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All the Presidents' Women

All the Presidents' Women

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50 min.
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A & E Entertainment
January 21, 1998... Bill Clinton faces the biggest crisis of his presidency. Network news anchors immediately fly back from Havana... the Pope's historic visit to Cuba is nothing compared to this. It's not a nuclear attack, not an assassination attempt... but it's big. The President may have had sex in the White House... with someone other than his wife. With the news, Bill Clinton joined the ranks of presidents he admired... men like Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy... presidents all who went beyond the proverbial marriage bed for sex. Like sex itself, presidential philandering is nothing new. The gossip, the whispered rumors echo throughout American history. In this world of innuendo, FDR dies in the arms of his mistress... and Ike wants to divorce his wife Mamie to marry his wartime driver. There's a whole other White House visitors never see. One in which Warren Harding makes love in an Oval Office closet... one where JFK swims nude every afternoon with White House secretaries and Hollywood stars. But what is fact and what is fiction? Using interviews with presidential family members, historians, journalists as well as presidential mistresses, ALL THE PRESIDENTS' WOMEN will separate the truth from myth with an intriguing, informative look at sex and the presidency.

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