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Titles for New Dimension Media

14 Wonders of Our World, The DVD $589.00
1900s, The DVD $49.00
1910s, The DVD $49.00
1920s, The DVD $49.00
1930s, The DVD $49.00
1940s, The DVD $49.00
1950s, The DVD $49.00
1960s, The DVD $49.00
1970s, The DVD $49.00
1980s, The DVD $49.00
1990s, The DVD $49.00
2D and 3D Shapes DVD $49.00
Abraham Lincoln DVD $49.00
Active Citizenship: Making A Difference DVD $49.00
Adaptations To Underwater Nights DVD $49.00
Addition and Subtraction to 20 DVD $49.00
Addition to 15 DVD $49.00
African Christian Traditions DVD $49.00
America's Black Soldiers DVD $49.00
America's Black Soliders (New Edited Version) DVD $49.00
America's Flags DVD $49.00
America's Military History DVD $147.00
America's National Holidays DVD $49.00
America's Songs Of Liberty DVD $49.00
America's Symbols DVD $49.00
American Democracy In Action Series DVD $147.00
Ancient Athens, Revised DVD $49.00
Ancient Greece, Revised DVD $49.00
Ancient Israel and Jerusalem DVD $49.00
Ancient Rome, Revised DVD $49.00
Angry and Violent Teens DVD $49.00
Animal Babies: Born Wild Series DVD $637.00
Ant Lions and Ants: Predators and Prey DVD $49.00
Ants and Aphids: A Symbiotic Relationship DVD $49.00
Approximation and Rounding DVD $49.00
Aquatic Insects: Larvae To Adults DVD $49.00
Argentina DVD $49.00
Artist, The DVD $49.00
Asian Christian Traditions DVD $49.00
Atmospheric Pressure and Solar Energy DVD $49.00
Australia DVD $49.00
Baby Baboon and The Baby Orangutan, The DVD $49.00
Baby Elephant and The Baby Giraffe, The DVD $49.00
Baby European Elk (Moose) and The Baby Wild Boar, The DVD $49.00
Baby Fox and The Baby Rabbit, The DVD $49.00
Baby Gazelle and The Baby Topi Antelope, The DVD $49.00
Baby Hyena and The Baby Zebra, The DVD $49.00
Baby Kangaroo and The Baby Tasmanian Devil, The DVD $49.00
Baby Lemur and The Baby Koala, The DVD $49.00
Baby Lion and The Baby Cheetah, The DVD $49.00
Baby Lycaon (African Wild Dog) and The Baby Jackal, The DVD $49.00
Baby Lynx and The Baby Eagle, The DVD $49.00
Baby Proboscis Monkey and The Baby Macaque, The DVD $49.00
Baby Wildebeest and The Baby Sea Lion, The DVD $49.00
Bar Charts DVD $49.00
Barter Bank Notes And Beyond DVD $49.00
Bees and Other Hymenopterans DVD $49.00
Bees: One Big Family DVD $49.00
Bees: Social Or Solitary Insect? DVD $49.00
Beyond Our Borders DVD $1,617.00
Big World Of Insects, Spiders and Bugs Series DVD $1,274.00
Biochemical Weapons: A Modern Threat DVD $49.00
Biochemical Weapons: A Modern Threat (New Edited Version) DVD $49.00
Biological Classification In The Animal Kingdom Series DVD $980.00
Body Image Obsession DVD $49.00
Bony and Other Cartilginous Fish DVD $49.00
Brazil DVD $49.00
Bugs and Other Hemipterans DVD $49.00
Building The Panama Canal DVD $49.00
Bullycide and Verbal Abuse DVD $49.00
Butterflies and Other Lepidopterans DVD $49.00
Buy-Me Generation, The DVD $49.00
Camouflage and Defense In The Insect World DVD $49.00
Canada DVD $49.00
Carter, Reagan and G.H.W. Bush DVD $49.00
Caterpillars, Butterflies and Moths DVD $49.00
Centipedes And Arthropods In The Leaf Litter DVD $49.00
Characters, Metaphors and Similes DVD $49.00
Cheyenne: Indians Of The Plains DVD $49.00
Chichen Itza DVD $49.00
Chief Joseph and The Nez Perce Indians DVD $49.00
China DVD $49.00
Christ The Redeemer Statue DVD $49.00
