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Titles for Live Wire Media

ABC's of Emotional Intelligence, The VHS $74.95
Acting on Your Values VHS $64.95
Appreciating Yourself DVD $59.95
Appreciating Yourself VHS $59.95
Asking for Help DVD $59.95
Asking for Help VHS $59.95
Being Friends DVD $59.95
Being Friends VHS $59.95
Being Responsible DVD $59.95
Being Responsible VHS $59.95
Big Changes, Big Choices DVD $699.50
Big Changes, Big Choices VHS $699.50
Bouncing Back VHS $74.95
Breaking the Silence about Hate and Violence VHS $95.00
Bridging Racial Divisions VHS $69.95
Building Caring and Safe School Communities VHS $95.00
Building Character VHS $74.95
Caring DVD $69.95
Caring DVD $69.95
Caring VHS $69.95
Caring VHS $69.95
Character Way Set VHS $399.00
Character Way: Grades 1-2 VHS $149.00
Character Way: Grades 3-4 VHS $149.00
Character Way: Grades 5-6 VHS $149.00
Citizenship DVD $69.95
Citizenship DVD $69.95
Citizenship VHS $69.95
Citizenship VHS $69.95
Communicating with Parents VHS $64.95
Cooperation DVD $59.95
Cooperation VHS $59.95
Coping with Pressures VHS $64.95
Courage DVD $69.95
Courage VHS $69.95
Creative Problem Solving VHS $74.95
Dealing With Bullies, Troublemakers, and Dangerous Situations VHS $69.95
Dealing with Disappointment DVD $59.95
Dealing with Disappointment VHS $59.95
Dealing with Feelings DVD $59.95
Dealing with Feelings VHS $59.95
Dealing with Pressures DVD $69.95
Dealing with Pressures VHS $69.95
Depression and Suicide VHS $64.95
Developing Healthy Relationships VHS $74.95
Diligence DVD $69.95
Diligence VHS $69.95
Doing the Right Thing DVD $59.95
Doing the Right Thing VHS $59.95
Doing Your Best VHS $74.95
Drinking and Driving VHS $64.95
Drugs and Alcohol - Part 1 VHS $64.95
Drugs and Alcohol - Part 2 VHS $64.95
Drugs, Alcohol, and Guns: Triggers To Violence VHS $69.95
Empathy, Caring and Compassion VHS $74.95
Enhancing Self-Esteem DVD $69.95
Enhancing Self-Esteem VHS $69.95
Fairness DVD $69.95
Fairness DVD $69.95
Fairness VHS $69.95
Fairness VHS $69.95
Friendship DVD $69.95
Friendship VHS $69.95
Friendship and Dating VHS $64.95
Getting Along with GROARK DVD $349.75
Getting Along with GROARK VHS $349.75
Getting Along With Others VHS $74.95
Getting Along with Parents DVD $69.95
Getting Along with Parents VHS $69.95
Groark Learns About Bullying DVD $69.95
Groark Learns About Bullying VHS $69.95
Groark Learns About Prejudice DVD $69.95
Groark Learns About Prejudice VHS $69.95
Groark Learns to Control Anger DVD $69.95
Groark Learns to Control Anger VHS $69.95
Groark Learns to Listen DVD $69.95
Groark Learns to Listen VHS $69.95
Groark Learns to Work Out Conflicts DVD $69.95
Groark Learns to Work Out Conflicts VHS $69.95
Handling Dating Pressures and Harassment VHS $69.95
Handling Emotions DVD $69.95
Handling Emotions VHS $69.95
Handling Peer Pressure and Gangs VHS $69.95
Honesty DVD $69.95
Honesty VHS $69.95
In Search of Character DVD $649.50
In Search of Character VHS $649.50
Integrity DVD $69.95
Integrity VHS $69.95
Knowing Who You Are VHS $74.95
LifeSteps VHS $799.00
Managing Your Anger VHS $69.95
Not For Sale: Ethics in the Workplace VHS $199.00
PeaceTalks VHS $549.50
Power of Choice Series, The VHS $649.50
Power of Choice, The VHS $79.95
Preventing Conflicts and Violence DVD $69.95
Preventing Conflicts and Violence VHS $69.95
Preventing Violence VHS $69.95
Proud To Be Polite Unit 1 VHS $99.95
Proud To Be Polite Unit 2 VHS $99.95
Raising Your Parents VHS $64.95
Resolving Conflicts DVD $59.95
Resolving Conflicts VHS $59.95
Resolving Conflicts VHS $69.95
Respect DVD $69.95
Respect DVD $69.95
Respect VHS $74.95
Respect VHS $69.95
Respect VHS $69.95
Respecting Others DVD $69.95
Respecting Others VHS $69.95
Respecting Yourself and Others VHS $69.95
Responsibility DVD $69.95
Responsibility DVD $69.95
Responsibility VHS $69.95
Responsibility VHS $74.95
Responsibility VHS $69.95
Saving Our Schools from Hate and Violence VHS $179.95
Saying "NO" to Alcohol and Other Drugs DVD $69.95
Saying "NO" to Alcohol and Other Drugs VHS $69.95
Saying No DVD $59.95
Saying No VHS $59.95
Self-Esteem VHS $64.95
Setting and Achieving Goals DVD $69.95
Setting and Achieving Goals VHS $69.95
Sex VHS $64.95
Six Pillars of Character, The DVD $359.50
Six Pillars of Character, The VHS $359.50
Speaking of Sex DVD $69.95
Speaking of Sex VHS $69.95
Stepping Up To Peace VHS $69.95
Taking Charge VHS $74.95
Three R's of Growing Up, The DVD $69.95
Three R's of Growing Up, The VHS $69.95
Trustworthiness DVD $69.95
Trustworthiness DVD $69.95
Trustworthiness VHS $69.95
Trustworthiness VHS $69.95
Wisdom for Life Guide $95.00
Wise Lives Guide $94.95
You and Your Values DVD $69.95
You and Your Values VHS $69.95
You Can Choose! DVD $549.50
You Can Choose! VHS $549.50
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