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Titles for PBS Educational

10 Buildings that Changed America DVD $54.95
180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School DVD $59.95
1913: Seeds of Conflict DVD $54.99
1930s, The DVD $59.95
1964 DVD $54.99
22nd Century DVD $54.95
400 Years of the Telescope DVD $54.95
9 to 5 No Longer DVD $54.95
Abraham Lincoln DVD $49.99
Across the Delaware + An American in Paris DVD $29.95
Adirondacks, The DVD $54.95
Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene DVD $54.95
Adventure Lodges of North America DVD $59.95
Afghanistan: The Other War DVD $54.95
African American Lives DVD $54.95
African American Lives 2 DVD $54.99
African Americans, The: Many Rivers to Cross DVD $64.99
Africans in America DVD $109.95
After Newtown: Guns in America DVD $54.95
After The Wave DVD $54.95
Air Group 16: We Came to Remember DVD $34.95
Airmen and the Headhunters, The DVD $54.95
Al Capone: Icon DVD $54.99
Alaska Pipeline DVD $59.95
Alcatraz Escape, The DVD $54.99
Algebra DVD $39.95
Allies At Last + Honor and Compromise DVD $29.95
Almighty Johnsons, The DVD $69.99
Almighty Johnsons, The (Blu-ray) DVD $69.99
Almost a Woman    -   Discontinued DVD
Althea DVD $54.99
Amato: A Love Affair with Opera DVD $54.95
Ambush in Mogadishu DVD $54.95
America 1900    -   Discontinued DVD
America Quilts DVD $54.95
America Rebuilds II: Return to Ground Zero DVD $59.95
America's Houses of Worship DVD $44.95
America's Test Kitchen Season 16 DVD $69.99
American Ballet Theatre - A History DVD $54.99
American Comandante DVD $54.99
American Eagle DVD $54.99
American Experience: America and the Holocaust DVD $54.99
American Horizons: The Photographs of Art Sinsabaugh DVD $44.99
American Invasion DVD $54.99
American Pharaoh DVD $54.99
American Porn DVD $59.95
An Evening with Quincy Jones DVD $54.95
Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film DVD $54.95
Animal Misfits DVD $44.99
Animal Stories!    -   Discontinued DVD
Annie Oakley DVD $49.95
Another Day in Paradise (Blu-ray) DVD $54.95
Arab and Jew DVD $54.95
Arctic Ghost Ship DVD $54.99
Arctic Passage DVD $59.95
Art 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century: Season 7 DVD $54.99
Art of Quilting DVD $54.95
Arthur and George (U.K. Edition) DVD $64.99
Ascent of Money DVD $54.95
Ascent of Money, The: The Financial History of the DVD $49.95
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, The DVD $54.95
Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday? DVD $54.99
At Close Range with National Geographic DVD $44.95
Athens: The Dawn of Democracy DVD $54.95
Atom Smashers, The DVD $54.95
Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Master of American Sculpture DVD $54.95
Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years DVD $54.99
Australia's First 4 Billion Years DVD $59.95
Australia's First 4 Billion Years (Blu-ray) DVD $59.95
Australia: Animals Down Under DVD $69.95
Azorian: The Raising of the K-129 DVD $49.99
Aztec Massacre DVD $54.95
Bad Voodoo's War DVD $54.95
Balancing Green Space With The Built Environment DVD $39.95
Battle for the Bible DVD $54.95
Battle for the Holy Land    -   Discontinued DVD
Battle of Hood and Bismarck DVD $54.95
Be Well Now! with Dr. Nancy Snyderman DVD $54.95
Beaux Arts at 50 DVD $54.95
Becoming Human Unearthing Our Earliest Ancestors DVD $59.95
Becoming Human Unearthing Our Earliest Ancestors (Blu-ray) DVD $59.95
Beef State DVD $54.95
Being Mortal DVD $54.99
Ben Franklin's Balloon DVD $54.99
Ben Franklin's Bones DVD $54.99
Benghazi in Crisis DVD $54.99
Benjamin Franklin DVD $54.95
Berlin Airlift, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Best of Big Blue Live, The DVD $54.99
Best of Lidia, The DVD $39.95
Best of Men, The DVD $54.99
Better Hour, The: The Legacy of William Wilberforce DVD $54.95
Betting On Big Ideas: How Taking Risks Can Reap Rewards DVD $54.95
Betty Ford: The Real Deal DVD $54.95
Between the Folds DVD $44.95
Between the Wars    -   Discontinued DVD
Beyond Our Differences DVD $54.95
Bicycle Corps, The: America's Black Army on Wheels    -   Discontinued DVD
Big Bang Machine DVD $54.99
Big Burn, The DVD $54.99
Big Cats Set DVD $69.95
Big Sky, Big Money (Newsmagazine #8) DVD $54.95
Big Sur: California's Wild Coast DVD $54.95
Bigger Bang for the Buck: Bringing Value to Middle America DVD $54.95
Bigger Than Enron    -   Discontinued DVD
Bigger than T. rex DVD $54.99
Billie Jean King DVD $54.99
Bing Crosby Rediscovered DVD $54.99
Black Kungfu Experience, The DVD $54.95
Black Money DVD $54.95
Black Panthers, The: Vanguard of the Revolution - Institutional Edition DVD $250.00
Black Panthers, The: Vanguard of the Revolution - School Edition DVD $54.99
Blair Decade, The DVD $54.95
Blitz: London's Longest Night, The DVD $54.95
Blood Lions DVD $54.99
Blue Gold: World Water Wars DVD $54.95
Bomb, The DVD $54.99
Bombing Nazi Dams DVD $54.95
Bones of the Buddha DVD $54.95
Bonnie and Clyde DVD $54.99
Born Free and Equal +The Man Who Would Not Be King DVD $29.95
Boston Tea Party + Intolerable Acts, The DVD $29.95
Bostonians + Benedict Arnold DVD $29.95
Brain Fitness 2: Sight and Sound DVD $54.95
Brain Fitness Program, The DVD $54.95
Brain Fitness: Peak Performance DVD $54.95
Brain with David Eagleman, The DVD $64.99
Brains on Trial with Alan Alda DVD $54.99
Brand New Day: Putting the Pizzazz Back Into Xerox DVD $54.95
Breaking News Breaking Down DVD $34.95
Breaking the Bank DVD $54.95
Breathless DVD $54.99
Breathless (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Brotherhood, The DVD $54.95
Brown Is The New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream DVD $54.95
Buffalo Bill DVD $54.95
Buffett and Gates Go Back to School DVD $54.95
Bugging Hitler's Soldier DVD $54.95
Building Alaska DVD $54.95
Building the Great Cathedrals DVD $44.95
Building Wonders DVD $59.99
Bunker Hill + Postmaster General Franklin DVD $29.95
Burma: State of Fear DVD $59.95
Bush's War DVD $59.95
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid DVD $54.99
By the People: Democracy in the Wild DVD $59.95
Calling, The DVD $49.95
Campus Battleground    -   Discontinued DVD
Can We Live Forever? - New Technology for a Longer Life DVD $54.95
Can We Make it to Mars? DVD $54.95
Can You Afford to Retire? DVD $59.95
Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies DVD $64.99
Captain Molly + American Crisis DVD $29.95
Capturing the Checkered Flag: Winning Customers Through Savvy Sports Marketing DVD $54.95
Card Game, The DVD $54.95
Carrier DVD $69.95
Carthage's Lost Warriors DVD $54.99
Case for War, The: In Defense of Freedom DVD $54.95
Castle DVD $44.95
Catastrophe!    -   Discontinued DVD
Cathedral DVD $44.95
Caveman Cold Case DVD $54.95
Cell Next Door, The DVD $54.95
Century of Quilts, A: America in Cloth DVD $49.95
Cezanne in Provence    -   Discontinued DVD
Chasing Churchill: In Search of My Grandfather DVD $54.95
Chasing Pluto DVD $54.99
Chasing Shackleton DVD $54.99
Chautauqua: An American Narrative DVD $44.95
Chef's Life, A - Season 1 DVD $59.99
Chef's Life, A - Season 2 DVD $59.99
Chef's Life, A - Season 3 DVD $59.99
Chefs A' Field DVD $64.95
Cheney's Law DVD $54.95
Chicano Rock! The Sounds of East Los Angeles DVD $54.95
Children are Watching DVD $54.95
Children Of Syria DVD $54.99
Children of the Taliban DVD $54.95
China from the Inside DVD $59.95
China's Terracotta Warriors DVD $52.99
Choice 2008, The DVD $54.95
Christmas in Yellowstone DVD $44.99
