventing Athletic Injuries DVD $169.00
Prey: An Innovation in Dance Documentation andmdash; Enhanced Process-Based Instruction DVD $179.00
Principles of Physics 2: Sound Magnetism, Electricity and Radioactivity    -   Discontinued DVD
Producing a Play DVD $119.00
Prop Master, The DVD $109.00
Protecting The Vulnerable - Identifying And Reporting Elder Abuse    -   Discontinued DVD
Public Speaking DVD $119.00
Public Vodun Ceremonies in Haiti DVD $179.00
Punctuation Explained: Apostrophes and Quotation Marks    -   Discontinued DVD
Punctuation Explained: Capitals, Commas, Full Stops, Question and Exclamation Marks    -   Discontinued DVD
Punctuation Explained: Colons, Semicolons, Brackets, Dots and Dashes    -   Discontinued DVD
Puppet DVD $299.00
Puppetry: Worlds of Imagination    -   Discontinued DVD
Puppets for Theater DVD $109.00
Puppets in the French Style DVD $139.00
Raisin in the Sun, A: Character Studies Conversations DVD $169.00
Rasinah: The Enchanted Mask DVD $209.00
Rational Numbers - We Are Proportional    -   Discontinued DVD
Recognizing Mental Illness in Your Patient    -   Discontinued DVD
Recovery From Exercise    -   Discontinued DVD
Reflection: Anna Sokolow's Steps of Silence andmdash; Historical Context DVD $179.00
Rehearsal Process, The DVD $189.00
Reincarnations DVD $299.00
Relative and Parallel Keys DVD $159.00
Renaissance Art and Music DVD $139.00
Renaissance Theatre, The DVD $159.00
Renaissance, The DVD $129.00
Research On the Internet: Google It    -   Discontinued DVD
Restoration Theater, The: From Tennis Court to Playhouse DVD $169.00
Rhythm Dots and Ties DVD $159.00
Rhythmic Interest and Forward Motion DVD $99.00
Rhythmic Syncopation DVD $159.00
Rhythmic Values DVD $159.00
Rhythms to Nirvana: An Introduction to Indian Classical Music DVD $159.00
Right Instrument, The DVD $149.00
Ritual Athletes of Iran DVD $159.00
Road to Carnegie Hall, The: Introducing the YouTube Symphony Orchestra DVD $169.00
Romeo and Juliet: Live From Shakespeare's Globe DVD $169.00
Roots of the Hip-Hop Generation, The DVD $159.00
Roots: The Radical Idea    -   Discontinued DVD
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: Tom Stoppard    -   Discontinued DVD
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: Tom Stoppard    -   Discontinued DVD
Rosenhan's Experiment: Being Sane in Insane Places    -   Discontinued DVD
Rubberbandance DVD $189.00
Rudy Perez DVD $299.00
Ryszard Cieslak: The Body Speaks DVD $149.00
Sacred Choreographies of Cuba and Haiti DVD $189.00
Sacred Sounds: Music of the World, Songs of the Soul DVD $169.00
Sacred Stage, The: Restoring Ancient Israelite Drama DVD $159.00
Safety in the Senior Science Lab    -   Discontinued DVD
Sagi Musume: Kabuki Dance DVD $169.00
Salsa: Latin Pop Music in the Cities DVD $89.00
Sampling of French Theater, A DVD $149.00
Samuel Beckett: As the Story Was Told DVD $259.00
Sanford Meisner Master Class DVD $199.00
Sanskrit Drama DVD $189.00
Santiago de Cuba: Luchando por la Vida DVD $169.00
Save Your Voice DVD $189.00
Scenes of Afghan Music DVD $179.00
School for Scandal, The DVD $189.00
Science In Foods, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Scoring Films DVD $189.00
Search Me: Library and Web Research    -   Discontinued DVD
Secrets of Core Training DVD $109.00
Selected Scenes from the Japanese Noh Theatre    -   Discontinued DVD
Semitones and Whole Tones DVD $159.00
Sensational Art and Life of Isadora Duncan, With Lori Belilove and Peter Kurth, The DVD $99.00
