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Titles for Summit Interactive

Absolute Convergence and Alternating Series DVD $30.00
Addition, Subtraction, Calendar, Sums to 18, Odd and Even DVD $30.00
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Rounding of Decimals DVD $30.00
Advanced Area Problems DVD $30.00
Advanced Volume Problems DVD $30.00
Algebra 1 Series CD-ROM $320.00
Algebra 1 Series DVD $480.00
Algebraic Expressions DVD $30.00
Angles, Polygons, and Similar Triangles DVD $30.00
Applications of Linear Equations DVD $30.00
Applications of Proportions DVD $30.00
Applications to Business DVD $30.00
Applications to Growth and Decay DVD $30.00
Applications to Physics DVD $30.00
Area in Polar Coordinates DVD $30.00
Areas, Antidifferentiation and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus DVD $30.00
Average Rate of Change and Slope of Lines DVD $30.00
Basic Math Series CD-ROM $200.00
Basic Mathematics Series DVD $1,200.00
Bayes Theorem DVD $30.00
Binomial Distribution DVD $30.00
Calculus Series CD-ROM $280.00
Calculus Series DVD $1,680.00
Central Limit Theorem DVD $30.00
Charts and Graphs DVD $30.00
Coefficient of Correlation DVD $30.00
Combinations DVD $30.00
Comparison Test DVD $30.00
Composite Functions and the Chain Rule DVD $30.00
Conditional Probability DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests I DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests II DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests III DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests IV DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals for Difference of Means DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals for Proportions DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals for Variance and Chi-Square DVD $30.00
Confidence Intervals with Variance Known DVD $30.00
Continuous Random Variables and Densities DVD $30.00
Converting Among Fractions, Decimals and Percents DVD $30.00
Data Analysis and Probability DVD $30.00
Definite Integrals and Areas DVD $30.00
Definite Integrals, Substitution, and Integration by Parts DVD $30.00
Differentiation and Approximation DVD $30.00
Differentiation Rules (Powers and Sums) DVD $30.00
Division DVD $30.00
Division of Decimals and Converting Decimals to Fractions DVD $30.00
Dot Product and Length DVD $30.00
Elementary Math DVD Series DVD $240.00
Elementary Math Series CD-ROM $100.00
Equivalent Fractions, Lowest Terms, Comparing Fractions and Mixed Numbers DVD $30.00
Estimating DVD $30.00
Estimation and Sequences DVD $30.00
EXP, Log and Differentiation DVD $30.00
Expectations of Random Variables DVD $30.00
Exponent Rules and Radicals DVD $30.00
Exponents DVD $30.00
Factoring Polynomials DVD $30.00
Factors and Multiples DVD $30.00
Formulas for Lines DVD $30.00
Frequency distributions DVD $30.00
Functions and Their Graphs DVD $30.00
Fundamentals of Ratios and Proportions DVD $30.00
GED Math Prep Series DVD $240.00
GED Prep Series CD-ROM $100.00
General Limits DVD $30.00
Geometric Relationships DVD $30.00
Goodness of Fit DVD $30.00
Graphing Linear Equations DVD $30.00
Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities DVD $30.00
Graphing on the RectangularCoordinate System DVD $30.00
Hyperbolic Functions DVD $30.00
Hypothesis Testing DVD $30.00
Hypothesis Tests About Mean DVD $30.00
Hypothesis Tests for Difference of Means DVD $30.00
Hypothesis Tests of Proportions DVD $30.00
Hypothesis Tests of Variance DVD $30.00
Hypothesis Tests With Variance Unknown DVD $30.00
Implicit Differentiation DVD $30.00
Improper Integrals DVD $30.00
Independent Events DVD $30.00
Independent Random Variables DVD $30.00
Index of Predictive Association DVD $30.00
Infinite Series DVD $30.00
Integral Test DVD $30.00
Integration by Parts DVD $30.00
Integration Formulas DVD $30.00
Introduction to Probability DVD $30.00
Introduction to Real Numbers and Variables DVD $30.00
Inverse Functions and Their Derivatives DVD $30.00
L'Handocirc;pital's rule DVD $30.00
Least Common Denominator, Addition and Subtraction of Fractions DVD $30.00
Limits and Continuity DVD $30.00
Limits Using Continuity DVD $30.00
Line and Angle Relationships DVD $30.00
Linear Regression DVD $30.00
