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Titles for Phoenix Learning Group

17th and 18th Century DVD $39.95
19th Century DVD $39.95
2,000 Years In One Generation DVD $29.95
20th Century DVD $39.95
4 II Do: Kids Getting Involved DVD $39.95
A Is For Alphabet DVD $17.95
Aaron Moore: Masai Warrior    -   Discontinued DVD
Abraham Lincoln DVD $19.95
Acids, Bases and Salt DVD $59.99
Across Five Aprils DVD $49.95
Across The Ocean Sea DVD $59.99
Action And Reaction DVD $17.95
ADA: Beyond Compliance DVD $89.95
ADA: Breaking the Attitude Barrier DVD $89.95
ADA: New Access to Workplace (Combination) DVD $89.95
Adam Clayton Powell DVD $39.95
Adaptation Of Ocean Environment DVD $19.95
Adding DVD $19.95
Addition DVD $19.95
Addition DVD $19.95
Africa: An Introduction DVD $39.95
Africa: Young Leader/Nation DVD $59.99
African Community, An: The Masai DVD $39.95
African Craftsmen, The Ashanti DVD $59.99
Afrikaner Experience: The Politics of Exclusion DVD $39.95
Age Of Absolute Monarchs In Europe DVD $29.95
Age of Discovery: English, French, and Dutch Explorations DVD $59.99
Age of Discovery: Spanish and Portuguese Explorations DVD $59.99
Age Of Enlightenment In Europe DVD $29.95
Aids to Speaking DVD $19.95
Aids: Different Kind Of Germ DVD $19.95
Air Conditioned Comfort DVD $19.95
Air Pollution: A First Film DVD $19.95
Air: A First Film DVD $19.95
Airplanes: A First Film DVD $19.95
Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp DVD $19.95
Alfred Nobel - Merchant Of Death? DVD $39.95
Algebra and Trigonometry Series DVD $180.00
Alice's Adventure In Wonderland DVD $19.95
All Summer in A Day DVD $59.99
Allergy? Aller-Choo! DVD $19.95
Alphabet Dragon DVD $19.95
Alphabet Of Space DVD $19.95
Alvin Ailey: Memories and Visions    -   Discontinued DVD
Amanda and the Mysterious Carpet DVD $19.95
America's Heritage: Full Version DVD $39.95
America's Heritage: Part 1 - Architecture and Furniture DVD $29.95
America's Heritage: Part 2 - Arts and Crafts DVD $29.95
American Cowboy, The DVD $29.95
American Document Series, The DVD $150.00
American Folklore Series DVD $150.00
American Parade Series DVD $120.00
American Revolution: The Cause of Liberty DVD $59.99
American Revolution: The Impossible War DVD $59.99
Amerindian Legacy DVD $39.95
Amphibians: Frogs, Toads, Salamanders DVD $19.95
An Actor Works DVD $39.95
An Adult At 10    -   Discontinued DVD
An African City: Contrasting Cultures DVD $39.95
An Alphabet Of Animals DVD $19.95
An Alphabet Of Birds DVD $19.95
An Alphabet Of Dinosaurs DVD $19.95
An Alphabet Of Insects DVD $19.95
An Alphabet Of Lands And Waters DVD $19.95
An Alphabet Of Science Series (7 Titles) DVD $29.95
An Alphabet Of Weather DVD $19.95
Analytic Trigonometry DVD $39.95
Ancient Art of Bellydancing, The DVD $39.95
Ancient Mesopotamia DVD $29.95
Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth DVD $59.99
Andy Warhol: Made in China DVD $39.95
Angel and Big Joe DVD $39.95
Animal Adaptations In A Northern Environment DVD $19.95
Animal Architecture DVD $19.95
Animal Behavior: A First Film DVD $19.95
Animal Camouflage DVD $19.95
Animal Friends DVD $19.95
Animal Habitats (2nd) DVD $19.95
Animals Are Different And Alike DVD $19.95
Animals Breathe In Many Ways DVD $19.95
Animals Eat In Many Ways DVD $19.95
Animals Hear In Many Ways DVD $19.95
Animals Move In Many Ways DVD $19.95
Animals See In Many Ways DVD $19.95
Animals With Backbones DVD $19.95
Animals Without Backbones DVD $19.95
Annie And The Old One DVD $39.95
Another Kind Of Music DVD $39.95
Ant And The Grasshopper, The DVD $19.95
Ant And The Grasshopper, The DVD $19.95
Antaeus DVD $39.95
Anthropology: A Study Of People DVD $19.95
Antonio and His Flamenco Guitar DVD $39.95
Antonyms DVD $19.95
Ants DVD $19.95
Apache Indian, The DVD $19.95
Applications Of Linear Systems DVD $39.95
Applications Of Trigonometry DVD $39.95
Aquarium: Classroom Science DVD $19.95
Aquatic Ecosystems Series DVD $59.95
Archaeologists At Work DVD $19.95
Are You Popular? DVD $39.95
Art and Perception: Learning to See DVD $19.95
Art Elements: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Art of Communication Series DVD $59.99
Art of Film Complete Series DVD $180.00
Art of Film Series I DVD $90.00
Art of Film Series II DVD $90.00
Art Of The Motion Picture DVD $19.95
Art of the Potter, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Art Of The Sixties DVD $39.95
Arthropods: A First Film DVD $19.95
Artist As A Reporter, The: Franklin Mcmahon DVD $59.99
Arts And Crafts In West Africa DVD $19.95
Arts, Crafts And Architecture DVD $19.95
As You Like It: An Introduction DVD $29.95
Asia: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Assassination of President Kennedy, The: What Do We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then? DVD $59.99
Asteroids, Comets, Meteorites DVD $19.95
Atmospheric Science Series DVD $120.00
Attraction Of Gravity DVD $19.95
Aurora Pacheco DVD $39.95
Aurora Pacheco DVD $59.99
Austria: Adventure Austria DVD $59.99
Autobahn DVD $19.95
Babysitters, The DVD $39.95
Background Of Civil War DVD $59.99
Background Of The Recontruction Period DVD $59.99
Background of the United States Constitution, The DVD $59.99
Backyard Science Series DVD $150.00
Bajao, The: Seagoing Nomads DVD $39.95
Balance In Nature: A First Film DVD $19.95
Ballad of the Iron Horse DVD $39.95
Ballad Without End DVD $19.95
Ballet with Edward Villellla DVD $39.95
Barbara Mettler DVD $39.95
Barbara Mettler DVD $59.99
Basic Math Series DVD $105.00
Basic Needs Series DVD $45.00
Basic Practices DVD $59.99
Battle Of Yorktown DVD $39.95
Bavarian Forest and Hohe Tauern National Parks DVD $59.99
Beauty And The Beast (BFA) DVD $19.95
Bees DVD $19.95
Beetles DVD $19.95
Beginning Responsibility Series DVD $150.00
Behavioral Biology DVD $19.95
Believe Me DVD $39.95
Benjamin Banneker: The Man Who Loved the Stars DVD $39.95
Betty Kozasa DVD $39.95
Betty Kozasa DVD $59.99
Beware The Jabberwock DVD $39.95
Beyond The Moon DVD $19.95
Bible, The: A Literary Heritage DVD $59.99
Big Henry and the Polka Dot Kid DVD $39.95
Bill of Rights: Its Origins and a User's Guide in Five Easy Parts DVD $39.95
Biological Science Series, The DVD $120.00
Bird Calls And Songs DVD $19.95
Birds And Birding DVD $19.95
Birds In The City: A First Film DVD $19.95
Birds: A First Film DVD $19.95
Birth And Death Of Mountains DVD $19.95
Bismarck: Germany From Blood and Iron DVD $59.99
Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed DVD $59.99
Black Music In America: From Then Till Know DVD $39.95
Black Soldier, The DVD $39.95
Blood and Circulation DVD $19.95
Blood: Composition and Functions DVD $19.95
Blue Mountains Park DVD $59.99
Boarded Window, The DVD $39.95
Bobby May: Great American Juggler DVD $29.95
Bobby's Choice: A Story About Honesty DVD $29.95
Body and Soul - Part 1 DVD $39.95
Body and Soul - Part 2 DVD $39.95
Boiling Point and Pressure DVD $19.95
Bones and Joints DVD $19.95
Boogie Woogie Blues DVD $59.99
Booker T. Washington DVD $29.95
Boy And A Boa, A DVD $39.95
Boy King DVD $39.95
Boy King (Edited Version) DVD $29.95
Boy of Southeast Asia DVD $19.95
Boy Of The Navajos DVD $19.95
Boy Of The Seminoles (Indians Of The Everglades) DVD $19.95
Boy Who Cried Wolf, The DVD $19.95
Boyhood Of Abraham Lincoln DVD $59.99
Boyhood Of George Washington DVD $59.99
Boyhood Of George Washington Carver DVD $59.99