Sensory and Art DVD $149.00
Sensuality and Nationalism in Romantic Ballet DVD $99.00
Sequence-Sequence-Sequence: The Middle Step andmdash; Presentation DVD $159.00
Set Construction: Where Do I Start? DVD $149.00
Seven Solos: A Documentary DVD $159.00
Shakespeare DVD $319.00
Shakespeare High DVD $299.00
Shakespeare Sessions, The DVD $209.00
Shakespeare's Globe DVD $169.00
Shakespeare: Hamlet DVD $169.00
Shakespeare: The Word and the Action DVD $259.00
Shakuntala DVD $199.00
Shared Rhythms and Collective Music: Prose and Verse DVD $179.00
She Stoops to Conquer DVD $169.00
Shunkin DVD $189.00
Silent Words: A Study of Body Language DVD $199.00
Simon Carrington: The Empowered Choral Rehearsal DVD $99.00
Simple and Compound Meter DVD $159.00
Singer's Voice: Breath DVD $139.00
Singer's Voice: Resonance DVD $179.00
Singer's Voice: Vocal Folds DVD $179.00
Singing Paris: The City of Lights in 20th-Century French Music DVD $169.00
Singing Pictures: Women Painters of Naya DVD $209.00
Six Solos: Li Chiao-Ping Dances DVD $179.00
Skeletal and Muscular Systems, The DVD $129.00
Skin Integrity and Pressure Ulcers    -   Discontinued DVD
Smart Food, Healthy Body    -   Discontinued DVD
Smart Textiles    -   Discontinued DVD
Social And Ethical Issues In Design And Technology    -   Discontinued DVD
Sojourner Truth DVD $159.00
Solo Singing DVD $189.00
Solving Linear Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Songs of a Sorrowful Man DVD $209.00
Sophocles' Antigone DVD $139.00
Sor Juana Inandeacute;s de la Cruz: La Dandeacute;cima Musa    -   Discontinued DVD
Sound in the Studio DVD $149.00
Soundtrack for a Revolution: Freedom Songs From the Civil Rights Era DVD $179.00
Speak Up! Oral Presentation Skills - Research Skills Series One    -   Discontinued DVD
Speaking for Myself: Voices of the Arts in New York City DVD $179.00
Speaking With Credibility and Confidence DVD $129.00
Speech Structures: Subtext and World of the Play andmdash; Under the Text DVD $149.00
Spirit Moves, The: A History of Black Social Dance on Film andmdash; 1900andndash;1986 DVD $169.00
Spirit of Samba, The: Black Music of Brazil DVD $79.00
Spirit Unbroken DVD $89.00
Sport and Competition    -   Discontinued DVD
Sport and Technology    -   Discontinued DVD
STABLE: Basic Body Mechanics    -   Discontinued DVD
Stage and Scene Design DVD $189.00
Stage Fight Director, The DVD $149.00
Stage, The: Set Design and Construction DVD $159.00
Standby Cue 101: An Introduction to Calling Live Performances DVD $169.00
Stanislavsky and the Russian Theater DVD $159.00
Stanislavsky Censored: A Basic Shift Occurs andmdash; Defining Acting Through Human Behavior DVD $119.00
Stanislavsky Materialized: Body Over Mind DVD $119.00
Stanislavsky Materialized: The Four Circles of Attention Model DVD $119.00
Stanislavsky Materialized: The Three-Part Model of Action DVD $119.00
Stanislavsky Rehabilitated: Rehearsal Models and Questions With Stella Adler DVD $119.00
Stanislavsky Rehabilitated: The Feelings Model andmdash; How to Create Emotions in the Audience DVD $119.00
Step by Step: An Amateur's Guide to Choreography DVD $139.00
Steppin' DVD $299.00
Steve Paxton DVD $159.00
Stories of the American Puppet DVD $109.00
Storytelling the Navajo Way DVD $179.00
Storytelling: Voicework and the Ensemble Experience andmdash; Sound and Range DVD $179.00
Strasberg on Acting DVD $159.00
Street Art    -   Discontinued DVD
Stroke Victim RehabilitationT    -   Discontinued DVD
