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E.O. Wilson - Lord of the Ants/Little Creatures Who Run the World shrinkwrapped   -  Discontinued

E.O. Wilson - Lord of the Ants/Little Creatures Who Run the World shrinkwrapped

Item Number:
108 min.
1995, 2008
Closed Caption:
WGBH Boston Video
Grade Level:
4 - 12
This set includes Naturalist E. O. Wilson - Lord of the Ants and Ants: Little Creatures Who Run the World. Naturalist E. O. Wilson - Lord of the Ants Every so often a giant emerges on the stage of science, someone who transcends the narrow boundaries of a particular line of research and alters our perspective on the world. E.O. Wilson is such a man. In Lord of the Ants, NOVA profiles this soft-spoken Southerner renowned for his scientific study of ants that led to his 1975 book Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, where he put forth the notion that evolutionary principles could explain social behavior throughout the animal kingdom, including in humans. Though sociobiology was a controversial new discipline at the time, today experimental science shows that genes do play a role in aspects of human behavior. E.O. Wilson is an icon of our times: a lord of the ants who sought to explain nature on earth and who now fights for its survival through his worldwide conservation efforts. Actor and environmentalist Harrison Ford narrates this engaging portrait of a ceaselessly active scientist and eloquent writer, who has accumulated two Pulitzer Prizes among his many other honors. Ants: Little Creatures Who Run the World From vast underground caverns, working class armies pour forth to defend their highly structured communal way of life. Are these feudal societies in the Middle Ages? No, they're ants! NOVA looks at the most successful life forms on the face of the planet in Ants: Little Creatures Who Run the World, hosted by Harvard University's internationally renowned ant authority, naturalist Edward O. Wilson. What's impressive about ants is how they practice what we preach: family values. All ants belong to extended families and carry their prey home to share. Unselfishness is the rule. Everything they do is for their colony's good. For them, socialism works.

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