Boyhood Of Thomas Edison DVD $59.99
Boyle's Law DVD $19.95
Brain Power II DVD $39.95
Brazil DVD $29.95
Brazil (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Breathing and Respiration DVD $19.95
Bremen Town Musicians, The DVD $19.95
Bringing the Legend to Life: The Making of Firefly Marsh DVD $34.95
Broderick DVD $19.95
Broken Book Shop DVD $19.95
Broken Earth DVD $59.99
Broken Treaties DVD $39.95
Brothers Grimm, The: Hansel and Gretel    -   Discontinued DVD
Brothers Grimm: Hansel And Gretel DVD $19.95
Brown vs. the Board of Education DVD $39.95
Bruder Jakob (Brother Jacob) German DVD $29.95
Building Green DVD $89.95
Bukit Timah Park DVD $59.99
Bullets Have No Names On Them DVD $39.95
Bully On The Bus DVD $29.95
Butch Minds the Baby DVD $39.95
Butcher, The DVD $39.95
Butterflies DVD $19.95
By-Line Newsreel - #1 DVD $59.99
By-Line Newsreel - #2 DVD $59.99
By-Line Newsreel - #3 DVD $59.99
By-Line Newsreel - #4 DVD $59.99
Byron B. Blackbear and The Scientific Method DVD $29.95
Call of the Wild DVD $39.95
Calories, Calories DVD $19.95
Can I Sit On A Cloud? DVD $19.95
Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood) Spanish DVD $29.95
Capitalism, Socialism, Communism: An Introduction DVD $59.99
Capitalization With Ralph And Stanley DVD $19.95
Captain Stormalong DVD $19.95
Career Guidance Series DVD $968.99
Caribbean Coast, The DVD $29.95
Caribbean Coast, The (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Caring For Animals DVD $19.95
Carl Colby's World of Art and New Orleans Jazz DVD $89.95
Carlito, The Child King of Vallenato DVD $39.95
Carlos Loarca: Portrait Of An Artist DVD $39.95
Carole Harder's "The Winner's Seminar" DVD $59.99
Case of the Elevator Duck, The DVD $29.95
Casey Jones DVD $19.95
Cat In The Hat DVD $29.95
Caverns and Geysers DVD $19.95
Celebrate DVD $39.95
Celebrate 2 DVD $39.95
Cell - Structural Unit of Life DVD $19.95
Cell Biology DVD $19.95
Cell Biology Series DVD $215.99
Cell Differentiation: The Search for the Organizer DVD $19.95
Cells: A First Film DVD $19.95
Central America: An Introduction DVD $39.95
Central America: History And Heritage DVD $39.95
Chami and Ana the Elephant DVD $34.95
Changes In Energy    -   Discontinued DVD
Changing Forest, The: A First Film DVD $19.95
Changing World of Charles Dickens, The DVD $59.99
Chaparral Prince, The DVD $39.95
Chaplin: A Character Is Born DVD $39.95
Charlemagne: Holy Barbarian DVD $59.99
Charles DVD $29.95
Chaucer and the Medieval Period DVD $29.95
Chef DVD $59.99
Chemical Bonding-Atomic Structure DVD $59.99
Chemistry Series DVD $240.00
Chickens DVD $59.99
Children In The Holocaust DVD $39.95
Children of Brazil DVD $39.95
Chipmunks DVD $59.99
Chocolate DVD $39.99
Choice, The DVD $39.95
Chosen Country: John Dos Passos And The Northern Neck DVD $39.95
Christmas Customs Near And Far DVD $19.95
Christmas In The Holy Land DVD $29.95
Christmas Visitor, A DVD $29.95
Christmas Visitor, A DVD $29.95
Christopher Changes His Name DVD $29.95
Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room! DVD $29.95
Chucalezna    -   Discontinued DVD
Circulatory System DVD $59.99
Civil War, The: Anguish of Emancipation DVD $59.99
Civil War: Promise of Reconstruction DVD $59.99
Classic Tales Retold DVD $210.00
Classifying Living Things (2nd) DVD $39.95
Clean Energy - Biofuels DVD $89.95
Clean Energy - Geothermal Power DVD $89.95
Clean Energy - Solar Power DVD $89.95
Clean Energy - Wind Power DVD $89.95
Clifton Chenier DVD $39.95
Climate: A First Film DVD $19.95
Clothing Around The World DVD $19.95
Cloud Formation DVD $19.95
Clouds and Precipitation DVD $19.95
Clouds: A First Film DVD $19.95
Cockerel's Greatest Feeling Of All DVD $59.99
Colonial Life In New England DVD $29.95
Colonial Life In The Middle Colonies DVD $29.95
Colonial Life In The South DVD $29.95
Colonial Life Series DVD $75.00
Color: A First Film DVD $19.95
Comforts of Home DVD $39.95
Communication by Voice and Action (2nd Edition) DVD $19.95
Communications Revolution Series DVD $75.00
Communications: A First Film DVD $19.95
Communities DVD $19.95
Communities DVD $59.99
Community: People Share A Place DVD $19.95
Comparing DVD $19.95
Compound Words DVD $19.95
Comprehension Skills Series DVD $75.00
Computer Programmer DVD $59.99
Coniferous Forest    -   Discontinued DVD
Conscience In Conflict DVD $39.95
Conservation of Mass: An Inquiry DVD $19.95
Consonant Blends and Combinations: What are Letters For DVD $19.95
Constitution, The: The Compromise That Made a Nation DVD $59.99
Continental Drift And Plate Tectonics DVD $59.99
Cop And The Anthem, The DVD $39.95
Cotton DVD $39.99
Counting By Tens And Fives DVD $19.95
Counting Change DVD $19.95
Country Profiles DVD $539.99
Cows Of Dolo Ken Paye: People Go to the Movies    -   Discontinued DVD
Cows Of Dolo Ken Paye: Resolving Conflict Among The Kpelle DVD $39.95
Crickets DVD $19.95
Critic, The DVD $24.95
Cruel Spirits: Alcohol and Violence DVD $39.95
Crusades, The DVD $19.95
Crusades, The: Saints and Sinners DVD $59.99
Crytoplasm, The DVD $59.99
Cuna Indians: Island Exiles DVD $39.95
Currency DVD $59.99
Dairy DVD $39.99
Dangers of Obesity (Bonus Feature) DVD $9.95
Daniel Boone In America's Story DVD $19.95
Danzig 1939 DVD $39.95
Das Kleine Rote Huhn (The Little Red Hen) German DVD $29.95
Das Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) German DVD $29.95
Date Etiquette DVD $29.95
Date Rape: No Means No DVD $39.95
Dawn Of The American Revolution: A Lexington Family DVD $39.95
Dead Serious DVD $39.95
Dealing With Difficult People DVD $39.95
Death of a Gandy Dancer DVD $39.95
Deborah Sampson DVD $39.95
December Holidays DVD $29.95
Degas in New Orleans DVD $34.95
Denmark: This Is Also Denmark DVD $59.99
Dentist, The: A First Film DVD $19.95
Desert    -   Discontinued DVD
Desert Regions: Nomads And Traders DVD $19.95
Desert, The: A First Film DVD $19.95
Deterioration of Water DVD $39.95
Detour, The DVD $29.95
Developmental Biology DVD $19.95
Die Drei Bären (The Three Bears) German DVD $29.95
Different People - Different Values DVD $19.95
Digestion and Nutrition DVD $19.95
Digestive System DVD $59.99
Dinosaur Age, The DVD $19.95
Dinosaurs: A First Film DVD $19.95
Dinosaurs: The Age Of Reptiles    -   Discontinued DVD
Directions DVD $19.95
Discovering Art Series DVD $150.00
Discovering Color DVD $19.95
Discovering Composition in Art DVD $19.95
Discovering Creative Pattern DVD $19.95
Discovering Dark and Light DVD $19.95
Discovering Form In Art DVD $19.95
Discovering Harmony in Art DVD $19.95
Discovering Ideas For Art DVD $19.95
Discovering Insects: Development DVD $19.95
Discovering Line DVD $19.95
Discovering Perspective DVD $19.95
Discovering Texture DVD $19.95
Dispatcher: Lifeline to the Community DVD $39.95
Displaying the United States Flag DVD $19.95
Division DVD $19.95
Division DVD $19.95
DNA: Key to Life DVD $19.95
Does It Ever Rain In the Desert? DVD $19.95
Doin' It Your Way DVD $29.95
Don't: The Metamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly DVD $29.95
Dr. Seuss Collection    -   Discontinued DVD
Dr. Seuss Collection 7 Timeless Classics DVD $49.95
Dr. Seuss On The Loose DVD $29.95
Dragon Stew DVD $19.95
Dragonflies DVD $59.99
Drawing A Blank DVD $19.95
Drawing Conclusions DVD $19.95
Dreams and Goals DVD $59.99
Drink, Drank, Drunk DVD $59.99
Early Civilizations DVD $19.95
