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Pteranodon Family World Tour Adventure

Pteranodon Family World Tour Adventure

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100 min.
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Dinosaur Train embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains while sparking an interest in life science, natural history, and paleontology.

Dinosaur Train: Pteranodon Family World Tour episodes include:
Pteranodon Family World Tour - The entire Pteranodon family embarks on a roaring, exploring, World Tour adventure! They meet the Conductor's nephew, Gilbert, and Martin Amargasaurus, a spine-spangled quadruped with an intimidating sail.

Gilbert the Junior Conductor - The kids play with Gilbert during their first full day on the train.

Confuciusornis Says - The next stop on the World Tour takes the Pteranodon family to Confuciusornis Gardens, where they meet a very wise old dinosaur.

Tiny's Tiny Doll - During a stop on the tour, Tiny accidentally leaves her beloved Tiny Doll behind in Velociraptor Valley. Valerie and Velma Velociraptor enlist the help of a wide-winged Pterosaur named Ziggy to fly Tiny's doll back to the train.

Iggy Iguanodon - The Pteranodon family meets Iggy Iguanodon, a large, four-legged chap who shows them his unique way of walking while leading them to some famous white cliffs.

Shiny Can't Sleep - Shiny gets homesick while the Pteranodon family continues on their World Tour. She tries to fall asleep in their Sleeping Car, but can't, so Dad takes her for a walk around the Dinosaur Train, where they observe the night activities of nocturnal creatures.

Kenny Kentrosaurus - As the Pteranodon family's World Tour continues, they travel to Africa to meet a Stegosaur named Kenny Kentrosaurus.

Don and the Troodons - The Pteranodon family oversleeps and has to hurry to make another guided walk on their World Tour!

Harnessing children's enthusiasm for and curiosity about dinosaurs, DINOSAUR TRAIN sparks 3-6 year old children's interest in life science and natural history. The show encourages children to compare the characteristics of ancient animals with those that are alive today. As they explore a variety of interesting animals past and present, children develop the inquiry skills and core knowledge needed to help them think, talk and act like scientists.

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