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Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul

Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul

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AAE 73838
50 min.
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A & E Entertainment
In 58 BC, the Roman general and statesman Julius Caesar pushed north from Rome into the wild and unruly lands of the barbarians (current-day France), and in less than eight years, extended the border of the Roman Republic's territories as far west as the Atlantic, even making raids and incursions into Britain. The key element to Caesar's victory in Europe lay not in the superiority of the Roman war machine--the Gallic cavalry, horseman to horseman, was probably far superior to the Roman legions. Rome's military superiority derived from mastery of strategy, tactics, discipline, and military engineering. And there was no master of strategy greater than Julius Caesar. According to Plutarch, Caesar's campaign resulted in 800 conquered cities, 300 subdued tribes, a million slaves, and 3-million dead on the battlefield--all this, not to mention becoming First Man in Rome.

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