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Titles for The Master Teacher

Accommodating Specific Student Needs DVD $69.95
All About Paraeducators    -   Discontinued DVD
Approaches and Actions to Get the Responses You Want DVD $69.95
Art of Building Relationships with Parents, The DVD $69.95
Before You Can Discipline DVD $69.95
Being the Best You Can Be DVD $69.95
Building a Common Foundation for Collaboration DVD $69.95
Changing Inappropriate Behavior to Appropriate Behavior DVD $69.95
Classroom Management at Its Best DVD $69.95
Classroom Teacher's Guide for Working with ParaEducators, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Classroom Teacher's Guide to Instructional and Curricular Modifications, The DVD $259.95
Co-Teaching: Our Classroom, Our Students DVD $69.95
Collaborative Planning Teams: Combining Forces for Learning DVD $69.95
Conducting the Successful Discipline Conference DVD $69.95
Conferencing with Students and Parents DVD $229.95
Conquering the First Day, First Week, and First Month DVD $69.95
Creating a Classroom Environment That Fosters Engagement DVD $69.95
Creating a Top-Notch Teaching and Learning Environment DVD $69.95
Creating Schools of Character DVD $229.95
Critical Mistakes That Cause or Perpetuate Misbehavior DVD $69.95
Dealing with Severe Disruptions DVD $54.95
Designing Work Students Can't Resist DVD $69.95
Developing a Shared Vision of Modifications DVD $69.95
Developing the Strongest Possible Foundation for Instruction and Learning DVD $69.95
Developing Your Teaching Philosophy and Relating It to Students DVD $69.95
Discipline Techniques You Can Master in a Minute DVD $229.95
Doing the Right Things I: Best Practices in Teaching DVD $54.95
Doing the Right Things II: Mastering the Art of Teaching DVD $54.95
Early Career Teacher's Guide to Success in the Classroom, The DVD $329.95
ELL Literacy Interventions DVD $229.95
Engaging Learners and Managing Curriculum DVD $69.95
Engaging the Support of the School Administrators DVD $54.95
Enlisting the Help of Parents DVD $69.95
Ensuring Students Learn: Practice, Feedback, and Assessment DVD $69.95
Essential Classroom Management Techniques DVD $69.95
Establishing a Positive Attitude and Taking Care of Yourself DVD $54.95
Establishing a Positive Environment on Your Bus DVD $54.95
Evaluating and Improving Your Character Education Program DVD $69.95
First Steps Toward Character Education DVD $69.95
Four-Step Model Applied, The DVD $69.95
Getting Started DVD $69.95
Getting the Most Out of Your Para    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Classroom Management DVD $259.95
Handling Chronic or Habitual Discipline Problems DVD $69.95
Handling Students with Special Needs DVD $54.95
High-Performance Classroom, The DVD $229.95
How to Talk with Parents in the Informal Conference DVD $69.95
Integrating Character Education into the Curriculum DVD $69.95
Intervening and Re-engaging Disengaged Students DVD $69.95
It's All About the Kids: Building Strong Student Relationships DVD $54.95
Join the Team: Growing Your Career DVD $54.95
Key Attitudes and Strategies for Maximizing Your Options DVD $69.95
Lesson Study: Gathering Data Together to Improve Instruction DVD $69.95
Making Yourself Highly Sought-After DVD $69.95
Mentoring Teachers to Mastery I DVD $259.95
Mentoring Teachers to Mastery I and II Set DVD $439.95
Mentoring Teachers to Mastery II DVD $259.95
Modifications 101 DVD $69.95
Modifying Instruction and Assessment to Increase Student Learning DVD $69.95
Peer Coaching: Using Feedback to Increase Reflection Practices DVD $69.95
Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction DVD $69.95
Planning and Evaluating    -   Discontinued DVD
Practical Approaches for Sharpening Your Instructional Effectiveness DVD $69.95
Practice Problems to Refine Your Expertise DVD $69.95
Preparing for Your Paraeducator    -   Discontinued DVD
Professional Bus Driver and Student Safety, The DVD $54.95
Proven Philosophies and Strategies for Grading and Testing DVD $69.95
Reading Comprehension DVD $69.95
Reading Fluency DVD $69.95
Role of the Bus Driver in Public Relations, The DVD $54.95
Setting the Stage for Great Conferences DVD $69.95
Setting the Tone DVD $69.95
Strategies for Increasing Learning and Retention DVD $69.95
Supporting Character Education in the School DVD $69.95
Taking Control of the School Day DVD $69.95
Teacher Collaboration: Opening the Door Between Classrooms DVD $259.95
Teaching for Results DVD $69.95
Teaching Students to Think Critically and Creatively DVD $69.95
Training Video Series for the Professional School Bus Driver, The DVD $329.95
Training Video Series for the Substitute Teacher DVD $229.95
Understanding and Implementing Curricular Modifications DVD $69.95
Visible Results: Academic Standards and State Assessment Tests DVD $54.95
Vocabulary Development DVD $69.95
Ways to Win When You're Talking with Students DVD $69.95
You Can Handle Them All DVD $229.95
You're Only Human: Maintaining Your Own Health and Well-Being DVD $54.95
Your Partners at Home: Working with Your Students' Parents DVD $54.95
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