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Titles for New Video Group

11th of September: Moyers In Conversation, The DVD $24.95
13 Most Beautiful... Songs For Andy Warhol's Screen Tests DVD $34.95
131st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show DVD $29.95
Absolutely Positive DVD $19.95
Adam Clayton Powell DVD $19.95
Aftershock DVD $26.95
Age Of Stupid, The DVD $29.95
Aging Out DVD $26.95
Air Guitar Nation DVD $14.95
Al Franken: God Spoke DVD $26.95
Alex Grey and The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors: CoSM The Movie DVD $26.95
Alice Neel DVD $29.95
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Beyond the Steps DVD $26.95
Always A Bridesmaid DVD $24.95
American Nightmare, The DVD $24.95
An Arthur Dong Film: Coming Out Under Fire DVD $26.95
An Arthur Dong Film: Family Fundamentals DVD $26.95
An Arthur Dong Film: Licensed to Kill DVD $26.95
Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides Working With Time DVD $26.95
Angela DVD $24.95
Arctic Son DVD $26.95
Arthur Dong Collection: Stories From The War On Homosexuality DVD $69.95
Assassin's Creed: Lineage DVD $9.95
Assassin's Creed: Lineage (Blu-ray) DVD $15.95
Atomic Cafe, The DVD $24.95
Atomic Cafe, The: Collector's Edition DVD $39.95
Autism: The Musical DVD $19.95
Awful Truth, The: Seasons One and Two Set DVD $69.95
Awkward Comedy Show, The DVD $19.95
BaadAsssss Cinema DVD $24.95
Bag It DVD $29.95
Bass Ackwards DVD $26.95
Be Good, Smile Pretty DVD $24.95
Beautiful Life, A DVD $26.95
Beauty Academy of Kabul, The DVD $26.95
Beginning of the Great Revival DVD $26.95
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey DVD $29.95
Bela Fleck: Throw Down Your Heart DVD $26.95
Best and the Brightest, The DVD $26.95
Best of "See It Now", The DVD $24.95
Best of Sid Caesar    -   Discontinued DVD
Best of The Awful Truth DVD $14.95
Best Worst Movie DVD $19.95
Beware the Gonzo DVD $26.95
Bird by Bird with Annie DVD $26.95
Black Butterflies DVD $26.95
Black Is...Black Ain't    -   Discontinued DVD
Black White + Gray DVD $29.95
Blast! DVD $29.95
Bleeding House, The DVD $26.95
Blessed Is the Match DVD $26.95
Blue Sunshine DVD $24.95
Blue Vinyl DVD $19.95
Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back DVD $14.95
Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (Blu-ray) DVD $29.95
Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back: 65 Tour Deluxe Edition DVD $29.95
Bobby Fischer Against the World DVD $29.95
Body of War DVD $26.95
Bomb It DVD $19.95
Boy Meets Boy, Complete Season One DVD $39.95
Boys of Summer DVD $26.95
Brandon Teena Story, The DVD $29.95
Brandon Teena Story, The: Collector's Edition DVD $19.95
Broken Rainbow DVD $19.95
Brooklyn Connection, The DVD $26.95
Brother's Keeper DVD $24.95
Building Bombs DVD $19.95
Burning the Future: Coal in America DVD $26.95
Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? DVD $26.95
Carmelo's Way DVD $19.95
Cars Unlocked: The Live Performances, The DVD $19.95
Cat Dancers DVD $26.95
Cats of Mirikitani, The DVD $29.95
Celtic Angels at Christmas DVD $14.95
Chances of the World Changing, The DVD $19.95
Charles and Camilla: Whatever Love Means DVD $24.95
Children of Chabannes, The DVD $19.95
Children Underground DVD $24.95
Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong DVD $26.95
Chuck Close DVD $29.95
Cine Manifest DVD $26.95
Cinematographer Style DVD $26.95
Climate of Change DVD $24.95
Colony DVD $29.95
Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day DVD $26.95
Colors Straight Up DVD $19.95
Company, Original Cast Album    -   Discontinued DVD
Con Man DVD $26.95
Confession, The DVD $19.95
Cool School, The: The Story of the Ferus Art Gallery    -   Discontinued DVD
Crips and Bloods: Made in America DVD $19.95
Crisis: Behind A Presidential Commitment DVD $24.95
Critical Condition DVD $26.95
Crude Awakening, A: The Oil Crash DVD $19.95
Crude Impact DVD $26.95
Dancemaker DVD $29.95
