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Visual Design Basics

Visual Design Basics

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LS LS-1299-06-CDS
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Learning Seed
Visual Design Basics is a primer in visual literacy. It teaches the true fundamentals of visual design in seven sections: lines, shapes, angles and curves, rhythm, proportion and scale, balance, and groups and colors.

Users learn that even a simple line "speaks" and that horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines each send differing emotional messages. Visual design is not about following rules; it's all about emotions.

What does a square mean? What is the message of a rectangle? Does a square room "feel" different than a rectangular room? Why are most books, printed pages, rugs, photographs, and video screens rectangles instead of squares?

What is the "feeling" and "meaning" differences between an angle and a curve? How does this relate to visual design for products, fashion, architecture, and interiors?

Viewers know they like rhythm in music, but what about visual rhythm? How do you give rooms, fashion, or products "a beat" the eyes can dance to? Viewers learn the "secret" of rhythm -- repetition with variety.

What is a motif and how can it be used in design for clothing and room interiors?

See how proportion, balance, and scale are part of any visual design from public monuments to dining rooms.

Visual Design Basics contains well over a hundred photographs and drawings that teach the basics of visual literacy. Students can use the program at their own pace or teachers can use it for classroom presentations - a very flexible learning tool.

PC/Mac/Linux CDROM (Powerpoint, Keynote, Quicktime, Flash)

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