Christian Origins In The Mediterranean DVD $49.00
Christianity In World History Series DVD $392.00
Cities Of The Pharaohs, The, Revised DVD $49.00
Cleaning Polluted Water: Pumped Up For Peace DVD $49.00
Cleveland, Mckinley, and Theodore Roosevelt DVD $49.00
Climate Regions Of The World Series DVD $637.00
Clinton and G.W. Bush DVD $49.00
Coastal and Mediterranean Climates DVD $49.00
Colonial Life Series DVD $343.00
Colosseum, The DVD $49.00
Colossus Of Rhodes DVD $49.00
Communities of the Past    -   Discontinued DVD
Community Helpers Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Community Rules and Laws    -   Discontinued DVD
Connect With Kids DVD $735.00
Coral Reefs: Ecological Communities DVD $49.00
Counting By Hundreds DVD $49.00
Counting By Tens DVD $49.00
Crabs and Other Crustaceans DVD $49.00
Crazy Horse and The Lakota Sioux Indians DVD $49.00
Creating 3D Shapes DVD $49.00
Creative Reading And Writing With Roald Dahl Series DVD $115.00
Crickets and Other Orthopterans DVD $49.00
Crickets: Territorial Insects DVD $49.00
Cuba DVD $49.00
Cultural Legacies of Ancient Civilizations DVD $339.00
Cyberstalking and Bullying DVD $49.00
Czar Nicholas II And The Romanovs DVD $49.00
D-Day And World War II DVD $49.00
Damselflies DVD $49.00
Daniel Boone and The Wilderness Road DVD $49.00
Day The Towers Fell, The DVD $49.00
Day The Towers Fell, The (New Edited Version) DVD $49.00
Dead Sea Scrolls, The DVD $49.00
Dealing With Terrorism Collection DVD $98.00
Decimal Fractions DVD $49.00
Decimals and Equivalent Fractions DVD $49.00
Deer and Other Ruminants DVD $49.00
Desert and Bush Climates DVD $49.00
Destruction Of Pompeii, The DVD $49.00
Directions And Angles DVD $49.00
Dissenter, The Revised DVD $49.00
Division Is Grouping DVD $49.00
Dragonflies: A Complete Insect Life Cycle DVD $49.00
Drinking and Driving Kills DVD $49.00
Drinking Water: Bottle Or Tap? DVD $49.00
Dung Beetles: Nature's Cleaners DVD $49.00
Earth In The Universe Series, The DVD $539.00
Earthworms and Other Annelids DVD $49.00
Eastern and Russian Orthodoxy DVD $49.00
Ecology of Kelp Forests, The DVD $49.00
Economies Of Scale DVD $49.00
Egypt DVD $49.00
Egyptian Monumental Structures DVD $49.00
Egyptians: Conflicting Visions Of Immortality (ca 2556-1353 BC/BCE) DVD $49.00
Elasticity Of Demand DVD $49.00
England DVD $49.00
Environmental Scientist DVD $49.00
Equatorial and Savannah Climates DVD $49.00
Equivalent Fractions DVD $49.00
Estimation and Rounding DVD $49.00
Everglades: Decades Of Damage DVD $49.00
Family and Work In Revolutionary America DVD $49.00
Family Doctor DVD $49.00
Fat Chance: Teen Obesity DVD $49.00
Fighting For Change In Us History DVD $49.00
Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan DVD $49.00
Firefighter DVD $49.00
First Ascent Of Mt. Everest, The DVD $49.00
Flies and Cicadas DVD $49.00
Flies and Other Dipterans DVD $49.00
Floods, Fronts and The Water Cycle DVD $49.00
Fractions DVD $49.00
France DVD $49.00
Franklin D. Roosevelt DVD $49.00
Frogs and Other Amphibians DVD $49.00
From Rude To Respectful DVD $49.00
Galaxies and The Expanding Universe DVD $49.00
Garden Spiders and Crab Spiders: Similarities and Differences DVD $49.00
Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, and Harrison DVD $49.00
Gateway To Addiction DVD $49.00
George Washington DVD $49.00
Germany DVD $49.00
Geronimo and The Apache Indians DVD $49.00
