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Inside the Human Body Digital Field Trip   -  Discontinued

Inside the Human Body Digital Field Trip

Item Number:
240 min.
Closed Caption:
WGBH Boston Video
Grade Level:
7 - 12
NOVA DIGITAL FIELD TRIPS Let NOVA take you on an adventure that reveals the mysteries of the world around us, through science. Each NOVA Digital Field Trip includes three programs accompanied by downloadable educational materials. These award-winning teacher guide materials include program descriptions, viewing suggestions, discussion questions, activities, and more. The Human Body Digital Field Trip includes: Cracking the Code of Life Does it amaze you that you are 99.9% genetically identical to every other human? ABC Nightline correspondent Robert Krulwich lends a lighthearted touch to genetic science in this provocative two-hour NOVA special that takes you inside the amazing, complex, and contentious race to decode the human genome. Now armed with the genetic code, medical pioneers are in the midst of astonishing breakthroughs that will change medicine as we know it. Will you get cancer, arthritis, or Alzheimer's? The answer lies in your genetic code- but the question is: Do you want to know? And will these new discoveries eventually lead to cures? The Universe Within NOVA takes viewers on an incredible voyage into the microworld of the human body through breathtaking sports photography that captures amazing athletes in action- but the real action happens inside the human body. The Universe Within covers three incredible team efforts: the coordination of muscles, bones, heart and circulatory system that makes Mike Powell the world's greatest long jumper; the digestive dynamo that turns a simple sandwich eaten by five-time Olympic gold medalist Bonnie Blair into raw energy for a blistering sprint down the ice; and the ultimate event- the development of a new human life inside track star Karen Hatchett. The Miracle of Life Each minute, all over the world, a baby is born. An everyday occurrence, yet each birth is the culmination of one of nature's most complex, mysterious, and seemingly miraculous processes. A dramatic breakthrough in science and cinematography, The Miracle of Life takes you on an incredible voyage through the human body as a new life begins. World-renowned Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson presents a spectacular look at a microscopic world of beautiful colors and forms deep inside ourselves. On one DVD5 disc. Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format: 4 x 3 full frame or letterboxed.

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