Civil War 25th Anniversary Edition, The DVD $129.99
Civil War 25th Anniversary Edition, The (Blu-ray) DVD $139.99
Civil War, The - Commemorative Edition    -   Discontinued DVD
Civilian Conservation Corps, The DVD $44.95
Class Apart, A DVD $54.95
Cleopatra's Lost Tomb DVD $54.99
Click and Clack's: As The Wrench Turns DVD $64.95
Close to Home DVD $54.95
Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions DVD $54.99
Cold Case JFK DVD $49.99
Cold War Roadshow DVD $54.99
Collision DVD $44.95
Comet Encounter DVD $54.99
Coming Back with Wes Moore DVD $54.99
Complete Inspector Lewis DVD $89.95
Complete Pepin, The: Techniques and Recipes DVD $59.95
Confessions, The DVD $49.99
Conflict in the South + Deborah Samson DVD $29.95
Constitution USA with Peter Sagal DVD $54.95
Cook's Country - Season 2 DVD $49.95
Cook's Country, Season 3 DVD $49.95
Cook's Country, Season 4 DVD $49.95
Cook's Country, Season 5 DVD $49.95
Cook's Country: Season 6 DVD $49.99
Cook's Country: Season 7 DVD $49.99
Cook's Country: Season 8 DVD $49.99
Cool Spaces! DVD $59.99
Counting on Birds: Tales of Migration DVD $59.99
Country Boys: A Film By David Sutherland DVD $59.95
Cracking Your Genetic Code DVD $54.95
Craft in America, Season 1 DVD $54.95
Craft in America, Season 2 DVD $52.99
Craft in America: Celebration DVD $49.99
Craft in America: Family DVD $47.95
Craft in America: Forge DVD $49.99
Craft in America: Holiday DVD $49.99
Craft in America: Industry DVD $49.99
Craft in America: Messages DVD $47.95
Craft in America: Music DVD $49.99
Craft in America: Service DVD $49.99
Crane Song DVD $54.95
Crank: Darkness On The Edge Of Town DVD $54.99
Crash of 1929, The DVD $44.95
Crash of Flight 447 DVD $44.95
Crime of Insanity, A DVD $54.95
Crimes at the Border DVD $54.95
Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War DVD $54.95
Cry for Help DVD $54.95
Custer's Last Stand DVD $49.95
CyberWar Threat DVD $54.99
D-Day 360 DVD $54.99
D-Day's Sunken Secrets DVD $54.99
Dangerous Business Revisited, A DVD $49.95
Dark Passages DVD $59.95
Dark Side, The DVD $59.95
Dawn of Humanity DVD $54.99
Day of Days: June 6, 1944: American Soldiers Remember D-Day DVD $54.99
Day of the Zulu    -   Discontinued DVD
Dead Gorgeous    -   Discontinued DVD
Deadliest Earthquakes DVD $44.95
Deadliest Tornadoes DVD $54.95
Death at Jamestown    -   Discontinued DVD
Death Comes to Pemberley DVD $44.99
Death Comes to Pemberley (Blu-ray) DVD $44.99
Death in St. Augustine, A DVD $54.99
Death in Tehran, A DVD $54.95
Death on the Railroad DVD $54.95
Debt of Honor: Disabled Veterans in American History DVD $54.99
Defiant Requiem DVD $54.95
Democracy and Struggles and Let Freedom Ring DVD $49.95
Denali, Alaska's Great Wilderness DVD $39.95
Depression: Out of the Shadows DVD $54.95
Dick Cavett's Watergate DVD $54.99
Digital Dumping Ground    -   Discontinued DVD
Discounted Dreams DVD $54.95
Dissonance and Harmony: Arabic Music Goes West DVD $54.95
Dogfight Over Guadalcanal DVD $54.95
Dogs Decoded DVD $44.95
Dogs that Changed the World DVD $54.99
Dorothea Lange: Grab A Hunk of Lightning DVD $54.99
Dot Con DVD $54.95
Down on Main Street: The Bank and the Drugstore in the 21st Century DVD $49.95
Downton Abbey DVD $54.99
Downton Abbey Season 4 DVD $79.99
Downton Abbey Season 5 DVD $79.99
Downton Abbey Season 6 (UK Edition) DVD $69.99
Downton Abbey Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (U.K. Edition) Limited Edition (Blu-ray) DVD $109.99
Dream Team, The: Turning Big Ideas into Multibillion Dollar Businesses DVD $49.95
Dreams of Obama DVD $54.95
Driving Miss Daisy DVD $54.99
Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty DVD $54.99
e2: Design: Season Three DVD $54.95
e2: Design: Season Two DVD $54.95
e2: Energy DVD $54.95
e2: Transport DVD $54.95
Early Academics DVD $34.99
Early Childhood Solutions: Behavior and Emotions DVD $34.99
Early Civilizations Animated DVD $44.95
EARTH A New Wild DVD $59.99
EARTH A New Wild (Blu-ray) DVD $59.99
Earth's Natural Wonders DVD $54.99
Earth's Natural Wonders (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Earth: The Inside Story DVD $54.99
Economic Meltdown, The DVD $69.95
Edison DVD $54.99
Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Hait DVD $54.95
Egypt in Crisis DVD $54.99
Elbert Hubbard: Rebel of the Arts and Crafts Movement DVD $44.95
Elements of Sustainability DVD $39.95
Emile Norman: By His Own Design DVD $54.95
Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman    -   Discontinued DVD
Emperor's Ghost Army DVD $54.99
Endeavour Series 1 DVD $59.95
Endeavour Series 2 DVD $39.99
Endgame DVD $54.95
EndGame: Ethics and Values in America    -   Discontinued DVD
Enemy Within, The DVD $59.95
Engineering Ground Zero DVD $24.95
Escape Artist, The DVD $54.99
Escape Artist, The (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Escape from a Nazi Death Camp DVD $54.99
Escape from Auschwitz DVD $54.95
Escape from Nazi Alcatraz DVD $54.99
Escaping ISIS DVD $54.99
Europe's 9/11 DVD $54.95
Extraordinary Rendition DVD $54.99
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Movement DVD $375.00
Fabulous Frogs DVD $44.99
Fabulous Frogs (Blu-ray) DVD $44.99
Facing Death DVD $49.99
Failure To Protect: The Taking of Logan Marr and The Caseworker Files DVD $54.95
Faith Without Fear DVD $54.95
FAT: What No One is Telling You DVD $54.95
Fatal Contradiction and A War to End Slavery, A DVD $49.95
FDR DVD $54.95
Feeding and Fueling the World: Healthier Alternatives for Planet Earth DVD $54.95
Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence DVD $54.95
Few Good Pie Places, A DVD $54.99
Few Great Bakeries, A DVD $54.99
Finding Oprah's Roots: Finding Your Own DVD $54.95
Finding Your Own True Love DVD $54.95
Finding Your Roots, Season 2 DVD $69.99
Firestone and the Warlord DVD $54.99
First Air War DVD $54.99
First Fourth of July + New York, New York, The DVD $29.95
First Man on the Moon DVD $54.99
First Measured Century, The DVD $59.95
First Peoples DVD $59.99
First Person Singular: John Hope Franklin DVD $34.95
First Silent Night, The DVD $54.99
First You Dream: The Music of Kander and Ebb DVD $54.99
Flea Market Documentary, A DVD $39.95
Flyers in Search of a Dream DVD $54.95
Food Forward DVD $64.99
Forgetting, The: A Portrait of Alzheimer's DVD $44.95
Forgotten Ellis Island DVD $54.95
Fort James, SD DVD $54.95
Fort Raleigh, NC DVD $54.95
Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America DVD $54.99
Freedom Summer DVD $54.99
From Gloss to Glossy: Taking a Good Look at Looking Good! DVD $54.95
Funkiest Monkeys, The DVD $44.99
Gameplay DVD $54.99
Gangs of Iraq DVD $54.95
GardenStory: Inspiring Spaces, Healing Places DVD $59.95
Gathering Swarms, The DVD $44.99
Gathering Swarms, The (Blu-ray) DVD $44.99
Generation Like DVD $54.99
Geometry DVD $39.95
George H.W. Bush DVD $54.95
George Washington: The Man Who Wouldn't Be King DVD $49.99
Get Cooking!    -   Discontinued DVD
Gettysburg and the Civil War DVD $49.99
Ghost Army, The DVD $54.95
Ghosts of Murdered Kings DVD $54.99
Girl's Life with Rachel Simmons, A DVD $54.95
God in America: How Religious Liberty Shaped America DVD $54.99
Going Home + "We the People" DVD $29.95
Going to Green DVD $189.95
Good Night with the Sleep Doctor DVD $54.95
Gorongosa Park Rebirth of Paradise DVD $64.99
Grand Central DVD $54.99
Grantchester DVD $54.99
Grantchester (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Great Apes DVD $54.95
Great Cathedral Mystery DVD $54.99
Great Fever, The DVD $54.95