Getting The Right Mix DVD $49.00
Global Economy, The DVD $49.00
Gravity Waves: Einstein's Messengers DVD $49.00
Great Civilizations Of The Ancient World Series DVD $490.00
Great Lakes: Who Owns the Water, The? DVD $49.00
Great Native American Leaders Series DVD $196.00
Great Native American Nations Series DVD $294.00
Great Wall Of China DVD $49.00
Great Whales, The DVD $49.00
Greek Designs Of Beauty DVD $49.00
Greeks: Olympic Mind-Body Legacy (ca 776 BC/BCE-present) DVD $49.00
Green Bush Crickets and Locusts DVD $49.00
Ground Wasps DVD $49.00
Hanging Gardens Of Babylon DVD $49.00
Harrison, Tyler, Polk, and Taylor DVD $49.00
Harry Potter: Real Worlds And Heroic Myths DVD $49.00
Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn DVD $49.00
Historical and Urban Climates DVD $49.00
History Happened Here Series DVD $637.00
How Geography Effects Communities    -   Discontinued DVD
Human Impact on Our Ecosystems DVD $196.00
Humor, Horror, Thrills and Chills DVD $49.00
Hungary DVD $49.00
Incas: Oppression Self-Destroys An Empire (ca 1450-1550 AD/CE) DVD $49.00
India DVD $49.00
Indonesia DVD $49.00
Insect Adaptations For Water DVD $49.00
Introduction To The Seven Wonders Of The World - Ancient and New DVD $49.00
Iran DVD $49.00
Iran-Iraq War: 1980-88 DVD $49.00
Iroquois: Indians Of The Northeast DVD $49.00
Israel DVD $49.00
Italy DVD $49.00
J.Q. Adams, Jackson and Van Buren DVD $49.00
Jamestown: The Beginning DVD $49.00
Japan DVD $49.00
Japanese Americans and WWII: Going For Broke (New Edited Version) DVD $49.00
Japanese Americans In WWII: Going For Broke DVD $49.00
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson DVD $49.00
Johnson, Grant, and Hayes DVD $49.00
Johnson, Nixon and Ford DVD $49.00
Jordan DVD $49.00
Journey Into Life: Human Reproduction DVD $49.00
Khmers: Creating Heaven On Earth (ca 800-1200 AD/CE) DVD $49.00
Korean War: December 1950 - July 1953 DVD $49.00
Korean War: June-November 1950 DVD $49.00
Ladybirds, Fire Bugs and Leaf Hoppers DVD $49.00
Ladybug Beetles and Other Coleopterans DVD $49.00
Lakota Sioux: Indians Of The Plains DVD $49.00
Latin American Christian Traditions DVD $49.00
Lebanon War: 1982 DVD $49.00
Leonardo and The Rise Of Renaissance Italy DVD $49.00
Leonardo The Artist DVD $49.00
Leonardo The Scientist DVD $49.00
Leonardo Vs. Michelangelo DVD $49.00
Little Bighorn: The Native American View DVD $49.00
Living Ocean Series, The DVD $441.00
Low (Benelux) Countries DVD $49.00
Machu Picchu DVD $49.00
Macro Models DVD $49.00
Madison and Monroe DVD $49.00
Making Of America's Presidency, The DVD $49.00
Marine Predator-Prey Relationships DVD $49.00
Market Structure DVD $49.00
Mason Wasps: Insect Builders DVD $49.00
Math Symbols <= DVD $49.00
Mausoleum At Halicarnassus DVD $49.00
Mayans: Deception By Temple Rituals (ca 250-900 AD/CE) DVD $49.00
Medieval Christian Europe DVD $49.00
Mental Adding With 2 Digits DVD $49.00
Mental Addition With 3 Digits DVD $49.00
Mental Subtracting With 2 Digits DVD $49.00
Mental Subtraction With 3 Digits DVD $49.00
Metric Measurement DVD $49.00
Metric Weights DVD $49.00
Mexican Indian Civilizations: Olmecs To Aztecs DVD $49.00
Mexican Indian Civilizations: The Maya DVD $49.00
Mexico DVD $49.00
Mice and Other Rodents DVD $49.00
Minoans: Public Peace and Ritual Violence (ca 2000-1400 BC/BCE) DVD $49.00
Morocco DVD $49.00
