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Seasonal Titles


Fire Prevention Week

Statue of Liberty Designated a National Monument
    Statue of Liberty, The DVD $19.99
    Statue Of Liberty, The DVD $19.95
    Story of the Statue of Liberty DVD $50.00

Columbus Day
    Christopher Columbus DVD $39.95
    Christopher Columbus and the New World DVD $39.95
    Christopher Columbus: Explorer Of The New World DVD $24.95
    Columbus Day, Second Edition DVD $49.95
    Magnificent Voyage of Christopher Columbus, The DVD $19.95

    Halloween DVD $29.95
    Halloween Stories DVD $12.95
    Haunted History of Halloween, The DVD $24.95
    Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, The DVD $14.98
    Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The DVD $24.95
    Peanuts: It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown DVD $19.98

    Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower DVD $24.95
    Early Settlers DVD $29.95
    Mayflower Pilgrims, The DVD $24.99
    Molly's Pilgrim DVD $29.99
    Plimoth Plantation DVD $29.95
    Squanto and the First Thanksgiving DVD $24.95
    Thank You, Sarah - The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving DVD $50.00
    Thanksgiving DVD $29.95
    Thanksgiving Shared: Native Americans DVD $49.00
    Thanksgiving Stories DVD $12.95
    William Bradford - The First Thanksgiving DVD $29.95

Election Day
    By the People: Democracy in the Wild DVD $29.99
    Citizens Rule: How We Elect A President DVD $39.95
    Election Day DVD $29.95
    Election Day DVD $29.95
    Election Process in America, The DVD $14.98
    Hail to the Chief: Presidential Elections DVD $39.95
    Lesson 12: Presidential Campaigning DVD $39.95
    Peanuts: You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown DVD $19.98
    Presidents Day DVD $29.95
    We Vote DVD $49.00

Veteran's Day
    D-Day: The Total Story DVD $29.95
    Memorial Day/Veterans Day DVD $29.95
    Memorial Day/Veterans' Day DVD $29.95

America Recycle's Day
    Earth Aid: Recycling DVD $12.98
    Recycled, Re-Seen: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap DVD $49.95
    Recycling Coordinator DVD $49.00
    Recycling: Video Quiz DVD $39.95
    Urban Garbage: Landfill or Recycle? DVD $79.95

John F. Kennedy Assassinated
    JFK Assassination, The DVD $24.95
    JFK: The Day The Nation Cried DVD $19.98
    John F. Kennedy DVD $39.95
    John F. Kennedy: A Personal Story DVD $24.95
    Speeches Collection Volume 1 DVD $39.98

    Hanukkah, Second Edition DVD $49.95
    Hanukkah/Passover DVD $29.95
    Jewish Holiday Stories DVD $12.95
    Maccabees - The Story of Hanukkah DVD $29.95

    Kwanzaa DVD $29.95
    Kwanzaa: A Cultural Celebration DVD $99.95
    Ramadan DVD $29.95
    Ramadan: A Fast of Faith DVD $149.95
    Winter Holiday Stories DVD $59.95

Rosa Parks Refused to give up her seat.
    Heroes of Freedom: The Stories of Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks DVD $39.95
    Rosa Parks DVD $39.95
    Rosa Parks and the Civil Right Movement DVD $39.95

Pearl Harbor Day
    Lost Evidence, The: Pearl Harbor DVD $37.95
    Pearl Harbor and World War II DVD $49.00
    Pearl Harbor: Legacy Of Attack DVD $29.95
    Planet Earth - Education Edition VHS $650.00
    Unsung Heroes Of Pearl Harbor DVD $24.95

Boston Tea Party

    Best Christmas Pageant Ever DVD $24.99
    Big Christmas Tree, The DVD $29.95
    Christmas DVD $29.95
    Christmas Around the World DVD $29.95
    Christmas Carol, A '84 DVD $14.98
    Christmas Story, A DVD $19.98
    Frosty the Snowman / Frosty Returns DVD $14.95
    Gingerbread Christmas DVD $24.95
    Let's Explore...Autumn and Winter DVD $29.95
    Night before Christmas, The DVD $24.95
    Olive: The Other Reindeer DVD $14.98
    Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Christmas DVD $19.98
    Polar Express, The (Fullscreen) DVD $14.98
    Prancer DVD $14.98
    Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer Movie DVD $14.95
    Snowy Day: Stories and Poems DVD $29.95

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