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English As A Second Language

English As A Second Language

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60 min.
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TMW Media Group
A self-teaching tool designed to teach ESL students how to pronounce, speak, remember and read with ease and confidence. This 6-lesson program teaches the sounds that have distinct phonetic characteristics and follow specific rules. Students are asked to repeat after the narrator in an easy to follow format; allowing the student to learn English pronunciation at their own pace. Lesson 1: Learning and Remembering the Alphabet. This lesson uses a unique method to help students learn each letter, retain the sound each letter makes and associate that sound with a visual image for retention. Lesson 2: Pronunciation - Consonants, Vowels and Syllables. This lesson covers the Closed Syllable Rule, Short and long vowels, The Open Syllable Rule and the Rule of Silent E. Lesson 3: Blends, Diagraphs and R Controls. This lesson covers consonant groupings that make blended sounds, diagraphs - two consonants making one sound and how vowels change sound when before the consonant R. The Q/U rule is also covered. Lesson 4: C and G, The Soft Sounds. This lesson covers rules for making a soft C or G when followed by an E or I. Lesson 5: Diphthongs or Vowel Teams. This lesson covers the rule " When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking." It includes usual rules for long vowel sounds, examples of diphthong sounds that are neither long or short and vowel teams that can have different attributes such as "EA" "OU" and "UE". Lesson 6: The Rule of Y and Sight Words. This lesson covers when Y is a consonant and when Y is a vowel depending on its position in a word. Sight words are exceptions to any of the Rules covered.

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