Mountain and Steppe Climates DVD $49.00
Multiplying and Dividing = Opposites DVD $49.00
Mussels and Other Bivalves Mollusks DVD $49.00
Napoleon at Waterloo: The Battle for Europe DVD $49.00
National Science Foundation DVD $98.00
Navajo: Indians Of The Southwest DVD $49.00
New Food Pyramid, The: It's All About You! DVD $49.00
New Zealand DVD $49.00
North American Christian Traditions DVD $49.00
Number Names DVD $49.00
Oceanic and Island Climates DVD $49.00
Ordering Whole Numbers DVD $49.00
Origins of Modern Special Forces DVD $49.00
Origins of Modern Terrorism DVD $49.00
OTC Drugs and Inhalents DVD $49.00
Our Presidents In America's History Series DVD $833.00
Our Presidents In America's History Series DVD $833.00
Owls and Other Raptors DVD $49.00
Paper Wasps: The Life Cycle Of A Colony DVD $49.00
Paramecia and Other Protists DVD $49.00
Participating In Citizenship DVD $49.00
Pearl Harbor and World War II DVD $49.00
Persian Gulf War: 1990-91 DVD $49.00
Peru DVD $49.00
Petra and The Silk Road DVD $49.00
Pharaoh Tutankhamen DVD $49.00
Pharmacist DVD $49.00
Pharos Of Alexandria DVD $49.00
Philippines DVD $49.00
Phoenicians: The Alphabet and Carthage's Hannibal (ca 1050-146 BC/BCE) DVD $49.00
Pictograms DVD $49.00
Pioneer Life In Revolutionary America DVD $49.00
Planet H20 DVD $235.00
Plants and Life On Earth DVD $49.00
Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes DVD $49.00
Plot Twists and Turns DVD $49.00
Poland DVD $49.00
Polar and Subpolar Climates DVD $49.00
Pompeii, Revised DVD $49.00
Praying Mantis: Insect Predator DVD $49.00
Primary Citizenship Series DVD $343.00
Prince, The DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Bar Charts DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Distances DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Number Sequences DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Proportions DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Tables DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Time Lines DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Using Coordinates DVD $49.00
Problem Solving: Word Puzzles DVD $49.00
Processionary Caterpillars and Peacock Butterflies DVD $49.00
Pyramid Of Giza DVD $49.00
Pyramids and Ancient Egypt, The (Revised) DVD $49.00
Quanah Parker and The Comanche Indians DVD $49.00
Real World Economics Series DVD $490.00
Recycling Coordinator DVD $49.00
Reformation To Modern Europe, The DVD $49.00
Remainders After Dividing DVD $49.00
Renaissance Series Revised DVD $294.00
Restoration Of Florida's Everglades DVD $49.00
Restoring Damaged Rivers DVD $49.00
Restoring H2O Ecosystems: Saving Chesapeake Bay DVD $49.00
Roanoke: The Lost Colony DVD $49.00
Roman Feats Of Engineering DVD $49.00
Romans: Inclusive Conquest and Loyal Citizens (ca 146 BC/BCE-476 AD/CE) DVD $49.00
Rose Chafir, Carabid and Tiger Beetles DVD $49.00
Russia DVD $49.00
Russian-Afghanistan War: 1979-89 DVD $49.00
Sand and Spider Wasps DVD $49.00
Scandinavia DVD $49.00
Scientist, The Revised DVD $49.00
Scorpions and Stag Beetles: Classifying Arthropods DVD $49.00
Sea Anemones and Other Cnidarians DVD $49.00
Seasons and The Monsoon, The DVD $49.00
Secrets Of Plant Genomes: Revealed! DVD $49.00
Self-Hurting Teens DVD $49.00
Seminoles: Indians Of The Southeast DVD $49.00
Senegal: Cheik in Senegal DVD $49.00
Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World, The DVD $49.00