Dancing To New Orleans DVD $19.95
Dark Circle DVD $26.95
David Byrne's Ile Aiye: The House of Life DVD $24.95
Debbie Does Dallas: Uncovered DVD $19.95
Decade Under The Influence, A DVD $19.95
Devil Came on Horseback, The DVD $19.95
Dirt! The Movie DVD $26.95
Dirty Old Town: Ted Leo/Pharmacists DVD $24.95
Doctor, The Tornado and the Kentucky Kid, The DVD $29.95
Docurama Film Festival I Platinum Package, The DVD $229.95
Docurama Film Festival III Platinum Package, The DVD $229.95
Docurama Film Festival IV Platinum Package, The DVD $229.95
Docurama Film Festival V Platinum Package, The DVD $279.95
Docurama Films Collection: Remembering the Holocaust DVD $99.95
Docurama Films presents the Documentary Awards Collection DVD $99.95
Doing Time: Life Inside The Big House DVD $19.95
Don't Go in the Woods DVD $26.95
Dont Look Back DVD $24.95
Double Hour, The DVD $29.95
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD $14.95
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Blu-ray) DVD $19.95
Dragon Age: Redemption DVD $14.95
Drift DVD $34.95
Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On the Road with Death Cab For Cutie DVD $24.95
Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World DVD $24.95
Education of Shelby Knox, The DVD $19.95
Edward R. Murrow Collection, The DVD $59.95
Election Day DVD $26.95
Electrifying Conclusion, The DVD $24.95
Elevate DVD $29.95
Elite Squad: The Enemy Within DVD $29.95
Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Blu-ray) DVD $34.95
End of the Line, The DVD $26.95
Enlighten Up! DVD $26.95
Environmental Collection DVD $54.95
Eric Bogosian: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee DVD $26.95
Essential Killing DVD $26.95
Execution of Wanda Jean, The DVD $26.95
Fall From Grace DVD $19.95
Family Name DVD $19.95
Farmingville DVD $19.95
Faster Collector's Edition DVD $19.95
Faster: Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD $39.95
Fastest DVD $29.95
Fastpitch DVD $24.95
Festival, The DVD $26.95
Film School DVD $29.95
Finisterre DVD $24.95
Fire in Babylon DVD $26.95
Fire Next Time, The DVD $19.95
First Amendment Project, The DVD $26.95
First Year, The DVD $19.95
Flaw, The DVD $29.95
Flock of Dodos DVD $26.95
Fly Away DVD $24.95
Following Sean DVD $26.95
Forever Plaid: The Movie DVD $26.95
Forgiveness DVD $29.95
Fresh DVD $29.95
From Mao To Mozart with Musical Encounters DVD $24.95
FTA DVD $26.95
Full Frame Documentary Shorts Collection: Vol. 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Full Frame Documentary Shorts Collection: Vol. 4-while supplies last DVD $54.95
Full Frame Documentary Shorts Collection: Vol. 5-while supplies last DVD $63.45
Full Frame Documentary Shorts Vol. 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Future We Will Create, The: Inside the World of TED DVD $26.95
Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes    -   Discontinued DVD
Gasland DVD $29.95
Gasland II DVD $29.95
Genghis Blues DVD $29.95
Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns DVD $24.95
Gitmo: The New Rules of War DVD $26.95
Give Me the Banjo DVD $29.95
Go Tigers! DVD $24.95
Golf in the Kingdom DVD $24.95
Gospel at Colonus, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Grave Encounters DVD $26.95
Gray Matter DVD $19.95
Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst DVD $26.95
Guild, The - Season 3 DVD $14.95
Guild, The - Season 4 DVD $14.95
Guild, The - Season 5 DVD $14.95
Guild, The - Seasons 1 and 2 DVD $19.95
Gypsy Caravan, When the Road Bends DVD $19.95
H2 Worker DVD $39.95
Hacking Democracy DVD $26.95
Harlan Ellison: Dreams with Sharp Teeth DVD $26.95
Harvest of Shame DVD $24.95
Heavy Petting: Special Edition DVD $29.95
Hell and Back Again DVD $29.95
Hell and Back Again (Blu-ray) DVD $34.95
Helvetica    -   Discontinued DVD
Helvetica (Blu-ray) DVD $34.95
Henri Cartier-Bresson: Collector's Edition DVD $49.95
Henry Jaglom's Eating DVD $26.95
Herb and Dorothy DVD $29.95