Stroke: Understanding the Disease    -   Discontinued DVD
Style of the Classic Japanese Noh Theater, The DVD $189.00
Subtango: The Spirit of Tango DVD $209.00
Success for Adolescent Singers DVD $119.00
Successful Speaking: Conquering Communication Anxiety DVD $119.00
Summoning of Everyman, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Supernatural Wife DVD $189.00
Survey Savvy: Planning And Conducting A Successful Survey - Research Skills Three    -   Discontinued DVD
Surviving Student Stress    -   Discontinued DVD
Sustainable Coastal Management    -   Discontinued DVD
Swan Lake DVD $179.00
Taking Note DVD $139.00
Tango Mio DVD $179.00
Tantalus: Behind the Mask DVD $129.00
Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film DVD $99.00
Teaching Advanced Dance Improvisation DVD $199.00
Teaching Beginning Dance Improvisation DVD $199.00
Teaching ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom    -   Discontinued DVD
Teaching Shakespeare: New Approaches From the Folger Shakespeare Library    -   Discontinued DVD
Team Building - In Outdoor Education Programs    -   Discontinued DVD
Team Building for Nurses    -   Discontinued DVD
Technology and the Moving Body andmdash; Cathy Weis's Electric Haiku DVD $269.00
Telephone/Reception    -   Discontinued DVD
Tell Me: Planning And Conducting A Successful Interview - Research Skills Two    -   Discontinued DVD
Ten Things Not To Do In An Interview    -   Discontinued DVD
Terrible Meek (War and Human Values), The DVD $199.00
Textile World, A - All About Textiles Series    -   Discontinued DVD
The Bones of It: An Introduction to the Skeleton    -   Discontinued DVD
Theater Arts: The Basics DVD $169.00
Theater Games DVD $109.00
Theater Games: Workshopping Body Language in Shakespeare DVD $169.00
Theater in the Palm of Your Hand: Glove Puppetry in Taiwan DVD $189.00
Theater Sound and System DVD $149.00
Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor DVD $89.00
Theatrical Devices in Classical Theater DVD $129.00
Theatrical Lighting DVD $199.00
Theatrical Lighting Design DVD $119.00
Theatrical Makeup Design DVD $199.00
Theatrical Sound Design DVD $119.00
Theory and Practice DVD $129.00
Thinking on Their Feet: Women of the Tap Renaissance DVD $109.00
This Is Kyogen DVD $179.00
Three by Martha Graham DVD $139.00
Three Films by Tonia Shimin DVD $159.00
Throw Down Your Heart DVD $209.00
To Be Young, Gifted, and Black DVD $149.00
To Kill A Mockingbird - Exploring The Text    -   Discontinued DVD
Tosca DVD $179.00
Tourism Planning and Development    -   Discontinued DVD
Tradition of Performing Arts in Japan, The DVD $109.00
Traditional Music and Dance of Ghana DVD $129.00
Tragedy of Prince Zi Dan, The DVD $99.00
Training Principles: Fitness Training Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Transportation Systems in Animals    -   Discontinued DVD
Transportation Systems in Plants    -   Discontinued DVD
Treading the Boards: Theater Fundamentals DVD $389.00
Treasures of African Music DVD $179.00
Tribute to Lester Horton DVD $159.00
Tristan und Isolde DVD $199.00
Trojan Women, The DVD $89.00
TRUTH About Core Training, The DVD $119.00
Turns, Leaps, and Bounds DVD $109.00
Turtle Dreams (Waltz) DVD $139.00
Twang! The Techniques DVD $139.00
Two Early Harold Pinter Plays DVD $139.00
Two Russian Stories of the 19th Century DVD $139.00
Two Works by the Workgroup DVD $179.00
Twyla Tharp: Making Television Dance DVD $119.00
Ubu Roi DVD $129.00