Severe Weather: Temperature, Motion, Moisture DVD $49.00
Sharks: Species and Survival DVD $49.00
Shawnee: Indians Of The Midwest DVD $49.00
Simple Supply and Demand, DVD $49.00
Six Day War: 1967 DVD $49.00
Snails and Other Gastropods DVD $49.00
Snakes and Other Reptiles DVD $49.00
Social Class In Revolutionary America DVD $49.00
Solar System: Outer Gas Planets, The DVD $49.00
Solar System: Sun and Inner Rock Planets, The DVD $49.00
South Africa DVD $49.00
Spain DVD $49.00
Spanish American War, The: Birth Of A Superpower (New Edited Version) DVD $49.00
Spanish American War: Birth Of A Super Power, The DVD $49.00
Specialists, The DVD $49.00
Spiders and Other Arachnids DVD $49.00
Star Maths Series DVD $1,960.00
Starfish and Other Echinoderms DVD $49.00
Starfish Ecological Communities DVD $49.00
Stars, Light Years and The Milky Way DVD $49.00
Statue Of Zeus At Olympia DVD $49.00
STDs: Lifetime Consequences DVD $49.00
Stopping Verbal Bullying DVD $49.00
Storms, Cyclones and Hurricanes DVD $49.00
Story Of California, The DVD $49.00
Story Of Florida, The DVD $49.00
Story Of Hawaii, The DVD $49.00
Story Of Texas, The DVD $49.00
Surface and Subsurface Waters DVD $49.00
Surface Water: A Day in the Life of the Rio Grande DVD $49.00
Switzerland DVD $49.00
Symbiosis in Ocean Communities DVD $49.00
Symmetry DVD $49.00
Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover DVD $49.00
Taj Mahal DVD $49.00
Taj Mahal and Shah Jahan, The DVD $49.00
Teacher DVD $49.00
Technology and Architecture In Ancient Civilizations Series DVD $147.00
Teens Beating The Odds DVD $49.00
Temperate and Continental Climates DVD $49.00
Temple Of Artemis At Ephesus DVD $49.00
Thailand DVD $49.00
Thanksgiving Shared: Native Americans DVD $49.00
Theatrical Newsreels of World War II DVD $49.00
Three-Digit Numbers DVD $49.00
Time: AM. PM. 24-Hour Digital DVD $49.00
Times Tables For 2, 5, and 10 DVD $49.00
Titanic Sinks, The DVD $49.00
Too Far, Too Fast DVD $49.00
Tornadoes: How They Form DVD $49.00
Trap-Door vs. Agelena Spider: Comparing Behavior DVD $49.00
True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers DVD $49.00
Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy DVD $49.00
Ukraine DVD $49.00
Underground Aquifer Water: Precision Farming DVD $49.00
Units Of Time DVD $49.00
Values In Revolutionary America DVD $49.00
Venomous Marine Adaptations DVD $49.00
Vietnam War: 1962-75 DVD $49.00
Volcanoes and The Ring Of Fire DVD $49.00
Warrior, The Revised DVD $49.00
Water and Life On Earth DVD $49.00
Water Cycle and Cloud Formation, The DVD $49.00
We Are Citizens DVD $49.00
We Pledge Allegiance DVD $49.00
We Vote DVD $49.00
What Is A Community    -   Discontinued DVD
What Is Scarcity? DVD $49.00
What's To Eat? The New Food Pyramid DVD $49.00
What's Up In Finance DVD $49.00
Why People In A Community Work    -   Discontinued DVD
Wind and Weather Forecasting DVD $49.00
Within Our Borders Series DVD $196.00
World At War Series DVD $999.00
World Reborn, A DVD $49.00
WWI Part One: 1890-1916 DVD $49.00
WWI Part Two: 1917-1920 DVD $49.00
WWII A World At War: 1942-1945 DVD $49.00
WWII America and Japan: 1940-1941 DVD $49.00
WWII Axis Power Rising: 1939-1940 DVD $49.00
WWII Roots Of War: 1929-1939 DVD $49.00
Yom Kippur War: 1973 DVD $49.00
Zimbabwe DVD $49.00
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