High Cost of Living, The DVD $26.95
High School Boot Camp DVD $26.95
High Tech Soul DVD $19.95
Hobart Shakespeareans, The DVD $19.95
Hot Coffee DVD $29.95
How to Die in Oregon DVD $29.95
How To Live Forever DVD $29.95
Human Experience, The DVD $24.95
Huxley on Huxley DVD $29.95
I Am A Promise DVD $26.95
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart DVD $29.95
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart DVD $19.95
I Like Killing Flies DVD $26.95
If You Are the One: Love and Marriage DVD $26.95
Image Before my Eyes DVD $19.95
Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, The DVD $24.95
In The Shadow Of The Stars DVD $19.95
Independent's Day DVD $26.95
Infidel, The DVD $24.95
Ingredients DVD $29.95
Inheritance DVD $26.95
Intended, The DVD $26.95
It Was A Wonderful Life DVD $24.95
Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis DVD $29.95
Jackboots on Whitehall DVD $19.95
Janie Jones DVD $26.95
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child DVD $29.95
Jews and Baseball DVD $29.95
Joan Mitchell: Portrait of an Abstract Painter DVD $29.95
Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance DVD $29.95
John Lee Hooker: That's My Story DVD $19.95
Jupiter's Wife DVD $24.95
Keep The River On Your Right DVD $24.95
Kennedys, The (Miniseries) DVD $29.95
Kennedys, The (Miniseries) (Blu-ray) DVD $39.95
Kids Grow Up, The DVD $29.95
Kill the Moonlight DVD/CD $24.95
King Corn DVD $19.95
King Corn Special Edition DVD $24.95
Know Your Mushrooms DVD $26.95
Lady In Question is Charles Busch, The DVD $19.95
Ladysmith Black Mambazo: On Tip Toe DVD $19.95
Last Man Standing: Politics, Texas Style DVD $26.95
Last Mountain, The DVD $29.95
Last Rites of Joe May, The DVD $26.95
Last Round, The: Chuvalo vs. Ali DVD $19.95
Lathe Of Heaven, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Lee Daniels Presents Prince of Broadway DVD $26.95
Legend of Ron Jeremy, The DVD $26.95
Leona's Sister Gerri DVD $26.95
Let's Talk About Sex DVD $19.95
Liberia: An Uncivil War DVD $26.95
Lion in the House, A DVD $26.95
Lioness DVD $26.95
Lock Up: Raw DVD $19.95
Lost Boys of Sudan    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost In La Mancha DVD $24.95
Low In Europe DVD $24.95
Lucky DVD $29.95
Magic School Bus: Blast Off! From Sea to Space DVD $24.95
Magic School Bus: Creepy, Crawly Fun! DVD $12.95
Magic School Bus: Field Trip Fun and Games DVD $24.95
Magic School Bus: Human Body DVD $12.95
Magic School Bus: Super Star Power DVD $12.95
Magic School Bus: Takes a Dive DVD $12.95
Magic School Bus: Takes Flight DVD $12.95
Magic School Bus: The Complete Series DVD $79.95
Main Stream, The DVD $24.95
Making the Crooked Straight DVD $24.95
Man Named Pearl, A DVD $26.95
Man Named Pearl, A DVD $26.95
Man on the Train, The DVD $26.95
Marjoe / Thoth DVD $19.95
Married in America 2 DVD $26.95
Marshall University: Ashes to Glory DVD $19.95
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision DVD $24.95
McCarthy Years, The DVD $24.95
Metropia DVD $24.95
Michael Moore - Awful Truth First Season Set DVD $39.95
Michael Moore: The Awful Truth: Second Season Set DVD $39.95
Michael Tilson Thomas: The Thomashefskys DVD $29.95
Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight DVD $29.95
Monica and David DVD $29.95
Monk, The DVD $29.95
Moog DVD $24.95
Moon Over Broadway DVD $29.95
Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt? DVD $19.95
Murder On A Sunday Morning DVD $24.95
Music From the Inside Out DVD $19.95
My Afternoons With Margueritte DVD $26.95
My Afternoons With Margueritte (Blu-ray) DVD $34.95
My Dog DVD $26.95
My Flesh and Blood DVD $26.95
My Kingdom DVD $26.95
My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering The Kindertransports DVD $19.95
My Last Five Girlfriends DVD $24.95
My Perestroika DVD $29.95
My Reincarnation DVD $29.95
Naked States DVD $24.95
NEDS DVD $26.95
Neil Gaiman's: A Short Film About John Bolton DVD $26.95
Newlyweds DVD $26.95