Understanding Bharatanatyam DVD $189.00
Understanding Color    -   Discontinued DVD
Understanding Color    -   Discontinued DVD
Understanding Color and Light DVD $129.00
Understanding Pina: The Legacy of Pina Bausch DVD $199.00
Understanding Plagiarism and Its Consequences    -   Discontinued DVD
Understanding Prejudice    -   Discontinued DVD
Unified Approach to Vowel Formation, A DVD $89.00
Universal Rules for a Successful Interview    -   Discontinued DVD
Unraveling the Mysteries of Critical Thinking    -   Discontinued DVD
Upselling Products    -   Discontinued DVD
Uta Hagen's Acting Class DVD $109.00
Variations In Health Status    -   Discontinued DVD
Vaudeville Videos 1 DVD $129.00
Vegetables: From Field to Freezer to Fork    -   Discontinued DVD
Victorians (1837-1901), The DVD $129.00
Video Anthology of Music and Dance: Africa DVD $199.00
Video Anthology of Music and Dance: The Americas DVD $229.00
Video Dance DVD $259.00
Video Dance: Three Dances for the Camera DVD $139.00
Videofashion! 30 Years: The Greatest Fashion Show on Earth DVD $189.00
Viola Spolin Conducts Theater Games    -   Discontinued DVD
Viola Spolin: Theater Games for the Classroom    -   Discontinued CD-ROM
Violin Family, The DVD $189.00
Vital Signs    -   Discontinued DVD
Vocal Awareness DVD $99.00
Voice Skills DVD $149.00
Voice: The Universal Instrument DVD $139.00
Volpone DVD $189.00
Walking Devices    -   Discontinued DVD
Waste of Shame, A: The Mystery of Shakespeare and His Sonnets DVD $169.00
Way of the World, The DVD $129.00
Wayang Kulit: Shadow Theater of Java DVD $129.00
Weight Epidemic: Weighty Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
West African Dance DVD $169.00
What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body DVD $99.00
What Is Chinese Opera? DVD $179.00
What Is Theater? DVD $119.00
What Key Is This In? DVD $159.00
What's in My School Lunch? Making Healthy Choices    -   Discontinued DVD
What's so special about science    -   Discontinued DVD
What's the Score? Text Analysis for the Actor DVD $169.00
Where Band Can Take You DVD $119.00
Where The Bloody Hell Are You? - An Introduction To Tourism In Australia    -   Discontinued DVD
Why Dancers Dance DVD $189.00
Why Man Creates DVD $159.00
Wild Women Don't Have the Blues (College Version) DVD $199.00
Wittgenstein: The Musical DVD $199.00
Wole Soyinka DVD $199.00
Women in Classical Greek Drama DVD $169.00
Women in Theater: Dialogues With Notable Women in American Theater DVD $119.00
Women Theater Activists of India DVD $199.00
Women's Work: Urban Bush Women DVD $119.00
Wool - A Fabulous Fibre - From The Behind The Seams Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Words, Camera, Action! How Body Language, Tone, and Words Affect Communication DVD $149.00
Work in Progress DVD $179.00
Work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, The DVD $149.00
Working Attitude    -   Discontinued DVD
World Music and Dance: East Asia DVD $329.00
World Music and Dance: Southeast Asia DVD $329.00
World Music and Dance: The Middle East and Africa DVD $259.00
World of Alwin Nikolais, The DVD $379.00
World of American Indian Dance, The DVD $169.00
Wound Management: A Nurse's Guide    -   Discontinued DVD
Writing for the Media    -   Discontinued DVD
Yes, I Am Not Iktomi DVD $149.00
York Cycle in the 15th Century, The DVD $139.00
Yoshiko Chuma: A Page Out of Order DVD $329.00
Your Knees CAN Go Past Your Toes! DVD $119.00
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