Earth Week: Seven Days To A Greener Planet DVD $19.95
Earth's Atmosphere DVD $19.95
Earthquake! DVD $19.95
Earthquakes and Volcanoes DVD $19.95
East Africa: Two Life Styles DVD $19.95
East Of The Andes DVD $29.95
East of the Andes (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Eastern Europe: An Introduction DVD $29.95
Eat Well, Grow Well DVD $19.95
Echinoderms, Mollusks And Arthropods DVD $19.95
Ecological Biology DVD $19.95
Ecology For Beginners DVD $75.00
Ecology Series, The DVD $75.00
Economic Development DVD $19.95
Ecosystem, The: Network Of Life DVD $19.95
Edgar Allan Poe: Background For His Works DVD $39.95
Edgar Lee Masters' "Spoon River Anthology" DVD $34.95
Edgar Lee Masters' "Spoon River Anthology" DVD $59.99
Educated Eye, The DVD $29.95
Egypt: Gift of the Nile DVD $39.95
Electric Currents and Circuits DVD $19.95
Electric Grandmother, The DVD $39.95
Electric Grandmother, The (Edited Version) DVD $29.95
Electricity DVD $19.95
Electricity and Magnetism DVD $19.95
Electricity: A First Film DVD $19.95
Elementary Energy Series DVD $79.95
Elements, Compounds and Mixtures DVD $59.99
Elephant Eats, The Penguin Eats, The: Nouns DVD $19.95
Elisabeth and The Marsh Mystery DVD $39.95
Elizabeth: The Queen Who Shaped an Age DVD $59.99
Emperor Jones, The DVD $29.95
Emperor's New Clothes DVD $19.95
End of the Game, The DVD $19.95
Endocrine System DVD $59.99
Energy    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy Balance DVD $19.95
Energy Conversion DVD $19.95
Energy Monsters: How To Starve Them DVD $19.95
Energy: A First Film DVD $19.95
Entrepreneur DVD $59.99
Environmental Justice DVD $89.95
Equations and Inequalities DVD $39.95
Erie Canal DVD $39.95
Ernest Hemingway: Rough Diamond DVD $39.95
Erte DVD $39.95
Eskimos: A Changing Culture DVD $39.95
Estuaries DVD $19.95
Ethiopia DVD $19.95
Ethnic Dance Around The World DVD $59.99
Evan's Corner DVD $39.95
Everybody Knows That! DVD $29.95
Evolutionary Biology DVD $19.95
Excretory System DVD $59.99
Excuse Me America DVD $39.95
Expanding Conflict, The: 1940-1941 DVD $19.95
Experimental DVD $19.95
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions DVD $39.95
F.D.R. - The Man Who Changed America DVD $39.95
Face of Wisdom Series, The DVD $120.00
Facing Dangers: Red Light, Green Light DVD $39.95
Facing Our Science Fiction Future DVD $29.95
Fact And Opinion DVD $19.95
Families Are Different And Alike DVD $59.99
Family Life: A Kibbutz DVD $39.95
Farm Babies and Mothers (Rev) DVD $19.95
Farm To Market DVD $375.00
Farm to Market Series DVD $450.00
Farm to Market: Behind the Scenes (15-2 min clips) DVD $59.99
Fat Tuesday DVD $39.95
Fatal Compromise DVD $19.95
Father Like That, A DVD $39.95
Father Of Camels, The DVD $34.95
Father Sun, Mother Earth DVD $19.95
Fergus, Prince of Frogs DVD $59.99
Field Note Taking and Reports DVD $59.99
Fight, The DVD $29.95
File Not Complete... DVD $29.95
Film Volume I - Screenwriting DVD $29.99
Film Volume II - The Camera DVD $29.99
Film Volume III - Performance DVD $29.99
Film Volume IV - Music and Sound DVD $29.99
Film Volume IX - The Chase in the Evolution of the Movies DVD $29.99
Film Volume V - The Edited Image DVD $29.99
Film Volume VI - The Director DVD $29.99
Film Volume VII - Vintage Hitchcock DVD $29.99
Film Volume VIII - Performance in Depth - The Many Roles of Alec Guinness DVD $29.99
Film Volume X - The Chase as Epic DVD $29.99
Film Volume XI - The Role of Women in the Movies DVD $29.99
Film Volume XII - The Emerging Chaplin DVD $29.99
Film: Art of the Impossible DVD $39.95
Finding Absolute Zero DVD $19.95
Finding The Main Idea DVD $19.95
Finland: My Year In One Day DVD $59.99
Fire Extinguishers: The First Responder DVD $59.99
Fire In The Kitchen DVD $29.95
Firehouse Dog DVD $19.95
First Christmas Tree, The DVD $19.95
First Film On Insects DVD $19.95
Fish From Japan DVD $39.95
Fish: A First Film DVD $19.95
Five African Art Facts DVD $19.95
Five Presidents on the Presidency DVD $19.95
Flowers DVD $39.99
Flowers In The Sand DVD $39.95
Fly, The DVD $19.95
Flying High DVD $59.99
Flying Squirrels DVD $59.99
Folk Art In Latin America DVD $19.95
Folksongs Of America's History DVD $19.95
Following The Sequence DVD $19.95
Food Around The World DVD $19.95
Food Chains DVD $59.99
Food Chains DVD $19.95
Food Chains In The Ocean DVD $19.95
Food Pyramid (Bonus Feature) DVD $9.95
Food, Clothing, and Shelter in Three Environments DVD $19.95
Force And Work    -   Discontinued DVD
Foreign Language Vocabulary Series - French Series DVD $80.00
Foreign Language Vocabulary Series - German Series DVD $80.00
Foreign Language Vocabulary Series - Spanish Series DVD $80.00
Fra Iacobus (Brother Jacob) Latin DVD $29.95
Fractions DVD $19.95
Fragile Peace, A: 1918-1929 DVD $19.95
Frances O'Brien DVD $39.95
Frandegrave;re Jacques (Brother Jacob) French DVD $29.95
Fray Felipe (Brother Philip) Spanish DVD $29.95
French and Indian War, The DVD $39.95
French Revolution, The DVD $29.95
French Revolution, The: The Bastille DVD $59.99
French Revolution, The: The Terror DVD $59.99
Freshwater DVD $19.95
Freshwater Wetlands DVD $19.95
Freud: The Hidden Nature of Man DVD $59.99
Friction: A First Film DVD $19.95
Friend In Need, A DVD $59.99
Frogs are Funny, Frogs are Fat: Adjectives DVD $19.95
From Animals DVD $125.00
From Out of the Ashes DVD $39.95
From The Earth DVD $125.00
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler DVD $59.99
From Trees DVD $125.00
Frontier Experience, The DVD $59.99
Fruit DVD $39.99
Fun with Nature DVD $765.99
Functions and Graphs DVD $39.95
Fur Coat Club, The DVD $39.95
Galileo: The Challenge of Reason DVD $59.99
Gameel Gamal (Oh! Beautiful Dancer)    -   Discontinued DVD
Gas Diffusion Rates DVD $19.95
Gaston and the Truffle Hunters DVD $34.95
Gatemouth Brown DVD $39.95
Gatherers From The Sky, The DVD $34.95
Gene Davis DVD $39.95
Generations    -   Discontinued DVD
Genetic Biology DVD $19.95
Genetics And Plant Breeding DVD $19.95
Genii Of The Glass DVD $39.95
Geology: A First Film DVD $19.95
Geometric Forms DVD $59.99
George Washington DVD $19.95
George Washington (2nd Edition) DVD $19.95
George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion: Testing the Constitution DVD $59.99
George Washington's Little History of the United States DVD $19.95
Germany: A Day in Germany DVD $59.99
Germs and What They Do DVD $19.95
Getting The Facts DVD $19.95
Gettysburg Address DVD $39.95
Girl In Room 20 DVD $59.99
Girl Of The Navajos (Rev) DVD $39.95
Girl with the Incredible Feeling - Elizabeth Swados, The DVD $39.95
Girls Sports: On the Right Track DVD $19.95
Give Me Liberty: Patrick Henry - Voice of the Revolution DVD $39.95
Glass    -   Discontinued DVD
Glenora Sayers DVD $39.95
Glenora Sayers DVD $59.99
Global Forecasting DVD $19.95
Global Winds DVD $19.95
Globes DVD $19.95
Glooskap DVD $19.95
Goggles DVD $29.95
Going Steady? DVD $29.95
Gold Bug, The DVD $39.95
Gold Rush and the 49'ers DVD $39.95
Golden Age of the Automobile, The DVD $39.95
Goldilocks And The Three Bears    -   Discontinued DVD
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (BFA) DVD $19.95
Grand Canyon National Park DVD $59.99
Graphing Linear Functions DVD $19.95
Graphing Quadratic Equations DVD $19.95
Grassland Regions: Farmers and Herders DVD $19.95
Gravity, Force and Work DVD $49.95
Gravity, Weight, Weightlessness (Rev) DVD $19.95
Great Depression, The DVD $19.95
