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Big World Of Insects, Spiders and Bugs Series

Big World Of Insects, Spiders and Bugs Series

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Item Number:
NDM 23445
26 DVD
364 min.
Closed Caption:
New Dimension Media
Insects and other arthropods are among the most fascinating animals. Students of all ages will be excited by the work of science when they view these programs as introductions, summations or as supplements to in-depth lessons. They feature clear close-up visuals with detailed captions for identifying the body structures, behaviors and environments of a variety of insects, spiders and other creatures of this phylum. They use clear narrations appropriate for classroom instruction. This series provides an encyclopedia of information on these important and numerous creatures.

Individual Titles:
    •   Ant Lions and Ants: Predators and Prey
    •   Ants and Aphids: A Symbiotic Relationship
    •   Aquatic Insects: Larvae To Adults
    •   Bees: One Big Family
    •   Bees: Social Or Solitary Insect?
    •   Camouflage and Defense In The Insect World
    •   Caterpillars, Butterflies and Moths
    •   Centipedes And Arthropods In The Leaf Litter
    •   Crickets: Territorial Insects
    •   Damselflies
    •   Dragonflies: A Complete Insect Life Cycle
    •   Dung Beetles: Nature's Cleaners
    •   Flies and Cicadas
    •   Garden Spiders and Crab Spiders: Similarities and Differences
    •   Green Bush Crickets and Locusts
    •   Ground Wasps
    •   Insect Adaptations For Water
    •   Ladybirds, Fire Bugs and Leaf Hoppers
    •   Mason Wasps: Insect Builders
    •   Praying Mantis: Insect Predator
    •   Processionary Caterpillars and Peacock Butterflies
    •   Rose Chafir, Carabid and Tiger Beetles
    •   Sand and Spider Wasps
    •   Scorpions and Stag Beetles: Classifying Arthropods
    •   Trap-Door vs. Agelena Spider: Comparing Behavior

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