Great Fire of Rome, The DVD $54.95
Great Fire, The DVD $59.99
Great Fire, The (Blu-ray) DVD $59.99
Great Galves + In Praise of Ben, The DVD $29.95
Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies DVD $44.95
Great Math Mystery, The DVD $54.99
Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild DVD $54.95
Great Polar Bear Feast, The DVD $54.99
Great Projects: The Building of America DVD $49.95
Great Zebra Exodus DVD $44.95
Great Zebra Exodus (Blu-ray) DVD $44.95
Green Builders DVD $54.95
Green Mountain Boys + The 2nd Continental Congress DVD $29.95
Ground Zero Supertower DVD $54.99
Growing Up Online DVD $54.95
Growing up Trans DVD $54.99
Gunned Down DVD $54.99
HairWorld: The Pursuit of Excellence DVD $54.95
Hallowed Grounds DVD $54.95
Hand of God DVD $54.95
Happy Customers and Employees: The Recipe for Success DVD $59.95
Harvest of Fear    -   Discontinued DVD
Harvesting the High Plains DVD $54.99
Hawking DVD $54.99
Headless Romans DVD $54.95
Healing Words: Poetry and Medicine DVD $54.95
Health and Nutrition DVD $24.95
Hear That Train A Comin' DVD $59.95
Heat DVD $54.95
Held Hostage DVD $54.99
Henry Ford DVD $49.95
Herbert Hoover: Landslide DVD $44.95
Herculaneum Uncovered DVD $54.95
Hessians Are Coming + Valley Forge, The DVD $29.95
Hidden Art of Islam, The DVD $54.99
Hidden Child, The DVD $54.95
Hidden India: The Kerala Spicelands DVD $54.95
Hidden Korea DVD $54.95
Hidden Life, A DVD $54.95
High Energy: Putting the Brakes on Fuel and Transportation Costs DVD $49.95
Historic Pubs of Dublin, The DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 501 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 502 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 503 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 504 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 505 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 506 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 507 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 508 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 509 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 601: 6/30/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 602: 7/7/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 603: 7/14/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 604: 7/21/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 605: 7/28/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 607: 8/11/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 608: 8/18/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 609: 9/8/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 610: 9/15/2008 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 611: 2/20/2009 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 701: 6/20/2009 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 702: 6/29/2009 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 703: 7/6/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 704: 7/13/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 705: 7/20/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 706: 7/27/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 707: 8/10/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 708: 8/17/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 709: 8/24/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 710: 8/31/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Episode 711: 9/7/09 DVD $54.95
History Detectives: Special Investigations DVD $29.99
Holy Warriors DVD $54.95
Home Fires (U.K. Edition) DVD $69.99
Home Fires (U.K. Edition) (Blu-ray) DVD $69.99
Homegrown: Islam in Prison DVD $54.95
Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem DVD $44.99
Hot Politics DVD $54.95
Hotspots DVD $54.95
How Does the Brain Work? DVD $54.95
How Sherlock Changed the World DVD $54.99
How Smart are Animals? DVD $54.95
How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson DVD $64.99
How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson (Blu-ray) DVD $64.99
Hubble's Amazing Rescue DVD $44.95
Hudson River School, The: Artistic Pioneers DVD $54.99
Hugo Chavez Show, The DVD $54.99
Humanity from Space DVD $54.99
Hummingbirds DVD $44.99
Hummingbirds DVD $44.99
Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria DVD $54.99
I'll Have What Phil's Having DVD $64.99
I.O.U.S.A. DVD $54.95
Ice Warriors: USA Sled Hockey DVD $54.99
Iceman Murder Mystery DVD $44.95
Immigration Battle DVD $54.99
Implementing Urban Greening DVD $39.95
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto DVD $54.99
In Search of Myths and Heroes DVD $54.95
In Search of Tuscany With John Guerrasio DVD $49.98
In Their Own Words - Muhammad Ali DVD $54.99
In Their Own Words - Queen Elizabeth DVD $54.99
Independence and Revolution DVD $49.95
Indian Summers DVD $79.99
Indian Summers (Blu-ray) DVD $79.99
Inside America's Empire DVD $54.95
Inside Animal Minds DVD $59.99
Inside Assad's Syria DVD $54.99
Inside Einstein's Mind DVD $54.99
Inside the Meltdown DVD $54.95
Inspector Lewis 7 DVD $49.99
Inspector Lewis 7 (Blu-ray) DVD $49.99
Inspector Lewis Pilot Through Series 6 DVD $159.99
Insurgency, The DVD $59.95
Invasion of the Killer Whales DVD $44.99
Inventing LA: The Chandlers and Their Times DVD $54.95
Irena Sendler: In the Name of Their Mothers DVD $54.99
Irish Escape DVD $54.95
Is School Enough? DVD $54.99
Israel: The Royal Tour DVD $39.99
Italy's Mystery Mountains DVD $54.99
Iwo Jima: From Combat to Comrades DVD $54.99
Jacques Pepin: Heart and Soul DVD $69.99
James Armistead + Yorktown DVD $29.95
James McNeill Whistler and the Case for Beauty DVD $54.99
Jamestown's Dark Winter DVD $54.99
Jane Goodall: Reason for Hope DVD $39.95
Jeannette Rankin: The Woman Who Voted No    -   Discontinued DVD
Jerusalem: Center of the World DVD $54.95
Jesse James DVD $49.95
Jesse Owens DVD $54.95
Jesus In China DVD $54.95
Jewel in the Crown Anniversary Edition, The DVD $59.99
Jewish Americans, The: A Series by David Grubin DVD $64.95
Jewish Journey, The: America DVD $54.99
JFK DVD $59.99
JFK (Blu-ray) DVD $59.99
JFK and LBJ: A Time for Greatness DVD $54.99
JFK: One PM Central Standard Time DVD $54.99
Jihad: The Men and Ideas Behind Al Qaeda DVD $24.95
Jimmy Carter DVD $44.95
John and Abigail Adams DVD $54.95
John Portman: A Life of Building DVD $54.95
Jonestown DVD $54.95
Journey to Palomar DVD $54.95
Juvenile Justice DVD $54.95
Keeping Up With The Jetsons: Making Lives Better Through Innovation DVD $54.95
Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace DVD $54.99
Ken Burns: The Address DVD $54.99
Kids and Divorce: For Better or Worse DVD $54.95
Kill/Capture: Inside the secret campaign to take out thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters DVD $54.99
Killer Flu    -   Discontinued DVD
Killer Landslides DVD $54.99
Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor DVD $44.95
Killer Typhoon DVD $54.99
Kind Hearted Woman: A Film by David Sutherland DVD $64.95
King Lear    -   Discontinued DVD
Kinsey DVD $39.95
Kit Carson DVD $54.95
Klansville U.S.A. DVD $54.99
Klondike Gold Rush, The DVD $54.99
Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm    -   Discontinued DVD
Lady Bird DVD $54.95
Language Matters with Bob Holman DVD $54.99
Last Abortion Clinic, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Last Best Hope: A True Story of Escape, Evasion, and Remembrance DVD $59.95
Last Days in Vietnam DVD $54.99