Great Lakes Part 1 DVD $19.95
Great Lakes Part 2 DVD $19.95
Great Parks Of The World Series DVD $647.99
Great Scenes from Shakespeare DVD $105.00
Greeks: In Search of Meaning DVD $59.99
Green Careers Complete Series DVD $917.49
Green Design DVD $89.95
Green Eggs And Ham DVD $29.95
Grinch Grinches Cat In The Hat    -   Discontinued DVD
Grisu il Draghetto    -   Discontinued DVD
Growing Up In The Great Depression DVD $39.95
Growth Of America's West Series DVD $80.00
Gruesome Gray Monster (Finding Colors) DVD $24.95
Guidance Counselor DVD $59.99
Guide For Parents, A DVD $29.95
Guilds and Trades DVD $19.95
Halloween Is Grinch Night    -   Discontinued DVD
Halloween Safety DVD $19.95
Hamlet Act III, Scene I DVD $19.95
Hand Tools DVD $59.99
Hannah and the Dog Ghost DVD $39.95
Hating Movie DVD $29.95
He Dances For The Cormorants DVD $34.95
Healthy Snacks (Bonus Feature) DVD $9.95
Heart and How It Works, The DVD $19.95
Heart on a Chain: The Truth About Date Violence DVD $29.95
Heat and Energy Transfer DVD $19.95
Heat of Fusion DVD $19.95
Heat, Temperature and the Properties of Matter DVD $19.95
Helen Keller in Her Story DVD $39.95
Help Me! The Story of a Teenage Suicide DVD $39.95
Henry IV, Part I: Act II, Scene IV; Avt V, Scene IV DVD $19.95
Henry IV, Part II: Act V, Scene V DVD $19.95
Henry's Decision DVD $39.95
Heritage Of Slavery DVD $39.95
Hi Cat! DVD $29.95
Higgins' Big Secret DVD $59.99
History of Policing in America, The: All in a Day's Work DVD $59.99
History of the Cinema, The DVD $29.95
Hitler: Anatomy Of Dictatorship DVD $39.95
Holy Qur'an (Koran) DVD $39.95
Home Health Aide DVD $59.99
Homographs DVD $19.95
Homonyms DVD $19.95
Honey DVD $39.99
Honey And Honeybees: A First Film DVD $19.95
Hoober Bloob Highway DVD $29.95
Hopi Indian, The DVD $19.95
Hopper's Silence DVD $59.99
Horses DVD $59.99
Hot Spot DVD $19.95
House of Usher, The DVD $29.95
How Animals Get Ready For Winter DVD $19.95
How Animals Live Thru Winter DVD $19.95
How Big Were the Dinosaurs? DVD $19.95
How Far Is Too Far?    -   Discontinued DVD
How Green Plants Make And Use Food    -   Discontinued DVD
How Healthy Is Your Diet DVD $29.95
How It Grows DVD $19.95
How It Heals Itself DVD $19.95
How It Moves DVD $19.95
How It Reacts To Stress DVD $19.95
How It Uses Food DVD $19.95
How Its Parts Work Together DVD $19.95
How Many Days To America? A Thanksgiving Story DVD $49.95
How Materials Change DVD $19.95
How Not To Become An Alcoholic DVD $19.95
How The Animals Discovered Christmas DVD $29.95
How To Dig a Hole To the Other Side of the World DVD $29.95
How to Read a Book (3rd Edition) DVD $19.95
How To Study Ecology: A First Film DVD $19.95
How We Breathe DVD $19.95
How We Keep Fit DVD $19.95
How We Know About Ice Ages DVD $19.95
How We Know The Earth's Shape DVD $19.95
How We Study the Sun DVD $19.95
How Will I Survive DVD $39.95
Human Body Series DVD $539.99
Hummingbirds: A First Film DVD $19.95
Hymn To Aton DVD $29.95
I Can Do It! DVD $19.95
I Have a Dream ...: The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. DVD $59.99
I Have a Dream ...: The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. DVD $59.99
Iceland: A Midsummer's Journey DVD $59.99
Identifying Solids, Liquids and Gases of Density DVD $19.95
Igneous Rocks DVD $19.95
Imaginero DVD $59.99
Immigrant Experience, The: The Long, Long Journey DVD $59.99
In a Wild Workshop: Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights DVD $39.95
In Dark Places: Remembering the Holocaust DVD $39.95
In Open Air: A Portrait of the American Impressionists DVD $39.95
In the Land of Jim Crow: Equality - Real Versus Ideal DVD $59.99
In the Land of Jim Crow: Fighting For Civil Rights DVD $59.99
In the Land of Jim Crow: Growing Up Segregated DVD $59.99
In the Land of Jim Crow: Using the Vote - Sharing Power DVD $59.99
In the Land of Jim Crow: Vietnam - The Dream Shot Down DVD $59.99
In-Line Skating Made Easy DVD $19.95
Inclined Planes DVD $19.95
Inclined Planes DVD $19.95
India: History And Heritage DVD $39.95
Indian Boy Of The Southwest DVD $19.95
Indian Crafts: Hopi, Navajo and Iroquois DVD $19.95
Indians In The Americas DVD $19.95
Industry In Africa DVD $19.95
Inevitable War: 1939 - 1940 DVD $19.95
Initial Consonants: What are Letters For DVD $19.95
Inquiring Into Life DVD $19.95
Insect Life Cycles DVD $19.95
Insect Metamorphosis DVD $19.95
Intermediate Simple Machines DVD $75.00
Introducing Globes DVD $19.95
Introducing Maps And Globes Series DVD $60.00
Introduction to Contour Drawing DVD $19.95
Investigation Of Rape DVD $39.95
Invisible Boy, The DVD $39.95
Invisible: Abbott Thayer and the Art of Camouflage DVD $39.95
Ira Sleeps Over DVD $34.95
Is Your Number Up? DVD $29.95
Islam and the Sciences DVD $39.95
Islam-The Unifying Force DVD $19.95
Israel: History, Land And People DVD $29.95
It Won't Happen To Me DVD $29.95
It's Not Always Happy At My House DVD $59.99
It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House DVD $24.95
Itzu Guari Y El Niandntilde;o DVD $59.99
J.JACKSON: Pushing Excellence DVD $39.95
Jack And The Beanstalk DVD $19.95
Jack London's To Build A Fire DVD $39.95
Jack-A-Boy DVD $39.95
Jackson Years, The: The New Americans DVD $59.99
Jackson Years, The: Toward Civil War DVD $59.99
James Thurber's The Night the Ghost Got In DVD $39.95
Jamestown Colony (1607-1620) DVD $24.95
Japan: An Introduction-Part 1 DVD $19.95
Japan: An Introduction-Part 2 DVD $19.95
Japan: Its Arts DVD $39.95
Japanese Handicrafts DVD $19.95
Japanese Mountain Family DVD $19.95
Jasper and Banff National Parks DVD $59.99
Jerusalem Peace DVD $39.95
Jingle Bells DVD $19.95
Joe Magarac DVD $19.95
John Henry DVD $19.95
John Henry: An American Legend DVD $29.95
Johnny Appleseed DVD $19.95
Journey: The Quest For Self-Reliance DVD $19.95
Juke Joint DVD $59.99
Julius Caesar: Act I, Scene II DVD $19.95
Julius Caesar: An Introduction DVD $29.95
Julius Caesar: An Introduction DVD $59.99
Just An Overnight Guest DVD $34.95
Just Say Hic! A Turkish Folktale DVD $19.95
Justice Black and the Bill of Rights DVD $39.95
Kakadu and Ayers Rock Parks DVD $59.99
Katura And The Cat    -   Discontinued DVD
Keaton: The Great Stone Face DVD $39.95
Kid Thomas and the Preservation Hall Band DVD $39.95
Kidneys: The Remarkable Filters DVD $19.95
Kids On The Ave DVD $59.99
Kids, Music and Dance Series DVD $120.00
Kinetic and Potential Energy DVD $49.95
King Lear: An Introduction DVD $29.95
King Lear: An Introduction DVD $59.99
King Of The Island At 13 DVD $59.99
Kostadin and His Kaval DVD $39.95
Kruger National Park DVD $59.99
La Gallinta Roja (The Little Red Hen) Spanish DVD $29.95
La Petite Poule Rouge (The Little Red Hen) French DVD $29.95
Lady or the Tiger, The? DVD $29.95
Ladybug, Ladybug Winter Is Coming DVD $29.95
Ladybugs DVD $59.99
Land And People DVD $19.95
Land Pollution: A First Film DVD $19.95
Land Use and Misuse DVD $24.95
Last of the Caddoes DVD $39.95
Last Stand DVD $49.95
Latitude DVD $19.95
Latitude, Longitude and Time Zones DVD $29.95
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood) Fren DVD $29.95
Le Pink Grapefruit DVD $39.95
Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun DVD $59.99
Learning About Courtesy DVD $19.95
Learning About Fairness DVD $19.95
Learning About Metric Measures DVD $19.95
Learning To Be A Good Sport DVD $19.95
Learning To Follow Instructions DVD $19.95
