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Turning Points in the Physical Sciences

Turning Points in the Physical Sciences

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AVP 894
135 min.
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Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.
Growing from ancient astronomical observations 2500 years ago to black holes in space no human endeavor has transformed society and defined our place in the cosmos more than the physical sciences. What started as a kernel of knowledge about the movement of the heavenly bodies has expanded to include the atomic building blocks of all chemistry; geology's understanding of earth's long history and the forces that have shaped our planet's features; astronomy's picture of an ever expanding universe populated by billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars; and physics understanding of the basic principles of movement, energy and forces which has given us the technological world of cars, planes, television, computers, cell phones, and the electrification of the planet. TURNING POINTS in the PHYSICAL SCIENCES take you on an exciting journey of discovery from ancient through classical science to the world of modern physics, relativity, chaos theory and quantum mechanics.

Series includes:

Program 1: 130 - 1819

* 130-1640 Ptolemy to Galileo
* 1688-1796 Newton to Nebular Theory of the Solar System
* 1800 Electrolysis Reveals New Properties of Electricity
* 1808 Atomic Theory of Matter is Announced
* 1814 Light Reveals Spectral Lines

Program 2: 1820 - 1845

* 1820 Electromagnetism is Discovered
* 1824 Carnot Expresses First Law of Thermodynamics
* 1830 Charles Lyell Publishes The Principles of Geology
* 1831 Faraday Produces Electricity from Magnetism
* 1837 A Past Ice Age is Theorized by Agassiz
* 1842 Doppler Effect

Program 3: 1846 -- 1902

* 1846 The Planet Neptune is Discovered
* 1864 Maxwell's Equations Unify Electricity and Magnetism
* 1869 The First Periodic Table
* 1895-6 X-Rays and Radioactivity are Discovered
* 1897 First Subatomic Particle Found: The Electron
* 1900 Principle of Quantum Physics Established by Max Planck

Program 4: 1903 - 1928

* 1903 Chaos Theory
* 1905 Einstein's Theories of Special and General Relativity
* 1907 B.B. Boltwood Proposes Radioactive Decay be Used to Date the Earth
* 1912 Alfred Wegener Proposes Continental Drift Theory
* 1925 Wave-particle Duality and The Uncertainty Principle

Program 5: 1929 - 2004

* 1929 Edwin Hubble Initiates the Idea of an Expanding Universe
* 1942 Manhattan Project Creates First Self-sustaining Chain Reaction
* 1963 Maarten Schmidt Discovers Quasars
* 1964 Murray Gell-Mann Postulates the Existence of Quarks
* 1967 White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Pulsars and Black Holes
* 1990 The Great Attractor and Dark Matter
* 2004 Organic Material Found on Extrasolar Planet

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