Linear Relationships and Scientific Notation DVD $30.00
Lines, Angles and Triangles DVD $30.00
Logarithmic Differentiation DVD $30.00
Mean DVD $30.00
Mean, Median, Mode and Organizing Data DVD $30.00
Means, Medians, and Modes of Grouped Data DVD $30.00
Measurement DVD $30.00
Metric System DVD $30.00
Mode, Median, and Midrange DVD $30.00
Model of Equally Likely Outcomes DVD $30.00
Money, Time, Measurement, Counting DVD $30.00
Multiplication and Division of Fractions DVD $30.00
Multiplication and Order of Operations DVD $30.00
Multiplication Principle for Counting DVD $30.00
Multiplying with 2 Digit Factors, Finding 2 Digit Quotients, Metric Measurement DVD $30.00
Normal Approximation to Binomial DVD $30.00
Normal Distribution and Standardization DVD $30.00
Normality Test DVD $30.00
One-Sided Limits DVD $30.00
One-Way Analysis of Variance DVD $30.00
Operations on Signed Numbers DVD $30.00
Operations With Polynomials DVD $30.00
Operations with Real Numbers DVD $30.00
Optimization Using Differentiation: Critical Points DVD $30.00
Order of Operations and Signed Numbers, The DVD $30.00
Partial Fractions DVD $30.00
Patterns, Addition, Subtraction, Greather Than and Less Than DVD $30.00
Percent and Order of Operations DVD $30.00
Perimeter, Area and Volume DVD $30.00
Permutations and Factorials DVD $30.00
Place Value, Addition, Subtraction and Rounding DVD $30.00
Poisson Distribution DVD $30.00
Polygons DVD $30.00
Populations and Data DVD $30.00
Power Series DVD $30.00
Prediction Intervals DVD $30.00
Probability and Statistics Series DVD $1,800.00
Probability Laws and Gambling Odds DVD $30.00
Problem Solving DVD $30.00
Product and Quotient Rules, The DVD $30.00
Pythagorean Theorem, and Rectangle Problems, The DVD $30.00
Random Variables and Distributions DVD $30.00
Rank Tests DVD $30.00
Ratio Test and Root Test DVD $30.00
Rational Expressions DVD $30.00
Real World Application of Fractions DVD $30.00
Real World Applications of Percents DVD $30.00
Rectangular Coordinate System and Distance Between Points DVD $30.00
Rectangular Coordinates and Graphing DVD $30.00
Related Rates DVD $30.00
Relations And Functions DVD $30.00
Right Triangle Applications VHS $30.00
Roots and Radicals, Part I DVD $30.00
Roots and Radicals, Part II DVD $30.00
Runs Test DVD $30.00
Sample Spaces and Events DVD $30.00
Sampling Distribution of Mean DVD $30.00
Second Derivative, Inflection Points and Concavity DVD $30.00
Sequences and Convergence DVD $30.00
Sign Test DVD $30.00
Slope and Forms of a Line DVD $30.00
Slope and Forms of Equations of Lines DVD $30.00
Solving Equations DVD $30.00
Solving Equations DVD $30.00
Solving Equations DVD $30.00
Solving Inequalities DVD $30.00
Solving Quadratic Equations DVD $30.00
Spearman Rank Correlation DVD $30.00
Special Trigonometric Limits DVD $30.00
Standard Error of Mean DVD $30.00
Standard Error of Regression DVD $30.00
Substitution DVD $30.00
Subtraction Facts and Place Value, 2 and 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction DVD $30.00
Summation Notation DVD $30.00
Systems of Linear Equations DVD $30.00
T-Distribution and Confidence Intervals DVD $30.00
Tangent Lines DVD $30.00
Taylor Series DVD $30.00
Taylor's Formula DVD $30.00
Tchebychev's Approximation DVD $30.00
The Delta-Process and Instantaneous Rates of Change DVD $30.00
Transformations and Symmetry DVD $30.00
Trig Functions DVD $30.00
Trigonometric Integrals DVD $30.00
Trigonometric Substitutions DVD $30.00
Two Variance Goodness of Fit and Independence DVD $30.00
Two-Sample Sign Test DVD $30.00
Two-Way Analysis of Variance I DVD $30.00
Two-Way Analysis of Variance II DVD $30.00
U.S. Customary and Metric System Conversions DVD $30.00
U.S. Customary System DVD $30.00
Understanding Division DVD $30.00
Understanding Fractions, Understanding Decimals DVD $30.00
Understanding Multiplication, Factors, Multiplication DVD $30.00
Using Exponents DVD $30.00
Using Percents in Everyday Situations DVD $30.00
Variables and Like Terms DVD $30.00
Variance and Standard Deviation DVD $30.00
Variance of Random Variables DVD $30.00
Vector Component Computations DVD $30.00
Vector Cross Product DVD $30.00
Vectors DVD $30.00
Visual Display of Data DVD $30.00
Volume Problems DVD $30.00
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