Legend Of Firefly Marsh, The DVD $34.95
Legend Of The Buffalo Clan, The DVD $19.95
Legend Of The Otter Man, The DVD $34.95
Length DVD $19.95
Leo Beuerman DVD $19.95
Leo Beuerman: A Legacy DVD $49.95
Leo Beuerman: Special Features DVD $29.95
Leonardo DaVinci and His Art DVD $34.95
Leontine Kelly DVD $39.95
Leontine Kelly DVD $59.99
Les Trois Ours (The Three Bears) French DVD $29.95
Let's Measure Series DVD $60.00
Levers DVD $19.95
Levers DVD $19.95
Lewis And Clark Journey, The DVD $19.95
Life In Lowlands: The Netherlands DVD $29.95
Life of Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman? DVD $59.99
Life on the Forest Floor: A First Film DVD $19.95
Light DVD $19.95
Light and Images DVD $19.95
Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum DVD $19.95
Light, Color and the Visible Spectrum DVD $19.95
Light: A First Film DVD $19.95
Lightening And Thunder Case, The DVD $39.95
Lincoln Douglas Debates, The: The House Divides DVD $39.95
Linear and Non-Linear Systems DVD $39.95
Lines And Shapes DVD $59.99
Listen To Me: Physical Child Abuse DVD $39.95
Little Brown Burro DVD $59.99
Little Engine That Could DVD $19.95
Little Match Girl DVD $19.95
Little Players, The DVD $39.95
Little Red Riding Hood    -   Discontinued DVD
Little Shepard And The First Christmas, The DVD $19.95
Littlest Angel, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Living American Theater Dance DVD $59.99
Living Cell, The DVD $59.99
Living With Dignity Collection DVD $89.95
Llamero and the Boy with the White Llama, The DVD $34.95
Loggerhead Turtles DVD $59.99
Longitude DVD $19.95
Lorax, The DVD $29.95
Lord Of The Animals Set Of 13 DVD $195.00
Lord Of The Animals Set Of 6 DVD $323.99
Lord Of The Animals Set Of 7 DVD $377.99
Lord of the Eagles, The DVD $34.95
Los Tres Osos (The Three Bears) Spanish DVD $29.95
Love Story, A: Marie Curie 1867 - 1934 DVD $59.99
Love to Kill DVD $24.95
Lover's Quarrel With World, A DVD $59.99
Luck of Roaring Camp, The DVD $39.95
Lucumi, The Rumbero of Cuba DVD $39.95
Lumber DVD $39.99
Lunchroom Goes Bananas, A DVD $19.95
Lure of Empire, The: America Debates Imperialism DVD $59.99
Macbeth Act I, Scene VII DVD $19.95
Macbeth: An Introduction DVD $29.95
Macbeth: An Introduction DVD $59.99
Maggie And The Pirate DVD $39.95
Magic Gallery Series DVD $60.00
Magnets DVD $19.95
Mahalia Jackson: Got To Tell It DVD $39.95
Make A Wish, Molly DVD $24.99
Making Change For A Dollar DVD $19.95
Making It Move DVD $29.95
Male Responsibility Series DVD $90.00
Mammal Mothers And Their Babies DVD $34.95
Mammals: A First Film DVD $19.95
Man and His Environment 1: Rain Forest Family DVD $19.95
Man and His Environment 2: Food from the Rain Forest DVD $19.95
Man and Woman DVD $39.95
Man Made Monuments and Memorials of the United States DVD $39.95
Man's Effect on Enviroment DVD $29.95
Manager's Job, The: Folklore and Fact    -   Discontinued DVD
Managers Can Avoid Wasting Time    -   Discontinued DVD
Managers With Impact: Versatile and Inconsistent    -   Discontinued DVD
Managing Your Boss    -   Discontinued DVD
Mandy's Grandmother DVD $39.95
Manimals DVD $19.95
Manners in Public DVD $19.95
Mantises DVD $59.99
Many Hear, Some Listen DVD $19.95
Map Skills Series DVD $75.00
Map Skills Series For Beginners Series DVD $40.00
Maps DVD $19.95
Maps And Landmarks DVD $19.95
Maps Show Our Earth DVD $19.95
Maps: Different Types and Their Uses DVD $19.95
Maps: How To Read Them DVD $19.95
Marc Chagall DVD $19.95
Marijuana Alert! DVD $39.95
Marine DVD $19.95
Mark Twain Gives an Interview DVD $34.95
Mark Twain: Background For His Works DVD $34.95
Mark Twain: How I Came Into the Literary Professsion DVD $34.95
Marketing The Myth DVD $39.95
Martha Clarke: Light and Dark DVD $39.95
Martin Luther King, Jr.: From Montgomery to Memphis DVD $59.99
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Letter From Birmingham Jail DVD $39.95
Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Assassin Years DVD $59.99
Marxism: The Theory That Split a World DVD $59.99
Mass DVD $19.95
Mass of An Atom DVD $19.95
Masses and the Millionaires, The: The Homestead Strike DVD $59.99
Math For Beginners DVD $39.95
Math In Our Lives 3-5 Set DVD $269.99
Math In Our Lives K-2 Set DVD $215.99
Math In Our Lives Set DVD $485.99
Matter and Energy For Beginners DVD $90.00
Matter of Conscience, A: Henry VIII and Thomas More DVD $59.99
Me and You Kangaroo DVD $39.95
Measuring in Astronomy: How Big, How Far DVD $19.95
Measuring Matter: Set of 4 on 1 Disc DVD $60.00
Measuring-Metric DVD $59.99
Measuring-Standard DVD $59.99
Measuring: A Way Of Comparing DVD $19.95
Mechanics of Life DVD $75.00
Medicine, Drugs And You: A First Film DVD $19.95
Medicines, Drugs and Poisons DVD $19.95
Medieval England: The Peasants' Revolt DVD $59.99
Medieval Times Series DVD $75.00
Medieval World, The DVD $19.95
Merchant of Venice Act I, Scene III and Act IV, Scene I DVD $19.95
Meter, Liter And Gram DVD $19.95
Metrics For Measure DVD $19.95
Mexican Indian Legends DVD $39.95
Mexico: An Introduction DVD $29.95
Michelangelo and His Art DVD $34.95
Middle Ages, The: A Wanderer's Guide to Life and Letters DVD $59.99
Middle Manager As Innovator DVD $89.95
Mideast Series DVD $75.00
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The DVD $19.95
Midnight Shadow DVD $59.99
Midsummer Night's Dream, A: An Introduction DVD $29.95
Midsummer Night's Dream, A: An Introduction DVD $59.99
Military Transition DVD $59.99
Mime Technique, Part One DVD $39.95
Miracle In Harlem DVD $59.99
Mirror, Mirror: A Story About Self-Respect DVD $29.95
Miss Nelson Is Missing DVD $39.95
Molecular Biology DVD $19.95
Molecules: A First Film DVD $19.95
Molly's Pilgrim DVD $29.99
Mona Lisa to Dada DVD $19.95
Money DVD $59.99
Monkey Player, The DVD $34.95
Monkey See, Monkey Do: Verbs DVD $19.95
Monkey's Paw DVD $39.95
Monkey's Paw, The (BFA) DVD $39.95
Monsters Don't Count DVD $59.99
Moonbeam Princess (Japanese) DVD $29.95
More And Less DVD $59.99
More Dates for Kay DVD $19.95
Mother Goose Stories DVD $19.95
Motion of a Molecule DVD $19.95
Motivation/Current Dominant Thought DVD $59.99
Mountain Men, The DVD $29.95
Mountain Sculptors, The DVD $34.95
Mountains: A First Film DVD $19.95
Movies Story, The DVD $39.95
Mr. Money: Norman Krasner DVD $19.95
Multicultural Workplace DVD $89.95
Multiplication DVD $19.95
Multiplication DVD $19.95
Murder In Harlem DVD $59.99
Murderer, The DVD $39.95
Muscles and Movement DVD $19.95
Muscular System DVD $59.99
Musical Forms: The Canon DVD $39.95
Musical Forms: The Fugue DVD $39.95
My Mother Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World (Ukranian Folktale) DVD $19.95
My World, My Choice DVD $39.95
Mythology of Greece and Rome DVD $59.99
Myths Of Shoplifting DVD $39.95
Napoleon: The End of a Dictator DVD $59.99
Napoleon: The Making of a Dictator DVD $59.99
Napoleonic Era, The DVD $29.95
Native American Life DVD $79.95
Natural History of Our World, The: The Time of Man DVD $39.95
Natural Monuments of the United States DVD $39.95
Navajo Family Adventure DVD $39.95
Navajo Indian, The DVD $19.95
Nellie Red Owl DVD $59.99
Nellie Red Owl DVD $39.95
Nervous System DVD $59.99
New Friend, The DVD $39.95
Newton: The Mind That Found the Future DVD $59.99
Next Door DVD $39.95
Niam, The Jali of Kora DVD $39.95
Nice Flying Machine, A DVD $19.95
Nightlife DVD $19.95
Nile: Profile Of A River DVD $19.95