Last Days in Vietnam (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Last Days of Man DVD $54.99
Last Will. and Testament DVD $54.99
Latino Americans, The DVD $64.99
Latinos '08 DVD $54.95
LBJ DVD $44.95
League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis DVD $54.99
Leave it to Beavers DVD $44.99
Leaving Cleaver: Henry Louis Gates Jr. Remembers Eldridge Cleaver DVD $54.95
Lee and Grant: Generals of the Civil War DVD $59.95
Legendary White Stallions DVD $44.95
Legendary White Stallions (Blu-ray) DVD $44.95
Leonardo's Dream Machines DVD $49.95
Let's Get Married    -   Discontinued DVD
Lethal Landscapes: Canvases of the Combat Artist DVD $34.95
Lethal Seas DVD $54.99
Liberty for All? and Wake Up America DVD $49.95
Lidia Celebrates America: Freedom and Independence DVD $54.95
Lidia Celebrates America: Holiday Tables and Traditions DVD $54.95
Lidia Celebrates America: Home for the Holidays DVD $54.99
Lidia Celebrates America: Life's Milestones DVD $54.99
Lidia Celebrates America: Weddings: Something Borrowed, Something New DVD $54.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 101: Denial DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 102: Sandwich Generation DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 103: Adapting to Change DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 104: The Aging Brain DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 105: Aging and Fear DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 106: Is There Sex After 50? DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 107: Aging and the Sexes DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 108: Language of Aging DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 109: Retirement DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 110: A Conversation with Bob Newhart DVD $34.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 111: Don't Look Back DVD $44.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 112: Pioneer in Aging: Dr. Robert Butler DVD $44.95
Life (Part 2): Episode 113: Best of Life (Part 2) DVD $44.95
Life (Part 2): Season 2 DVD $69.95
Life a House Built, The: The Jimmy and Rossalyn Carte DVD $54.95
Life and Death in Assisted Living DVD $54.95
Life Beyond Earth DVD $54.95
Life of Muhammad, The DVD $52.95
Life of Muhammad, The (Blu-ray) DVD $54.95
Life on Fire: Wildlife on the Volcano's Edge DVD $64.95
Life on Fire: Wildlife on the Volcano's Edge (Blu-ray) DVD $64.95
Lights Out! DVD $54.99
Lincoln@Gettysburg DVD $54.99
Listen Up!    -   Discontinued DVD
Listening is an Act of Love: A StoryCorps Special DVD $54.99
Listening to Children: A Moral Journey with Robert Coles    -   Discontinued DVD
Living Old DVD $54.95
Lizard Kings: On the Trail of Monitor Lizards DVD $44.95
Lobotomist, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Locked Up in America: Solitary Nation and Prison State DVD $54.99
Longoria Affair, The DVD $52.99
loopdiver: The Journey of a Dance DVD $42.95
Lords of the Gourd: The Pursuit of Excellence DVD $54.95
Losing Iraq DVD $54.99
Loss of Nameless Things, The DVD $54.95
Lost Children of Rockdale County DVD $34.95
Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone, The DVD $54.99
Lost Gardens of Babylon, The DVD $54.99
Lost Ships of Rome DVD $52.99
Lost Year in Iraq, The DVD $59.95
Love in the Animal Kingdom DVD $44.99
Love in the Animal Kingdom (Blu-ray) DVD $44.99
Lynching in Marion, A    -   Discontinued DVD
Made In Spain: Season 1 DVD $64.95
Made In Spain: Season 2 DVD $34.99
Madoff Affair, The DVD $54.95
Making North America DVD $54.99
Making of a Lady, The DVD $54.99
Making of a Lady, The (Blu-ray) DVD $29.99
Making Stuff DVD $59.95
Making Stuff 2 DVD $59.99
Making Stuff 2 (Blu-ray) DVD $59.99
Man Behind Hitler, The DVD $59.95
Manhunt - Boston Bombers DVD $54.95
Manners of Downton Abbey, The DVD $54.99
Manners of Downton Abbey, The (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
March of the Bonus Army, The DVD $44.95
March, The DVD $54.99
Marching to Freedom Land and Becoming Free DVD $49.95
Marshall Plan, The: Against the Odds DVD $54.99
Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did For Love DVD $54.99
Mary Tyler Moore: A Celebration DVD $49.99
Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis 6 (Original U.K. Edition) DVD $49.95
Masterpiece: Worricker: The Complete Series DVD $69.99
Masterpiece: Worricker: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) DVD $69.99
Math in Science and Engineering DVD $39.95
Mathline: Elementary School Math Project Combo Elementary School Math Project Volumes 1-3 DVD $150.00
Maverick CEOs: How to Attract Buzz Rather Than Buzzards! DVD $54.95
Mayo Clinic Diet, The DVD $54.95
Medal of Honor DVD $54.95
Meet the Coywolf DVD $44.99
Megastorm Aftermath DVD $54.99
Men Get Depression DVD $54.95
Mercy Street DVD $69.99
Mercy Street (Blu-ray) DVD $69.99
Meteor Strike DVD $49.95
Meth Epidemic, The DVD $59.95
Mexico: The Royal Tour DVD $39.95
Mia and Me: The Blossom Tree DVD $9.99
Midnight Ride + The Shot Heard Round the World, The DVD $29.95
Midwife's Tale, A DVD $39.95
Mill Times DVD $44.95
Mind of a Chef, The: April Bloomfield (Season 2) DVD $54.99
Mind of a Chef, The: Edward Lee (Season 3) DVD $54.99
Mind of a Chef, The: Gabrielle Hamilton (Season 4) DVD $54.99
Mind of a Chef, The: Magnus Nilsson (Season 3) DVD $54.99
Mind of a Chef, The: Sean Brock (Season 2) DVD $54.99
Mine Wars, The DVD $54.99
Minik, the Lost Eskimo DVD $54.95
Miss America DVD $54.95
Modern Meat    -   Discontinued DVD
Mona Lisa Mystery, The DVD $54.99
Monkey Trial DVD $54.95
More Animal Stories!    -   Discontinued DVD
More Fast Food My Way DVD $69.95
Morgan Lacrosse Story, The DVD $54.95
Mormons, The DVD $54.95
Mosque in Morgantown, The DVD $54.95
Most Honorable Son    -   Discontinued DVD
Mount Rushmore DVD $44.95
Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, A - Season 1 DVD $59.99
Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, A - Season 2 DVD $59.99
Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, A - Season 3 DVD $59.99
Mr. Civil Rights: Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP DVD $54.99
Mr. Selfridge Season 2 (UK Edition) DVD $59.99
Much Ado About Something DVD $54.95
Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami DVD $49.95
Multimedia in the Digital Age DVD $59.95
Mumbai Massacre DVD $54.95
Murder at Stonehenge DVD $54.95
Murder of a President DVD $54.99
Murder on the Home Front DVD $54.99
Murder on the Home Front (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Music Instinct, The: Science and Song DVD $54.95
Muslim Americans, The DVD $54.95
Mustang: Journey of Transformation DVD $29.95
My Bionic Pet DVD $44.99
My Brother's Bomber DVD $54.99
My Father, My Brother and Me DVD $54.95
My Italian Secret: Forgotten Heroes of the Holocaust DVD $54.99
My Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet with Baz Luhrmann    -   Discontinued DVD
Mystery of Eels, The DVD $44.95
Mystery of Matter: Search For the Elements DVD $54.99
Nature of Genius, The: Two Films by Michael Apted On Scientific and Artistic Brilliance DVD $59.99
Nature's Miracle Orphans DVD $44.99
Navy SEALS: Their Untold Story DVD $54.99
Nazi Mega Weapons DVD $64.99
Never Forget to Lie DVD $54.99
New Frontier + Not Yet Begun to Fight, The DVD $29.95
New Philadelphia, IL DVD $54.95
New York Street Games DVD $54.95
News War DVD $64.95
News War: Secrets, Source and Spin Part I DVD $54.95
News War: Secrets, Source and Spin Part II DVD $54.95
