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Body Language I: Beyond Words

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LS LS-1165-08-DVD
25 min.
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Learning Seed
Some of your students may be bilingual and some may have taken a course in Spanish, Latin, or Japanese. But are any of them fluent in Kinesics? Kinesics is the study of body language as a form of communication.

People engaged in a conversation may exchange 200 words per minute, but more than half of their communication is nonverbal. We often use gestures, postures and eye contact without thinking twice about them, but these behaviors can communicate so much beyond the words that we use. The way we treat our personal space and that of others can send a message that is loud and clear, even if we never speak a word.

This program is an informative look into the fascinating world of nonverbal communication. Body Language I guides viewers through the land of space wars, tongue showing, mirrored postures and the many layers that make up unspoken communication.
- How culture, gender, and age can affect non-verbal behavior.
- The difference between signals and gestures.
- Why congruence between actions and words is important.
- The four zones of personal space and how we "defend" them.
- How gestures can regulate a verbal conversation.
- The unwritten rules of eye contact.
- How the seat we choose in a meeting can send a message about our true feelings.
- The role context plays in reading a person's non-verbal messages.

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