No Guitar Blues, The DVD $59.99
No Handouts For Mrs. Hedgepeth DVD $39.95
No Means No!: Avoiding Date Abuse DVD $39.95
No Two Alike DVD $39.95
Nobility, The DVD $19.95
Norman Checks In DVD $19.95
Norman Gives a Speech DVD $19.95
Norman Krasner DVD $19.95
North Wind And The Sun, The DVD $19.95
Norway: Rising From The Sea DVD $59.99
Not Without Sight DVD $39.95
Not Yet, Baby! DVD $39.95
Now At Last I'm Anne    -   Discontinued DVD
Nowhere to Run DVD $39.95
Nucleus, The DVD $59.99
Numbers DVD $59.99
Numbers And Order DVD $19.95
Nurse DVD $59.99
Nutrient Cycle, The DVD $59.99
Nutrient Cycle, The DVD $19.95
Nutrition: Fueling The Human Machine DVD $19.95
Nutritious Snacks And Fast Food DVD $19.95
Nuts DVD $39.99
O. Henry's "Jimmy Valentine" DVD $39.95
O. Henry's "Jimmy Valentine" (Abridged) DVD $29.95
Occupational Therapist DVD $59.99
Ocean, The: First Film DVD $19.95
Oceans And Climate    -   Discontinued DVD
Office Machine Service Technician DVD $59.99
Old Mother Witch DVD $39.95
Old Woman In A Shoe (Beginning Number Concepts) DVD $19.95
Oliver Jones DVD $19.95
Olympia I DVD $59.99
Olympia I and II DVD $107.99
Olympia II DVD $59.99
On Challenged Wings - Part 1: Kayak DVD $29.95
On Challenged Wings - Part 2: Scuba DVD $29.95
On Challenged Wings - Part 3: Skiing DVD $29.95
On Challenged Wings-Full Version DVD $39.95
On Your Own At Home DVD $19.95
Once Upon A Boa DVD $39.95
Once Upon A Feeling DVD $59.99
One Too Many DVD $39.95
Opera With Henry Butler DVD $39.95
Ordinary People DVD $39.95
Oregon Trail, The DVD $39.95
Organism DVD $39.95
Origami DVD $39.95
Orphaned, Injured And Abandoned Animals DVD $19.95
Otto Messmer and Felix The Cat DVD $29.95
Our Busy Farm DVD $29.95
Our Country's Flag (3rd Edition) DVD $19.95
Our Forest DVD $19.95
Our Sun and It's Planets DVD $19.95
Our Town DVD $59.99
Our Wonderful Body DVD $195.00
Out Of Bounds: Teenage Sex Harassment DVD $29.95
Outside The Lucky DVD $39.95
Pakistan: Mound of the Dead DVD $39.95
Panman DVD $39.95
Papa Penguin's Home Movies DVD $19.95
Parable Of The Sadhu DVD $89.95
Paragraphs With Ralph And Stanley DVD $19.95
Paralegal DVD $59.99
Pardon Me for Living DVD $39.95
Parties Are Fun DVD $19.95
Patriot, The DVD $39.95
Paul Bunyan DVD $19.95
Paul Klee: Child Of Creation DVD $29.95
Paul Laurence Dunbar: American Poet DVD $29.95
Paul Revere's Ride DVD $19.95
Pecos Bill DVD $19.95
Peege DVD $24.99
Pelican of Ramzam Red, The DVD $34.95
People and Their Culture, The DVD $29.95
People and Their Culture, The (Spanish) DVD $29.95
People Celebrating Our Differences    -   Discontinued DVD
People Chosen, A: Who is a Jew? DVD $39.95
People Who Help Us Stay Healthy DVD $19.95
Periodic Table And Periodicity DVD $59.99
Peru: People of the Sun DVD $29.95
Pet Show DVD $29.95
Pets: A First Film DVD $19.95
Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician DVD $59.99
Phillip and the White Colt DVD $39.95
Photosynthesis DVD $19.95
Physical Evidence DVD $59.99
Physical Features DVD $19.95
Physical Science Series I DVD $105.00
Physical Science Series II DVD $45.00
Physical Therapist DVD $59.99
Physician Assistant DVD $59.99
Physics and Chemistry of Water DVD $19.95
Picasso's Cubism DVD $19.95
Picasso: Unity Of Variety    -   Discontinued DVD
Pioneer Journey Across The Appalachians DVD $29.95
Pioneers Of Science DVD $19.95
Place Value: Ones, Tens, Hundreds DVD $19.95
Planets DVD $19.95
Planning Your Speech DVD $19.95
Plants And Animals Depend On Each Other DVD $19.95
Plasma Membrane DVD $59.99
Plymouth Colony: First Year DVD $39.95
Pocket For Corduroy DVD $59.99
Poison Animals Of The United States    -   Discontinued DVD
Polar Regions: Hunters and Herders DVD $19.95
Pollution of Upper and Lower Atmosphere DVD $39.95
Polynomial and Rational Functions DVD $39.95
Pompeii: Once There Was a City DVD $59.99
Pond, The: A First Film DVD $19.95
Ponies Of Miklaengi DVD $39.95
Pontoffel Pock    -   Discontinued DVD
Pop Art DVD $19.95
Populations DVD $59.99
Populations DVD $19.95
Portrait of Grandpa Doc DVD $59.99
Portugal: The House Where I Live DVD $59.99
Positive Attitude DVD $59.99
Postcards From London DVD $39.95
Potters of Hebron DVD $39.95
Potters of Hebron (Short Version) DVD $29.95
Poultry And Eggs DVD $39.99
Pound Theory DVD $29.95
Pow-Wow! DVD $19.95
Power and Corruption DVD $39.95
Power and the Presidency DVD $39.95
Power Tools DVD $59.99
Preacher, The DVD $39.95
Precipitation DVD $19.95
Predators DVD $19.95
Prefixes DVD $19.95
Prehistoric Animals Of The Tar Pits DVD $19.95
Prehistoric Humans DVD $19.95
Prince Of Slooghis, The DVD $34.95
Printmaking: Four Artists, Four Media DVD $19.95
Probability DVD $59.99
Protist Kingdom, The DVD $19.95
Puff Of Smoke DVD $59.99
Pulleys DVD $19.95
Pulleys DVD $19.95
Punctuation With Ralph And Stanley DVD $19.95
Puritan Experience, The: Forsaking England DVD $59.99
Puritan Experience, The: Making of a New World DVD $59.99
Puritan Family of Early New England (revised) DVD $19.95
Puritan Revolution, The: Cromwell and the Rise of Parliamentary Democracy DVD $59.99
Quarreling Book, The DVD $39.95
Queen Victoria and British History: 1837-1901 DVD $39.95
Rabbits DVD $59.99
Radioactive Dating DVD $19.95
Radioactivity DVD $19.95
Rain: A First Film DVD $19.95
Ransom of Red Chief, The DVD $39.95
Rapunzel DVD $19.95
Reaction Rates And Equilibrium DVD $59.99
Reading Motivation Series DVD $120.00
Real Men Don't Bleed DVD $29.95
Real Rookies, The DVD $39.95
Recycling DVD $89.95
Red Foxes DVD $59.99
Red Pony, The DVD $59.99
Red Shoes, The DVD $19.95
Redwoods, The DVD $19.95
Refiner's Fire DVD $59.99
Reformation, The DVD $29.95
Regions Of The World Series DVD $45.00
Relax Audio Tapes DVD $59.99
Renaissance DVD $29.95
Report Writing DVD $34.95
Reproductive System DVD $59.99
Reptiles: A First Film DVD $19.95
Respiratory System DVD $59.99
Respiratory Therapist and Technician DVD $59.99
Restoring the Land - Hazardous Waste Management DVD $89.95
Review Of Basic Alegebra DVD $39.95
Rice And Corn DVD $39.99
Right Out of History: The Making of Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" DVD $59.99
Rimpa Siva, Princess of Tablas DVD $39.95
Risky Choices: Assuming Sexual Responsibility DVD $29.95
River, The    -   Discontinued DVD
River, The: A First Film (REV) DVD $19.95
Robbers, Rooftops and Witches DVD $39.95
Robin Lehman Collection DVD $70.00
Robin Lehman's Animal Life DVD $19.95
Robin Lehman's Land and Places DVD $19.95
Robin Lehman's Ocean Life DVD $19.95
Robin Lehman's Whimsical Air DVD $19.95
Rocking-Horse Winner, The DVD $59.99
Rocks And Minerals DVD $19.95
Rocks that Reveal the Past DVD $19.95
Rodeo DVD $39.95
Role of the Church DVD $19.95
Romans, The: Life, Laughter and Law DVD $59.99
Romanticism: The Revolt of the Spirit DVD $59.99
Romeo and Juliet Act II, Scene II DVD $19.95
Rondane and Dovrefjell Parks DVD $59.99
Roosevelt and the Fireside Chats: The New Deal Years DVD $39.95
Roosevelt and the Fireside Chats: The War Years DVD $39.95
Roosevelt and U.S. History: 1882-1929 DVD $39.95
Roosevelt And U.S. History: 1930-1945 DVD $39.95
Rooster's Hamlet Volume 1 DVD $59.99
Rooster's Hamlet Volume 2 DVD $59.99
Root Words DVD $19.95
Roots Of Agression, The: 1929 - 1939 DVD $19.95
Rose Lucey DVD $59.99
Rose Lucey DVD $39.95
Rudyard Kipling: The Road From Mandalay DVD $39.95
Rufus M., Try Again DVD $19.95
Rugmaker, The: Folktale of Africa DVD $24.95
