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Professionals At Work

Professionals At Work

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88 min.
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TMW Media Group
This program looks at the following careers Architect, Business Executive, Banker, Teacher, Civil Engineer, Accountant and Mayor.

What makes a good architect?
How long does it take to become an architect?
Do architects build the buildings they design?
What subjects are important in school to prepare to be an architect?
What is a blueprint?
Can computers design buildings?
Why do architects build models?
What does a company President do?
Is it important to dress nicely to be an executive?
What courses do you need to take to become an executive?
Do you need to go to college?
Can an executive know everything about their company?
Do executives need to know a lot about the people that work for them?
How does school & education affect your future?

How does one become a banker?
What does a teller do?
What is a loan officer?
Why is math important to be a banker?
What courses should you take in high school to be a banker?
Do you have to go to college to be a banker?
What is a savings account?
What are checks?
Who owns the money in a bank?

What courses should you take to be a teacher?
Why is teaching a vital career?
Is a college degree necessary to be a teacher?
What makes a good teacher?
Why are communication skills important to be a good teacher?

How does one become a civil engineer?
What does a civil engineer do?
Does a civil engineer actually build roads?
Why is math important to be a civil engineer?
What is a survey?
Do you have to go to college to be a civil engineer?

What is a certified public accountant?
What type of tests do you need to take to become an accountant?
Why is math important to be an accountant?
What courses do you need to become an accountant?
What industries do accountants work in?
What is a financial statement and a general ledger?

What is a Mayors job?
How does one become Mayor?
What is an election?
What is a term of office?
What is the most important aspect in being a Mayor?
What is a City Council?
What is public service?
What is an endorsement?

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