Next: A Primer On Urban Painting DVD $29.95
Night In Havana, A: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba DVD $19.95
Nine Good Teeth DVD $26.95
No Tomorrow DVD $29.95
Noam Chomsky On The World: The Chomsky Sessions DVD $19.95
Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without A Pause DVD $26.95
Norwegian Wood DVD $29.95
Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037 DVD $26.95
Nothing But A Man DVD $26.95
Nursery University DVD $26.95
Objectified DVD $24.95
Obscene: A Portrait of Barney Rosset and Grove Press DVD $29.95
Of Civil Wrongs and Rights DVD $26.95
Off The Menu: Last Days of Chasen's, The DVD $24.95
Oh! Calcutta! DVD $26.95
On the Downlow DVD $19.95
On The Road With Duke Ellington DVD $24.95
One Punk Under God DVD $19.95
Operation Homecoming DVD $26.95
Oranges and Sunshine DVD $26.95
Oranges and Sunshine (Blu-ray) DVD $34.95
Painters Painting DVD $29.95
Pale Force DVD $14.95
Panama Deception, The DVD $19.95
Pandemic: Facing AIDS DVD $24.95
Paradise Lost 2: Revelations DVD $24.95
Paradise Lost: Collector's Edition DVD $26.95
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills DVD $26.95
Parallel Lines DVD $26.95
Partisans of Vilna    -   Discontinued DVD
Passin' It On DVD $19.95
Passing Poston DVD $26.95
Picasso and Braque Go To The Movies DVD $29.95
Picasso and Braque Go To the Movies (Ed. Version) DVD $350.00
Pictures from a Revolution DVD $19.95
Pie In The Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story DVD $24.95
Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea DVD $19.95
Pleasure For Sale DVD $26.95
Plot Against Harry, The DVD $26.95
Plymptoons: The Complete Early Works of Bill Plympton DVD $26.95
Police Tapes, The DVD $26.95
Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy DVD $19.95
Power Trip DVD $26.95
Primary DVD $24.95
Private DVD $19.95
Prom Night In Mississippi DVD $26.95
Puppet Master Collection, The DVD $59.95
Questioning Faith DVD $26.95
Radio On DVD $24.95
Rated R: Republicans In Hollywood DVD $19.95
Red Vs. Blue Season 6: Reconstruction DVD $19.95
Red Vs. Blue Season 7: Recreation DVD $19.95
Red Vs. Blue Season 8: Revelation DVD $19.95
Red Vs. Blue Season 9 DVD $19.95
Red Vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles: The First Five Seasons DVD $59.95
Red Vs. Blue: The Recollection DVD $29.95
Regret To Inform DVD $29.95
Rem Koolhaas: A Kind Of Architect DVD $29.95
Resident Alien DVD $19.95
Restless Conscience, The DVD $39.95
Revenge of the Electric Car DVD $29.95
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping DVD $26.95
Ritchie Boys, The DVD $19.95
Rivers and Tides (Blu-ray) DVD $29.95
Rivers and Tides: Special Collector's Edition DVD $39.95
Road, Movie DVD $24.95
Robert Drew Kennedy Films Collection, The DVD $29.95
Rocked with Gina Gershon DVD $19.95
Romantics Anonymous DVD $26.95
Roots Of Rhythm DVD $29.95
Sam The Man DVD $26.95
Same River Twice, The DVD $26.95
Scared Straight! DVD $24.95
Secrecy DVD $26.95
Secret of Kells, The DVD $29.95
Secret of Kells, The (Blu-ray) DVD $39.95
See How They Run DVD $19.95
See What I'm Saying DVD $29.95
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll DVD $24.95
Sexual Intelligence DVD $19.95
Shanghai Ghetto DVD $19.95
SHAOLIN ULYSSES: Kungfu Monks in America DVD $26.95
Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure DVD $26.95
Shvitz, The DVD $19.95
Sid Caesar Collection, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Sid Caesar Collection, The: The Buried Treasures    -   Discontinued DVD
Sid Caesar Collection, The: The Fan Favorites    -   Discontinued DVD
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars    -   Discontinued DVD
Silverlake Life: The View From Here DVD $24.95
Sing Faster: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle DVD $19.95
Sing Your Song: Harry Belafonte DVD $29.95
Singing Revolution, The DVD $26.95
Sir! No Sir! DVD $19.95
Sister Helen DVD $26.95
