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Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

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100 min.
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A & E Entertainment
Genghis Khan conquered half the world and his barbarism influenced generation after generation. A brilliant and charismatic leader and military strategist, he united the nomadic Mongol tribes and left behind sons and grandsons to maintain the dynasty long after his death. And he left behind one of history's great mysteries--what happened to all the booty taken from conquered cities? Nothing has ever been found--not a goblet, coin, or statue, though gold, silver, and jewels flowed back to Mongolia like shining rivers. Legend suggests it was buried with the Great Khan and the gravedigger-soldiers killed to keep the gravesite secret. Our investigation follows clues uncovered by a Chicago attorney and passed on to an expeditionary team. There's no treasure map, but the path these scholars take provides insight into the Asian warlord and the continuing mystery of his burial place.

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