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American Volcano

American Volcano

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50 min.
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A & E Entertainment
The 1980 Mount St. Helens' eruption alerted the world to the dangers of an explosive volcano in the Cascade Range. The fiery blast that killed every living thing within a 25-mile radius and unleashed the biggest landslide in recorded history. Now, Mount Rainier, 60 miles east of Seattle, threatens an even greater loss of life and property. This 14,000-foot peak holds more ice and snow than all other volcanoes in the Cascade Range combined. Even a small eruption at Rainier could unleash a debris mudslide that would entomb several towns in the valley below. Tens of thousands of people are in grave danger. Geologists say that it's not a question of if Rainier, an active volcano, will erupt...but when. Experts have mapped out the hazard zone and engineered a sophisticated warning system. But when Rainier blows, the window for evacuation is small. As we'll see, people must have an efficient evacuation plan, or else the loss of lives will be incredible.

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