News War: Stories from a Small Planet DVD $54.95
News War: What's Happening to the News DVD $54.95
Nixon DVD $54.95
Not In Our Town: Light In The Darkness DVD $49.95
NOW : 9/21/2007: In Whose Interest? DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/12/2007: Home Grown DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/13/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/16/2009: Power Struggle DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/19/2007: Back to the Front DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/2/2009: Credit Crunch DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/20/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/23/2009: Over Fifty, Overdrawn DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/26/2007: Laurie David on Global Warming DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/27/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/30/2009: Billions in Bogus Bonuses? DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/5/2007: How Green? DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/6/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 1/9/2009: Sea Change DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/10/2008: Driven to Despair DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/12/2007: Child Brides: Stolen Lives DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/13/2006: An American Woman's Startling Story of DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/17/2008: Virginia's Vote DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/19/2007: Immigration on Main Street DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/20/2006: Clean Elections: Votes For Sale? DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/23/2009: Water World DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/24/2008: Nurses Needed DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/26/2007: God and Global Warming DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/27/2006: Minimum Wedge DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/3/2008: New Voters in the New West DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/30/2009: Electric Car Dreams DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/31/2008: What Women Voters Want DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/5/2007 Michael Apted DVD $39.95
NOW: 10/6/2006: House Cleaning DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/04/2005: Global Health: Today's Challenge and Am DVD $49.95
NOW: 11/10/2006: Election Outcomes DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/13/2009: Elizabeth Warren on the Economy DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/14/2008: Green Collar Jobs DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/16/2007: Mortgage Mess DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/17/2006: Fog of War DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/2/2007: Growing Local, Eating Local DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/20/2009: Who's Helping Our Wounded Vets? DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/21/2008: Credit and Credibility DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/23/2007: Oil, Politics and Bribes DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/24/2006: Living and Learning in New Orleans DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/27/2009: Climate Crisis DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/28/2008: Obama's Challenge DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/3/2006: Sway the Course? DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/30/2007: Free and Fair Elections in 2008? DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/6/2009: David Sirota on Tuesday's Election Results DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/7/2008: How Will He Lead? DVD $39.95
NOW: 11/9/2007: Children's Health Care Showdown DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/1/2006: Minding our Media DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/12/2008: Paradise Lost DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/14/2007: Ron Paul and Internet Politics DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/15/2006: Food Fight DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/19/2008: Daughters for Sale DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/26/2008: Credit and Credibility DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/5/2008: Our Pakistan Problem DVD $39.95
NOW: 12/7/2007: Talking About War DVD $34.95
NOW: 12/8/2006: Corporate Compassion DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/10/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/13/2009: Stimulus Roadblock DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/16/2007: Is the Government Reading Your Email? DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/17/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/2/2007: Home at Last? DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/20/2009: Teen Workers and Sexual Harassment DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/23/2007: Vaccine Debate DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/24/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/27/2009: Retirement at Risk DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/29/2008: Rewriting Campaign Rules DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/3/2006: Artificial Intelligence? DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/6/2009: Help for Homeowners? DVD $39.95
NOW: 2/9/2007: Digging Out of Debt DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/10/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/13/2009: Previewing the Superpower Summit DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/14/2008: Wiretap Whistleblower DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/16/2007: Can Capitalism Be Saved?    -   Discontinued DVD
NOW: 3/17/2006: The Sunshine Gang DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/2/2007: Enemies of Happiness DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/20/2009: Gambling With Health Care DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/21/2008: Toy Toxins DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/23/2007: Religious Leaders in Iran DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/24/2006: Eyes of the Eagle DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/27/2009: The People's Sheriff DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/28/2008: Save Energy, Money and the Planet DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/3/2006 DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/30/2007: A Living Wage DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/31/2006: Hit or Miss DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/6/2009: Who killed Sister Dorothy? DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/7/2008: Torture Tactics DVD $39.95
