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America: Discovery to Resolution

America: Discovery to Resolution

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AVP 895
150 min.
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Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.
A six-part series that chronicles the role of the European settlers that led up to the Revolution.

Series Includes:

Discovery and the Spanish Frontier -- Columbus set sail West to find Cathay, China or Japan. It was a unique concept for a world that generally conceived that the earth was flat. He set sail for very high stakes (gold, silver, silk, spices and other luxury goods). The program explores the cultural, political and geographic issues of this time.

The "New World" was seen as a land of great opportunity. Juan Ponce de Leon set out to find a Fountain of Youth. The story continues as many Spaniards followed these explorers throughout the Americas.This includes Cabeza de Vaca, Hernando de Soto and Coronado's search for the Seven Cities. In general, the Spanish policies succeeded in their purpose --- to create a New Spain. The competitive search for the riches of the New World would bring the powerful forces of other European nations that would challenge the Spanish and Portuguese. These activities are explored in this video (through to the eighteenth century).

Discovery and the French Frontier -- While the Spanish were finding the New World, the French had reached the height of their power. The French Monarch, Louis XIV, was ruling in a time of great power for their influence in literature and the arts. The French had lost their chance to preempt Spain in the New World when their king, Charles VIII, refused to sponsor Columbus. The French spent too much time in the 16th century involved in civil wars of religion. So, the French trailed Spain.

In 1524, King Francis engaged Verrazano to match Magellan's exploits. A firm French presence was established in 1608 (Quebec). Other exploits led to the Mississippi and other New France territories in North America. LaSalle founded the entire Mississippi basin in the name of King Louis XIV (Louisiana). The wars of the 18th century (Seven Years War & French and Indian War) are analyzed along with the role of Napoleon in the early 19th Century.

The Pilgrim Frontier -- This is a story of a dream --- a place where there was no religious persecution. The Puritans set out on the Mayflower to find that haven. The story shows how the Pilgrims followed their plain, ascetic faith at the worst possible time --- a time of enforced conformity. The program follows the plan that started at the home of Wm. Brewster and leading to the first exodus led by John Smith. The relationship with Native Americans is examined. The importance of the Mayflower Compact and the development of governing rules are studied. The founding of the Plymouth Colony is reviewed. Thanksgiving is established and a major cultural influence on the colonies has begun.

The Dutch Frontier -- The Dutch established trading posts and settlements in every part of the newly discovered world during the 17th century (Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the West Indies and both North and South America). The Dutch wrested themselves from Spanish rules in the late 16th century and had rivalries across the world with England, France and Portugal. In 1624 they established New Amsterdam (the future NY). Henry Hudson led the East India Company developing a prominent commercial role in America. Peter Minuet led the West India company to develop NY and grow the Dutch presence in North America.The Program studies the development of the Dutch colony and the role of Peter Stuyvesant in New Netherland. Many conflicts are studied during the 17th century and the complexity of the Dutch activities is intriguing.

The Puritan Frontier -- This episode traces the journey of Captain John Smith and the early events of the 17th century involving Pocahontas. Smith was a pivotal figure in luring more colonists to the New World. The early experience of Jamestown and the role of Native Americans is fascinating. Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake were involved in complex experiences with the new settlers and the native people. The history of religious persecution is also riveting history. Punishments were severe for religious dissidents. The oppressed became the oppressor. Puritans moved within North America to find peace. Many non-conformists came to America and found themselves (Quakers & Jews) vulnerable to religious persecution. The program shows the flight of various groups to different states that offered freedom.

The American Revolution -- The Stamp Act of 1765 was the first direct tax on the colonies. The protest had begun. 'No taxation without representation'. The process had begun. British goods were boycotted. The taxes were repealed in a year. They soon initiated new and more punitive taxes. The protests returned. This program traces the back and forth led to the Boston Tea Party. The British reacted with the Coercive Acts. The American War of Independence began on April 19th, 1775. After Lexington and Concord, the Patriots went on the offensive. The story of the war is chronicled and the role of our forefathers is traced. The formation of our country is observed with a keen eye to the contributions of the major European cultures.

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