Rules Are For Gorillas, Too! DVD $19.95
Safety In The Shop Series DVD $161.99
Sales and Marketing Personnel DVD $59.99
Sam, Bangs and Moonshine DVD $29.95
Sand County Almanac DVD $39.95
Scale DVD $19.95
School Bus Safety DVD $19.95
Scoring: Story About Date Rape DVD $29.95
Sea Birds DVD $59.99
Sea Creature DVD $19.95
Sea Shell Animals    -   Discontinued DVD
Seacoasts: A First Film    -   Discontinued DVD
Seafood DVD $39.99
Searching For Lincoln DVD $39.95
Second Revolution, The DVD $39.95
Secret Addictions: Women in Treatment DVD $39.95
See DVD $19.95
Self Discipline DVD $59.99
Self Esteem DVD $59.99
Self Esteem DVD $59.99
Sense of Purpose, A DVD $24.95
Sentences With Ralph And Stanley DVD $19.95
Sequences, Series and Probability DVD $39.95
Settlers, The DVD $29.95
Seven Minute Lesson, The DVD $19.95
Seven Wishes of Joanna Peabody, The DVD $39.95
Shadow Catcher, The DVD $59.99
Shadows On Turning Earth DVD $19.95
Shakespeare Series DVD $90.00
Shakespeare: A Mirror to Man DVD $59.99
Shapes In The World Around You DVD $39.95
Shapes in the World Around You: Lines, Angles, Circles, Triangles, Rectangles, and Squares DVD $29.95
Shapes In The World Around You: Semicircles, Ellipses, Cylinders, Prisms, Pyramids, and Quadrilaterals DVD $29.95
Shaping of the American Nation, The DVD $917.99
Sharks: Some Facts DVD $19.95
She's Nobody's Baby: A History of American Women in the 20th Century DVD $39.95
Shelter Around The World DVD $19.95
Shinnecock: Story of a People DVD $39.95
Ships: A First Film DVD $19.95
Shoot/Don't Shoot DVD $59.99
Shopping Bag Lady, The DVD $39.95
Short History Of The United States Flag DVD $19.95
Silver Blaze DVD $39.95
Simon With Two Left Feet DVD $59.99
Simple Lens, The DVD $19.95
Simple Machines for Beginners DVD $60.00
Single Light, A DVD $39.95
Single Light, A (Abridged) DVD $29.95
Sittin on Top of the World at the Fiddlers' Convention DVD $39.95
Skeletal System DVD $59.99
Slave's Story, A: Running a Thousand Miles to Freedom DVD $59.99
Slovenia: Postcards From Slovenia DVD $59.99
Slums In The Third World DVD $59.99
Snails DVD $19.95
Sneetches, The DVD $29.95
Snow Queen, The DVD $39.95
Snow: A First Film DVD $19.95
Snowbound DVD $39.95
Social Worker DVD $59.99
Soil and Decomposition DVD $19.95
Soil: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Solar System, The: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Solids, Liquids, Gas DVD $19.95
Solutions: Iconic and Molecular DVD $59.99
Solving Systems Of Equations DVD $19.95
Solving Systems Of Inequaties DVD $19.95
Someone You Know: Aquaintance Rape DVD $39.95
Song of Myself DVD $39.95
Sooper Puppy Series DVD $593.99
Souls Of Sin DVD $59.99
Sound DVD $19.95
Sound Waves and Stars: The Doppler Effect DVD $19.95
Sound, Accoustics And Recording DVD $19.95
Sound, Energy and Wave Motion DVD $19.95
Sound: A First Film DVD $19.95
South America Series DVD $75.00
South America Series (Spanish) DVD $75.00
Southwest Indians Of Early America DVD $19.95
Soviet Union (Former) Part 1: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Soviet Union (Former) Part 2: History and Heritage DVD $19.95
Spanish Conquest Of The New World DVD $59.99
Spanish In The Southwest, The DVD $29.95
Specific is Terrific, The DVD $19.95
Spelling Dragon, The DVD $19.95
Spiders DVD $19.95
Split Cherry Tree DVD $39.95
Sponges, Coelenterates and Worms DVD $19.95
Squirrels are Up, Squirrels are Down: Adverbials of Place DVD $19.95
St. Lawrence River DVD $39.95
Stage Fright (2nd Ed) DVD $19.95
Standing Up For Yourself DVD $19.95
Stars: A First Film DVD $19.95
Starstruck DVD $39.95
Static and Current Electricity DVD $19.95
Staying Away From Strangers DVD $19.95
Steamboat Bill DVD $19.95
Stephen Crane's Three Miraculous Soldiers DVD $39.95
Stolen Lives: Children Of Addicts DVD $59.99
Stoned: An Anti-Drug Film DVD $39.95
Stop Thief! DVD $39.95
Storms DVD $19.95
Storms: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Story of Punxsutawney Phil, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Storyteller, The DVD $39.95
Stronger, The DVD $39.95
Student Workbook DVD $59.99
Subtracting DVD $19.95
Subtraction DVD $19.95
Subtraction DVD $19.95
Succession DVD $59.99
Succession DVD $19.95
Suffixes DVD $19.95
Sunlight: A First Film DVD $19.95
Superlative Horse, The DVD $39.95
Supervising And People Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Supervising And The Organization    -   Discontinued DVD
Supervising For Productivity    -   Discontinued DVD
Supervising For Results Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Supervisory Communication Skills    -   Discontinued DVD
Supply And Demand DVD $19.95
Sustainable Agriculture DVD $89.95
Swampdwellers, The DVD $59.99
Switzerland: Just A Moment Please DVD $59.99
Symbiosis DVD $19.95
Symmetry: A First Film DVD $19.95
Synonyms DVD $19.95
Systems Analyst DVD $59.99
Systems Working Together DVD $59.99
Taking Action II: Frontline Against Drugs DVD $39.95
Taking Action III: What You Should Know About Drugs DVD $39.95
Taking Action: Substance Abuse in the Workplace DVD $39.95
Taking Care Of Things You Share DVD $19.95
Taking Care Of Your Own Things DVD $19.95
Tallest Tree in our Forest DVD $59.99
Tangible Spirits DVD $39.95
Teacher DVD $59.99
Teddy Roosevelt: The Right Man at the Right Time DVD $59.99
Teenagers Talk: Getting Though Adolescence DVD $19.95
Teeth: Some Facts to Chew On DVD $19.95
Tell 'em How You Feel DVD $29.95
Telling Time DVD $19.95
Temperature DVD $19.95
Tender Places DVD $39.95
Tennis Lesson, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Tepozton DVD $19.95
Terrarium: Classroom Science DVD $19.95
Terrible Things My Mother Told Me (Long Version) DVD $39.95
Terrible Things My Mother Told Me (Short Version) DVD $29.95
Terror! Part I DVD $29.95
Terror! Part II DVD $29.95
Terror! Parts I and II DVD $39.95
Thank You, Ma'am DVD $59.99
That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out DVD $39.95
That's Trouble DVD $59.99
The Shaping of the Western World Set DVD $1,241.99
Theater in Shakespeare's Time, The DVD $29.95
There's A Nightmare In My Closet DVD $34.95
There's a Nightmare In My Closet and There's Something In My Attic DVD $49.95
There's Something In My Attic DVD $34.95
Thermal Expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gases DVD $19.95
Thin Line A: Recognizing Cultural Differences In Chemically Dependent Black Clients DVD $39.95
Third World, The: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Thirty-Fourth Star, The DVD $39.95
This Is Ben Shahn DVD $39.95
This, That, or the Other DVD $59.99
Thumbelina DVD $19.95
Time To Choose, A DVD $39.95
Timighirin-Mass Marriage of Berbers in the Atlas Mountains Destined for Divorce DVD $39.95
To Be Happy DVD $59.99
To Bear Witness DVD $39.95
Tongariro and Abel Tasman Parks DVD $59.99
Topics In Analytic Geometry DVD $39.95
Totally Cool Math Series DVD $60.00
Toward the Global Family DVD $29.95
Tragedy Of The Commons, The DVD $39.95
Trains: A First Film DVD $19.95
Transportation DVD $89.95
Transportation Revolution: Story of America's Growth DVD $39.95
Trap: Selling Drugs In The Inner City DVD $39.95
Trifles DVD $59.99
Trigonomic Functions, The DVD $39.95
Triumph Of The Will DVD $59.99
Trolls and the Christmas Express DVD $59.99
Tropical Fruit DVD $39.99
Trouble DVD $19.95
Trulier Coolier DVD $19.95
Truman and the Atomic Bomb DVD $59.99