NOW: 3/9/2007: A Growing Hunger DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/10/2009: Can Coal Be Earth-Friendly? DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/11/2008: Taxing the Poor DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/13/2007: Stock Alert DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/14/2006: No Right to Choose? DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/17/2009: On Thin Ice DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/18/2008: Health Care Meltdown: Looking for Solutions DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/20/2007: No End In Sight DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/21/2006: In Your Eyes DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/24/2009: Justice Delayed DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/25/2008: College Summit DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/27/2007: Past Due and Pay Day DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/28/2006: Preaching Politics in Ohio DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/3/2009: Coming Home and Paradise Lost, Revisited DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/6/2007: Inside Egypt DVD $39.95
NOW: 4/7/2006: Fighting for Family DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/1/2009: Obama's Radical Plan to Reboot Public Ed DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/11/2007: Is Big Oil Short-Changing the American DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/12/2006: Latinos Now: A National Conversation DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/15/2009: Can the U.N. Keep the Peace? DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/16/2008: Education City DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/18/2007: Fuel Economy Failure DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/19/2006: The Big Uneasy and Lockdown DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/2/2008: What to Expect DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/22/2009: Rehab for Terrorists? DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/23/2008: Rape in the Military and Unselling Meth DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/25/2007: Health Care Franchise DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/26/2006: A Close-Up Look at Guest Workers DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/29/2009: Green Jobs: Hope or Hype? DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/30/2008: Fighting Child Prostitution DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/4/2007: Casualties Of War DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/5/2006: Healthcare Headaches DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/8/2009: Predicting Pandemics DVD $39.95
NOW: 5/9/2008: Prisons for Profit DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/1/2007: Maximum Capacity DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/12/2009: Abortion Providers Under Siege DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/13/2008: Fighting the Army DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/15/2007: The Unforeseen DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/16/2006: Crude Awakening DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/19/2009: Student Loan Sinkhole? DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/2/2006: Tangled Web DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/20/2008: India Rising DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/22/2007: Report Card on New Orleans' Charter Schools DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/23/2006: The Final Offer DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/26/2009: Homes for the Homeless? DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/27/2008: Mortgage Makeover DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/29/2007: Michael Moore DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/30/2006: Toxic Transport DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/5/2009: Food, Inc. DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/6/2008: Dialogue with Dictators? DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/8/2007: Stents and Sensibility DVD $39.95
NOW: 6/9/2006: Who Killed the Electric Car    -   Discontinued DVD
NOW: 7/10/2009: Peace and Prosperity for the West Bank? DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/11/2008: Jobs for Jordan DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/13/2007: Emission Impossible? DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/14/2006: Do No Harm? DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/17/2009: Inside Israel's Army DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/18/2008: Afghanistan: The Forgotten War DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/20/2007: Post-Abortion Politics DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/21/2006: A Fish Tale DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/24/2009: Wall Street Reform and You DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/25/2008: John Edwards' War on Poverty DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/27/2007: Voter Caging DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/28/2006: The Prisoner DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/3/2009: Obama's Border Fence DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/31/2009 DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/6/2007: Insuring the Children DVD $39.95
NOW: 7/7/2006: Still in Harm's Way DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/1/2008: Alaska: The Senator and the Oil Man DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/10/2007: America's Income Inequality DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/11/2006: Anna Deavere Smith DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/15/2008: The Border Fence DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/17/2007: Home Insurance 9-1-1 DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/18/2006: A Setback for Warrantless Wiretapping DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/22/2008: Health Care Solutions DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/24/2007: Soldiers Going AWOL DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/25/2006: Lawmakers or Lawbreakers? DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/29/2008: Attacking Affirmative Action DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/3/2007: Guantanamo Justice? DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/31/2007: Montana Meth Project DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/4/2006: The Press vs. The White House DVD $39.95
NOW: 8/8/2008: Dinner With the President DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/1/2006: Block the Vote DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/11/2009 DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/12/2008: Obama in Danger? DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/14/2007: Iraq: Stories from the Battlefield DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/15/2006: Blog the Vote DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/18/09: Wombs for Rent? DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/19/2008: Women, Leadership, and Politics: A Rising Tide? DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/22/2006: Who's Behind Your Local Ballot Initiati DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/26/2008: Behind the Bailout DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/28/2007: Post-Traumatic Stress and the War DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/29/2006: Alien Nation? DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/4/2009 DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/5/2008: 2008: A Republican Reinvention? DVD $39.95