Sister Rose's Passion DVD $19.95
Situation, The DVD $26.95
Skills Like This DVD $26.95
Slamnation DVD $29.95
Slasher DVD $24.95
Small Act, A DVD $29.95
Smashing Machine, The: The Life and Times of Extreme Fighter Mark Kerr DVD $19.95
Smothered: The Censorship Struggles of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour DVD $24.95
Soldiers of Conscience DVD $26.95
Something's Gonna Live DVD $29.95
Sophie B. Hawkins: The Cream Will Rise DVD $24.95
Sound And Fury DVD $24.95
Soundtrack For A Revolution DVD $29.95
Southern Comfort DVD $24.95
Spaghetti West, The DVD $26.95
Spain...On the Road Again DVD $29.95
Speaking In Strings    -   Discontinued DVD
Speedo DVD $26.95
Spend An Evening With Saddle Creek DVD $24.95
Stagedoor DVD $26.95
Staircase, The DVD $29.95
Still Bill DVD $29.95
Strange Culture DVD $26.95
Subspecies: The Complete Chronicles DVD $29.95
Superheroes DVD $26.95
Sweetest Sound, The DVD $24.95
Swell Season, The DVD $29.95
Swimsuit Issue, The DVD $24.95
Taking On The Kennedys DVD $26.95
They Came to Play DVD $29.95
This Reporter DVD $24.95
Thomas In Love DVD $24.95
Time For Burning, A DVD $19.95
Today's Special DVD $26.95
Todd McFarlane: The Devil You Know DVD $24.95
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Alpha DVD $9.95
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Alpha (Blu-ray) DVD $12.95
Touch The Sound DVD $19.95
Trancers: The Ultimate Deth Collection DVD $29.95
Transcendent Man DVD $29.95
Transgeneration DVD $29.95
TRIAGE: Dr. James Orbinski's Humanitarian Dilemma DVD $26.95
Trotsky, The DVD $24.95
Troy's Story DVD $26.95
True Adolescents DVD $26.95
True Meaning Of Pictures, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Tune, The DVD $26.95
Tupac Uncensored and Uncut: The Lost Prison Tapes DVD $14.95
Turkey Bowl DVD $26.95
Tying The Knot DVD $19.95
Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston DVD $26.95
Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story DVD $29.95
Unfinished Business DVD $19.95
Universe of Keith Haring, The DVD $29.95
Urbanized DVD $24.95
Urbanized (Blu-ray) DVD $34.95
V-Day: Until The Violence Stops DVD $26.95
Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh    -   Discontinued DVD
Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place DVD $26.95
Virtual JFK DVD $26.95
Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman DVD $29.95
W.I.S.O.R. DVD $24.95
Waging A Living DVD $26.95
Waiting for Hockney DVD $29.95
Walk Into the Sea, A: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory DVD $29.95
Wanderlust DVD $26.95
War Tapes, The DVD $26.95
Warring States, The DVD $26.95
Waste Land DVD $29.95
Wasted Orient DVD $19.95
Wavy Gravy Movie: Saint Misbehavin', The DVD $29.95
We Were Here DVD $29.95
Weather Underground, The DVD $19.95
Well-Founded Fear DVD $26.95
What Women Want DVD $26.95
When The Mountains Tremble    -   Discontinued DVD
Which Way Home DVD $29.95
Who Are The DeBolts? DVD $19.95
Who's the Caboose? DVD $19.95
Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, The DVD $24.95
Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell DVD $24.95
Wild Horse Redemption, The DVD $26.95
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, The DVD $19.95
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, The: Collector's Edition DVD $39.95
William Gibson: No Maps For These Territories DVD $24.95
William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe DVD $29.95
Wobblies, The DVD $26.95
Wonders Are Many DVD $26.95
Woody Allen: A Documentary DVD $29.95
WTC: The First 24 Hours    -   Discontinued DVD
Yellow Brick Road DVD $26.95
Yes Men Fix The World, The DVD $26.95
Yes Virginia DVD $9.95
Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg DVD $29.95
Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg (with educational insert) DVD $295.00
You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story DVD $24.95
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