Truman and the Cold War DVD $59.99
Truman and the Korean War DVD $59.99
Truman and The Uses Of Power DVD $59.99
Tsaatan of the Reindeer Riders, The DVD $34.95
Tukiki and His Search for a Merry Christmas DVD $59.99
Tundra    -   Discontinued DVD
Turtles DVD $59.99
Twelfth Night: An Introduction DVD $29.95
Twelfth Night: An Introduction DVD $59.99
Two Million Women: Domestic Violence DVD $39.95
Twyla Tharp: Making Television Dance DVD $59.99
Ty's Homemade Band DVD $59.99
U.S.A.: Heartland, USA    -   Discontinued DVD
Ugly Duckling, The DVD $19.95
Ugly Little Boy, The DVD $39.95
Under The Umbrella Tree Volume 1 DVD $59.99
Under The Umbrella Tree Volume 2 DVD $59.99
Under The Umbrella Tree Volume 3 DVD $59.99
Under The Umbrella Tree Volume 4 DVD $59.99
Under Whose Influence DVD $34.95
Understanding Ecology: What is a Food Chain? DVD $19.95
Understanding Weather Series DVD $60.00
Urban Impact on Weather and Climate DVD $39.95
Using Centimeters, Meters And Kilometers DVD $19.95
Using Energy DVD $49.95
Using Grams And Kilograms DVD $19.95
Using Maps Together DVD $19.95
Using Milliliters And Liters DVD $19.95
Using Standard Units DVD $19.95
Valerie - A Woman! An Artist! A Philosophy of Life! DVD $29.95
Vandalism on Display DVD $39.95
Vanities DVD $59.99
Vegetables DVD $39.99
Veluwezoom National Park DVD $59.99
Very Last Ladybug War, The DVD $59.99
Viivi and Leevi Set 1: Winter Adventures DVD $19.95
Viivi and Leevi Set 2: Celestial Adventures DVD $19.95
Viivi and Leevi Set 3: Viivi and Leevi Create DVD $19.95
Viivi and Leevi Set 4: Introduction to Nature DVD $19.95
Viivi and Leevi Set 5: Keeping the House DVD $19.95
Villagers, The DVD $19.95
Violent Storms DVD $19.95
Vishnu's Maya DVD $39.95
Visit In The Past With George Washington, A DVD $39.95
Visit in the Past with George Washington, A DVD $39.95
Visit In The Past With Robert E. Lee, A DVD $39.95
Volume DVD $19.95
Vowel Combinations: What are Letters For DVD $19.95
Vowels: What Are Letters For DVD $19.95
W. A. Mozart DVD $39.95
W.C. Handy DVD $39.95
Wadden Sea Park DVD $59.99
Waiting... DVD $39.95
Wall, The DVD $39.95
Walter Kerr on Theater DVD $39.95
War And Hope DVD $39.95
War Between the Classes - Long Version DVD $39.95
War Between The Classes, The DVD $29.95
War Of 1812, The DVD $59.99
Warer Striders DVD $59.99
Water Conservation DVD $19.95
Water Management DVD $89.95
Water Pollution: A First Film DVD $19.95
Water Safety: An Introduction DVD $59.99
Water: A First Film DVD $19.95
Wave, The: A Japanese Folktale DVD $19.95
We The Women DVD $39.95
Weather Station DVD $19.95
Weather Systems In Motion DVD $19.95
Wednesday Surprise DVD $39.95
Welcome Back, Norman DVD $19.95
Welcome Home, Jellybean DVD $39.95
Welcome To Algebra Series DVD $60.00
West Africa: Two Lifestyles DVD $19.95
West Of The Andes DVD $29.95
West of the Andes (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Wet Tale, A DVD $19.95
What About The Sister? DVD $29.95
What Are Values? DVD $19.95
What Do Flowers Do?: A First Film DVD $19.95
What Do Plants Do?: A First Film DVD $19.95
What Do Seeds Do?: A First Film DVD $19.95
What Do You Do When You See a Blind Person? DVD $29.95
What Do You See, Nurse? DVD $24.99
What Good are Rocks? DVD $19.95
What If I'm Gay?: A Search For Understanding (Long Version) DVD $39.95
What If I'm Gay?: A Search For Understanding (Short Version) DVD $29.95
What Is A Ecosystem? DVD $19.95
What Is A Food Chain? DVD $59.99
What Is A Habitat? DVD $19.95
What Is A Niche? DVD $19.95
What Is Aids? DVD $59.99
What is an Eclipse? DVD $19.95
What Is Poetry? DVD $19.95
What is the Brightest Star? DVD $19.95
What Makes A Good Party? DVD $19.95
What Mary Jo Shared DVD $29.95
What Tadoo DVD $59.99
What Tadoo With Fear DVD $59.99
What Tadoo With Secrets DVD $59.99
What To Do On A Date? DVD $19.95
What's an Animal?: A First Film DVD $19.95
What's In A Name DVD $29.95
What's in a Play?: Dramatic Action DVD $19.95
What's Inside A Seed? DVD $19.95
What's the Biggest Living Thing? DVD $19.95
What's the Difference? DVD $59.99
Wheat DVD $39.99
Wheels And Axles DVD $19.95
Wheels And Axles DVD $19.95
When I Grow Up DVD $39.95
When We First Met - (full version) DVD $39.95
Where Do Lost Balloons Go? DVD $19.95
Where Does Energy Come From? DVD $49.95
Where Does Sand Come From? DVD $19.95
Where Does the Rain Go After it Falls? DVD $19.95
Where Is My Man Tonight DVD $59.99
White Heron, The DVD $39.95
White Socks Only! DVD $39.95
Whose Wuzzit? DVD $59.99
Why Animals Live Where They Do DVD $19.95
Why Can't I Fly Like A Bird? DVD $19.95
Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? DVD $19.95
Why Do Spiders Spin Webs? DVD $19.95
Why Doesn't Grass Grow on the Moon? DVD $19.95
Why Don't I Fall Up? DVD $19.95
Why Me? Incest Prevention DVD $39.95
Why People Have Special Jobs: The Man Who Made Spinning Tops DVD $24.95
Why Plants Grow Where They Do DVD $19.95
Why We Conserve Energy: Witch of Great Black Pool DVD $24.95
Why We Have Laws: Shiver Gobble Snore DVD $24.95
Why We Have Seasons DVD $19.95
Why We Have Taxes: The Town That Had No Policeman DVD $24.95
Why We Have Time Zones DVD $19.95
Why We Need Each Other: Animals' Picnic Day DVD $24.95
Why We Take Care of Property: Planet of the Ticklebops DVD $24.95
Why We Use Money: Fisherman Who Needed a Knife DVD $24.95
Why Weather Changes (2nd Edition) DVD $19.95
Wild Boars DVD $59.99
Wild Swans, The DVD $19.95
William Shakespeare: Background For His Works DVD $19.95
William's Doll DVD $34.95
Wind Rose DVD $39.95
Wind: A First Film DVD $19.95
Winds (3rd Edition) DVD $19.95
Winds And Air Currents DVD $19.95
Winter Ice: A First Film DVD $19.95
Winter of the Witch DVD $39.95
Witches of Salem, The: The Horror and the Hope DVD $59.99
With All Deliberate Speed DVD $39.95
With Malice Towards None: Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address DVD $39.95
Wizard Of No, The DVD $39.95
Woman, The DVD $39.95
Woman, The DVD $59.99
Women of the Toubou DVD $39.95
Women's Work DVD $59.99
Wonder World Of Science Series DVD $225.00
Wood Sculptor DVD $19.95
Woodland Indians of Early America DVD $19.95
Woodpeckers DVD $59.99
Wool DVD $39.99
Word Adventures DVD $135.00
Word Families DVD $19.95
Words Can Hurt DVD $59.99
Work and Energy For Beginners Series    -   Discontinued DVD
Work Of Peace: Treaty Of Paris DVD $39.95
Working Together DVD $19.95
World At War, A: 1942 - 1945 DVD $19.95
World City 1970's DVD $39.95
World of Carl Sandburg, The    -   Discontinued DVD
World Of The Beaver, The DVD $19.95
World Of Vatican II, The: An Artist's Report DVD $39.95
World War I: Background Tensions DVD $59.99
World War II Series DVD $75.00
Writing Skills Series DVD $60.00
Writing: The Constant Search DVD $19.95
WW II: American Military History Series DVD $215.96
WWII: The European War - North Africa to Germany DVD $59.99
WWII: The European War - Pursuit to Berlin DVD $59.99
WWII: The Pacific War - America Takes the Offensive DVD $59.99
WWII: War in the Pacific - The Final Battle DVD $59.99
Wyeth Phenomenon, The DVD $39.95
X-Ray Technologist DVD $59.99
Xiao Feng, Little Zephyr and the Lu Sheng DVD $39.95
Yellowstone National Park DVD $59.99
Young Person's Guide To Orchestra DVD $59.99
Your Town DVD $39.95
Yours Truly Andrea G. Stern DVD $39.95
Zax, The DVD $29.95
Zoo Families DVD $19.95
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