NOW: 9/8/2006: Faulty Election Machines DVD $39.95
NOW: Election 2008 DVD $59.95
NOW: Immigration DVD $59.95
NOW: Voting and Democracy DVD $49.95
Nuclear Meltdown Disaster DVD $54.99
O Christmas Tree DVD $54.95
Obama at War DVD $54.99
Obama's War DVD $54.95
Ocean Adventures: America's Underwater Treasures DVD $54.95
Ocean Adventures: Sea Ghosts and Call of the Killer Whale DVD $54.95
Ocean Adventures: Season Two: Return to the Amazon DVD $54.95
Ocean Adventures: Sharks at Risk and The Gray Whale DVD $54.95
Ocean Adventures: Voyage to Kure Parts 1 and 2 DVD $54.95
Odyssey DVD $54.95
Off the Menu: Asian America DVD $54.99
Old Man and the Storm, The DVD $54.95
On a Wind and a Prayer DVD $54.95
On Our Watch DVD $54.95
On Two Fronts: Latinos and Vietnam DVD $59.99
OnStage in America: HONKY DVD $54.99
Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience DVD $54.95
Operation Maneater DVD $54.99
Operation Wild DVD $54.99
Oswald's Ghost DVD $54.95
Out of Left Field: The Making of the Chinese Baseball Team DVD $54.95
Outback Pelicans DVD $44.95
Outback Pelicans (Blu-ray) DVD $44.95
Outlawed in Pakistan DVD $54.95
Owl Power DVD $44.99
Owl Power (Blu-ray) DVD $44.99
Pakistan Under Siege DVD $54.95
Panama Canal DVD $49.99
Parrot Confidential DVD $44.99
Part 3: The Teenage Brain... DVD $54.95
Particle Fever    -   Discontinued DVD
Parts and Pieces: Working With Fractions DVD $39.95
Path Appears, A DVD $59.99
Path to Violence, The DVD $54.95
Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire DVD $54.95
Peep and the Big Wide World: Diva Duck DVD $29.99
Peep and the Big Wide World: Peep Discovers DVD $29.99
Penguin Post Office DVD $44.99
Pennsylvania Ballet at 50 DVD $54.99
Peter Matthiessen: No Boundaries DVD $54.95
Phoenix Mars Mission: Ashes to Ice DVD $54.95
Physics of Light, The DVD $49.99
Pilgrims, The DVD $54.99
Pill, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Pioneers of Television DVD $54.95
Pioneers of Television: Season 4 DVD $54.99
Place of Execution DVD $44.95
Playing for Real DVD $49.95
Poisoned Waters DVD $54.95
Polar Bears of Churchill with Ewan McGregor    -   Discontinued DVD
Polio Crusade, The DVD $54.95
Postville: When Cultures Collide    -   Discontinued DVD
Powder and the Glory, The DVD $54.95
Power of the Past with Bill Moyers, The: Florence DVD $54.95
Presidents Collection, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Price of Freedom, The DVD $44.95
Prince Among Slaves DVD $54.95
Private Life of Deer, The DVD $44.95
Prognosis for Health Care, The: Is the Industry Alive and Well? DVD $49.95
Program About Unusual Buildings and Other Roadside Stuff, A DVD $49.95
Public Enemy #1 DVD $54.95
Public Policy and Green Collar Opportunities DVD $39.95
Putin's Way DVD $54.99
Pyramid DVD $39.95
Queen and Country DVD $59.95
Queen and Country (Blu-ray) DVD $59.95
Queen Family, The: Appalachian Tradition and Back Porch Music DVD $49.95
Queen Victoria's Empire DVD $44.95
Quest for Solomon's Mines DVD $44.95
Rachel and Andrew Jackson: A Love Story DVD $54.95
Raising Cain DVD $59.95
Range Creek, UT DVD $54.95
Rape in the Fields DVD $54.95
Rape on the Night Shift DVD $54.99
Raw to Ready DVD $59.99
Real Trojan Horse, The DVD $54.99
Rebel: Loreta Velazquez, Secret Soldier of the American Civil War DVD $54.95
Reconstruction: The Second Civil War DVD $49.95
Red Files: Secrets from the Russian Archives DVD $39.95
Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913 DVD $54.99
Released, The DVD $54.95
Remaking American Medicine DVD $59.95
Remote Control War DVD $49.99
Reportero DVD $54.99
Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans DVD $54.95
Resurrecting Richard III DVD $54.99
Retirement Gamble, The DVD $54.95
Return of the Taliban DVD $49.95
Return to The Wild - The Chris McCandless Story DVD $49.99
Revolution in Cairo DVD $49.99
Rhythm of My Soul, The: Kentucky Roots Music DVD $54.95
Richard Pryor: Icon DVD $54.99
Rick Sebak's Summer Fun DVD $19.95
Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power DVD $54.99
Ride Along The Lincoln Highway, A DVD $54.95
Ripley: Believe it or Not DVD $54.99
Rise and Fall of Penn Station, The DVD $24.99
Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, The DVD $54.99
Rise of the Black Pharaohs DVD $54.99
Rise of the Drones DVD $54.95
Rise of the Hackers DVD $54.99
Road to 9/11, The: A Brief History of Conflict in the Middle East DVD $54.95
Robert E. Lee DVD $54.95
Roberto Clemente DVD $54.95
Robin Williams Remembered - A Pioneers of Television Special DVD $49.99
Rockefellers, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Roman Catacomb Mystery DVD $54.99
Roman City DVD $44.95
Roosevelts, The: An Intimate History DVD $129.99
Roosevelts, The: An Intimate History (Blu-ray) DVD $139.99
Roots of Resistance DVD $54.95
Royal Paintbox DVD $54.99
Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle DVD $54.99
Rules of Engagement DVD $54.95
Russia's Open Book: Writing in the Age of Putin DVD $54.99
RX: The Quiet Revolution DVD $54.99
Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler DVD $64.99
Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler (Blu-ray) DVD $64.99
Safe for Democracy and Depression and War DVD $49.95
Safeguarding the Future: Heroes and Villains of the Computer Age DVD $54.95
Saving Otter 501 DVD $44.99
Science Investigators DVD $54.95
SciGirls (Seasons 1 and 2) DVD $69.99
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy DVD $39.95
Search for the First Human: A "Secrets of the Dead" DVD $54.95
Season IV DVD $59.95
Secret Files of the Inquisition DVD $59.95
Secret State of North Korea DVD $54.99
Secrets Beneath the Ice DVD $44.95
Secrets of Althorp The Spencers DVD $54.95
Secrets of Chatsworth DVD $54.95
Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace Hampton Court DVD $54.95
Secrets of Highclere Castle DVD $54.95
Secrets of Highclere Castle (Blu-ray) DVD $54.95
Secrets of London Underground DVD $54.99
Secrets of Saint John Paul, The DVD $54.99
Secrets of Scotland Yard DVD $54.99
Secrets of Selfridges DVD $54.99
Secrets of Stonehenge DVD $44.95
Secrets of The Tower of London DVD $54.99
Secrets of the Vatican DVD $54.99
Secrets, Politics, and Torture DVD $54.99
Seeing in the Dark DVD $54.95
Seeing in the Dark (Blu-ray) DVD $54.95
Seeking 1906 DVD $54.95
Settin' the Woods on Fire    -   Discontinued DVD
Seven Wonders of Brazil DVD $54.99
Seven Wonders of the Muslim World DVD $44.95
Sex in the Wild DVD $59.99
Sex Slaves DVD $59.95
Shakespeare Uncovered DVD $62.99
Shakespeare Uncovered, Series 2 DVD $64.99
Shakespeare's Tomb DVD $54.99
Shattered Dreams DVD $54.95
Shaw Festival, The: Behind the Curtain DVD $54.95
Showdown With Iran DVD $54.95
Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show DVD $54.99
Sick Around America DVD $54.95
Sick Around the World DVD $54.95
Sinkholes - Buried Alive DVD $54.99
Sinking of the Andrea Doria, The DVD $59.95
Sister Aimee DVD $54.95
Sixties, The: The Years That Shaped the Generation    -   Discontinued DVD
Slave Ship Mutiny DVD $52.99
Sloth Named Velcro, A DVD $44.99
Small Steps: Creating the High School for Contemporary Arts DVD $54.95
Smartest Machine on Earth: Can a Computer Win on JEOPARDY!? DVD $44.95
Snow Monkeys DVD $44.99
Snow Monkeys (Blu-ray) DVD $44.99
So Much So Fast    -   Discontinued DVD
Soul of the Elephant DVD $44.99
Special Needs DVD $34.99
Spies of Mississippi DVD $54.99
Spying on the Home Front DVD $54.95
Staking a Claim to the Future: Putting Technology in Good Hands DVD $49.95
Stand Up: A Summer at Comedy Camp DVD $54.95
Stand Up: Muslim American Comics DVD $54.95
State of Arizona, The DVD $54.99
State of Emergency DVD $54.95
Story of India, The DVD $64.95
Story of India, The (Blu-ray) DVD $69.95
Story of the Jews with Simon Schama, The DVD $59.99
Struggle for the Soul of Islam: Inside Indonesia DVD $54.95
Summer of Love DVD $54.95
Sunken Ship Rescue DVD $54.99
Super Skyscrapers DVD $59.99
Super Skyscrapers (Blu-ray) DVD $59.99
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle DVD $54.99
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Surviving Ebola DVD $54.99
Sybil Ludington + Lafayette Arrives DVD $29.95
Synchronized Swimming: The Pursuit of Excellence DVD $54.95
Syphilis Enigma, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Syria Behind the Lines DVD $54.95
Taking on the Mafia DVD $54.95
Tales from the Royal Bedchamber DVD $54.99
Tank Man, The DVD $59.95
Taste of Chanukah, A DVD $34.95
Taste of Passover, A DVD $54.95
Tavis Smiley Reports: Education Under Arrest DVD $54.95
TB Silent Killer DVD $54.99
Teach Me Different! with Sally L. Smith DVD $69.95
Teen Suicide    -   Discontinued DVD
Ten Trillion and Counting DVD $54.95
Teotihuacan's Lost Kings DVD $54.99
Terror in Little Saigon DVD $54.99
Terry Sanford and The New South DVD $54.95
Tesla: Master of Lightning DVD $54.95
Test Tube Babies DVD $54.95
Texas Ranch House DVD $79.95
That's Entertainment!: New Ways to Enjoy TV, Movies, and Music DVD $49.95
The Amish: Shunned DVD $24.99
The Bletchley Circle, Season 1 DVD $54.95
The Bletchley Circle, Season 2 DVD $59.99
The Bletchley Circle, Season 2 (Blu-ray) DVD $59.99
The Graduates/Los Graduados DVD $54.99
The Kennedys: Triumph and Tragedy DVD $59.99
The Mind of a Chef: David Kinch (Season 4) DVD $54.99
Thief of Time, A DVD $54.95
This is Your Life!: Looking at the Big Picture DVD $54.95
Thoroughbred: Born to Run DVD $49.99
Three Sovereigns for Sarah DVD $44.95
Through Deaf Eyes DVD $54.95
Time Management From the Inside Out with Julie Morgenstern DVD $39.95
Time Scanners: Colosseum DVD $54.99
Time Scanners: Jerusalem DVD $54.99
Time Scanners: Machu Picchu DVD $54.99
Time Team America: Seasons 1 and 2 DVD $59.99
Titanic's Ghosts    -   Discontinued DVD
To Catch a Comet DVD $54.99
To Catch a Trader DVD $54.99
To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig DVD $54.95
Tomb of Christ DVD $54.95
Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII DVD $44.95
Topper, SC DVD $54.95
Tornado Glory DVD $59.95
Touching the Wild: Living with the Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch DVD $44.99
Towards a More Sustainable Community DVD $39.95
Toys and Games: Changing the Way We Play DVD $49.95
TR, The Story of Theodore Roosevelt    -   Discontinued DVD
Tragedy at the Pole DVD $54.95
Trapped in an Elevator DVD $44.95
Treasures of New York DVD $54.99
Tree Safari: A Sculptural Journey DVD $44.95
Tree Safari: The Koa Connection DVD $44.99
Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer, The DVD $54.95
Triumph at Carville: A Tale of Leprosy in America DVD $54.95
Trouble with Chicken, The DVD $54.99
True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Code Talker DVD $54.95
Truman DVD $54.95
Tupperware!    -   Discontinued DVD
Turtle + One Life to Lose, The DVD $29.95
Two American Families DVD $54.95
Two Nations of Black America, The DVD $54.95
Ultimate Tut DVD $54.95
Undertaking, The DVD $54.95
Undiscovered Haiti with Jose Andres DVD $54.99
United States of Secrets DVD $54.99
United We Stand + Liberty or Death! DVD $29.95
Unity - The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson DVD $49.99
Untouchables, The: Money, Power and Wall Street DVD $54.95
Up Heartbreak Hill - Coming Of Age In The Contemporary Native American World DVD $39.95
Uranium - Twisting the Dragon's Tail DVD $54.99
Vampire Legend DVD $54.99
Vicious DVD $59.99
Vicious 2 DVD $59.99
Vicious: The Finale DVD $54.99
Victor Borge: 100 Years Of Music and Laughter! DVD $54.95
Victory in the Pacific DVD $54.95
Vikings Unearthed DVD $54.99
Voyage to the Galapagos DVD $49.95
Wagonmasters DVD $54.99
Walt Whitman DVD $54.95
War of the World, The: A New History of the 20th Century DVD $54.95
War That Made America, The DVD $64.95
Warning, The DVD $54.95
Warplane DVD $54.95
Warriors DVD $54.95
Warship DVD $54.95
Washington National Cathedral DVD $54.95
Washington Takes Command + Common Sense DVD $29.95
Way West, The DVD $64.95
Wayfarer's Journey, A: Listening to Mahler DVD $54.95
We Shall Remain DVD $79.95
Weird Creatures with Nick Baker: Season Two DVD $59.99
West, The / Pacific Rim DVD $54.95
What Happened to the Hindenburg? DVD $49.95
What is Freedom? and Whose Land is This? DVD $49.95
What's the Next Big Thing? DVD $54.95
When Kids Get Life DVD $54.95
Where Did We Come From? DVD $54.95
White Elephants of Thailand with Meg Ryan DVD $54.95
White House, The: Inside Story DVD $54.99
Who Counts? Election Reform in America DVD $49.95
Why Planes Vanish DVD $54.99
Why Sharks Attack DVD $54.99
Widower, The (U.K. Edition) DVD $59.99
Widower, The (U.K. Edition) (Blu-ray) DVD $59.99
Wikisecrets: Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and WikiLeaks DVD $54.99
Wild Kratts: Bugging Out DVD $39.99
Wild Kratts: Tiny Trouble DVD $39.99
Wild Kratts: Wildest Animal Adventures DVD $69.95
Wild Ways DVD $54.99
William Shakespeare Collector's Edition DVD $69.99
Wired Science (Pilot Episode) DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 10/10/2007: Earth: Flotsam Found DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 10/17/2007: Physics and Chemistry: Ball Busters DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 10/24/2007: Health: Body Builders DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 10/3/2007: Technology: World War 2.0 DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 10/31/2007: Health: Blood Simple DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 11/14/2007: Space and Flight: Satellite Shopping DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 11/21/2007: Technology: Geek Dad DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 11/7/2007: Health: Biobanking DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 12/19/2007: Space and Flight: Space Junkyard DVD $54.95
Wired Science: 12/26/2007: Earth: Icy Depths DVD $54.95
Witches Curse DVD $54.95
Wizard of Photography, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Women and Money DVD $54.95
Woodrow Wilson DVD $54.95
Woody Guthrie: Ain't Got No Home DVD $54.95
WordWorld: Merry Christmas DVD $9.99
Working for Freedom and Yearning to Breathe Free DVD $49.95
World of Good, A DVD $54.95
World's Biggest Bomb DVD $54.99
Worricker: Salting the Battlefield DVD $54.99
Worricker: Salting the Battlefield (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Worricker: Turks and Caicos DVD $54.99
Worricker: Turks and Caicos (Blu-ray) DVD $54.99
Yalta: Peace, Power and Betrayal DVD $54.95
Yellowstone: America's Sacred Wilderness DVD $34.95
Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy DVD $34.95
Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Easing Pain with Peggy Cappy DVD $34.95
Young and Restless in China DVD $54.95
Young Doctor Freud DVD $54.95
Your Inner Fish DVD $59.99
Your Life, Your Money DVD $54.95
Zeppelin Terror Attack DVD $54.99
Zoot Suit Riots DVD $54.95
Zora's Roots DVD $54.95
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